Enough With The Damned Mandates – “If there was no risk for accepting a shot that would be a different matter than is fact. There is risk. If you’ve had Covid then there’s no reason you take the shot because it is extremely unlikely you will get any benefit from it at all and thus any amount of risk is unacceptable. You already took the risk with the original infection and survived. To take more risk without hard proof of benefit to offset said risk is stupid. For most young people it’s stupid to take the risk anyway because the odds of a bad outcome from Covid-19 are very, very low. This is especially true for Delta, which I remind you is the very same mutational pattern that every single pandemic virus in history has followed: More easily transmitted but less-dangerous” – Karl Denninger

The Cure for “Hesitancy” – “the first dose is the rescission of the legal immunity for the pharmaceutical cartels. If their concoctions are, as they insist, “safe and effective” (as they weren’t in this case, one of more than a few) then let them back it up by being on the hook when they aren’t.It is telling – if you’re thinking – that these pharma cartels insist on legal shielding from being held responsible for hurting people; it is even more telling that they have managed to leverage government into providing this shielding. Who runs Bartertown? ” – Eric Peters


Americans are resisting Biden’s door-to-door COVID vaccine “brownshirts” program – Ethan Huff

The Predator Class Is Ramping Up the Mandatory Vaxx Propaganda (VIDEO) – The Conscious Resistance Network

CDC Adds Over 2000 Deaths Associated with COVID-19 Shots in One Week – 917 Unborn Baby Deaths – “The U.S. CDC released more data today in their Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), a U.S. Government funded database that tracks injuries and deaths caused by vaccines, and they added more than 2000 deaths following COVID-19 shots over what they reported last week. Last week they were reporting 6,985 deaths, and this week that number jumped up to 9,048.” – Brian Shilhavy  – ONCE AGAIN BRIAN REPORTS THE NUMBERS. YOU’LL NOT HEAR THIS ON THE MSM, ALTHOUGH SOME ARE STARTING TO COME AROUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’VE GOT CHILLS Covid cases in jabbed Brits soar 85% in a week – as expert reveals 5 symptoms to watch for – Vanessa Chalmers

More than 13,000 women report changes to periods after having vaccine but experts say fertility not affected – Kate McCann  – AH, YES. NOTHING TO BE CONCERNED ABOUT HERE. FORCED STERILIZATION, PERHAPS, IT’S HAPPENED BEFORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SARS-CoV-2 pet vaccine roll-out is psychological warfare against Humanity – “An article in National Geographic clearly states that little is known about the effects of the virus on animals. So, why the mad rush to jab these caged animals and to target domestic pets? Does the risk warrant a warp-speed response?” – Vanessa Beeley

Moscow Mutation? Siberian Strain? WHO puts Covid-19 variant first discovered in Russia on special list for ‘extra monitoring’ – Jonny Tickle  – SOME MORE SCARIANT PROPOGANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Deadly Censorship of Ivermectin – “If the World Health Organization has been captured by Big Pharma and is putting out information that goes against medical science, then public health is at grave risk. While the WHO insists large randomized controlled trials (RCTs) must be completed before ivermectin can be recommended, RCTs actually are not the gold standard in terms of scientific evidence. Meta-analyses are. A meta-analysis of 24 RCTs clearly demonstrates that ivermectin produces large statistically significant reductions in mortality, time to clinical recovery, and time to viral clearance.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola




A Cyber-Culprit Other Than Russia? – “Will Biden let himself be shamed into taking “some kind of visible action” against Russia; something much stronger than just another “verbal warning”? What could possibly go wrong? Other Candidates for “Cybercriminal”? Speaking of false-flag attacks: It is not widely known that the CIA has an array of versatile offensive cybertools called Vault 7, one of which, “Marble Framework” enables the CIA to hack into computers and servers, disguise who hacked in, and attribute the hack to others. Vault 7, including “Marble Framework” was leaked to WikiLeaks, which revealed and described in 2017 several of the offensive cyber tools. The developers, it turned out, worked with five languages to enable eventual attribution: Chinese, Korean, Persian, Arabic, and – you guessed it – Russian. And Marble was used at least once during 2016.” – Ray McGovern

