Is Reality “Baseless,” Too? – “Advice to the mindfuck-hesitant: When “Joe Biden” and Kamala Harris come to your door selling vaccines, treat them as you would, say, a couple of Jehovah’s Witnesses proffering Watchtower magazines: “Thank you, but I’m not interested in your organization… and please take me off your mailing list. Have a nice day!” Cue: sound of door clicking shut. About that country I would like back… for starters, the country that valued the rule-of-law. Have you groked that the virus affords such wonderful opportunities for exercising state coercion over a spooked public? Just yesterday, Sec’y of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra declared that it is, “absolutely the government’s business to know who’s been vaccinated.” Of course, it’s as much the public’s business to know what the correct figure is for Covid cases and deaths, as well as adverse mRNA reactions and deaths.” – James Howard Kunstler – GOOD ONE FROM MR. KUNSTLER AS USUAL ON COVID AND MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Upside Down Narrative – “You are now not a Covid guinea pig if you get one of the jabs that killed a estimated 20,000 people so far in Europe and the US and led to 100s of 1000s of severe adverse reactions. No, you’re a guinea pig if you don’t get a shot whose makers themselves say doesn’t protect you from infection. And don’t listen to Fauci et al who declare something “safe” because it only killed 20,000 people; they have no credibility left, they just still have the media on their side. This is not a subtle shift, something one might expect when doing narrative control, it’s a full 180º, the “Ignorance is strength” variety. But if you read between the narrative lines, you might just pick up on the fact that this is coming from one of the most “successfully vaccinated” countries in the world, but where “cases” are skyrocketing once again.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer  – GOOD ONE FROM RAUL AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Reasons Why You Do Not Speak to Biden’s Vaccine Gestapo When They Come to Your Door – “Severe tyranny has come to America. Soon, the new version of the American Gestapo will coming to your door and they have disguised and very bad intentions. Biden’s plan of sending feds to your door is not a “pretty please” take your vaccine activity. This is the literal foot in the door syndrome. This is the first step that this administration is taking in order to gain entry into your home in order to seize your guns and to incarcerate your if you are a resister in any form. The Biden administration is obsessed with seizing your guns. Additionally, Biden’s handlers understand that this is a conditioning process in which most of the public is being prepared for what is really behind these home visits. Make no mistake about it, this is the beginning of the American Gestapo coming to your home in order to enforce the edicts of the newly formed police state!” – Dave Hodges  – YOU MAY NOT AGREE WITH DAVE, BUT HE RAISES SOME VALID POINTS. ONCE AGAIN IT’S THE BIGGER PICTURE!!!!

Canada cracks down on doctors who warn risks of COVID-19 vaccines are being ignored – “Canadian doctors are facing professional repercussions for sharing their concerns about COVID-19 vaccines, specifically their emergency use authorization status and safety for children.” – Greg Piper

Masks: Keep the long arm of the law away from my face – “The idea from public health zealots that we should legally enforce the wearing of face masks for Britons, even when all Covid restrictions are lifted, is illiberal, unnecessary and would keep us in a state of fear. Face masks have long been a source of controversy during the Covid pandemic. For supporters, they are a vital additional barrier to virus transmission, one that is low cost and which represents a trivial burden for users. For opponents, they are state-imposed ‘face nappies’ being used as an instrument of social control. As is often the case with these ‘culture wars,’ both sides take a valid point and stretch it to the point of incredulity.” – Rob Lyons

Master of Persuasion Anthony Fauci Says Not Getting Unnecessary Medical Intervention Is ‘Political Statement’ – “One that you should ‘get over'” – Marko Marjanović

NIAID, Moderna Had COVID Vaccine Candidate in December 2019 – “An event that occurred on December 12, 2019 at the University of North Carolina – before any singular coronavirus posed a threat to humanity – is exposing significant red flags. It’s time for them to explain how they ‘knew’ what was coming in a court of law.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

17,503 DEAD, 1.7 Million Injured (50% SERIOUS) Reported in European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots – Brian Shilhavy

Those dying post-vaccine: Where are the autopsies? – Jane M. Orient, M.D.


