Let’s Talk Delta – “I’ll try to make it simple. Before the first jab went into the first arm and could do anything Covid-19 had peaked in the United States in most areas. The CDC claimed we had about 33 million infections and somewhere between 4 and 11 not diagnosed for each one that was. Well, it wasn’t 11 because that’s more people than exist in the US. But if it’s six, more or less up the middle, then we were for all intents and purposes at herd immunity. Rah-rah-rah-rah vaccines are the reason we’re saved. Nice try; the evidence is that the vaccines don’t work well at all. They might work to some degree to prevent infection and transmission but not very well. In fact on the evidence coming out of Israel it appears that they’re about 20% effective which is damn close to worthless. What proved this? Delta.” – Karl Denninger  – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM KARL!!!!!

Is the Western Hemisphere Hurling Towards a ‘Covid Civil War’? – “Apartheid conditions are being created in Western countries between the vaccinated and ‘anti-vaxxers.’ And with the introduction of vaccine passports, which could theoretically deny the unvaccinated the most basic and essential services, things could get ugly very fast. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. What began as “15 days to flatten the curve,” and then as a voluntary vaccination program, is now steamrolling into a form of government overreach as the simple things people took for granted – visiting a restaurant, going to a theater and riding the train – will soon require a mandatory vaccine passport. Will citizens quietly accept these unprecedented measures without a fight? Thus far it does not look promising.” – Robert Bridge

“It’s just…” – Why I Won’t Submit – “It is just one vaccine. It is just one set of booster shots. It is just regular booster shots every six months. It is just another two weeks. It is just one more lock-down. It is just once a week—twice tops—that you will have to prove that you are fit to participate in society. It is just the unvaccinated that will be segregated from society. It is just a medical test. Pretty simple, no? Just fucking do it. But when you add up all the “justs,” it amounts to our entire lives.” – Addison Reeves

Dr. Anthony Fauci: Expect ‘a flood’ of COVID-19 vaccine mandates after full FDA approval – Elizabeth Weise

Pseudo-Omniscience Versus Freedom – “Shut up and submit” is now the favorite Covid cure of some of America’s leading progressives. Paul Krugman, a Nobel Prize winner and New York Times columnist, revealed on Tuesday that since freedom is a mirage, people have no good reason not to comply with endless government commands. Unfortunately, punitive panaceas are increasingly popular among both politicians and pundits.” – James Bovard

Israel, Australia Report 95-99% Hospitalized are Fully Vaccinated – Adan Salazar  – OH, BUT IT’S A PANDEMIC OF THE UNVACCINATED WE ARE TOLD!!!!


As health officials, media ramp up vaccine coercion, they scapegoat the unvaccinated – “Rather than admit defeat in the face of vaccine failure or vaccine refusal, media and government officials are now openly stoking the fires of hostility toward the unvaccinated. What is the most obvious reason for the renewed media hysteria? Demand for COVID vaccines has stagnated.” – Children’s Health Defense Team

Vax Everyone NOW, Vax Creating Variant, CDC Tyranny (VIDEO) – “What ever happened to the door knocking campaign from the Biden Administration to get the unvaxed, vaxed? It appears to be replaced with a tyrannical panicked push to get everyone vaxed right now. Kids, pregnant women, military and anyone unvaxed. Get vaxed or get fired.” – Greg Hunter

Study Finds Greater Antibody Response In Recovered COVID-19 Patients Than Vaccinated Ones – Shawn Fleetwood

Public Health England: “Delta” Viral Load Is the Same for the Injected and the Uninjected – “Implying the vaxxed infected pass it on as readily as the unvaxxed infected” – Anti-Empire

The signs you have the delta variant are different than original COVID-19 – “One expert says if symptoms are mild, you could confuse your illness for allergies. Sneezing more than usual is a symptom of having the delta variant.” – Christian Spencer  – RUNNY NOSE,MUST BE THE DELTA VARIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ron DeSantis is defending freedom by ‘getting in the way’ of COVID authoritarians – “And the White House is furious. In an ideal nation, the most important duty of an elected politician involves ensuring the protection of their constituents’ individual rights. During COVID Mania, the political forces for tyranny in America have attempted to contaminate this sacred ideal — under the guise of keeping us safe from a virus — by running roughshod over every aspect of our lives. The Biden Administration has sought to delegitimize the former category of politician, whose most high-profile advocate in America today is Gov. Ron DeSantis, in order to boost the latter form of nanny state authoritarianism.” – Jordan Schachtel

Republican Leftists – “These Republicans are the same predictably poltroonish ideologically empty suits who did nothing to repeal Obamacare but talked up replacing it – with a new “plan” (theirs) as opposed to leaving people free to make their own plans. The same jabbering flag-humpers who stopped paying more than lip service to the freedom of the press, of association, of the right to keep and bear arms, of the right to be free from unreasonable searches decades ago and became, instead, the milktoast advocates for slightly fewer restrictions of those formerly guaranteed rights, which have become conditional privileges. They buy the core tenet of the Democratic Left” – Eric Peters  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM ERIC. THE SO-CALLED TWO PARTY SYSTEM IS A SHAM TO MAKE PEOPLE THING THERE IS A DIFFERENCE; WHEN IN ACTUALITY THEY ARE BASICALLY ONE AND THE SAME!!!!

