Then What…? – “Ol’ White Joe was back on TV yesterday issuing threats to his countrypersons. We must take the vaccine in order to protect the people who already got the vax — many of them more than one shot — from catching Covid-19. Hold on now… you say they got multiple doses of the vax but they can still catch the disease? Yes, they can, evidently. Okay… well… what kind of vax is it that doesn’t keep you from catching the disease? Oh, a most excellent vax! And you must take it, or lose your income, forfeit your useful position in this economy, give up all the normal routines of existing in a free society. Then… this is no longer a free society? Oh, but it is… as long as you take as many vaxes as we can force you to take… and, by the way, don’t badmouth the vaxes. We will find out and we will deal with you. We’ll come for you. We’ll take away your access to banking. We’ll sic federal agencies on your case. You will become a non-person, perhaps an unperson! There, that’ll fix you!” – James Howard Kunstler  – EXCELLENT AS USUAL!!!

Biden, Fauci, Pelosi, & Newsom All Objected To Mandatory Vaccines – “A common mistake people make is assuming the lying liar isn’t lying this time. For example, Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci have both previously said they wouldn’t require, or ‘couldn’t see’ a Covid-19 vaccine mandate in the United States.” – Tyler Durden

Never In My Life…. – “….. did I think I’d hear a President of the United States all but declare war on 1/4 of the citizens of the nation. Yet that is what Joe Biden did yesterday. That was worse than stupid; it was inciting an all-on rebellion. But then during his presser he let the truth out: “We’re going to protect vaccinated workers against unvaccinated workers.” What? If the vaccines are in fact vaccines and work then….. what protection do those who choose to get them need? None! But if they don’t work — if you get vaccinated and are still at risk then why would someone take one? It’s stupid to take a jab that doesn’t actually protect you. More to the point why would those who haven’t been vaccinated not tell you to go straight to Hell, and why would any court uphold this sort of order when you admit that a person who accepts the vaccine is not protected — that is, it does not actually provide protection against disease?” – Karl Denninger

Biden Regime Mandates Tyranny – “International and constitutional law no longer apply. Public health was abolished. Remains of a free and open society are gone — replaced by White House diktats, backed by majority lawmakers, go-along courts, and press agent media. A fantasy democracy from inception, the above partially applied throughout US history — though never before like now.” – Stephen Lendman

Why Is Biden Mandating a Vaccine that Does Not Protect Against Covid? – “The dumbshit American population sat on their butts and allowed a few Democrat gangsters to steal a presidential election and stick in the Oval Office a complete moron. The moron is a puppet on a stick that gets moved around by the monied interests that rule us. The moron has been directed to get all Americans “vaccinated” with a “vaccine” that the public health authorities themselves admit does not protect against Covid or the Delta variant or any of the other variants. They have stated as much. Their solution for a “vaccine’ that does not work is more of the “vaccine.”” – Paul Craig Roberts

Science Denied: The Biden Vaccine Mandate – “President Biden has decided to go hard on the virus. No more Mr. Nice Guy. Sadly for him, those tiny little pathogens don’t pay taxes, don’t vote, don’t have Social Security numbers, can’t be drafted, and don’t answer phone calls from poll takers, which is to say that he and his agencies cannot really control them. That must be frustrating, poor man. Instead his plan is to control what he can control: people, and, most immediately, federal workers and the employees of large regulated companies. For him, the key to crushing the virus is the vaccine. Not enough people are obeying his demand for near-universal vaccination. In a maniacal move of wild desperation – or as an excuse to try out the most extreme powers of his office – he is using every weapon that he believes he has to assure compliance with his dream of injecting as many arms as possible. ” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

Virologist Appreciation Month; pop the champagne corks – Jon Rappoport  – TRUTH AS SATIRE FROM JON!!!!

