You Must Have ENJOYED Covid! – “You’re not reading this if you’re dead, of course. Not getting the second stage of the disease ought to be the primary goal of the medical system, since the first one is a moderate flu and doesn’t kill people. It’s just sorta uncomfortable. But our awesome government incentivized hospitals and medical centers to do nothing with the first phase by paying them $13,000 if you were on Medicare or Medicaid and were admitted, which means you have to have gotten the second stage. That’s why all those people are dead, by the way. But let’s say you got it, you survived, and now the clown-car brigade wants you to take a vaccine on top of that. Why would you do it? Well, the CDC and a number of other articles claim that natural antibodies are “poor” in quantity compared to that of the vaccines. Is that true? Not really.” – Karl Denninger

Longitudinal analysis shows durable and broad immune memory after SARS-CoV-2 infection with persisting antibodyresponses and memory B and T cells – “Most recovered COVID-19 patients mount broad, durable immunity after infection” – Kristen W. Cohen, Susanne L. Linderman, Zoe Moodie Mehul S. Suthar, Rafi Ahmed and M. Juliana McElrath – AND NOW, A LITTLE “SCIENTIFIC” EVIDENCE OF NATURAL IMMUNITY!!!!!

Quebec moves ahead with vaccination passports – “The province’s premier plans to implement vaccine passports, alleging that the unvaccinated are ‘putting society at risk.’” – Clare Marie Merkowsky

Bill Gates Smiles When Suggesting the Nonvaccinated Should Be Withheld Their Social Security Benefits – “Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, acts like he is President and king of COVID.” – Joe Hoft  – BILL MUST WANT A REVOLT. WHAT A CROCK OF SH*T. SOME PEOPLE SURVIVE ON SOCIAL SECURITY, AND MOST PEOPLE PAID INTO IT IF THEY WORKED. THEY EARNED IT BILL. SORRY, IT’S NOT JUST A HAND OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CDC Lists Most of the High-vax Countries as “High” or “Very High” COVID-19 Travel Risk – Veronika Kyrylenko

CDC Director Makes Case Vaccination Passports are Futile, Vaccines Do Not Prevent COVID Infection or Delta Variant Transmission – “They are just making up narratives now, and the media are not calling them out on it…. The Director of the CDC made an important admission during an interview today on CNN. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky stated the vaccine does not prevent COVID-19 infection, nor does it stop the vaccinated person from transmitting the infection or the delta variant. According to Director Walensky, the only benefit from the vaccine now is presumably that it reduces the severity of symptoms. If a vaccinated and non-vaccinated person have the same capacity to carry, shed and transmit the virus – with or without symptoms – then what difference does a vaccination passport or vaccination ID make?” – Sundance

“No Vaccine Passports” – Thousands Protest Across France Over New COVID Rules – Tyler Durden

Why They’re Suppressing Vaccine Side Effects – “It is the “Noble Lie,” argues Dr. Robert Malone.Dr. Malone is an impeccably credentialed scientist. He helped pioneer the mRNA vaccine technology upon which the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are based. He is not an “anti-vaxxer.” Very much to the contrary. He has consecrated his career to vaccine development. He believes in them. His feet are planted firmly on the ground — in science. Yet he harbors grave reservations about the safety of these particular vaccines. ” – Brian Maher

VAERS Latest Data Include 2 New Reports of Teen Deaths Following COVID Vaccine, as Total Reports of Deaths Exceed 12,000 – “VAERS data released today by the CDC showed a total of 545,338 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 12,366 deaths and 70,105 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and July 30, 2021.” – Megan Redshaw  – VAERS UPDATES FROM THE CDC ARE RARELY MENTIONED IN THE MSM, ALTHOUGH IT IS UPDATED WEEKLY BY THE CDC!!!!!!!!!!!

Long-lasting Covid-19 symptoms rare in children – BBC

“2020: A Propaganda Masterpiece” (VIDEO) – “2020 and 2021 have comprised a global propaganda spectacle of unprecedented scale and sophistication.” – Mark Crispin Miller

Dr. Fauci’s Federal Agency Spent $424K Cruelly Experimenting on and Euthanizing Beagles, Exposé Reveals – “The federal government is using your money on some shockingly cruel animal experiments.” – Brad Polumbo


Why Every Functional Society Needs Fear of God – “How is it that we find fear of God’s wrath unacceptably primitive but instinctively accept fear of government’s wrath as wholly necessary?” – Selwyn Duke

Canceling the Constitution: Biden hailed for violating rule of law to extend eviction moratorium – “”I have long been a critic of such unchecked and undefined authority in pandemics. This, however, is a particularly chilling example. It would give the CDC authority over huge swaths of our economy to avoid even the possibility of the “introduction” or spread of a disease. It means that a Constitution designed to prevent tyranny and authoritarianism becomes largely irrelevant if you put on a white lab coat.- Jonathan Turley,

The 2022 midterms will be too late to save America – “And so, standing on the stairs, we must decide. Those institutions we thought could help are not there. The current Executive Branch, whether lawfully elected or not, is in power and entirely corrupt. The Legislative Branch has ceased to exist as a working body. At present, there are no hearings. There is no objective press. There is no sense of fiscal duty and responsibility. The two parties, Democrat and Republican, are simply labeled differently to make the public think they are a check on the other. They differ only by degree. The Supreme Court justices, out of the political spotlight, the remaining best hope for We the People, are terrified regarding their own existence and have retreated entirely. These nine Justices will not save the nation. And so, We the People can go upstairs and shut the door, or We the People can go to the bottom of the stairs and act.” – M. E. Boyd  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!