The World ‘Economic’ Forum’s Cyber Polygon ‘Simulation’ (Coming Reality) Begins Tomorrow – “If you want to know the near-term future, watch closely as Klaus Schwab and the WEF foretell their next plot to harm, make dependent, starve, murder, and control all of us. This year’s Cyber Polygon event is simply a way to desensitize this population so that the coming horrific plans of the ‘master’ class can be achieved with little resistance. So far over the past sixteen months, the controlling element of society has had its way with the people, so now this fake “Covid’ pandemic conspiracy, plotted and implemented by the state, will go into high gear for a final push to subdue the bulk of this population.” – Gary D. Barnett  – EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE FAMILIAR WITH THIS. THIS IS THE NEXT STEP IN THE RESET FOLLOWING COVID!!!!!!!!!

World Economic Forum Pushes Internet Shutdowns & Blackouts to stop ‘Cyber-attack with COVID-like characteristics’ – “The same group that has been breathlessly pushing for the Great Reset, using the COVID crisis to fundamentally undermine Western-values in an attempt to crash the world’s economies and rewrite history, are now attempting to push COVID-style shutdowns for the web to stop a so-called “Cyber-War with COVID-like characteristics”. These people are absolutely out of their minds and are attempting to wipe out the world as we know it!” – Off Grid Survival

What Would a World Without Personal Property Look Like? – “Within the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset, the mantra has come out that by the year 2030, “you’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy.”” – Aden Tate  – ONCE AGAIN, THE UN’S 2030 AGENDA IS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD IN PDF FORM IN THE SIDEBAR. DOWNLOAD AND READ, THE PLAN IS ALL THERE!!!!!!

Confronted with the fact their policies are ruining US cities and killing thousands, Dems give the usual reply: ‘Shut up, racist!’ – “Don’t believe your lying eyes – the bullet holes, bloody shooting scenes and crying mothers. Don’t believe the stats or what the police say. The leaders of America’s big blue metropolises say there’s no crime surge on their patch. And here’s one of the most predictable parts of the gaslighting: If you dare to say that violent crime is rising, and especially if you suggest that it’s scary and out of control, you’re a flaming racist. Of course. Might as well don the white hood.” – Tony Cox

What’s Now Happening In One Democrat-Run City After Another Across The Country Is Proof, America Doesn’t Need ‘Gun Control’, We Need ‘Democrat Control’ – “Big Cities Across Country Becoming The ‘New Wild West’ Under Leftist Leadership” – Stefan Stanford

The House Select Committee to Criminalize and Obstruct – “Pelosi’s committee has absolutely nothing to do with the investigation of facts concerning what happened on January 6. It is a transparent political ploy to sensationalize and criminalize all things and persons related to President Donald Trump and political conservatism.” – Chris Farrell

Trump says Hunter Biden is worse than Al Capone and there are more ‘crimes on his laptop’ than the mobster ever committed – Geoff Earle

The NSA Has Proven Itself To Be The Resurrection Of The Nazi Gestapo, Only Worse – “NSA committed a felony by leaking Tucker Carlson’s emails to presstitutes hostile to Tucker in an effort to demonize him and “drive him off the air.” The emails were simply about arranging an interview with Putin, but the story being concocted was like the one used against Trump and General Flynn. The plan was to accuse Carlson of being a Russian agent attempting to boost Putin’s standing by interviewing him on Fox News. Carlson broke the story before the NSA’s presstitute shills could, thus deep-sixing the plan to drive him off the air. Carlson shouldn’t relax, because now the NSA nazis will come after him in a different and more dangerous way. Gullible and extremely naive Republicans and conservatives tend to romanticize the security agencies as protecting us from foreign enemies. These gullible patriots are too brainwashed to comprehend that the security agencies are a much bigger threat to American freedom than are foreign enemies.” – Paul Craig Roberts

The Tucker Carlson-NSA Saga And Why It Matters – ““We cannot have intelligence agencies used as instruments of political control.” – Tucker Carlson” – Leesa K. Donner

The fightback against critical race theory – “American parents have had enough of this divisive ideology being imposed on their kids.” – Sean Collins

Cancel culture is nothing new – they tried to cancel Jesus too – “Jesus was a thorn in the side of the major establishment players of his day. They ‘cancelled’ him because of it.” – Fr. Michael P. Orsi

San Jose Is Now Taxing Gun Owners, Threatens Gun Confiscation for Those Who Refuse to Comply – “It goes without saying that California is basically a lost cause for the right to bear arms. As the days go by, the state’s very own cities try to one-up its state assembly by enacting gun control measures that could compete with draconian European mandates.” – José Niño

