C.D.C. Internal Report Calls Delta Variant as Contagious as Chickenpox – DNYUZ

Things Get Ripe – “Besides trying to just live their lives in these days of socioeconomic meltdown, which, Gawd knows, is hard enough, the people can barely sort out the seemingly malevolent intentions of the folks in-charge of the monster that government has become. And so, the question arises: are they actually trying to kill us all, or are they so corrupt and stupid that everything they touch falls apart? In other words, is it mastermindery or clusterfuckery? Anyway, the Covid-19 story is now utterly unraveling and the official actions around it look desperately idiotic. It’s back to mass mask-ups and maybe even lockdowns. But don’t get the idea that those mRNA vaccines turned out to have a short half-life — though it kind of looks like they did. In which case, why the panicky rush to get absolutely everybody vaxed up? And how’s that working? All week, the hysteria has been building and now the balloon is falling to earth as the CDC prepares to announce that the vaxes are a bust against the “Delta variant” and it’s back to the drawing board for all the toiling myrmidons of Big Pharma.” – James Howard Kunstler  – MR. KUNSTLER ON COVID AND MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Segregated Thought Experiment . . . – “How, pray, do these Needled People “become infected with COVID” and have a “viral load” if they’ve been “vaccinated”? Oh, yes. The variants! The variants! But there will always be more variants – rendering the “vaccine” as palliative as a vial of gypsy tears worn around the neck to ward off evil spirits. Or a rag worn over one’s mouth. The “vaccinated” may also have been made more vulnerable to the variants! the variants! by dint of their monkeyed-around-with immune systems and what the accumulating evidence strongly suggests could be systematic damage to their general health, as via blood clotting. In other words, those who received an Anointing are more likely to become symptomatic and thus, spread the sickness they thought they were avoiding getting – and giving. Perhaps they should be segregated.” – Eric Peters  – GREAT ONE FROM ERIC!!!!!!

Why Is the FDA Attacking a Safe, Effective Drug? – “Ivermectin is a promising Covid treatment and prophylaxis, but the agency is denigrating it.” – David R. Henderson and Charles L. Hooper  – FINALLY A MSM PAPER LIKE THE WALL STREET JOURNAL RERPORTS ON A FACT THAT THEY HAVE BEEN DEEMING MISINFORMATION FOR MONTHS!!!!

Covid Jab? – “Many go so far as to claim that researching the issue for oneself and doing a careful cost/benefit analysis is selfish. As with all things Covid, this obsessive push is unprecedented, and is not remotely supported by evidence. It is understandable why people are afraid, and mostly misinformed, about Covid in general, and these vaccines in particular. For 18 months we have been subjected to a non stop, entirely one sided, campaign of fear, censorship and misinformation. Factual information from the most credible experts in the world has been labelled “fake” and suppressed. Meanwhile misleading, and often false, information is simply asserted as fact,” – Sarah Maxwell

Despite ‘Delta’ Alarmism, US COVID Deaths Are at Lowest Level Since March 2020, Harvard and Stanford Professors Explain – “Far more people were dying from COVID-19 months ago as we were winding down restrictions than are dying today as some call to reinstate them.” – Brad Polumbo

And We Should Trust ‘The Science’ of the Pharma Industry? – “The forever-head of the US NIAID, Tony Fauci, has repeatedly demanded that the public “trust the science” as he shifts his own science opinion from one positon to another. What is never mentioned in mainstream media in the West or almost anywhere in the world is the scientific record of the major global vaccine making pharmaceutical giants. In short, it is abysmal and alarming in the extreme. That alone should prohibit governments from pushing radical untested experimental injections on their populations without extensive long-term animal and other testing to assure their safety .” – F. William Engdahl

Why Is a Toxic Vaccine Being Mandated? The Covid Vaccine Is Now Causing Its Own Pandemic- “an internal CDC document has concluded that Covid vaccinated people shed the delta variant and spread it as easy as Chickenpox. So what is the CDC’s solution? A call for universal vaccination as the best tool against the delta variant. In other words, the low grade morons in charge of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend fighting the outbreak by vaccinating more people with a vaccine that does not protect against the delta variant but does cause vaccinated people to spread the virus by shedding! What we have here is medical incompetence in service to vaccine profits and, little doubt, hidden agendas.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Mandating Toxic Flu/Covid Jabs – “On Thursday, Biden’s impersonator updated the regime’s flu/covid mandates. Around four million federal employees and contractors must be jabbed ahead with flu/covid toxins or submit to weekly or twice-weekly testing, mask-wearing, social distancing, and restrictions for most travel. He lied saying if unjabbed, “you present a problem to yourself, to your family and those with whom you work (sic).” He lied claiming that the vast majority of Americans ill from flu/covid are unjabbed. For increasing numbers in the US and West, it’s the other way around.” – Stephen Lendman