What If The Next Major Cyberattack Targeted The Internet? – “Over the past few months I have been writing analysis on a planned crisis war game organized by the World Economic Forum called “Cyberpolygon.” The event will be held this week on July 9th, and it’s allegedly designed to simulate a massive cyberattack that somehow disrupts the global supply chain, or at the very least disrupts the supply chain of multiple large economies. Why am I so interested in this war game? Well, many of my readers will recall that the last major simulation the WEF and the Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation held was Event 201, a global pandemic exercise which portrayed a coronavirus outbreak spread by animal carriers to humans killing millions of people while forcing the shutdown of multiple first-world economies. Event 201 was scheduled for October 2019 – two months later the exact pandemic scenario they simulated happened in real life, save a few minor details.” – Brandon Smith

Ending Anonymity: Why The WEF’s Partnership Against Cybercrime Threatens The Future Of Privacy – “With many focusing on tomorrow’s Cyber Polygon exercise, less attention has been paid to the World Economic Forum’s real ambitions in cybersecurity – to create a global organization aimed at gutting even the possibility of anonymity online. With the governments of the US, UK and Israel on board, along with some of the world’s most powerful corporations, it is important to pay attention to their endgame, not just the simulations.” – Whitney Webb  – ANOTHER WELL-RESEARCHED, GREAT READ FROM WHITNEY!!!!

The Founding Elite vs. The Current Elite – “Talk about disparate visions. While the founding elite’s goal was the expansion of human freedom, the current elite’s aim is the curtailment of human freedom.” – Thaddeus G. McCotter

What Is Trump To Us? – “Donald Trump became the political vehicle for the American people’s resentment of an overweening, corrupt ruling class. Trump’s invaluable contribution to the Republic was to lead Americans publicly to disrespect that class. Americans elected Trump to preserve freedoms and prosperity against the encroachments of that class. But instead, he became the catalyst by which that class cohered to transform the American Republic into an oligarchy.” – Angelo Codevilla

Violent Extremists Took Over The US Capitol Long Before January 6 – ” Certainly many of the groups listed above are dangerous and undesirable, but they’re not the ones raining explosives upon families around the world for power and profit. They’re not the ones brandishing nuclear weapons with steadily increasing recklessness as they ramp up a new cold war against Russia and China.” – Caitlin Johnstone

It’s Official: Patriotism Is Conservative — and Bad – “Not the longstanding traditional “good” conservatism of small government, fiscal discipline, and a strong military. No, these days, to be a flag-respecting, America-first patriot is to reveal oneself to be a white-privileged, Trump-supporting, LGBT-phobic, terminally non-woke ignoramus of the lowest kind.” – Steve Feinstein

Jan. 6 Rioters Were So ‘Dangerous’ the FBI Has Seized a LEGO Set from One of Them – “When police arrested him, they confiscated a book on militias, a neck gator, and “a fully constructed” Lego building of the Capitol. Yes, you read that correctly. This is not satire and apparently police felt that the substitute teacher’s Lego replica of the Capitol building was evidence in the criminal case against him.” – Matt Agorist

The wretched Xavier Becerra wants to control your life – “Becerra revealed that he and his ilk want the government to be your health insurer so that the government can micromanage your diet, your exercise, and probably your family size. They want the federal government to fund education from pre-K through college so they can dictate the curriculum. They want to pay the piper so that they can call the tune. Big government is the Trojan horse for an all-out culture war.” – Washington Examiner

3 Radical Government Programs and What They Mean for You Today – “When initiatives like vaccinating the planet, “climate change,” and implementing a minimum global corporate tax are on the G7 agenda, and they’re selling it to a citizenry who would be content with their peanut butter on toast because “they are doing their best for us,” you know that freedom-loving people are in for a lot of trouble. All three of these initiatives in isolation would be (and should be) horrifying to any freedom-loving individual.” – Chris MacIntosh


 The U.S. Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, but can it remain that way? There are forces at play right now seeking to change it – or to ignore it altogether. Test your knowledge of our great founding document and what it means in today’s world! – THE EPOCH TIMES CONSTITUTION QUIZ   – MY SCORE WAS A 9 OUT OF 10 WHICH MADE ME A MASTER HISTORIAN ( TRUE PATRIOT )!!!!!!!

