200,000+ Grannies, No Problem. A Few Puppies? – “If you want to know why God is sipping on a cold one and laughing at the evil in our nation and indeed the world you need nothing more. Fauci slaughtered tens of thousands of AIDS sufferers by blocking Bactrim in HIV+ persons for years, This time around Fauci proclaimed that we had “insufficient evidence” to recommend that people use HCQ, Ivermectin, Budesonide and a whole host of other things at first indication of Covid-19. Well over two hundred thousand and perhaps more than a half-million Grannies and Grandpas, mostly, died during the last 18 months without even being able to say goodbye to their loved ones, having been denied drugs that might have worked and might not have — but which were almost certainly better than being dead. If they did nothing, so what? Dead is dead, right? But now it is reported that Fauci’s NIH funded an experiment where a small number of puppies were tortured, allegedly “for science.” That is horrible — what sort of monster abuses dogs? It was such a shock, I tell you, that it is the same monster who was responsible in large part for the slaughter of a quarter million American Grannies and Grandpas. I no longer wonder why, when it took screwing puppies before people got outraged,” – Karl Denninger  – GREAT POINT FROM KARL. BUT EITHER WAY, FAUCI IS GOING NOWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why did it take an old story about horrific dog experiments to convince people that it’s time to #ArrestFauci? – “But where was everyone when his work was harming humans?” – Helen Buyniski

Firing Angel of Death Fauci Not Good Enough – “Way exceeding the worst of Nazi Germany’s angel of death Josep Mengele, he’s complicit with the Biden regime’s mass-extermination campaign by toxic health-destroying jabs designed for this purpose. Throughout his public life, he’s been indifferent toward public health, welfare and safety. More con artist than medical professional, his agenda pushes the Biden regime’s diabolical agenda, along with aiding Pharma profiteering and his own self-enrichment.” – Stephen Lendman

Cashill Asks The Obvious Question, Who Will They Blame When Everyone is Vaccinated? Waterford County, Ireland, Provides The Example – Sundance

Washington State Reps Warn Governor Just Got A “Blank Check” To Force Vaccine Mandates On ALL Private Businesses – “Adopting such a broad, vague rule without clear direction will lead to arbitrary enforcement” – Steve Watson

Fully Vaccinated are Suffering Far Higher Rates of Infection than the Unvaccinated, and It is Getting Worse – “Natural immunity is quite obviously more effective than “vaccine immunity,” which wanes very quickly, and apparently in the process destroys one’s natural immunity as well, providing the perfect repeat-business model craved by the pharmaceutical companies, who will now pitch regular booster shots, along with all their side effects including twice as many people dying than people who have died after all vaccines for the past 30 years. And of course the COVID-19 shots do not stop transmission (they never even claimed to do this), so the vaccinated will keep on infecting each other.” – Brian Shilhavy

Moderna chairman says booster could be yearly – Monique Beals  – I THINK WE ALREADY KNEW THAT WAS COMING. PROBABLY MONTHLY RATHER THAN YEARLY, AS INEFFECTIVE AS THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Treason of the Healers – “I am more and more convinced that most practicing physicians have read precious few studies on the clinical treatment of Covid or the effectiveness of the public health measures that were invented out of whole cloth in March of 2020 to combat the spread of the disease. Rather, like the hierarchically-minded “good students” they were and are, they simply assume that someone somewhere up the chain of power has actually read things about these matters, subjected them to critique, and decided they all made perfect sense.” – Thomas Harrington


Mayhem & Madness: Authoritarian Monsters Wreak Havoc on Our Freedoms – “We are living in an age of mayhem, madness and monsters. Monsters with human faces walk among us. Many of them work for the U.S. government. What we are dealing with today is an authoritarian beast that has outgrown its chains and will not be restrained. Through its acts of power grabs, brutality, meanness, inhumanity, immorality, greed, corruption, debauchery and tyranny, the government has become almost indistinguishable from the evil it claims to be fighting, whether that evil takes the form of terrorism, torture, disease, drug trafficking, sex trafficking, murder, violence, theft, pornography, scientific experimentations or some other diabolical means of inflicting pain, suffering and servitude on humanity. We have let the government’s evil-doing and abuses go on for too long. We have bought into the illusion and refused to grasp the truth.” – John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead  – GREAT READ AS USUAL FROM JOHN AND NISHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Distraction Game – “When you’re failing, screwing up completely and embarrassed by what you are participating in, you need a distraction, desperately. That’s where the administration of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Ron Klain, and whoever else is really pulling the strings behind the scenes find themselves in, in desperate need of a distraction. The border is open, the economy is sputtering, the supply chain is in shambles, China is on the rise, the United States is a joke on the world stage, and every single one of these issues, which is just the tip of the problem iceberg, is a direct result of their actions and policies. They did this to us, and they aren’t stopping. Like a demented doctor conducting experiments on unwilling patients, Democrats are not interested in stopping because they could not care less about the health of the patient. It’s better for Democrats if the patient dies.. Democrats want to impose things on this country that this country was explicitly created to oppose. You can’t tweak liberty into totalitarianism, you can only construct it on its ashes.” – Derek Hunter