Maskless Barack Obama Hits Dance Floor at His Huge B-Day Party as COVID-19 Cases Surge in US – Video – “And these are the people who want indoor mask mandates, even for the fully vaccinated. Hilarious. ( Twitter response)” – Max Gorbachev

Gov. Cuomo, at least Nixon had the decency to quit – “Cuomo’s lame pushback was basically this: I didn’t do it, but if I did, it was unintentional and I’m sorry. Just like my parents, I kiss lots of people in public and the investigators were out to get me and James wants my job.Worse, Cuomo’s hole has gotten deeper since then. A lot deeper. ” – Michael Goodwin

These Democrats Deserve Your Contempt – “Every single one of them, all of them, every leftist out there…right now, I absolutely despise them all. These people, along with every one of their fellow Democrats, are horrible hypocrites, and that’s without even mentioning Barack Obama’s 700-person lovefest for himself – the super-spreader on Martha’s Vineyard – deserve your scorn, your disdain.” – Derek Hunter

The Damning Revelations About David Chipman Just Keep Coming – “The reasons to vote against David Chipman, President Joe Biden’s nominee to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) abound. Yet the White House still stands by this particularly controversial pick.” – Rebecca Downs|

What Viruses are Being Studied by US Military Bio-Laboratories in Kazakhstan? – “There’s been a lot of complaints lately about America’s continued activity in the field of biological weapons development, as there’s a growing list of reasons for those complaints to appear. One of the primary ones is the ongoing activity of more than 400 military biological laboratories created by the United States in 25 countries, including former Soviet republics – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan. Although US politicial figures try to convince the rest of the world that those are merely “research centers” where American specialists help local scientists develop ways to combat dangerous diseases, Washington carefully supresses any information about what is actually taking place inside those military facilities.” – Vladimir Platov  – WUHAN ISN’T THE ONLY BIOLOGICAL LAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flyover Folk Won’t Buy What Cori Bush And The Zuck Are Selling – “Private security for anti-police Dems and Facebook founder’s “cultural impact” fall flat in the heartland – and that’s the truth.” – Sarah Cowgill

Digital Health Passports: The Snare that will Lure Many into the One-World Cashless System – “Several new technologies that appear separate and unrelated will soon converge, creating a giant digital trap that will easily entice the uninformed masses.” – Leo Hohmann

Proposed Bill Could Soon Land You in Prison for Filming the Police – Matt Agorist

Biden Regime Challenges Beijing Over Taiwan and the South China Sea – “Since usurping power by brazen election fraud, Biden regime hardliners have been pushing things for confrontation with Russia, China and other nations. Last week, it notified Congress of its intent to sell around $750 million worth of weapons to Taiwan, taunting China with the announcement.” – Stephen Lendman

US sends B-52 bombers to Afghanistan in bid to stop Taliban offensive, as strategic city of Kunduz sees militants entering – RT

Iraq Needs as Independent Government, not ‘Training’ – Eric Margolis


What Would Our Economy Look Like In The Shadow Of Vaccine Passports? – “Well, the amount of bureaucracy that would be added between the average consumer and everyday trade would be immense, and with red tape comes a slowdown in business. Whole new wings of the government would have to be created to track and enforce vaccine passports rules (I say “rules” because none of the mandates have ever been passed into law or voted on by the public). Regular inspections of businesses would have to be enacted, and new taxes would have to be created to pay for the system. The amount of space and employees needed to meet new standards for retailers would increase in order to check every customer that comes through the door for a passport. Also, let’s not forget that many thousands of people in multiple states have had “breakout” covid infections despite being fully vaccinated, which means rules on social distancing and masking will also still be in place.” – Brandon Smith

U.S. consumer credit grows at record rate in June – Reuters

Do Credit Cards Affect Our Brains (VIDEO) – “Buying with plastic doesn’t just eliminate a barrier to buying. It actively encourages purchases. After repeated credit-card purchases over time, the brain learns to anticipate the rewards of credit-card shopping.” – David Morgan

Government Jobs Account for Nearly a Quarter of July Gains – Peter Schiff  – NEED TO MAKE THE NUMBERS LOOK BETTER. LET’S JUST MAKE THE GOVERNMENT BIGGER!!!!!

$100 Silver – Credit Crisis Building (VIDEO) with Dave Kranzler & James Anderson – Wall Street Silver


1 Corinthians 11:30-31   For this cause many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep. For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged.


If they gave Olympic medals for running all-night long
I would have won them all until I turned pro
I’ve got miles of dedication
And a natural inclination
For a childhood game i just could not outgrow

I want to be the last man standing
People crashin’ on the sofas and passed out on the floor
But the Last man standing
was sayin’ bring on a little bit more

When you stop and think about
Life is still just high school
You make the same mistakes you did when you were young
Contending for the ladies’ favors
Testing every single flavor
While hopelessly trying not scald your tongue

I wanna be the last man standing
Bring me the hot sauce
Bring me a beer
Gonna be the last man standing
But where do we go from here?
Gonna be the last man standing
People crashin’ on the sofas and passed out on the floor
But the Last man standing
was sayin’ bring on a little bit more

I might as well admit it
There’s been a time or two
When I contemplate retirement for a while
But a hundred years from now
They’ll still be asking how
As they gaze upon on my taxidermic smile

Want to be the last man standing
Got the devil at the crossroads, wolf at the door
But the last man standing
Is singin’ bring on a little bit more

They’re gonna see the last man standing
Still got a fun ticket in my hand
Gonna be the last man standing
Takin off before I land

( Last man Standing by Jimmy Buffett, Mac McAnally and Russ Titelman )