The CDC Just Made an Orwellian Change to the Definition of ‘Vaccine’ and ‘Vaccination’ – “So in a week, a vaccine went from being something that “produces immunity to a specific disease” to something that merely “stimulates the body’s immune response against diseases,” and a vaccination no longer “produces immunity” to a disease, just “protection” from a disease. Does anyone else find this disturbing?” – Matt Margolis  – THIS CHANGE WAS UPDATED BY THE CDC ON 09/01/21!!!!!

80% of Covid-19 deaths in August were people who had been vaccinated according to Public Health data – “We’re living in strange times, and if you believe the Covid-19 vaccination programme is working because the authorities on the television tell you that it is, then you must surely find it extremely strange that the UK is in the middle of a third wave in the middle of summer? Especially when you consider that in summer 2020 Covid-19 deaths flat-lined to zero even though a Covid-19 injection was not available.” – Daily Expose

The Unvaccinated will be Punished – “And the problems with the Biden OSHA standards. It is official: the unvaccinated have become the scapegoats. As we said in August, “trust them at their word when they advocate restricting your rights and inflicting punishment if you remain unvaccinated.” This is the result (but not the end-result) of a creeping nastiness towards the unvaccinated that we warned about last month, after the NYC required a vaccine to “participate in society fully” and The Atlantic said the unvaccinated “belong on the no-fly list.”” – Techno Fog

Biden Exempts Over 600,000 USPS Workers From Federal Mandatory Vaccination Order – Tyler Durden – THEY MUST BE IMMUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stronger, More Robust Natural Immunity Thwarts Any Case for “Vaccine Passports” – Jon Sanders

Australian Officials Again Announce a New World Order – “Another day, another New World Order announcement: yet again, Australian officials use the NWO phrase regarding COVID policies. Is this more evidence that the NWO Cult is stepping out into the open to reveal its totalitarian agenda?” – Makia Freeman  – LINKED AN ARTICLE YESTERDAY ABOUT THIS; MAKIA EXPANDS ON IT!!!!!

One Flew Over the Kookaburra’s Nest: Down Under is now a mental ward where the crazies are calling the shots over Covid – Robert Bridge


Open Letter to the Tyrant – “The president of the United States has decreed – no law has been passed – that every American will roll up their sleeves and be Jabbed , else lose their jobs. He intends to enforce his decrees using the regulatory apparat of the state, which is telling. America is now an openly lawless country. The Maximum Leader decrees – and the bureaucracy enforces. The trial balloon version of this was floated last year, when “mandates” and “guidelines” supplanted laws. This is tyranny. Not the funny, El Presidente of Ecuarico kind.” – Eric Peters  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM ERIC!!!!!!

Biden’s vaccine mandate speech! – “Thursday, President Biden delivered the most insulting, contemptuous, and divisive speech by a president in U.S. history. We all know by now that Joe Biden does not care one iota about the American people. His life’s work has been dedicated to enriching his own family, no more, no less. And like the rest of the left, he has contempt for any and all who dare to disagree with him.” – Patricia McCarthy

The Weak, Feckless Response From the National GOP to Biden’s Tyranny Begins – “Yesterday, the President of the United States essentially declared his power unlimited. Given the severity of the situation, you’d hope a real opposition party would be ready to go. Unfortunately, the GOP is not a real opposition party so instead, we got bot-quality responses like this. Joe Biden does not care about your lecturing. He does not care if you call him a liar. He doesn’t care if you point out his hypocrisy. He does not care about your threat to bring a lawsuit, though, those will be necessary. We are led by a senile old man with clear signs of dementia who is not going to run again in 2024 anyway. Biden has nothing to lose and he’s governing like it.” – Bonchie


The Borg Says: “Assimilate or Starve!” – “Obviously, the billionaires and organizations behind The Great Reset®, in coordination with Big Pharma, have taken control of the CDC and WHO in order to force Covid mandates upon the entire world. Of course, the billionaires and organizations behind The Great Reset® have also publically professed the need for global “sustainability” and depopulation. So if anyone wishes to place their faith in these billionaires and organizations, they should have at it. If they believe in the sanctity of Big Pharma profits, then they should go on and get vaccinated. If they want to place their trust in an illegal president who abandoned Americans to the Taliban in Afghanistan, then good luck with that, too. On the other hand, if you trust God and/or the human immune system that has protected mankind through the ions… then you must be a conspiracy theorist.” – Doug “Uncola” Lynn