The Backsliding of America – “The days of recognizing God as the reason for America’s expansive virtuosity is gone. Politicians, leaders and citizens no longer pay allegiance to God or regard Him in any way. This explains why America has been allowed to be decimated by a group of dedicated communistic ideologists whose goals are to eliminate God, freedom, and ownership of private property from every American citizen. The new generation of Godless Americans no longer understand why they have lived under a banner of freedom. They fail to make the connection that their freedoms are a direct result of two hundred plus years of Christian derivation.” – Dr. Igor Shepherd

Biden’s “Come on, Man” Defense Will Not Fly on Religious Freedom – Jonathan Turley

Business Leaders Are Begging Biden Not To Crash The Economy – “Somehow it seems appropriate that “the Grim Creeper” is in charge during the dying days of the U.S. economic system. The U.S. dollar is being systematically destroyed, there are significant shortages all over the nation, a horrifying global energy crisis has suddenly erupted, and we are facing the most epic shortage of workers in our entire history. As I have discussed previously, Biden’s absurd mandates will force millions upon millions of highly skilled Americans out of their jobs at a time when big companies all over the U.S. are already extremely desperate for workers.” – Michael Snyder

Kamala Harris proudly announces ‘National Gender Strategy’ – “Inflation, empty shelves, energy prices, Chinese hypersonic missiles, Taiwan, Afghanistan, and the border she’s in charge of fixing are of less interest to our intrepid veep. You’ll be relieved to know that it covers both equity and equality.” – Thomas Lifson

Two Days After Asking Biden to Target Parents as ‘Domestic Terrorists’, Biden Appoints National School Boards Association President Viola Garcia to a Federal Board Overseeing Student Progress – Joe Hoft

What a Joke: CNN Snowflakes Melt Down Over Anti-Biden ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ – “Despite delighting in foul outbursts from Democrats about President Trump, CNN pretended to be bothered by expletives, because they were directed at a Democratic president. Trump-obsessed Maggie Haberman ( of the NY Times ) of course blamed the former president for this foul trend.” – Kristine Marsh

Federal agent? FBI quietly dropped Jan. 6 provocateur from Most Wanted list – “Ray Epps story could ‘shatter the entire official narrative of the Capitol Breach” – Art Moore

The Meaning of “Income” Suddenly Becomes Very Important For Tax Purposes – ““We probably will have a wealth tax,”House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told CNN. But there is no constitutional provision for a wealth tax.” – Mish

Taxing billionaires or millionaires on money they don’t actually have is another bad ‘fantasy government’ idea by the Democrats – “Details are light so far about exactly how this liberal proposal would work. The Dems want to tax money billionaires don’t have yet, so the government can have it now instead.” – John Ransom  – AND YES THE DETAILS ARE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT BECAUSE NOT JUST BILLIONAIRES AND MILLIONAIRES HAVE UNREALIZED CAPITAL GAINS, ESSENTIALLY, EVERYBODY COULD. OWN A HOUSE? PROBABLY WILL BE WORTH MORE WHEN YOU SELL IT. GOT AN IRA OR PENSION PLAN? PROBABLY BE WORTH MORE WHEN YOU CASH IT IN, SO WHERE DO YOU DRAW THE LINE HERE!!!!!!

