Abbott & Costello’s famous skit “Who’s on First Base.” Updated to COVID: – Martin Armstrong

(New Normal) Winter is Coming – “Winter is coming … and you know what that means. That’s right, it’s nearly time once again for the global-capitalist ruling classes to whip the New Normal masses into a state of mindless mass hysteria over an imaginary apocalyptic virus. the same imaginary apocalyptic virus that they have whipped the New Normal masses into a state of mass hysteria over throughout the Winter for the last two years. They’ve got their work cut out for them this time. Seriously, how much more mass hysterical could the New Normals possibly get at this point?” – CJ Hopkins

Most Doctors and Hospitals Have Become Paid Assassins of the State! – “Regardless of circumstance, it has become extremely dangerous to go to or be admitted to any hospital, especially if symptoms expressed are considered ‘Covid’ related, such as cold, flu, pneumonia, or any respiratory ailments. Going to a hospital under these circumstances is life-threatening, and not due to sickness, but to ‘medical’ protocols meant to harm, not heal. In fact, these protocols in many if not most hospital settings, especially for any considered elderly, which now means anyone over 50, are meant to kill the patient, which should be considered an act of murder.” – Gary D. Barnett

An Orchestrated Fake “Covid Pandemic” Was Used to Destroy Health, Civil Liberty and the Doctor/Patient Relationship – Paul Craig Roberts

Ten red flags in the FDA’s risk-benefit analysis of Pfizer’s EUA application to inject American children 5 to 11 with its mRNA product – “The FDA briefing document is preposterous junk science and it must be withdrawn immediately. Where to even begin with the FDA’s preposterous risk-benefit analysis of Pfizer’s mRNA COVID-19 “vaccine” in children ages 5 to 11?” – Toby Rogers

Should Physicians who have taken the Hippocratic Oath Voluntarily Place a Moratorium on America’s Childhood Over-Vaccination Programs Until Vaccine Safety is Assured? – “And Would the For-Profit Business Model of Big Medicine and Big Pharma Permit It?”- Gary G. Kohls, MD

If I were an atheist materialist biological machine – “How is it that people of faith, billions of them, are not standing up together against this establishment? Obviously, something has gone wrong with religion. That is the only conclusion. In organizing itself, it has become concerned with perpetuating itself. It has built a wall between its people and what faith means. Jesus threw the money changers out of the Temple, but what happens when the money changers ARE the Temple? Vaccine companies used fetal cell line HEK 293 to test their COVID vaccines. Religious people can say that’s none of their business. They can say anything that will close them off from action. But ABIDING FAITH is supposed to triumph over society and government, the “things of this world.” That’s one of the sacred points of faith. A Pope carrying all the accoutrement of the Roman Church can issue a statement supporting the COVID vaccine. This tells you how much of the material world the Pope pays homage to. How much he has sold of himself. He is not an illustration of the test of faith.” – Jon Rappoport

6-Month Old Infants May Soon Be Eligible For COVID Vaccines – Arjun Walia  – COMING SOON – WOMB INJECTIONS!!!!!!

Bombshell Swedish study finds covid jabs provide no lasting protection, immunity plunges to ZERO in mere months – Ethan Huff

The Only Choice Left: Slavery or Freedom (VIDEO) with Catherine Austin Fitts – “Typically, my conversations with experts about the COVID pandemic revolve around the infection and its treatment. Today’s interview with finance guru Catherine Austin Fitts will tackle the COVID topic from a different angle. Austin Fitts has spent decades exposing corruption and fraud, both within the banking industry and government, and corruption and fraud are driving forces in the COVID pandemic as well.” – Joseph Mercola – CATHERINE HAD ANOTHER GOOD VIDEO WITH GREG HUNTER THAT WAS LINKED YESTERDAY!!!!!

28,103 Deaths 2,637,525 Injuries Following COVID Shots in European Database of Adverse Reactions – European Members of Parliament Speak Out – Brian Shilhavy


Chilling Bigly – “Is it so, as some wags say, that industry no longer makes money; only finance does? That’s been the operating theory for much of the West lately. Of course, that invites the question: what then is finance supposed to finance… that is, put money into? Why… industry, of course, and in the broadest sense of the word: the production of goods… goods being things that have value (that’s what‘s good about them). How quaint! But most of the industry that used to be here has gone to other lands. What does Facebook produce, besides conflict between its users? Okay, it harvests data about them to sell to advertisers. And what are the advertisers advertising? Their products. Who produces the products? Mostly those people in other lands. While we’re on the subject, what does Google produce? Supposedly, answers to questions, plus, like Facebook, it harvests information about the people who ask the questions and then sells the info, blah blah. And whutabout Amazon? Don’t they sell a lot of products? Yeah, mostly produced by those people in other lands.” – James Howard Kunstler

