A Masterful Video Highlights The Arc of the COVID Vaccine Efficacy Narrative in 2021 – ” The central assertion of vaccines being ineffective is proven in their own words and media statements during the course of only ten months. A masterful video. WATCH:” – Sundance   – A MUST WATCH (2MIN.)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Russia Is Rapidly Adopting QR Codes. How Does This End? – “The discussion about Russia’s role in the “Covid” and “post-Covid” world needs to be recalibrated to ensure that it is guided by evidence, not ideology, Many people are unaware of the Russian government’s position and incorrectly believe that inoculation remains entirely voluntary in Russia. We cannot fault them. The “alternative media” have either been completely silent on this subject or worse, have misreported what is actually happening here. Many outlets and analysts have gleefully relayed that Vladimir Putin opposes mandatory inoculation. The policies embraced by the Russian government may seem benign when compared to the violent and unapologetic crackdowns in countries such as Australia, but this is hardly a consolation if the end result — the implementation of a digital ID that dictates all aspects of life — is the same.” – Riley Waggaman  – GOOD POINT!!!!!!!!

Vaccination Rates Not Linked to Lower COVID Rates, Epidemiology Paper Finds – “A new paper in the European Journal of Epidemiology that analyzed 168 countries and 2,947 US counties found that higher vaccination rates were not associated with fewer COVID-19 cases.” – Jon Miltimore

Informed consent disclosure to vaccine trial subjects of risk of COVID-19 vaccines worsening clinical disease – “The aim of the study was to determine if sufficient literature exists to require clinicians to disclose the specific risk that COVID-19 vaccines could worsen disease upon exposure to challenge or circulating virus. Results of the study: COVID-19 vaccines designed to elicit neutralising antibodies may sensitise vaccine recipients to more severe disease than if they were not vaccinated. The specific and significant COVID-19 risk of ADE should have been and should be prominently and independently disclosed to research subjects currently in vaccine trials, as well as those being recruited for the trials and future patients after vaccine approval, in order to meet the medical ethics standard of patient comprehension for informed consent.” – Timothy Cardozo AND Ronald Veazey  – THIS STUDY WAS PUBLISHED BY THE NIH AND IS FROM DEC 4. 2020. THEY NEW ALMOST A YEAR AGO THAT VACCINATION COULD MAKE YOUR CHANCE OF GETTING COVID EVEN WORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s Obvious What Phase-2 of Biden’s Private Sector Vaccine Mandate Will Include Yet Everyone Seems to Be Ignoring It – “However, if they successfully execute the mandatory vaccine for all companies with 100 workers, their next predictable move will be to require all customers who enter those “virus protection zones” to also be vaccinated. It’s a logical sequence.” – Sundance

Arguing for vax passports and mandates on the basis some schools require polio jabs for kids is infantilizing and dishonest – “To mandate, or not to mandate? Predictably, these measures have been met with protests by critics who say the mandates and passport programs constitute tyrannical overreach. In response, defenders of the policies have been quick to point to laws such as stop signs, red lights and speed limits as restrictions on liberty that are widely accepted. If you accept traffic laws, the argument goes, why not accept vaccine mandates? However, can the possibility of hitting someone with a car at 80 mph honestly be compared to the possibility of spreading Covid-19? You already have a vaccine passport, it’s claimed, so surely the Covid-19 vaccine passport is no different. Does this reasoning hold water? Are those against vaccine passports and mandates really decrying the loss of liberties that were already surrendered? Or is the situation more complicated than that? Are we children?” – Lauren Chen

Mass Death Ahead – “Nothing about the Covid vaccine makes sense. If it’s so safe, why would thousands of nurses rather lose their jobs than being jabbed? Battling Covid for a year and a half, they should know better than anybody what’s what. Why are the most vaccinated countries, such as Israel, experiencing new Covid outbreaks? Why did Vietnam suffer almost no Covid deaths until it started jabbing people with American vaccines? Pfizer just donated a million doses to that foolish government, by the way. Though a vaccine is supposed to immunize you against a specific disease, the Covid ones destroy your natural immunity, to make you more susceptible to Covid! Isn’t that a sick joke, at your expense.” – Linh Dinh  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM LINH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Corporate Media Largely Silent as Millions Protest Vaccine Mandates Worldwide – “When protests in the United States happen that help the establishment in some way, whether by stoking divide or pushing an establishment agenda, corporate media is all over them, bombarding us with news of packed streets. However, when massive crowds take to the streets to have their anti-establishment voices heard, it’s crickets on FOXSNBCNN.” – Matt Agorist

INCOMING: Travel Restrictions and Fines for the Unvaxxed and Vaxx For Kids (VIDEO) – Derrick Broze

German state allows ALL businesses to ban unvaxxed customers – even for groceries & other essentials – RT

Jab-mandating Newsom wants vax exemption for union that gave him $1.75 million campaign donation – “The California governor’s willingness to protect the medical freedoms of major donors while forcing all public and private school students to get the experimental COVID-19 shot has led some to accuse the pro-lockdown governor of hypocrisy and susceptibility to payoffs.” -Ashley Sadler