Teachers Union Announces Campaign to Bring ‘Every Student’ Ibram X. Kendi’s Radical Teachings – “Ibram X. Kendi is a truly radical figure who openly embraces racial discrimination.” – Jack Elbaum

No, Joe Biden is not “ending the war” in Afghanistan. – “The media is all abuzz with the US “drawdown”, but does that really mean the war is over?” – Kit Knightly

Say hello to the diplo-Taliban – “Whatever the “Mission Accomplished” non-denial denials emanating from the White House, a few things are already clear on the Eurasia front. The Russians, for one thing, are already engaging the Taliban, in detail, and may soon strike their name off their terror list. The Chinese, for another, are assured that if the Taliban commits Afghanistan to join the Belt and Road Initiative, connecting via the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, ISIS-Khorasan will not then be permitted to go on overdrive in Afghanistan bolstered by Uyghur jihadis currently in Idlib. And nothing is off the table for Washington when it comes to derailing BRI.” – Pepe Escobar

US Reoccupation of Haiti Ahead? – “Separately, White House press secretary Psaki said the Biden regime is sending FBI and DHS personnel to Haiti “in response to a specific request (sic).” Or did Biden regime hardliners order them and Pentagon troops to reoccupy the country. WaPo editors called for “swift and muscular international intervention,”urging reoccupation of Haiti by UN (paramilitary) Blue Helmets.” – Stephen Lendman

Microwave Neighborhoods Coming – “How a little-known rule could alter your neighborhood and endanger your health. The federal government has ensured that 5G can come to your neighborhood whether you like it or not. A recent rule change allows the telecoms industry to turn consenting private residences into cell towers, endangering the health of the neighborhood. The only way to fight back is to talk to neighbors who may be considering adding an antenna to their house to inform them of the facts that industry is conveniently leaving out.” – Alliance for Natural Health

Considering Drones – Part 1 – “Love them or hate them, remote controlled flying devices are everywhere and offer “game-changer” capabilities everyone should consider for their personal protection and toolset. Commonly referred to as “drones” I’d like to offer some personal experiences and learnings both in using and trying to deter them from use around me and my property.” – Oregon Bill

My One Week SHTF-Style Experiment to Cut Down Water Use – “Water (or should I say lack of water) has been in the news a lot recently, including on the OP. The Western United States is suffering a mega-drought while Brazil is experiencing the worst drought in almost a century. Droughts aren’t the only thing threatening our water supply. There was also a Florida water supply hack.” – 1stMarineJarHead




IMF, World Bank advocate for benefits of central bank-issued digital currencies at G20 – Brian Cheung

Government Debt Is Starting to Look Almost as Sketchy as Payday Loans – “If there is one thing every honest money-saving advisor would agree on, it’s that a payday loan is a bad idea. Taking a high interest loan backed by nothing but your word to pay off your current account to fuel consumption with no capital investment is just leading you on the road to ruin. However this simple message of living within one’s means does not seem to have reached the gilded ears of central banks and governments around the world.” – Malachy McDermott

America Will Be Betrayed by Its Own Leaders – “Yes, it’s going to look a little like America’s last war against inflation. But this time, the U.S. is far more vulnerable. Its ramparts have been undermined by debt. Its elite warriors have grown fat – after decades of feeding at the funny-money trough. And its leaders have all become inflation sympathizers… who owe their wealth, power, and status to the enemy!” – Bill Bonner

Home buying trends showing signs of an extreme bubble setup – Technical Traders

Can Reddit’s silver “apes” beat the market? – “Inspired by Reddit forum WallStreetBets, some of the 122,000-strong community hope to corner the market and bring down what they say is an unjust banking system.” – Peter Hobson




1 Corinthians 10:23    All things are lawful for me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but all things edify not.