Pfizer-Connected FDA Panel Approves Pfizer EUA Covid Jab for Children 5-11 While Comirnaty Remains Unavailable and IA2030 Push for Life-Course Vaccines for All – “Look at the FDA’s excitement on pushing an Emergency Use Authorization jab on children ages 5-11, while the media spin it as a fully approved vaccine because it is identical to the unavailable Comirnaty, despite the FDA saying that they are legally distinct with certain differences. Only 4,100 people watched this press conference, and comments, likes, and dislikes were all disabled to avoid public backlash. What’s most concerning is the major conflict of interest with the FDA panel that voted to approve this emergency use authorization jab for children ages 5-11.” – Corey Lynn

I Said It Would Collapse: IT IS – “A few months ago I predicted that by the end of the year the Branch Covidian religion would wind up eating itself and collapse. Now it is. The OSHA alleged “ETS” has not been published despite being well beyond the date it was to drop. OSHA has no authority to issue such an ETS on this subject matter; Congress never gave them that authority and the Executive can’t amend law. ” – Karl Denninger

WATCH: MEPs Protest Vaccine Passports (VIDEO) – “German MEP Christine Anderson who speaks for two of the truest minutes in the EU’s history” – Off Guardian  – FULL VIDEO WITH 2 MINUTES OF CHRISTINE. WATCH HER 2 MINUTES AT LEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There’s NO case for “vaccinating” children…& the FDA meeting proves it – “Figures and statements from the recent FDA advisory board meeting totally destroy any argument for jabbing kids.” – Kit Knightly

‘Them and us’: Vaccine passport rules for public but not world leaders at COP26 spark outrage over dual Covid standards – RT

Fully-Jabbed Redefined – “In cahoots with Pharma and MSM support, US/Western dark forces redefined fully-jabbed to mean forever-jabbing — likely every six months on the phony pretext of waning immunity. The name of the game is pumping enough toxins into the bodies of maximum numbers of unwitting people to assure destruction of their lungs, kidneys, heart, liver and other organs needed to sustain life. One or two jabs may be enough to eliminate most unwanted elderly people straightaway or over a somewhat longer period. More of the same may be needed to take out younger individuals with strong immune systems.” – Stephen Lendman

The True Meaning of Masking – “My mask protects you, your mask protects me” is the message that the UK public health authorities and local government have been promoting. Proponents of this slogan, despite giving significant meaning to the wearing of masks that bears little relationship to the underlying scientific evidence, have been seemingly unable to consider other ways that masking may be experienced, beyond considering those that choose not to wear masks as being selfish. ” – Robert Freudenthal

Mandate Meltdown: 26 NYC Firestations Shuttered, LA Sheriff Warns Of ‘Mass Exodus’, Tucson Water District Faces ‘Staff Shortage’ – Tyler Durden




Clinton Campaign Spread Alfa Bank Ruse Throughout Obama Admin to Press Trump-Russia Probe – “A Hillary Clinton campaign operation to plant a false rumor about Donald Trump setting up a “secret hotline” to Moscow through a Russian bank was much broader than known and involved multiple U.S. agencies, according to declassified documents and sources briefed on an ongoing criminal investigation of the scheme.” – Paul Sperry

War on God & God’s Going to Win (VIDEO) with Catherine Austin Fitts – “Because America was set up with Biblical principles, it’s also a war on America.” – Greg Hunter

Garland Suffers from Truth Decay – “If Attorney General Merrick Garland learned anything from his House grilling last week, you wouldn’t know it by the encore. Six days after he bombed in front of the lower chamber, embarrassing himself and calling the integrity of his entire department into question, Garland didn’t seem eager to change people’s first impressions. His second trip to the hot seat was equally disastrous in the Senate, where anyone watching would almost certainly agree with Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.): “Thank God you’re not on the Supreme Court!”” – Tony Perkins

My Favorite White Supremacist Was The Black Guy – “How serious must the closed-head injury have been for whoever the moron was who thought it’d be a good idea to send “white supremacists” to a Glenn Youngkin event? Youngkin, the Republican candidate for Governor of Virginia, leading in some polls, is a lot of things, but none of them are some kind of horrible racist. So when a group of 5 people turned up wearing khaki pants and white button-down shirts, carrying tiki torches and pledged their loyalty to Youngkin in Charlottesville, no less, the usual suspects in the blue checkmark brigade all played their assigned roles perfectly. What kind of morons would send a black guy to pose as part of a group of “white supremacists”? The Lincoln Project, of course.” – Derek Hunter

Billionaires Are Not Morally Qualified To Shape Human Civilization – “Human civilization is being engineered in myriad ways by an unfathomably wealthy class who are so emotionally and psychologically stunted that they refuse to end world hunger despite having the ability to easily do so.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – AND QUITE THE OPPOSITE, BILLIONAIRES LIKE GATES WANT TO CONTROL THE FOOD SUPPLY. FOOD IS THE ULTIMATE CONTROL OF PEOPLE. CAITLIN HAS A GOOD ARTICLE, BUT SHE FAILS TO MENTION THAT. THEY WOULD RATHER STARVE PEOPLE THAN FEED THEM AND THAT IS WHY THEY REFUSE TO END WORLD HUNGER!!!!!

