The Truth About Tyranny – “It all began March 2020, when millions of Americans were recruited into the ranks of what I used to jokingly call Corona Justice Warriors. They were our flagellants, hilarious in their garb and their maudlin sufferings. Over time, they became less of a joke and more of a threat. They began by policing our communities for mask wearing. They would hang around the grocery stores and yell at people for walking in the wrong direction. They would denounce you for standing too close to others. Initially, I had assumed that the nation would rise up against stay-at-home orders, school and church closures, and the discriminatory shutdowns on business that privilege big box retailers over local merchants. I was wrong. Governments were able to recruit multitudes into the ranks of the irrational. Fear made people compliant. That compliance turned many people into champions of their own plight and lustful for mass conformity with the new despotism. It was a weird time. But it is hardly over. ” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

Fauci says Americans can enjoy holidays with family if fully vaccinated – Caroline Vakil  – THANKS FOR THE PERMISSION TONY, YOU JACK-ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Horse-Bleep: How 4 Calls on Animal Ivermectin Launched a False FDA-Media Attack on a Life-Saving Human Medicine – “Since 1992, twenty deaths have been linked to inexpensive, off-patent ivermectin, according to a World Health Organization drug tracker called VigiAccess. By contrast, since just the spring of 2020, 570 deaths have been linked to remdesivir, an expensive, patented covid drug. The question is why remdesivir is being used at all, The other question is why ivermectin is not. The effort to vilify ivermectin broadly has helped curb the legal supply of a safe drug. That’s what drove people to livestock medicine in the first place.” – Mary Beth Pfeiffer and Linda Bonvie

National security laws may suggest that COVID-19 is a falsified pandemic ‘exercise’ – “A suspicious amendment just before COVID may be one of the clearest suggestions that US officials were trying to cover themselves legally before a planned pandemic.” – Robert L. Kinney III

Fauci Plays the Fool Again – “Today is Saturday and that means college football stadiums across the country (except in a few, ridiculously run states) are packed. Yet, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci, such scenes were supposed to spell certain doom. Warnings of “super spreader” events filled the airwaves, driven by the government bureaucrat, prior to the season starting. Now, we are into mid-October and the results are in. You are going to be completely shocked to learn that Fauci’s hysteria did not pan out and that the good doctor was wrong…again.” – Bonchie

Inadvertant intravenous injections (VIDEO) – “John Campbell, Ph.D., senior lecturer in nursing studies at the University of Cumbria, England, explains how vaccinators are neglecting to draw back the needle and check for blood before injecting the vaccine.” – Dr. John Campbell  – THIS VIDEO HAS ALMOST 7,000 COMMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

‘Coffee cup Gestapo’: Australian cops slammed for checking man’s beverage to verify his excuse for not wearing Covid-19 mask – RT

Iowa conservatives introduce gold standard bill to fight the dangerous COVID mandate – “It prohibits an employer from failing or refusing to hire, discharge, penalize, or otherwise discriminate against an employee with respect to compensation or the terms, conditions, or privileges of employment based on the employee’s vaccination history or the refusal of the employee to receive a vaccine or provide proof of immunity. It provides a cause of action in court to anyone discriminated against, along with a prescribed remedy of back pay plus 10% from the employer. This is what we do in the context of every other form of discrimination, including when employers legitimately terminate problematic workers.” – Daniel Horowitz

Comirnaty, the only covid vaccine conditionally approved by the FDA, is still not available in the USA – every vaccine “mandate” is illegal – Dr Eddy Bettermann MD

Chicago Mayor/Police Standoff Over Toxic Mass-Jabbing – “Along with facing no-pay status, Lightfoot seeks judicial action to force them back on the job jabbed. Defying reality, she falsely claimed that refusenik cops “are playing with your life, the life of your family, the life of your colleagues, and members of the public.” According to indisputable science, it’s the other way around. Shunning toxic jabs is crucial to protect and preserve health and well-being. Going the other way assures irreversible harm.” – Stephen Lendman

NYC Judge Prevents Father From Visiting His Daughter Unless He Takes the COVID Vaccine – “No shot, no access.” – Paul Joseph Watson




A Desperate Biden Administration Turns to Terrorism – “For Americans watching the shocking re-Nazification of Germany – where once again the ability to even buy food depends on a person’s physiological/medical status – it may be tempting to downplay the re-emergence of a nasty German political virus and scoff that, “it can’t happen here!” But it is happening here. The Biden Administration is sinking under the weight of its feeble figurehead, who is clearly living in a world of his own creation rather than living on planet reality. In fact they’re doubling down. Nurse shortage? Tough – get your shot. Billions of containers waiting to be unloaded and trucked to fill empty shelves? Tough – get your shot. Murder alley Chicago facing 50 percent less cops because those who don’t want the vax are being fired? Tough – get your shot. No one to fly the plane? Tough – get your shot. No teachers? Tough – get your shot!” – Daniel McAdams