Governments Broke the Supply Chains – “If you want a bigger laugh, read about what President Biden wants to do in order to get “supply” back on the market with an eye on replenishing U.S. retail shelves that are increasingly bare. He’s decreed 24-hour port operations! Yes, thanks to the 46th president we now know what held the Soviets back, and ultimately destroyed the Soviet Union: their ports weren’t open long enough; thus the shortages of everything…” – John Tamny

COP26 & The Great Reset: The Not So Glorious Prospect of Owning Nothing and Passing a Cold, Dark Winter – “Either you go along with the green program (that ignores nuclear as green) or you don’t get credit. Which is a policy that will, and is, quite predictably driving up energy prices.” – Cynthia Chung

The Familiar Patterns of Slow-Burning Societal Control – “Because the latest news of the fuel scarcity in the UK and the surge of domestic violence in Australia is, for me, the definitive proof of societal control in progress. And, it is seemingly going “under the table” in the big picture. Furthermore, it’s happening in Australia, supposedly a “first world” nation, and people seem to be unaware and utterly ignorant about it. On US soil, the elite are taking over the farming land, aka the entire food supply, to make society bend the knee in the near future” – J.G. Martinez

Chicago poised to create one of the nation’s largest ‘guaranteed basic income’ programs – The Chicago City Council is poised to vote this week on what would be one of the nation’s largest basic income programs, giving 5,000 low-income households $500 per month each using federal funding from the pandemic stimulus package enacted this year.”” – Mark Guarino  – PROBABLY WILL MAKE THE CRIME RATE GO UP. THE “GANGBANGERS” WILL KNOW THESE PEOPLE HAVE AN EXTRA $500!!!!!

Allegation of CIA ‘murder’ plot is game-changer in Assange extradition hearing, fiancee says – Michael Holden

WikiLeaks editor-in-chief says it would be ‘unthinkable’ for High Court to lift US extradition ban on website founder Julian Assange so he can face charges over publishing secret military files – James Robinson

Will Biden Start Nuclear War with China Over Taiwan? – Ron Paul

Taiwan Is Not About China – “China and Taiwan know how to coexist, but the American defense establishment wants an enemy” – Peter Van Buren

The World According to Vladimir Putin – “Russian president, in Sochi, lays down the law in favor of conservatism – says the woke West is in decline” – Pepe Escobar

“Brought To You By Pfizer” — How Big Pharma Sponsors Mainstream Media – Mike Sygula


Biden’s Nominee Omarova Has a Published Plan to Move All Bank Deposits to the Fed and Let the New York Fed Short Stocks – “The real threat that Omarova poses to U.S. financial stability, that Democrats should be calling out, is that she wants to further concentrate all major aspects of the U.S. banking system in the hands of the Federal Reserve, a captured regulator whose 12 regional bank tentacles are, literally, owned by the banks.” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens  – SURE, WHY NOT. WHERE DOES BIDEN COME UP WITH THESE CRAZY NOMINEES. MORE BELOW!!!!!

Meet the Biden Nominee Who’s Sympathetic to Soviet-Era Socialism—and Wants the Fed to Pretty Much Take Over Private Banking – “Saule Omarova openly admits that her proposed reforms ‘will effectively end banking as we know it.'” – Brad Polumbo

Lynette Zang & Egon von Greyerz: Hyperinflation Is Coming (VIDEO) – Egon von Greyerz

Tesla’s Market Cap (Gigantic) v. Next 10 Automakers v. Tesla’s Global Market Share (Minuscule) – “It’s a ridiculous comparison, but hey, the CEO walks on water.” – Wolf Richter  – STOCK MARKET CRAZINESS!!!!

Tesla and Hertz – Whatever next… – “Tesla’s rise into the $1 trillion club is extraordinary – proving that listening to what the momentum crowd is buying, while suspending disbelief and fundamental analysis is one road to success. Hertz is a lesson in seizing the moment – its stock gains and free publicity from its new EV fleet will likely exceed the cost of the cars!” – Bill Blain

There Is Only One Type of Inflation (VIDEO) – “When talking heads and politicians talk about inflation, they tend to make distinctions between “food inflation,” or “energy inflation,” or “wage inflation.” In this clip from his podcast, Peter Schiff explains that this isn’t the right way to look at inflation. In fact, there’s only one type of inflation. And the Federal Reserve is the source of it.” – Peter Schiff

Oil Prices Will Remain High For Years To Come – Tsvetana Paraskova

Out of Control Economy with Suppressed Gold Prices, Empty Shelves (VIDEO) with Ron Paul – “It’s a fallacy to keep gold prices low to show the economy is doing alright,” – Stansberry Research

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.91EUR


Matthew 7:15      Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.


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