Who Eventually Won the Cold War? – “There is nothing like an old Bolshevik grinning that ossified American wokesters are stuck circa 1920s in the old Bolshevik Russia.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Orchestrated Breakdown of Supply Chains: Part II – “Planned long before November 3, 2020 elections were held, the books were cooked to let undemocratic Dems pursue the worst of all things flu/covid unobstructed — especially toxic jabs designed to destroy health on the phony pretext of protecting it. There’s nothing accidental about a planned supply chain breakdown. In the world’s richest country with state-of-the-art everything, what’s going on and likely to worsen was designed to include shortages of food, other essentials, and double-digit inflation. What’s happening and likely to worsen was planned by US dark forces in pursuit of their diabolical mass-extermination campaign by toxic jabs, along with elimination of what remains of fundamental freedoms.” – Stephen Lendman  – PART ONE PREVIOUSLY LINKED 10/23/21!!!!!

Biden’s plan to pay $450K to separated illegal immigrant families is a slap in the face of hard-working Americans – “The Biden administration’s latest flight of liberal lunacy – a reported plan to pay millions of dollars to illegal migrant families separated at the border – shows why Trump’s border fence was the very best plan of them all.” – Robert Bridge

Biden’s weird weekend in Rome – Andrea Widburg

Fully vaxxed Jen Psaki catches COVID – “Seems the White House panacea for ending the pandemic, a one-size-fits-all vaccine mandate, isn’t working quite as well as advertised. In fact, the more such high-profile people catch COVID after being fully vaccinated, the weaker the argument looks. Two problems stand out: One, the vaxx isn’t all that good, and two, the White House can’t seem to tell the truth.Maybe Biden gave it to Psaki and now is off to super-spread the global warming event in Scotland, the maskless G-20 event in Italy, and maybe the maskless meeting with the pope. Time will tell in a few days if such things come to pass. ” – Monica Showalter  – YET PSAKI PUSHES THE NARRATIVE EVEN THOUGH THE VACCINE DIDN’T PREVENT HER FROM GETTING THE VIRUS. SAYING IT KEPT HER FROM GETTING MORE SICK!!!!!!!

Bad priorities, bad ideas, bad execution. What could possibly go wrong? – “We’re witnessing the culmination of extreme monetary policy, nonsensical public health rules, anti-competitive / anti-capitalist legislation, socialist union policies, etc. The supply chain dysfunction, record inflation, critical shortages in hospital workers, etc. are the result. But even still, their work is not yet complete. Now they’re working diligently to pass even more destructive tax legislation, which will create new disincentives to invest, start businesses, and create the necessary goods and services which can bring inflation back down.” – Simon Black

In 2022, “Things Aren’t Gonna Get Done” On An Absolutely Massive Scale – Michael Snyder

Companies Warn Biden Administration They May Need to Drop Fed Contractor Status Because Workers Will Not Comply With Vaccine Mandate, Meanwhile American Airlines Cancels 1,700 Flights This Weekend – Sundance

NYC begs for volunteer firefighters from Long Island and Upstate New York as close to one-third of FDNY staff remain unvaccinated ahead of November 1 deadline: 26 firehouses close – Tommy Taylor and Shannon Thaler

Democrats’ Billionaire Tax Plan Hits a Snag – “Tax it… borrow it… squander it… …print up some money to cover it… …and then inflation comes along and spoils the party. That’s how we roll! Over the last 20 years, four of the worst presidents in U.S. history added some $23 trillion to our debt. Now, we need to keep up with the debt payments… which means we need to keep interest rates low… …which means we need to print money to buy bonds (to hold rates low)… and run deficits (to create more bonds)… so that we can continue to fund our boondoggles.” – Bill Bonner

The New Digital Driver’s License Will Include Your Vaccine Status – May Eventually Include Your Credit Score, Travel Records and Social Credit Score (VIDEO) – Jim Hoft

Resist the Unique Patient Identifier! – “The push to allow the government to force every American to obtain a unique patient identifier is being justified as a means to efficiently monitor Americans’ “contact and immunization” status. When I began fighting the unique patient ID in the 1990s, my opponents denied that medical identifiers would make it impossible to ensure confidentiality of medical records. Now, they are saying we should support medical identifiers because they allow government officials, employers, schools, airlines, and even stores and restaurants to discover what, if any, vaccinations or other medical treatments we have or have not received. The result of the identifier will be a medical caste system,” – Ron Paul

Until Republicans point to dangers of COVID shot, their opposition to mandates rings hollow – “If the COVID-19 vaccine is effective enough that Virginia candidate for governor Glenn Youngkin dedicates an entire ad to asking people to take it, why not mandate it?” – Nick Bell  – YOU ARE EITHER FOR OR AGAINST THE VACCINE AND THE MANDATES, YOU CAN’T BE BOTH, JUST TO TRY AND GET VOTES!!!!