It’s weak by week for old Joe Biden – “Another week, another series of fumbling, mumbling and disasters. How low can Joe Biden go? Once again, the common theme was weakness. At home and abroad, he is shrinking the presidency before our eyes.” – Michael Goodwin

You Better Wake Up, Because The Shortages Are Getting A Lot Worse – Michael Snyder

Now is the time to look much more closely at The Great Reset, a fake Utopia being sold to us by charlatans – “As we exit the pandemic, expect to hear much more about The Great Reset and building back better. Far from resulting in a low-carbon dream life, though, it’s a cartoonish fantasy that will hand the global elite even more power. ‘The Great Reset’ is a term that has been bandied about quite readily by most Western neo-liberal politicians. So often, in fact, and without proper explanation, that it strikes the prudent observer as a kind of paid advertisement. Probably the most disturbing part of The Great Reset is how much it strongly resembles business-as-usual, only with EXTRA globalism. Most of the plan’s outlines include a further weakening of national boundaries and individual national autonomy, in favour of a more ‘universal governance.’ As usual, it is the rapidly vanishing Western middle class which must shoulder this burden, as their freedoms are further curtailed to meet the quotas of corporate-media-fuelled activism. Schwab refers to the aim of The Great Reset as “the Fourth Industrial Revolution,”” – Brendan Heard


A Huge Disconnect Between Climate Rhetoric and Doing Anything About It – “Expect COP26 to be the biggest climate summit failure to date vs expectations and goals. But hey, Gretta will get her picture on countless newspapers and magazines. That counts for something, doesn’t it?” – Mish

COP-26 is a global energy embarrassment – “For 26 futile years, the net-zero maniacs have wasted fuel, energy, and taxpayers’ money to bite the hands that provide their food, energy, welfare, and public-sector jobs. Led by E.U. and AUKUS dreamers, they destroy reliable energy from coal, oil, nuclear, gas, and hydro while forcing us to subsidize net-negative dreams like solar, wind, wave-power, CCUS, hot rocks, pumped hydro, and hydrogen. All such speculative ventures should be funded by speculators, not taxpayers.” – Viv Forbes

Team Woke is Ruining Halloween, Rolls Out List of Cancelled Costumes and Activities – Matt Agorist

Pentagon Will Add a Climate-Policy Czar – “New post is intended to champion climate considerations inside and beyond the Department, Kahl says.” – Jacqueline Feldscher  – TRANSGENDERS, CRITICAL RACE TRAINING, AND NOW A CLIMATE CZAR. I THINK WE ARE NOW BATTLE READY. JUST NEED TO GET RID OF PRONOUNS. DO YOU THINK MAYBE, CHINA  AND RUSSIA  ARE LAUGHING AT US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Parents as Domestic Terrorists: Why No One Should Be Surprised – “The industrial funders and backers of American education designed it to train a workforce that could run the machinery of the industrialist class, reliably read the manuals and write reports and keep the wheels spinning. Schools train people to fill factories, show up on time, and sit working at a task they hate until the bell rings. Dissidents don’t have to distribute pamphleteers or carry rifles. Any participation in these dissident solutions, parallel structures of living, learning, working, and caring for one another, is a challenge to the system.” -Laura Williams

Chinese vs. American Authoritarianism? At Least China’s Rulers Are Sane – John Derbyshire

Russia and the Big NATO Bluff – “NATO should have taught us a good lesson. But if it wouldn’t be for Russia and China, we would still be crawling on our knees to please NATO, not even noticing that NATO is an empty shell, has no power and all they have left is some pompous people on top and in the middle, who would love to continue just for a bit longer keeping control over Europe and – well, they would like to believe – over the rest of the world.” – Peter Koenig

Large-Scale Russian Troop Movements Along Ukraine Border Spark Alarm In US & Europe – “The Washington Post reported Saturday that “A renewed buildup of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border has raised concern among some officials in the United States and Europe who are tracking what they consider irregular movements of equipment and personnel on Russia’s western flank.”” – Tyler Durden  – WA-PO BEATING ON THE WAR DRUMS, AGAIN!!!!!

Essential items that you should cache today – Bob Rodgers




The Candy Shortage Is But a Sign of Much Worse – “The candy shortage is emblematic of deeper issues affecting economic life after lockdowns. The empty shelves you see at the local store are only the final stage revelation of problems pervasive in all production structures. The problems are not being fixed. They are all getting worse, even after all the promises that the shortages, dislocations, and inflation were merely temporary.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

Avoid Banks & IRS $600 Tracking Limit, Get Assets Outside the Banking System. Silver (VIDEO) with Bill Holter – Wall Street Silver

Make Bears Cry – “Bears are crying as markets are again making new highs following the September trend breaks. Yet perhaps they should be rejoicing for crying bears and a backtest of a broken trend is a classic bear set up. That is if the backtest fails and the new highs get rejected.” – Sven Henrich

The IMF Hates Bitcoin Because It Loves Total Control – Shawn Amick

MARKETS A LOOK AHEAD: Yet Another “Crisis?” Really? (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino




Daniel 5:19      And for the majesty that he gave him, all people, nations, and languages, trembled and feared before him: whom he would he slew; and whom he would he kept alive; and whom he would he set up; and whom he would he put down.




It’s time for a change
I’m tired of that same ol’ same
The same ol’ words the same ol’ lines
The same ol’ tricks and the same ol’ rhymes

Days precious days
Roll in and out like waves
I got boards to bend I got planks to nail
I got charts to make I got seas to sail

I’m gonna build me a boat
With these two hands
It’ll be a fair curve
From a noble plan
Let the chips fall where they will
‘Cause I’ve got boats to build

Sails are just like wings
The wind can make ’em sing
Songs of life songs of hope
Songs to keep your dreams afloat

I’m gonna build me a boat
With these two hands
It’ll be a fair curve
From a noble plan
Let the chips fall where they will
‘Cause I’ve got boats to build

Shores distant shores
There’s where I’m headed for
Got the stars to guide my way
Sail into the light of day

I’m gonna build me a boat
With these two hands
It’ll be a fair curve
From a noble plan
Let the chips fall where they will
‘Cause I’ve got boats to build

( Boats To Build by Guy Clark and Verlon Thompson )