The Origins and Development of Upside-down America – “That is to say, it already smelled like unprecedented authoritarianism and incipient tyranny was wafting in the air of American democracy, nay even fascism wearing a progressive mask. But upon the arrival of Joe Biden’s mandatory vaccinations and what amounts to an internal “papers” edict……well, now we know. It’s the real thing. A hybrid progressive left/corporate media/ Big Business form of one-party Fascism now stalks the land and threatens to the quick America’s 234 year-old democracy and the liberty and human rights of virtually every citizen.” – David Stockman

Deep State Cannot Stop Unprecedented Awakening (VIDEO) with Alex Newman – “Everybody knows that the press is lying. Nobody believes the press anymore. ‘Let’s go Brandon.’ Everybody knows this is absolutely absurd. The point is not to make people believe these absurdities anymore. The point now is to demoralize people and to really silence us. That’s what’s going on with sicking the FBI and DOJ on parents complaining about hate being taught to their children, and that’s what’s going on with the propaganda. . . . They want to silence us. They want to intimidate us. They want to bully us, and they want to terrorize us into staying quite. . . .” – Greg Hunter

All The President’s Mess – “Let’s Go Brandon! Hallelujah. Stay! On Your Side Of The Border, Por Favor. Activist media channels found themselves scrambling on just how to positively report President Joe Biden embracing a Trump policy that forces folks to stay in Mexico. And Then There’s This Medical Scare. Former President Bill “Slick Willey” Clinton was hospitalized in California to treat a festering boil of the urinary tract that seeped into his bloodstream, causing a dangerous infection. Flyover folks had a heyday on Twitter and Facebook, speculating what kind of infection he may have contracted. Barbara Harris in Meridian, MI, had an idea: “Unspecified infection. I can’t help but laugh. I’ve been watching the ‘IMPEACHED’ TV series… ‘infection’ don’t leave much to the imagination.” For those few Clinton-loving Americans, the man is on the mend.” – Sarah Cowgill

Why Did They Even Bother Ousting Trump Just to Continue His Foreign Policy? – “Biden’s foreign policy is surprising, while his domestic policy, which is much easier to control, is completely in line with what we would expect. Millions of Americans are going to get the LGBTGreat Reset that they voted for.” – Tim Kirby

The Great Struggle of Our Time: The Battle for Reality – “What characterizes these battles, besides their intensity, is deep polarization. The possibility of the warring camps coming together and meeting on some common ground seems to be growing more distant by the day. There is even talk that the two sides will either come to blows, or they will each go their own way in some form of secession. To shed light on this dynamic, let us take one of the heated controversies of the present time. For this we choose transgenderism. As you may know, transgender advocates claim that biological males can become women and vice versa. Understandably, many people find this claim rather far-fetched. For one thing, it does not feel true, given that the evidence of our senses seems to refute it. And yet transgender advocates vehemently maintain that this is not the correct interpretation of visual data. They insist that what is in front of our eyes are not men who pose as girls but real girls. To put it another way, it is now becoming a crime to honestly declare reality as it is presented to us by our sensory apparatus.” – Vasko Kohlmayer

Texas Guardsmen Shot At By Heavily Armed Cartel Gunmen At Border – Tyler Durden  – AND THIS IS OKAY WITH THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION. WHAT IF IT WOULD HAVE BEEN RUSSIANS OR CHINESE!!!!!!!!!!

Pandemonium looms for the world as the ‘Everything Shortage’ meets a ‘Dark Winter’ thanks to collapsing global supply chains – “The coming years will be marked by extreme socio-economic turbulence. The world is reportedly facing an “everything shortage” where essential goods are getting harder, farther, and more time-consuming to find. These shortages affect the entire gamut of the social pyramid structure. The typical production to delivery cycle is repeatedly hammered by a macabre musical chair of woes in tune with Murphy’s Law: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”” – Dr. Mathew Maavak

California Bans Gas-Powered Lawn Mowers, Why Not Ban Grass Instead? – “In addition to eliminating mowing, we get to rid of watering too. Is there a California water shortage or not? But why stop there? Fires sparked by downed electrical wires cause wildfires. Dear readers, the solution is obvious! We need to ban electrical wires. And if we can just get rid of electricity, there will be no further brownouts. If California does all that I am sure it will shave a hundredth of a degree or so off global temperatures.” – Mish

