The Covid-Driven Global Takeover Exposes the Real Threat of the Contrived ‘Climate Change’ Agenda – “As of late, and after a global assault on humanity that is unmatched in history, expansion of the ‘reset’ (takeover) of society is ramping up to epoch proportions. With this will come an onslaught of claimed monsters to frighten the masses into even more panic; the leading one before and after the ‘Covid’ hoax is complete, will likely remain the ridiculously named fraud called man-made ‘climate change.’ In fact, this has already begun, but will vastly escalate over the next few months and beyond in my opinion. At some point, ‘climate change’ will likely be disclosed as the core issue at hand so far as those wishing to gain total control of the masses are concerned,” – Gary D. Barnett  – GARY ON THE BIG PICTURE, WHICH WE HAVE STATED BEFORE, COVID IS JUST A PART OF!!!!!

Jab This – “To all those who regard me and other people who have chosen not be injected as “selfish” or “stupid” or “reckless”: Get therapy. I am not sick. I have never been sick, this entire time (so much for “highly contagious” sickness) notwithstanding never once “practicing” any of your bizarre sickness-dissipation rituals, such as obsessively washing your hands, obsessively avoiding other people and walking around with your face effaced and looking like the scrotal sack of a European beach Guido. At what point do your fears and assertions – that I might get sick, that I might spread sickness – take a back seat to the fact that I am not and have not? What gives you the right to impose on me because you are afraid?” – Eric Peters

The Biden Admin is losing its unwinnable War On COVID, so they’re scapegoating ‘unvaccinated’ Americans – “Non-conformists must be punished, “the science” says.” – Jordan Schachtel

The Infuriating Habit of Ignoring Natural Immunity – “One of the most insane and frustrating inconsistencies of the CDC’s maddening desire to vaccinate every man, woman, child in America with a vaccine that has a clearly waning efficacy has been the lack of an acknowledgment of natural immunity to SARS-CoV-2. The failure to address this has not only been tone-deaf, but Orwellian in its method and scope. It’s like the experience of at least a third of America with this virus – and the long-lasting, protective immunity conferred – means absolutely nothing to the powers-that-be, who still insist that those with natural immunity vaccinate, wear masks, and live under the same COVID restrictions they seemingly want everyone else to live under from now until the end of time.” – Scott Morefield

Study Finds Teenage Boys Six Times More Likely to Suffer Heart Problems From Vaccine Than be Hospitalized by COVID – “Damning data proves clear risk of vaccinating children.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Fauci: No ‘Firm Answer’ on Why Americans Who Recovered From COVID-19 Should Get Vaccinated – Zachary Stieber

Former FDA Commissioner: Fauci Funded Gain Of Function On EVEN DEADLIER MERS-like Coronaviruses – Steve Watson

WATCH: Tear gas & clashes in Paris as thousands protest over Covid-19 health passes for 9th consecutive weekend – RT  – ONCE AGAIN, COMPLETELY IGNORED BY THE U.S. MSM. THEY DO NOT WANT PEOPLE TO SEE ANY RESISTANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Australia Bans Ivermectin – “If you suspect the extremely heavy-handed Australia/New Zealand COVID-19 mitigation efforts might be a beta-test for just how far a government can go to control the citizens therein, well, this latest development appears to be an affirmation in that direction.” – Sundance

Australia’s insane COVID rules are a warning to the rest of the Free World – Rich Lowry

Just the facts: Coronavirus in Australia by the numbers – Luke Massey

How the Pandemic Is Changing the Norms of Science – “Imperatives like skepticism and disinterestedness are being junked to fuel political warfare that has nothing in common with scientific methodology” – John P.A. Ioannidis

Reports of Injuries, Deaths After COVID Vaccines Hit New Highs, as Biden Rolls Out Plan to Force 100 Million More Americans to Get Vaccinated – “VAERS data released Friday by the CDC showed a total of 675,593 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 14,506 deaths and 88,171 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and Sept. 3, 2021.” – Megan Redshaw

Long-Term Dangers of Experimental mRNA Shots – Joseph Mercola


Against Biden’s Mandates – “We oppose President Biden’s lawless and authoritarian new mandates announced yesterday. We also denounce his divisive rhetoric toward unvaccinated Americans, his reckless antipathy for federalism, and his threats to usurp state governors. Contra Mr. Biden, this is entirely about freedom and personal choice. His proposed executive orders represent nothing less than centralized tyranny, whereby the federal government operates under no legal constraints. This is government anarchy.” – The Editors of the Mises Institute  – EXCELLENT EDITORIAL AND A MUST READ!!!!!!

