Consider the Lowly Sandflies – “Some flinched when Dr. Fauci commanded the children of America to take the mRNA shots fraught with deadly side effects, but now it’s out that the agency he has controlled for decades like a Byzantine despot, the NIAD, gave a $1.6 million grant to a lab in Tunisia — that world-beating center of the bio-sciences — to study what happens when puppy-dogs are pinned down so that ravenous sandflies can chew their snouts off. I guess it didn’t go to well for the puppies. (And doesn’t one wonder exactly what was learned doing that?) We’ll have to stand by months, maybe years, to find out what the effects are of mRNA shots in human children, but two known possibilities stand out: inflammation and scarring of the heart (myocarditis + sequelae), and an incrementally disabled immune system. Do you really want those shots in your children? — America might ask. Dr. Fauci is ever more emblematic of the American predicament: maniacs and doofuses in charge of powerful institutions strategically positioned to wreck the country.” – James Howard Kunstler  – ANOTHER GOOD READ FROM MR. KUNSTLER, AS IS RAUL’S BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Puppies, Sadists and Vaccines – “There’s something mightily ironic in me getting sick to my stomach when I read about sadistic experiments on puppies by Fauci et al, while at the same time recognizing it’s the same thing that he – and they- have been doing to the America people for 20 months now.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

People of faith and the COVID vaccine – “Refusing the COVID vaccine should be a personal mandate Vaccines, live infants, and fetal tissue research: shedding light on the darkness” – Jon Rappoport

Joe Rogan Calls Don Lemon A ‘Dumb Motherf—er’ For Continuing ‘Horse De-wormer’ Smear – Steve Watson  – I WON’T ARGUE WITH THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why the CDC Ignores Natural Immunity – “There are many political reasons the CDC continues to ignore the scientific evidence on this issue. Here is a sampling of the reasons, which are neither compelling nor grounded in scientific findings:” – Aaron Kheriaty

US Criminal Class Members Featured on Sunday Propaganda Talk Shows – “As mediocre to awful that television was in its early years, today it has everything to sell round-the-clock, nothing to tell, and what passes for news, information and views is all state-approved propaganda all the time. The ritual of Sunday talk shows is a prime example. They’re platforms for US criminal class members to lie, mass deceive, mind-manipulate and brainwash viewers to believe what harms them is beneficial. Their pure evil agenda is featured on an array of Sunday talk shows. They’re platforms for US criminal class members to lie, mass deceive, mind-manipulate and brainwash viewers to believe what harms them is beneficial. Their pure evil agenda is featured on an array of Sunday talk shows.” – Stephen Lendman

Hard facts pour in from country after country that Covid cases rise with vaccination and the stupid media reports that the cases are the result of permitting people freedom of movement – Paul Craig Roberts


CDC’s Medical Tyrant Says Biden Admin Is Planning “Education and Counseling” For The Unvaxxed – “Dr. Rochelle Walensky says that the Biden administration has plans for the “education and counseling” of those who choose to refuse the COVID-19 vaccines. So basically, if their propaganda has failed to work on you so far, you could be reeducated” – Mac Slavo

She Creeps Me Out (VIDEO) – “It’s the fact she’s enjoying it. What’s worse – medical apartheid & segregation in New Zealand. Or the sadistic, shit-eating grin relish with which Jacinda Ardern announces it?’ – Paul Joseph Watson

The COVID-19 Pandemic in a Time of Moral and Spiritual Blackout – “If there is a lesson the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us, it is that conventional medicine is largely a mockery of its original moral foundations. This is not to deny important advances in saving lives, especially in diagnostic methods, surgical technologies, critical care and emergency medicine.” – Richard Gale and Dr. Gary Null

Even anti-vaxxers deserve the right to protest – “Banning them from protesting outside schools will only lend credence to their mad claims.” – Joanna Williams

Leading Australian doctor suggests the unvaccinated should be denied treatment if they get COVID – “The Victorian branch President of the Australian Medical Association has suggested Australians who resist the experimental COVID vaccines should relieve the healthcare system and ‘let nature run its course.’ ” – Life Site News Australia Staff


Pure Excrement (Part Two) – “There’s talk of secession in the air, which of course the oligarchy dismisses. There may come a day when they wish they’d listened and allowed it to happen peacefully. There’s an irreconcilable division in this country between those of us who want to be left alone and the totalitarians we despise. Those who make a peaceful split impossible make a violent split inevitable. Within the Let’s Go Brandon cohort there might be veterans who learned a thing or two about counterinsurgency warfare, having fought the same in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. We know who the oligarchs are and where they work, and there’s no hiding those mansions. We’ll find the luxury boltholes. They can run but they can’t hide. Count on it, excrement, justice will be served.” – Robert Gore   – GOOD READ FROM ROBERT. PART ONE WAS PREVIOUSLY LINKED ON 10/22/21!!!!