Biden’s Coercive ‘Vaccinate or Face Testing’ Plan for Federal Workers Tramples Rights, Violates Nuremberg Code – Children’s Health Defense Team

Are Lockdowns Saving Lives? Or Are They Destroying Them? – “This article is not meant to criticize anyone who has chosen to isolate themselves or mask up. It merely explores the effects of mandates on the general population and is based on peer-reviewed studies and publicly available statistics.” – Jeff Thompson

The CDC’s Hysterical Delta Flip-Flop Might Be Its Final Undoing – “I pity anyone who took a few weeks’ vacation from the news during this period. We went from believing that the whole point of the vaccines was to protect against infection to realizing that this was not the case. You can still get the bug. The point of the vaccines, we were newly told, is to protect against severe outcomes. Okay, that’s reasonable enough except that we know the demographics of severe outcomes, and hence the question presents itself: why is the policy priority near-universal vaccination?” – Jeffrey Tucker

CDC Credibility Implosion: New Mask Mandate Makes No Sense (VIDEO) – Ron Paul

CNN’s Death Toll – “CNN and other alarmist mass media outlets have been implicated in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans but nobody seems to care, including those outlets themselves. Throughout the pandemic, CNN and certain other cable news networks deliberately induced panic in order to boost their ratings and the CDC recently revealed that anxiety is the second most important contributing factor to death from/with Covid. Mass media pundits may have been as deadly as Masses or mass meetings.” -Robert E. Wright

Forced Vax Desperation, CV19 Vax Bioweapon, Economic Systemic Risk (VIDEO) – “The Post Office, who helped Biden cheat his way into office, has been exempted from the executive vax order. This came after the Post Office employees told the White House, in no uncertain terms, there would be no shots for them. Biden is also offering $100 to anyone getting the CV19 shots as an incentive. Wow, what a deal!! $100 to risk death or many other known adverse reactions to the experimental gene therapy drug trial masquerading as some sort of well formulated vaccine. It’s not.” – Greg Hunter

Sweden: Despite Variants, No Lockdowns, No Daily Covid Deaths – “Time to revisit Sweden as much of the world starts locking down and masking again regardless of vaccination levels, blaming the Delta variant. And those impudent Swedes are pretty much refusing to die of Covid at all. Not to say that vaccines haven’t contributed to the current low numbers, but … cases peaked during the first week of January while vaccinations didn’t even begin until the end of that month.” – Michael Fumento

Is the Surge in Covid-19 Cases Among the Vaccinated Attributable to the Virus or to the Vaccine? – Prof Michel Chossudovsky


Ashli Babbitt’s Mom Speaks – “Her family’s grief has been compounded by the media’s grotesque portrayal of their loved one as a “QAnon conspiracy theorist” or worse, a traitor who got what she deserved. “She was in her zone, so happy, having a great day.” “Until that son-of-a-bitch shot her.”” – Julie Kelly

Biden’s ‘Accomplishments’ So Far: A Troubling Tale In 8 Charts – I & I Editorial Board

Kamala Harris: We Can’t Secure The Border Until We Transform Central America Into A Paradise – “The Biden administration’s strategy for solving illegal immigration is a pipe dream of nation-building in Central America that’s designed to fail.” – John Daniel Davidson

Report, CDC Expected To Announce Tomorrow That COVID Vaccines Don’t Work on Delta Variant – Hence, White House Credits Trump With Vaccine Today – “The White House would never credit Donald Trump with the vaccine rollout unless there was something negative about the vaccine that is going to hit the newswires; that is a no-brainer.” – Sundance

More Elites on a Mission – “The elites are running out of patience. No more letting people do what they want. They call in the police… the military… taxes… student loans… and firehoses – everything can be brought to bear, coming down on the nay-sayers like stones on a blasphemer. And the mission creeps. French president Emmanuel Macron and Christine Lagarde, head of the European Central Bank, have been very clear. No more trying to return to normal. They aim to “transform” the economy from one that serves the interests of individual citizens to one that serves their mission.” – Bill Bonner

The City of Anarchy: Calling Chicago “Chiraq” is now an insult to Iraq – “Every Monday in the city of anarchy, on what Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot once called “Accountability Mondays” without irony, the media tallies the number of the weekend murdered dead and the wounded. And the Democrat politicians point fingers at each other. More than 70 people were shot this past weekend, with 12 dead. Over the July 4 weekend, more than 100 people were shot, among them more than a dozen children, and 19 were killed. And so on, weekend after weekend, weekday after weekday. Violence, the fear of violence and its after-effects are the top issues in Chicago.” – John Kass