You Libs Made Your Cesspool, Now Float In It – “The cities are devolving into chaos, and perhaps that’s good – people too dumb to learn from experience or from those who know better have to learn from something, and if that’s pain, well, pain’s a great teacher.” – Kurt Schlichter|

Is There Really a ‘Gun Violence Epidemic’? – “the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) decided they would take their attention off of fumbling the response to the COVID-19 pandemic and join a new debate. They decided it was time for them to shift their focus from COVID-19 and instead work on the other big “public health issue”: gun violence. They declared gun violence a health epidemic and are now dedicating funds to research the issue.” – Joseph Warta

The state of the American Man: Woman gets Punched, Boyfriend watches does NOTHING – “Is this really where we are at as a country? How has the American man fallen so far, allowing themselves to sit ideally by as a piece of shit ghetto thug attacks their women?” – Off Grid Survival

Minneapolis Votes On Tuesday to Replace Police with Peace Officers – “Voters in Minneapolis will decide whether to replace police in city charter with department of public safety workers. The plan would likely include more money for violence-prevention programs and the diversion of some police calls to social workers and others.” – Mish  – SO WHEN YOU CALL 911 AND REPORT SOMEONE IS BREAKING INTO YOUR HOUSE, DO YOU HAND THE PHONE TO THE INTRUDER SO THAT THE SOCIAL WORKER CAN TRY AND TALK HIM OUT OF IT!!!!

The elites are laughing in our faces – “COP26 promises to be a grotesque spectacle of decadence and hypocrisy.” – Brendan O’Neill

The demonisation of Poland and Hungary – “Pro-EU media are wrong to portray them as would-be dictatorships.” – Frank Furedi


The Greatest Transfer of Wealth From the Middle Class to the Elites in History – “The one-two punch of government fiscal and Fed monetary policy continued to destroy the fabric of the economy for the average American. It dislocated the labor markets and the supply chain and it has ultimately led to inflation, which is making the basic cost of living much more expensive for Americans all across the country. In short, while your dollars today purchase fewer goods and services and your lives are more expensive and disrupted, those who are well-connected and asset-rich benefitted from outsized wealth increases driven by government policy.” – Carol Roth

Will China Pop the Global Everything Bubble? Yes – “The line of dominoes that is already toppling extends around the entire global economy and financial system. Plan accordingly.” – Charles Hugh Smith

The Fed Lost Control of the Inflation Narrative (VIDEO) – “Mega-policy decisions to boost demand. Now mega-consequences.” – Wolf Richter

Minimising Government’s Dominance over Your Life – “So why do businessmen so often agree that the primary ingredient to success—that of understanding commerce (developing a work ethic, a sense of self-reliance and responsibility to customers, staying solvent, etc.)—was something that they had to gain by their own efforts? Why was this vital component not drilled into them in school? Well, the simple answer can be found in the old saw, “Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.” Which is to say that those who simply do not grasp or do not wish to have to deal with the essential lessons of understanding commerce often become teachers.” – Jeff Thomas

Gold & Silver Face Minimum Of Two Hurdles This First Week Of November – “Will the precious metals be able to reclaim $1800 & $24, rally, and… It is going to be an interesting week for gold & silver. Not to mention the fact that we still have the ongoing “spending” “negotiations” taking place between our “elected” “leaders” and public “servants” in Washington,” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

The Set-Up For Precious Metals Is Historic – “The fundamentals supporting a monster move in gold and silver have never been stronger. This includes extraordinarily negative real interest rates, Government debt outstanding that seems to be increasing at an increasing rate, the continued devaluation of fiat currencies from Central Bank money printing and escalating geopolitical risks. These are just the primary fundamental factors. Gold and silver are at their cheapest levels relative to other commodities since 2009.” – Dave Kranzler

Silver’s Fuse Is About To Be Lit – Korbinian Koller

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.32EUR


Proverbs 10:3    The Lord will not suffer the soul of the righteous to famish: but he casteth away the substance of the wicked.