The Writing on the Wall – “Ayn Rand knew whereof she spoke. ‘When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing—when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors—when you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you—when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice—you may know that your society is doomed.’ Ayn Rand; Atlas Shrugged, 1957 Pretty strong words… the last four, in particular.” – Jeff Thomas

Ground Zero of Woke – “Universities are making themselves not just disliked and disreputable but ultimately irrelevant and replaceable.” – Victor Davis Hanson

The Alec Baldwin Conundrum – “Alec Baldwin got to play his dream role last week, and unfortunately for an innocent woman, it was a method-acting version of Ted Kennedy. Now, you note that I am mocking a guy whose probable gross negligence killed a lady and maimed a man, and this raises an important question – do we really want to live in a world where our reaction to a tragedy caused by an enemy is not sorrow and compassion but mockery? It doesn’t matter what we want. We do live in such a world, in large part due to the likes of Alec Baldwin. Besides his scuzzy abuse of the people – notably women – in his orbit, he is a particularly loathsome social media presence, and as a result, conservatives are gleefully resurrecting his old tweets about guns and his wish for them to be used on his many, many enemies in the wake of his horrible act. There are many, many such tweets. I am not a believer in karma and do not fear it, but I do try to keep a respectful distance from irony.” – Kurt Schlichter

What “Supply Chain Problem”? The Government Wants You to Know Everything Is FINE. – “The mainstream media, POTUS’s Chief of Staff, and White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said so, and we all know they’re both utterly reliable sources. In reality, grocery store shelves are full. After #EmptyShelvesJoe trended on Twitter last week, Zero Hedge reports that retailers got serious about covering the gaps. They pointed out that all over the nation, stores are filling shelves with a single line of the few things they have to make it appear the inventory is full and things are thriving,” – Daisy Luther

Snowden calls Assange ‘political criminal’ ahead of extradition hearing, where the pressure might now be on Biden’s legal team – Damian Wilson

Edward Snowden Is Asking You To Help Julian Assange – “Reflect On: Are Assange’s rights the same as ours? If he loses his, do we eventually lose ours? Julian Assange has a big week coming up. He will find out just how hard The US will push to get him extradited for revealing secrets the powerful elite wanted to remain hidden.” – Joe Martino

Meet Ray Epps: The Fed-Protected Provocateur Who Appears To Have Led The Very First 1/6 Attack On The U.S. Capitol – “The story of the mystery man, Ray Epps, featured in Rep. Massie’s video above is in fact far more shocking than even the good Congressman implies in the hearing. It’s a story so strange, and so scandalous at every turn, that it threatens to shatter the entire official narrative of the “Capitol Breach” and expose yet another dimension of proactive federal involvement in the so-called “insurrection” of January 6th.” – Revolver News  – SOMETHING IS STARTING TO SMELL HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink’s Family Tree Was A Mystery Until Now – “It’s very likely that only a small percentage of people even know who BlackRock is, despite the fact that they are the world’s largest asset management company with over $9 trillion in assets, is one of the top two shareholders of over 1,600 American firms, was involved in the clean up of the 2008 financial meltdown, pulled off the biggest scandal in history with the Federal Reserve last year, and is changing the way banks and financial institutions monitor your money while creating a new climate scoring system as another way to control your funds. Their finger isn’t just on the pulse, it’s on the lever.” – Corey Lynn  – ANOTHER WELL-RESEARCHED, GREAT READ FROM COREY; AS ARE ALL HER ARTICLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Public Health or Private Wealth? How Digital Vaccine Passports Pave Way for Unprecedented Surveillance Capitalism – “Public Health or Private Wealth? How Digital Vaccine Passports Pave Way for Unprecedented Surveillance Capitalism” – Jeremy Loffredo and Max Blumenthal