America’s Civil War Map Has Been Drawn – As The American Dream Turns Into A Nightmare, One State Governor Warns: ‘We’ll Fight Them To The Gates Of Hell’ – “Joe Biden, White House occupier, took the stage on September 9, 2021 and basically said the U.S. constitution means nothing in comparison to his “executive” power and he offered up his decrees of businesses with more than 100 employees being “fined” if they do not mandate vaccines. Then the old man decided to yell at Americans about “losing patience” with them, before threatening to have Governors that stand up against his tyrannical decrees “removed,” again using the full force of the executive branch.” – Susan Duclos

Biden: Mandatory Vaccinations Because It’s Not About Freedom – “The president was very clear as he scolded the unvaccinated – refuse the shot and be punished.” – Kelli Ballard

Media ignore racial attack on Larry Elder because he’s a black Republican – “According to our nation’s media leaders, it’s not a story that a white person wearing a gorilla mask attacked Larry Elder, a black man seeking to become the first non-white governor of California, by hurling an egg that touched his head. If Elder were a Democrat, the attack would have been instantly and with good reason dubbed racist. It would not only be front-page news, it would be just about the only news you were hearing about today on CNN and MSNBC.” – Kyle Smith

Tracking Progress on the 2030 ‘Great Reset’ – “Resources are getting rationed, so get used to it. Somebody tell these dipshits that natural, free-range, grass-fed meat is as healthy as it gets. Although, they know this. They just think we’re too stupid to figure it out. The goal is to eliminate beef for the little people to combat climate change. So, are they closer to telling us what we can and cannot eat? Well, they tell us where we can eat, when to wear masks, and if we can even leave our house… So, yeah, I guess they’re close.” – The Bad Daddy

Where are All the Americans Returning Home from Afghanistan? – “Something funny is going on with the Biden administration’s numbers.” – Brian C. Joondeph

In picking up the phone to Xi Jinping, has Biden just blinked first in the great showdown between America and China? – “After months of diplomatic rows between the two countries, the US president has felt the need to de-escalate tensions by calling the Chinese leader directly. Beijing believes this shows it’s now being treated as an equal power. US President Joe Biden this week telephoned Chinese leader Xi Jinping. The call was the first direct contact between the two men since February. Fairly unremarkable, right? Not quite.” – Tom Fowdy

The Federal Investigation of 9/11 Ignored Recorded, Eyewitness Accounts of Firefighters Who Heard Explosions Just Before the Towers Collapsed – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

14 ways official reports agreed with “conspiracy theorists” on 9/11 – Off Guardian

9/9 and 9/11, 20 Years Later – “It’s impossible not to start with the latest tremor in a series of stunning geopolitical earthquakes. Exactly 20 years after 9/11 and the subsequent onset of the Global War on Terror (GWOT), the Taliban will hold a ceremony in Kabul to celebrate their victory in that misguided Forever War. Four key exponents of Eurasia integration – China, Russia, Iran and Pakistan – as well as Turkey and Qatar, will be officially represented, witnessing the official return of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. As blowbacks go, this one is nothing short of intergalactic. The plot thickens when we have Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid firmly stressing “there is no proof” Osama bin Laden was involved in 9/11. So “there was no justification for war, it was an excuse for war,” he claimed.” – Pepe Escobar

Twenty Years Of Phony Tears About 9/11 – “Compared to the horrors the United States unleashed upon the world under the justification of 9/11, 9/11 itself was a family trip to Disneyland. The death and destruction visited upon Iraq alone dwarfs the 2,977 people killed on 9/11 by orders of magnitude; hell, this was true of the death and destruction the US had been inflicting on Iraq even before 9/11. In a saner, more emotionally intelligent world, it is those deaths that Americans would be focused on this September the 11th. This is what we should all remember on 9/11. Not those 2,977 deaths on US soil. As sad as they were, they’ve been grieved more than enough by the general public. Now it’s time to begin addressing the giant stain upon our collective soul that is the vastly greater evils those deaths were exploited to justify.” – Caitlin Johnstone