Correction Officers Union Says Half Of Members Can’t Prove Vaccination Before Mandate Deadline – ” Getting a prison under control requires the kind of training that correction officers say National Guard personnel do not have. Kevin Flanagan, the legislative liaison for the Massachusetts Correction Officers Federated Union tells WBZ-TV’s I-Team, “with all due respect to the men and women of the National Guard, we have highly trained correction officers who have worked throughout the pandemic for 18 months and to now say 50 percent would be terminated it’s not right, it’s not fair.”” – Cheryl Fiandaca


How Close Is Total Social and Economic Collapse? – “Economies and societies fall apart slowly, then a bit more, then all at once. We seem to be in the middle period of this trajectory. This is in a country that only two years ago seemed like the richest place on the planet in all of human history, with good growth prospects. It all ended so quickly and deliberately. What’s next? Foraging for food? At what point do we need to start guarding our pets from human predators? Everyone talks about broken supply chains but few know what that means. What’s remarkable is the near-silence on the cause of this whole crackup. It all traces to a fateful attempt to control a virus using compulsion. People are raging on the streets of Rome, Paris, Melbourne, London, and many other major cities around the world, even while the national press ignores them for fear of spreading discontent. Crowds chanting “#uck Joe Biden” are re-rendered by the press as “Let’s go Brandon,” as if that is going to fool anyone. The arrogance of the political establishment meanwhile appears boundless.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM JEFFREY, AND SPEAKING OF FORAGING, ACTUALLY JUST LINKED AN ARTICLE YESTERDAY ABOUT FORAGING!!!!!!!!

It Takes A Lot Of Education To Keep Us This Stupid – “The oligarchic empire is working harder and harder to bolt down our minds in service of its agendas. The mass media have become so blatantly propagandistic that US intelligence operatives are now openly employed by news outlets they used to have to infiltrate covertly. A transparently fake “whistleblower” is being promoted by the US political/media class to manufacture support for more internet censorship and shore up monopolistic control for institutions like Facebook who are willing to enforce it.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Joe Biden’s Malaise Speech – “Biden and his party are facing a set of problems that they have no answer for. So they respond they way Democrats always do when there’s trouble: Demand an increase in the size and scope of government. Then they chastise Americans as if they were children who want too much.” – I&I Editorial Board

If America Is Systemically Racist, Why Is Our Border Flooded? – “They keep coming, wave after wave of desperate souls, cashing in their former lives and even their families for a wing and a prayer. It is more than just a slogan that they yearn to breathe free, for they are willing to endure often unspeakable hardship to complete the tortuous journey to America’s southern border. This raises the question of why anyone – especially people of color – would want to give up their lives to come to this cesspool if life here is that awful. Progressives have cultivated a blood libel about the nation that is rejected by the rest of humanity. ” – Tim Donner

Avoiding a Soylent Future – “Hamburger and pork chops are becoming what lobster used to be – expensive specialty foods most of us can only afford to eat once in awhile. Forget steaks. Or at least, forget paying $15 for a downer cow (and probably meat-glued) 8 oz. “steak” at the supermarket, where the same piece of meat cost $7 or so just ten months ago. Thanks, Joe. Dystopian theories about a Soylent Green future – in which the masses don’t eat meat because meat is unaffordable – even unavailable – seem to be congealing into facts of life.” – Eric Peters

When Barack Obama Got Away with Murder – “[Yesterday was] the 10th anniversary of the drone killing of Abdulrahman Al-Aulaqi, a 16 year old born in Colorado and killed in Yemen. He perished as part of Obama’s crackdown on terrorist suspects around the world. His father, who was also an American citizen, was killed two weeks earlier by another drone strike ordered by Obama. I derided the Obama administration’s claim that the president possessed a “right to kill Americans without a trial, without notice, and without any chance for targets to legally object…Killings based solely on presidential commands radically transform the relation of the government to the citizenry.”” – Jim Bovard

Kill Back Better – “This isn’t a Chicago story. It’s a Democratic Party story. Kim Foxx, the state’s attorney for Cook County and darling of MSNBC, has managed to increase murders in Chicago to astounding levels even at a time when we’re all getting used to astounding crime figures. Perhaps you’ve heard about the Wild West shootout in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago two weeks ago? One group of gang members shot up the house of rival gang members at around 10 in the morning. Foxx refused to bring charges against any of them on the grounds that it was “mutual combat.” At this point, the Chicago PD’s only option may be to resubmit charges on environmental grounds — polluting the air with lead.” – Ann Coulter

Transhumanists Gather In Spain To Plan Global Transformation – “TransVision 2021 saw technologists push radical visions for our future. Apparently, the clueless public is to be propagandized — not consulted. Naturally, the dominant tone at TransVision was set by hardcore transhumanists: Each proponent has a unique angle, but they converge on a shared mythos. Allowing for variation, transhumanists confess there is no God but the future Computer God.” – Joe Allen