Quietly Say “No” to Joe Biden’s Call for Civil War – “There is nothing they can threaten us with. These edicts are hilarious, desperate and unenforceable. All their power, all their strength is irrelevant in the face of angry men who simply say, “No.” That big pile of chips in the center of the table? An opportunity, not a barrier. There are a thousand ways to beat a bully by not giving him what he wants, control. This isn’t about the vaccine. It never was. The only public health crisis now is a public mental health crisis. The people who’ve been broken by the COVID-9/11 terror campaign have their own issues to work out. They can be forgiven their terror but it’s time for the grown-ups to talk. The children can be excused from the table. So, the opposite of their hysteria is needed. They don’t need a punch in the mouth, they need therapy. No more negotiating with facts. They are immune to facts. What they are not immune to is a quiet, dismissive, if not exasperated, “No.” The kind of quiet disappointment my father used to shame me into maturation.” – Tom Luongo  -GOOD ARTICLE FROM TOM!!!!!!!

Biden knows his vax mandates are unconstitutional — but just doesn’t care – “so he’s trying to camouflage it in a maze of Labor Department regulation.” – Andrew C. McCarthy

Biden’s Vaccine Mandates: It’s about Power – “Clearly, this represents yet another dangerous frontier in using a perceived or real crisis to justify an immense expansion in state power and state control over the population.” – Ryan McMaken

There Is No Turning Back After This – “This is the most sickening thing that Joe Biden has ever done. That is saying a lot, because Biden has a long history of doing sickening things. What remained of the country that so many of us once loved is being absolutely eviscerated, and it is deeply heartbreaking to watch it happen.” – Michael Snyder

What we expect from GOP governors and legislators in this crisis – “There has quite literally never been anything this tyrannical foisted upon us in our lifetime.” – Daniel Horowitz

Members Of Congress, Staff Exempt From Biden Vaccine Mandate – Tyler Durden – THAT PRETTY MUCH SAYS IT ALL, DOESN’T IT. GOOD FOR THEE, BUT NOT FOR ME!!!!!

9/11 Was Bad, But It Wasn’t QAnoners Wandering Around The Capitol For A Few Hours Bad – “So that settles it, then: QAnoners meandering around a government building is far, far worse than thousands of people being killed in fiery explosions. It’s a good thing we’ve got such sane, level-headed people on such prominent platforms instructing us on how to think about important events, because otherwise this perspective might never have even occurred to us. Especially since the FBI found no evidence that Trump and his allies were involved in coordinating the 1/6 riot and very little evidence of any centralized planning of any kind, and since we now know that the only person claimed to have been killed by the rioters actually died of natural causes, and since many other claims about the Capitol riot have been soundly debunked. So now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s not let 9/11 stop us from screaming about 1/6 for all eternity, as loud as our lungs will allow. It’s important we remain rational here.” – Caitlin Johnstone

LAPD Is Forcing EVERYONE, Suspects or Not, to Reveal Social Media User Names and More – “The notion of government workers monitoring your social media is probably not news to you. I believe Edward Snowden blew the lid off of this can of worms years ago. However, have you considered that those very same people may now force your social media usernames out of you should they stop you on the street? Probably not, right? Yet that’s precisely what’s happening in Los Angeles right now. Apparently, it has been happening for years.” – Aden Tate

Defeated in Afghanistan—The US Brings Its War of Terror—Home – Erik  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!

9/11 and the Politics of Fear and Self-Preservation – “We will either be remembered as a country that took freedom and liberty for all seriously or we will be remembered as a nation of cowards who, driven by fear, were willing to deprive this group, then that group, of their freedom — before losing that freedom entirely.” – Whitney Webb  – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM WHITNEY!!!!!!

The 9/11 Mother of All Scams Until Flu/Covid Arrived – “All governments lie, notably Western ones. Nothing they say can be taken at face value. The same goes for their media press agents. 9/11 was the mother of all Big Lies, the mother of all state-sponsored false flags, until flu/covid surpassed its infamy. The nation I grew up in long ago has been responsible for more harm to more people over a longer duration than any others in world history. The worst of their diabolical war on humanity likely lies ahead — why the only solution is popular revolution.” – Stephen Lendman

9/11 After 20 Years – “Time goes by. It has been 20 years since three World Trade Center skyscrapers designed to withstand airliner collision were destroyed. Building 7 was brought down by controlled demolition as its collapse at free fall acceleration proves conclusively. The destruction of the twin towers was accompanied by a series of explosions, and these buildings also fell into their own footprints at essentially free fall acceleration. The US government’s official coverup story has been totally demolished by authors such as David Ray Griffin, by scholarly conferences, university investigations, expert reports, and by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth. The great mass of evidence that has been accumulated proves that the official narrative is false, but it doesn’t say who was responsible for the attack.” – Paul Craig Roberts  – ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS WEBSITE IS LINKED IN THE SIDEBAR FOR THOSE WHO WANT MORE INFORMATION!!!!!