20 Years after 9/11 — Are We Better Off? – “Looking back at the half dozen Mideast wars in which we have engaged since that first 9/11, where are we better off now than we were then? Al-Qaida, ISIS, Boko Haram and their variants have established a presence in Arab, Asian and African countries far beyond Afghanistan. Looking forward, where do we Americans go from here?” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Pay-by-Palm: Just an Innocent Technology to Make Life Easier? – “Looks like the folks at Amazon have taken up palm reading with the recent rollout of Amazon One, a pay-by-palm technology. News of Amazon’s new pay-by-palm technology reminds one of Bill Gates’ quantum dot tattoos released back in 2019. Quantum dot tattoos utilize embedded ink alongside a vaccine and can only be seen with a smartphone camera app. Interesting technologies, wouldn’t you say? First, an invisible tattoo keeps an effective register of who has received certain vaccinations and who has not. Next, you have the means to pay with only your palm. Add the fact that people are already being denied access to essential goods and services for not having particular medical papers.” – Aden Tate


New Slogans, But the Same Suits – “Nations, rich or poor, democracies as well as monarchies and oligarchies, are never actually controlled by “the people.” The common man has his hands full simply trying to earn a living and find his own place in life. Instead, an elite… an upper class of fixers, hustlers, and suits… a “deep state”… always takes control. Today, there’s a worldwide elite, a caste of people who have gone to the same business schools and universities. They read the same newspapers and attend the same seminars and conferences. With some variation and internal squabbling, they believe in the same theories – Keynesian economics, government-directed capitalism, popular democracy, feminism, equality, and global climate change. Most importantly, they are all convinced that freedom must not be allowed to get in the way of their power and wealth. Which is why the debt ceiling will be raised again – just as it was under Trump, Obama, Bush, and Clinton – until it finally goes through the roof. Debt is mothers’ milk to the ruling caste… It’s what allows them to continue spending money they don’t have on things “the people” don’t really want.” – Bill Bonner

Charts For A Crazy World: Stats That Contradict The Official Line – John Rubino

Producer inflation accelerated in August, as wholesale prices rose record 8.3% from a year ago – Jeff Cox

The Process of Ending Massive Money Printing Has Started – “ECB is second giant to taper. Bank of Japan already ended QE. Bank of Canada shed 15% of its assets. Bank of England & Reserve Bank of Australia are tapering. Reserve Bank of New Zealand quit QE cold turkey. Riksbank will end QE this year. What’s taking the Fed so long?” – Wolf Richter

END OF THE US EMPIRE – ORWELL’S 1984 NEWSPEAK & DIRT CHEAP GOLD – “The final phase of Empires normally ends with the same signals whether it was 2000 years ago in Rome or today in the US. One of the first signs is losing wars together with excessive debts, deficits, devaluations and decadence The US being defeated and hurriedly fleeing from Afghanistan in a few days clearly signifies the end of the US empire.” – Egon von Greyerz

Financial System is Breaking and Cannot Absorb the Fed’s Printed Money Anymore (VIDEO) with Dave Kranzler – Silver Bullion TV

If Silver Could Talk: What She Told Me When I Wrote to Her – “The clock is ticking. Don’t set yourself up for regret when my price leaves the $20 range in the dust. Make sure you own enough of me to weather the coming storm as well as book massive profits. Sooner or later, it’s coming.” – Jeff Clark  – GOOD ARTICLE ON WHY YOU SHOULD OWN SOME SILVER!!!

Gold Inverted Head-n-Shoulders Suggests $2000+ Is Next Upside Target – Chris Vermeulen

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.83EUR


Jeremiah 17:23   But they obeyed not, neither inclined their ear, but made their neck stiff, that they might not hear, nor receive instruction.