House Bill Sneaks in $40 Million for Federal ‘Red Flag’ Gun Confiscation – “When Gun Control Inc. can’t pass legislation that directly deals with civilian disarmament, they’ll get creative by sneaking anti-gun provisions into bills that have nothing to do with gun policy. Take, for example, the case of the House Appropriations Committee FY22 bill. In this bill, there are $40 million allocated towards a program that would push states to adopt “Red Flag” gun confiscation orders.” – José Niño

When Society Collapses, Will The United States Be One Of The Best Places To Be Located? – Michael Snyder

The Left Has A Pedophilia Problem, And It’s Out In The Open – Spencer Lindquist

It’s About The System, Not The Individuals: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – “Sociopaths will keep getting elevated to the top as long as there are systems in place which elevate sociopaths. Right now wealth and political power go to whoever’s willing to do anything to get to the top and step on anyone in their way. That’s what actually needs to change. Really the people just need to find a way to seize power and create systems which work for everyone instead of rewarding greed, sociopathy and corruption. But they’ll never do that by working within the current systems, because those systems are designed to do the exact opposite.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – MORE GREAT OBSERVATIONS FROM CAITLIN!!!

‘Why Not?’ Blinken Becomes Butt of Snowden’s Sarcasm for Slamming China ‘Intimidating Journalists’ – Priya Yadav

For What Will We Go to War With China? – “Why are we threatening this? Is who controls Mischief Reef or Scarborough Shoal a matter of such vital U.S. interest as to justify war between us and China?” – Patrick J. Buchanan

The US needs to break China’s siege mentality – “Combative high-level meetings this week highlight the urgency for Washington to take small steps toward reducing tensions.” – Daniel Larison

One Shocking Chart Has Californians Trembling With Fear – “The latest data from the California Department of Water Resources provides a map of water levels for 12 major reservoirs in California.” – Tyler Durden

U.S. Heat Is So Bad Farmers See a ‘Half Crop’ for Spring Wheat – Kim Chipman

Quick tips for clearing your house with a shotgun – “As a responsible gun owner, you often have to ask yourself, how prepared are you? To survive an emergency such as a home invasion or a burglary, you need to master the fundamentals of doing a clean sweep, or in simple words, you need to know how to clear a house using your firearm. In some instances, you may not have the time to call the police or be able to do so. However, with the aid of your shotgun, you can clear your house and take the time to call 911 afterward. Here are some pointers to prepare yourself and be ready for when the moment comes.” – Bob Rodgers

“Historic Victory”: Bayer To End US Residential Sales Of Glyphosate-Based Herbicides – Kenny Stancil


At Least 12 Million Households Face Eviction as Moratorium Ends – “The eviction moratorium ends July 31. Millions of households are behind with no confidence in making payments.” – Mish

The Latest Lie from on-High: An “Independent Federal Reserve” – “Earlier in July, U.S. President Biden came away from a meeting with Fed Chairman Jerome Powell and calmly announced that in addition to inflation being “short term,” we should fear not, as Biden also “made it clear to Chairman Powell that the Fed remains independent,” but “will act as needed.” Whewwww. Where to even begin in unpacking the lighthouse of reality behind so much verbal fog?” – Matthew Piepenburg

Key inflation indicator up 3.5% year over year in June for fastest gain since 1991 – Jeff Cox

Fed’s Lowest Lowball Inflation Measure “Core PCE” Spikes Further. Highest 3-Month Rate since 1982 – “As push came to shove toward the end of the FOMC press conference on Wednesday, Fed Chair Jerome Powell, fidgeting on the hotseat of inflation and struggling with “transitory” and “temporary,” admitted that the recent rate of inflation was “not moderately above” the Fed’s inflation target but “way above target.” Today, the inflation measure that the Fed uses for this inflation target, annual “core PCE,” spiked further.” – Wolf Richter

The Fed Goes Full Dove: Rocket Fuel For Gold, Silver and Mining Stocks – Dave Kranzler


The Pandemic doesn’t need to slaughter us in hordes to create ongoing economic mayhem. – “Markets and data have been posting strong numbers, but all around are warnings on future outlook problems. Politicians are keen to claim victory over the pandemic, but the science increasingly points to Covid becoming a very long-lived problem and long-term threat to global activity.” – Bill Blain

Understanding China’s Financial Market Chaos – “Virtually the entire Chinese economy, especially sectors with heavy investment inflows such as technology, social media, and private education, is in a state of flux.” – Ethan Yang

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.57EUR


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