Soylent Green is the Pink Slime of Today! – “This Charlton Heston film was released in 1973. This is long before Heston became the spokesman for the NRA, but if this film was known by more liberals, they too might see the value of a paid up membership. The film depicts a future police state, such we are now experiencing now in many countries. Although presented as science fiction in 1973, its world is now a reality in the eyes of many. Much of the population survives on processed food rations, including “soylent green”, due to production limits imposed by a combination of this environment and its control. Another of the consequences of living in this world is one very familiar to us today – people are required to wear masks! As in Soylent Green, it was until recently unheard of for people to be required to wear masks when out in public. So it was futuristic to present people wearing masks as they do today, or not be able to eat just about anything they want to, based on normal family budgets” – Henry Kamens

It’s Senator Manchin’s Patriotic Duty to Switch Parties to Stop Congressional Insanity Tired of Progressive nonsense? So am I. – “Here’s one possible solution.” – Mish

Biden Voters Are Already Showing Signs of Buyers’ Remorse – Nick Stehle

Like it or not, Cuomo will be hanging around – “I hope that I am wrong, but my guess is that Andrew Cuomo will ride out this latest threat. He may be damaged, but in the end, he will prevail. The fate of politicians caught in a scandal is nearly always in the hands of their own party. One reason that parties exist is to protect their members. In the eyes of most Democrats, Governor Cuomo’s value to the party is the only consideration. He has been one of their COVID superstars, and his daily press conferences were viewed as the anti-Trump response for the nation.” – Joe Strader

Obama Did NOT Kill Osama bin Laden – “The American People Live In a World of False Narratives. Try to identify a single event that the US government has not lied about. Weapons of mass destruction? Iranian nukes? Assad’s chemical attack? Spying on Americans? 9/11? The assassination of President John F. Kennedy? The unemployment rate?” – Paul Craig Roberts

Society, Not Socialism – “To believe that our four-and-a-half-billion-year-old planet is incapable of surviving without Karen from down the street becoming a Prius-leasing vegetarian abstaining from air-conditioning or having children is the height of human hubris. Build Back Better is really about building dummies who have neither the education nor the curiosity to question the 1%’s power.” – J.B. Shurk

Did Congress Just CONFIRM All Those “Crazy Conspiracy Theories” About the Wuhan Lab Leak? – “Some very interesting information has come out about the origins of Covid-19 that – big surprise – suggests it did indeed come from a Wuhan lab leak, it did so well before the rest of the world found out about it, and China apparently covered it up for months. You remember all those “crazy conspiracy theories” that caused politicians and media outlets like Zero Hedge to lose their social media platforms. Oops.” – Daisy Luther

‘Preppers’ Quietly Stock Up for the ‘Perfect Storm’ – Allan Stein

Orban’s Right-Illiberalism vs. Biden’s Left-Illiberalism—Is This the Choice? – John Derbyshire

Next on the Agenda: War With China – “The U.S. Military Is Incessantly Goading China. Last year, while Americans were distracted by the COVID-19 crisis, Trump’s war cabinet seized the opportunity to dramatically expand military activity around China. U.S. warships and aircraft carrier group strike forces sailing in the South China Sea were reported constantly. This policy has since been reaffirmed by the Biden regime. Under both administrations, the U.S. has been challenging China, using the Navy’s Seventh Fleet, inserting itself into disputes between regional actors there whom all have overlapping claims on the waters including over various, sometimes unmanned, rocks, reefs, islands, islets, and archipelagos. Even if it means war with China, Biden’s administration has pledged that the U.S. will defend Japan‘s claims to the disputed Senkaku Islands.” – Connor Freeman

The Stage Is Being Set For A War Between Israel And Iran To Potentially Begin Before The End Of 2021 – Michael Snyder

The richest and most war-mongering nation on Earth is still addicted to bombing poor, defenseless nations – “A nation-state version of a psychopath, the US refuses to give up its addiction to bombing innocent people. In just over a month, it’s bombed Syria, Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan – and shows no signs of developing a conscience. Kill anything that moves.” – Maitreya Bhakal

Categories Of Prepping & Preparedness – Start With These – “New to the preparedness lifestyle? Well, consider these essential categories of prepping. Focus on each and all of them.” – Ken Jorgustin  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM KEN!!!!


Weird Phenomenon of “Labor Shortages” as Millions of People Still Aren’t Working: Employers Hired 2.5 Million in 3 Months – Wolf Richter

Stripmining the Middle Class: Neoliberalism Comes Home to Roost – “In Neocolonialism, the forces of financialization (debt and leverage controlled by central banks and banking cartels) are used to indenture the local populace to the financial center. Essential to the appeal of this colonialist model is the broad-based access to credit.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Government “Stimulus” Keeps Having a Diminishing Effect – “The entire stimulus plan is doing nothing to improve the job recovery or the real economic improvement. The real economy collapsed due to the lockdowns and is recovering thanks to the vaccination and reopening. Almost all of those trillions of dollars spent on questionable programs are generating no real effect. We can even say that jobless claims should be half of what they are today in a normal recovery and that massive government intervention is slowing the improvement.” – Daniel Lacalle

Confused About The Price Action Of Silver? Step Out Of The Echo Chamber And Take Off The Blinders – “The beatings will continue until morale improves? Here’s the question: Should we even be getting angry, much less mad, at the bullion banks, the COMEX, the LBMA, the CFTC, the SEC, and all of those other gold & silver price rigging entities? After all, they’re just doing what they do. Meh.” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Today’s Millennial Generation Is Worse Off Than Their Parents – “…our poor callow youth have been dealt some low cards.” – Bill Bonner

BY DESIGN: Lies, An Economy In Collapse, And New Paradigm Emerging. (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino


James 1:8  A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.