Fewer in US turn to food banks, but millions still in need – “Many people are still out of work, particularly women, who are the primary caregivers in the home,” – Ashraf Khalil  

The US Has Placed Itself In Charge Over Which Nations Get To Eat – ““Fugitive businessman close to Venezuela’s Maduro extradited to US,” reads the AFP headline. “Alex Saab, a top fugitive close to Venezuela’s socialist government, has been put on a plane to the U.S. to face money laundering charges,” AP announced on Twitter. You’d be forgiven for wondering what specifically makes this man a “fugitive”, and what that status has to do with his extradition to a foreign government whose laws should have no bearing on his life. The Colombian-born Venezuelan citizen Alex Saab, as it happens, is a “fugitive” from the US government’s self-appointed authority to decide which populations on our planet are permitted to have ready access to food. His crime is working to circumvent the crushing US sanctions which have been starving Venezuelan civilians to death by the tens of thousands.” – Caitlin Johnstone

When the West was itchin’ to go to China – “The old Silk Roads played a major role in connecting the world through trade, and the new version can too. Forget about the incessant drumming of Cold War 2.0 against China. Forget about think-tank simpletons projecting their wishful thinking on the perpetual “end of China’s rise.” Forget even about a few sound minds in Brussels – yes, they do exist – saying Europe does not want containment of China; it wants engagement, which means business. Let’s time travel to nearly two millennia ago, when the Roman Empire was fascinated by the business opportunities offered by those “mysterious” lands in the East.” – Pepe Escobar

London Is Exploiting Danger of Conflict in Ireland to Extract Brexit Concessions from EU – Finian Cunningham

Mexico quietly rejects application for GMO corn imports – and other Latin America news – GM Watch




Not Getting Better: Relentless Retail Inventory Squeeze amid Shortages & Supply Chain Chaos – “Holiday selling season is going to be a mess: Look not for what you want but for what the store has.” – Wolf Richter

4 Scary Charts Show How Fast the Federal Government is Heading Toward Fiscal Disaster – “Everyday Americans will ultimately pay the price for the federal government’s recklessness.” – Brad Polumbo

Are You Prepared for the Mass Repricing of Goods and Services? – “The effects of rising consumer prices range far and wide. For one, the pinch rising prices put on consumers is extraordinarily disruptive. It acts like a hefty tax…eroding family budgets that are already stretched. In this ongoing staglation, personal income gains lag far behind rising consumer prices. Industrial materials and consumer goods companies also feel the pinch. When input costs, including raw material and labor, push the costs of the final manufactured goods above what they can readily be sold for the business motive breaks down. Halting operations makes the most business sense.” – MN Gordon

Inflation Or Deflation – End Result Is Still Depression – Kelsey Williams

Visualizing The Global Silver Supply Chain – “With the adoption of electric vehicles, 5G networks, and solar panels, the world is embracing more technologies that rely on silver…Although silver is widely known as a precious metal, its industrial uses accounted for more than 50% of silver demand in 2020. ” – Tyler Durden

Here’s Why Modern Unbacked Money Derives Value from Gold – Birch Gold Group




Proverbs 28:12    When righteous men do rejoice, there is great glory: but when the wicked rise, a man is hidden.



Try and judge me only by my time and changes
And not mistaken words, for I say many
Listen only to my song and watch my eyes
There’s not much time to spill, there’s hardly any

Well, look at all the children living in the streets
And they’re looking, not afraid to touch each other
They’re not afraid to be themselves or someone else
Or choose their friends with love and not by colour

Never treat a brother like a passing stranger
Honey, won’t you always try to keep the love light burning
Sing a song of love and open up your heart
For you might be the prince of peace returning
Yeah, you might be the prince of peace returning

Oh, the love the blind and wounded as that you would yourself
And the businessmen in cells collecting pennies
Judge their wealth by coins that they give away
And not the ones that they keep for themselves for spending

Oh, never be impatient with the ones who love you
It might be yourself that you’re burning
Sing a song of love and open up your heart
For you might be the prince of peace returning

Never treat a brother like a passing stranger
Honey, won’t you always try to keep the love light burning
Sing a song of love and open up your heart
For you might be the prince of peace returning
For you might be the prince of peace returning

Oh, if I pay me, if I pay you
If I pray to your Jesus then you gonna tell us what you’re about to do?
What if I pay me and I might pay you
Who’s got the money? Who’s got the money?
Who’s got the money for, sing the song

( Prince Of Peace by Leon Russell and Greg Dempsey )