Putin for President? If Illegals Can Vote in Biden’s America, Why Not? – “I chose that headline specifically as an eye-opener…. Let me quote a few lines from Putin’s most recent defiance of the globalists. See what you think, whether you think he is a “dangerous Nazi, bigot, and racist” or just maybe a defender of beliefs our country once held sacred:” – Boyd Cathey

End of capitalism, transgender kids, NATO, reverse racism, WWII, censorship and more: What Putin spoke about at Valdai – RT

The wealth tax is coming – “It’s literally a repeat of 1987 all over again– raising capital gains rates from 20% to 28%. The historical outcome is clear: capital gains tax revenue fell by more than HALF. And yet these people still think this is a good policy idea! They fail to understand a very simple lesson: when you change capital gains tax rates, investors merely change their behavior. Duh. And there are always plenty of ways to beat increases in the capital gains tax.” – Simon Black

San Francisco Prosecutors Quit, Residents Fed Up With ‘Zero Consequence’ Policies – “San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin faces a second recall effort over failure to prosecute crimes.” – Mish

Pierre Omidyar’s Financing of the Facebook “Whistleblower” Campaign Reveals a Great Deal – “The internet is the last remaining instrument for dissent and free discourse to thrive outside state and oligarchical control. This campaign aims to put an end to that.” – Glenn Greenwald

The United States of America: Home to Pedophiles and World’s #1 Destination for Child Trafficking – “A vast majority of these illegal immigrants are unaccompanied children, and this past week a report published in the N.Y. Post stated that thousands of these illegal immigrant children were being flown around the country during the middle of the night. Sadly, what the media will not publish, including very few in the alternative media, is just where these children are going, and what is going to happen to them.” – Brian Shilhavy

It’s Worse Than We Thought! How The Global Energy Crisis Will Have Long-Term Consequences – Sara Tipton


Joe Biden’s (Don’t) Caring Economy – “Nothing speaks to Joe Biden’s don’t “caring economy” better than the recently released “Wage Statistics for 2020” report by the Social Security Administration. As it happened, 21.3 million Americans employed last year (out of 167.6 million total) earned less than $5,000 during the entire year and, in fact, an average of only $2,127.” – David Stockman  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM MR. STOCKMAN!!!!

We Have Just Seen One Key Step Forward… And More Back – “In the real, not the financial economy, In particular, the crisis at the port of LA/Long Beach, on the verge of truly metastasizing, has finally seen shipping containers allowed to be stacked higher than usual to provide more storage in the limited areas available. Will this help? Yes! Is it enough? No!” – Michael Every

Doing 90 MPH on Deadman’s Curve: A Few Thoughts on Risk – “When the wreck is recovered, witnesses will wonder why they took such heedless, foolish risks.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Now you can buy now, pay later for just about everything – Jessica Dickler  – AND BELIEVE ME, THERE WILL BE LOTS OF PEOPLE DOING THIS. MOST PEOPLE HAVE NO FINANCIAL SENSE!!!!!!

Atlanta Fed’s GDPNow Says U.S. Third Quarter Growth Was Almost Nil at 0.5 Percent; Wall Street Economists Are Forecasting Over 3 Percent – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

$88 Silver IMMINENT? Can SILVER Continue This Mighty Short-Crushing, Rip-Your-Face-Off Rally That Saw Prices Recently SKYROCKET…!?! – “Everybody’s excited about silver’s nearly 15% move higher, but is silver really even rallying when the price of silver should be at least $88 right now? The price of silver has rallied, and some say rather strongly. Indeed, the Cartel does not have the optics in its favor right now. You see, aside from the physical silver shortages and the supply chain disruptions, there is just too much fiscal and monetary inflation, there are just too many negative real interest rates, there is just too much of the entire world talking non-stop about Building Everything Back Greener, or Better, or Worse, or Something, and perhaps most importantly, America is destroying herself from within at an even faster rate of destruction, so aside from the Flip-Flopping Chart Huggers having to ignore silver’s rapidly overheating technicals, the fundamentals only speak to higher silver prices.” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Comex Countdown: Quiet Before the Storm? – Peter Schiff

“$3000 In Months, Not Years” – Gold’s Inflation-Protection Means “Violent” Run-Up Imminent – Tyler Durden

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.64EUR


1 Corinthians 12:17      If the whole body were an eye, where were the hearing? If the whole were hearing, where were the smelling?