Cologne Mosques to Begin Outdoor Broadcasting of Muslim Call to Prayer – “The city of Cologne, once a stronghold of Christendom in Germany, has authorized mosques in the city to begin sounding Muslim calls to prayer over outdoor loudspeakers. The move, ostensibly aimed at promoting multicultural diversity and inclusion, represents a significant step toward the cultural normalization of Islam in Germany. It is taking German multiculturalism into uncharted territory. Critics say that comparing Islamic prayer calls to church bells is a false equivalence because the muezzin proclaims religious slogans such as “there is no god but Allah” and “Allahu Akbar” (“Allah is the Greatest”).” – Soeren Kern

Murderer of Conservative MP Revealed to be 25-Year-Old of “Somali Origin” – “Likely Islamic terror attack.” – Paul Joseph Watson

NATO’s Jens Stoltenberg Thinks We’re All Idiots – “NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg is either a nincompoop, or he thinks the rest of us are. A recent statement about Russia concerns over the march eastward of the militarist organization proves on, the other, or both. Now let’s see. Isn’t he NATO, otherwise known as the North Atlantic Alliance, an intergovernmental military alliance between 28 European countries and 2 North American countries? Hmm. Given Russia’s long history with “friendly” neighbors to the west, I wonder why anyone studying detente, political science, geo-policy, or history would ever imagine the Russians being unsettled! From their perspective, NATO right next door is a bit like looking out their windows to find the Third Reich moving into every other house in the neighborhood. I can only imagine how my countrymen would react if all of Latin America created a military bloc supported by Russia, China, Iran and other traditional pals of the United States. Perhaps then, this new intergovernmental could elect a boss, who could likewise question the fears of people North of the Rio Grande!” – Phil Butler

Can we now have an honest discussion about Islamist terrorism? – “Police think the killing of David Amess may have had an Islamist motivation. We need to talk about this.” – Brendan O”Neill

China Coal Prices Soar To Record As Winter Freeze Spreads Cross The Country – “China’s energy crisis just got much worse.” – Tyler Durden

Washington or Moscow: decision-time for Erdogan in northern Syria – “Continued US support for Kurdish militants is taking its toll on US-Turkish relations. Turkey’s President Erdogan may finally have to choose between an American or Russian direction for his country.” – Tulin Daloglu

Despite efforts to silence him, Muqtada al-Sadr has emerged as the most important political figure in modern Iraqi history – “The Shiite scholar and politician staunchly opposes US and Iranian interference in Iraqi affairs and has condemned as corrupt those Iraqi politicians who were on the respective payrolls of those two nations.” – Scott Ritter

Things You Should Know About Solar Power Systems And Their Efficiency – Bob Rodgers


The Everlasting Shame of the ‘Republican’ Fed Heads – “Here’s the dirty little secret. It was the GOP which killed sound money. And its replacement, the Fed’s bad money, is at the root of all statist evil – from imperialist wars abroad to suffocation of free markets, personal liberty and individual responsibility at home. Surely, no Fed has been as far off the deep-end as the mindless money printers in charge of the Eccles Building today.” – David Stockman

In Defense of Bank Deposits: An Open Letter to Professor Omarova – “As you probably know, I’m among the critics of the plan for “democratizing money” that you outline in your forthcoming Vanderbilt Law Review article. I disagree with it enough to be unwilling as yet to join many of our mutual friends in supporting President Biden’s own plan to make you our next Comptroller of the Currency. According to your own description of it, your plan would ideally see public FedAccounts “fully replace—rather than uneasily coexist with—private bank deposits.” Consequently it would “likely cause a massive contraction in bank lending” to businesses and individuals.” – George Selgin  – THIS IS A HUGE DEAL. DID NOT EVEN REALIZE THEY WERE CONSIDERING THIS. MORE GOVERNMENT CONTROL OF YOUR MONEY;  AND I AM SURE THE CURRENT ADMINISTRATIVE IDIOTS WOULD BE ON BOARD WITH THIS 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Banks Disclosed Tidbits of Hidden Stock Market Leverage of “Securities-Based Lending,” as Known Stock Market Leverage Surged – “No one knows total stock market leverage, but it’s huge and ballooning, as we see from the tidbits we’re allowed to see.” – Wolf Richter

Are We Really Crazy Enough to Believe This Is Going to Work? – “Imagine an economy so dominated by its central bank that all markets hang on every word of its priesthood as life or death. You know, like the Federal Reserve and the American economy. Now imagine this central bank issues enormous sums of new money which supercharges speculative activity such as hundreds of billions of dollars in stock buybacks, special purpose acquisition casinos, oops, I mean companies, and so on. You know, like the Federal Reserve’s trillions in nearly free money for financiers.” Charles Hugh Smith

Retail Sales Jump More Than Expected But Inflation is Part of the Picture Retail sales clobbered expectations rising 0.7% in September. – “Sales are not adjusted for inflation.” – Mish


Jeremiah 51:8      Babylon is suddenly fallen and destroyed: howl for her; take balm for her pain, if so be she may be healed.