REVIEW: “Unanswered Questions: What the September 11th families asked and the 9/11 Commission ignored“ – “It is impossible to overemphasize the importance of this book. It is a tour de force that blows away twenty years of U.S. government lies and obfuscations about the mass murders of September 11, 2001, the foundational event of recent times that claimed thousands of victims whose relatives still cry out for truth and justice. Reading Unanswered Questions will roil you to the depths of your soul and illuminate your mind as Ray McGinnis presents fact after fact backed up by almost one thousand endnotes and twelve years of meticulous research. There is nothing speculative about this book. It is not a “conspiracy theory.”” – Edward Curtin

Gov’t Special Ops Demo Expert Confesses to Planting Explosives in WTCs Before 9/11 – “In a story that should be on the front page of every newspaper, or at least have any reporter worth their salt digging into it, a man who purports to be a controlled demolitions special operative for the United States, has come forward with a damning confession. According to Garcia, he’s kept this secret for the last 20 years and has only recently decided to come clean after being diagnosed with a terminal illness. In his confession, Garcia paints a behind the scenes picture of the deep state at work to maintain their control through fear, destruction, and mass murder.” – Matt Agorist

The Constitution’s ‘harmful content’ – “The National Archives could find “racism” on a blank sheet of paper. If you don’t like history, just change it the way you would your shirt.” – Eric Utter

US Airstrikes Have Killed Up to 48,000 Civilians Since 9/11: Analysis – “On average, U.S.-led airstrikes have killed more than 1,000 civilians a year since 2001.” – Kenny Stancil

U.S. Plan B for Afghanistan? Screw Up China – “For U.S. imperial strategists, the notorious Afghan graveyard of empires is not an entirely deadbeat loss. As President Biden noted gleefully and cryptically this week, “China has real problems… it will be interesting to see what happens.”” – Finian Cunningham

Report: Houthis and Saudis are deliberately starving Yemenis to death – “This means even those who support them, including the US, are responsible for war crimes.” – Daniel Larison  – NOTHING CHANGES, NOTHING IS LEARNED. IMPERIALISM AND THE NEOCONS MARCH ON!!!!!

America Is Europe’s Enemy – “If Europe wants stability, then why is it allied with the chief cause of its own refugee-influx” – Eric Zuesse

What Dog Breed is Right for Your Off-Grid Lifestyle? – Jane Marsh


These Dangers Loom Over The Fragile U.S. Economy In The Next 12 Months – “We are at an impasse. With incessant fear mongering over the latest covid variants and the government obsession with 100% vaccination, the pro- and anti-vaccine groups are squaring off . It is a conflict between those who see their submission to the vaccination as a badge of personal responsibility and civic-mindedness versus those who see it as merely an excuse for authoritarianism. Unless pro-vax people choose to stand down and walk away from the fight, our economic future will grow increasingly unstable. This is the foreboding backdrop of our economic tale, and it is important to keep in mind that the technocratic exploitation of the covid non-crisis as a push for supremacy is going to color EVERYTHING that happens in our financial system from now on. You cannot talk about our economic condition without including the effects of the pandemic theater.” – Brandon Smith  – GOOD ONE FROM BRANDON AGAIN, COULD JUST AS EASILY HAVE BEEN PUT IN THE VIRUS OR REGULAR NEWS SECTION AS WELL!!!!

5 Ways to Financial Security While Building Thriving Communities Outside The System – “Tyranny seems to be the main entree on the menu these days, but there are so many wonderful appetizers and other dishes to generate the fuel you need to succeed during a time that requires a lot of faith, intention, and determination. Together, we can build a future that provides abundance, financial security, and a thriving community, outside of the system the globalists are trying to create for us. The first step begins with accepting that things are changing, as perception is the key to getting you through it. There is a big opportunity right now to take advantage of this transformative time and shift it to our benefit. Don’t get caught up in the distractions chipping away at your time – keep your eyes on the prize – communities that thrive all on their own.” – Corey Lynn

The Banality of (Financial) Evil – “Go ahead and be evil, because everyone else is evil, too, because being evil serves everyone’s interests far better than maintaining integrity, for integrity will cost you more than you can afford. In other words, lying, fraud, embezzlement, misrepresentation of risk, material misrepresentation of facts, half-truths, the replacement of statements of fact with propaganda and spin: these are not the work of a scattered handful of sociopaths: they represent the very essence and heart of America’s economic status quo.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Up the Price Pipeline, Inflation Rages at 20% – “Producer prices that are input prices for consumer-facing industries are red-hot. But further up the production chain, prices are white-hot.” – Wolf Richter – GET READY FOR HIGHER PRICES YET TO COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Four Reasons the Next Recession Will Be Worse Than the Last One – Jon Wolfenbarger

“Physical Demand Will Completely Overwhelm Supply” And How Silver Could Wind Up Over $270 – “This is Part 1 of a two-part interview with Andy Schectman, President & Owner of Miles Franklin Precious Metals, a company that has done more than $5 billion in sales.” – Quoth the Raven


Proverbs 1:18-19   And they lay wait for their own blood; they lurk privily for their own lives.  So are the ways of every one that is greedy of gain; which taketh away the life of the owners thereof.