Meet Jigsaw: Google’s Intelligence Agency – PrivacyToGo – “It’s no secret that Google regularly collaborates with intelligence agencies. They are a known NSA subcontractor. They launched Google Earth using a CIA spy satellite network. Their executive suite’s revolving door with DARPA is well known. In the wake of the January 6th Capitol event, the FBI used Google location data to pwn attendants with nothing more than a valid Gmail address and smartphone login:” – Off Guardian

The Problem With Yemen: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – “”A big part of the problem with Yemen is that the photos of starving kids are too often captioned with “Ohh, look how sad” instead of “Your government is doing this on purpose.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – MORE GOOD OBSERVATIONS FROM CAITLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spare Us an Afghan Threequel, Joe: Don’t Get Pulled Back In! – Maj. Danny Sjursen, USA (ret.)

Is Afghanistan a Failed Mission? – “Truth be told, Afghanistan was never a vital interest of the United States but has always been the most priceless possession of the Afghan people… There never was a vital U.S. interest in Afghanistan worth a war of the cost in blood, treasure and time that we have just fought.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Why Were U.S. Mercenaries Sent In To Murder The President Of Haiti In His Own Home? – “A team of trained killers carefully planned this attack in advance, and the fact that Haitian officials keep using the term “mercenaries” is definitely alarming… Well, now that the president of Haiti is dead, there will definitely be one. But it is odd that this is what the Biden administration is choosing to focus on. Instead of talking about a new election, you would think that the Biden administration would want to find out who sent the killers. And if I was in the White House, I would be determined to find out why at least two U.S. mercenaries were involved. Something about this story really stinks, and hopefully we will get the truth at some point. Sadly, this story will soon get pushed out of the news cycle and most people will eventually forget about it.” – Michael Snyder  – JUST CONJECTURE OR IS THERE SOMETHING BEHIND THIS!!!!

No Letup in US Fake News Russia Bashing – “Establishment media never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity to set the record straight on all things Russia and other US invented enemies. No evidence suggests Russian involvement in cyber-attacking any nations —what US, NATO, Israeli regimes do repeatedly. Yet Biden regime hardliners and their media press agents falsely accuse Moscow of things it had nothing to do with, including cyberattacks. On Wednesday, the NYT reported an alleged cyberattack on the Republican National Committee “linked to Russia” — the phony accusation refuted by the RNC.” – Stephen Lendman

Cracks in the Great Wall Part 2 – China’s Economic Paradox – Ethan Yang – PART 1 WAS LINKED YESTERDAY!!!

How to make butter, sour cream, and farmer’s cheese – Bob Rodgers


Wells Unexpectedly Shuts All Existing Personal Lines Of Credit, Hinting US Economy On The Edge – Tyler Durden

The consumer is back! Well, yes and no, and misleadingly so. – “Today the Fed released its monthly report on consumer spending. Beauty or lack thereof depends on how you analyze the data.” – Mish

With Stimmies Fading, Consumers Dip into Credit Cards for First Time since 2019, But Only a Little. Everyone’s Relieved – “No one wants consumers to pay off their high-interest credit cards, least of all banks, and consumers had threatened to do just that.” – Wolf Richter

Millions Of Low Paying “Jobs” Are Available, But Most Americans Can’t Afford To Take Them – Michael Snyder

“Diaper Inflation.” More People Borrowing From Their Credit Cards To Make Ends Meet (VIDEO) – Gregory Mannarino

No, Higher Wages Aren’t a ‘Silver Lining’ of Inflation – “Higher wages are no help when bills are through the roof.” – Peter Jacobsen

How Long Can They Keep This Thing Going? (VIDEO) – “This week, the IMF undercut the Fed’s “transitory” inflation narrative, warning about the possibility of sustained inflation in the US. But the real question remains unanswered – what will the Fed do about it? ” – Mike Maharrey

The Silver Bull Is Not Transitory – “Silver is Cheap Vs. Stocks. It’s always informative, and sometimes eye-opening, to look at asset prices in relation to other assets. It usually provides good perspective on relative pricing. In that vein, there’s little more surprising than to see just how cheap silver remains relative to the S&P 500 ratio.” – Peter Krauth

Time is Running Out for the Banks – “The Banks are still short Gold and Silver so they don’t want these metals rising until they can exit their shorts and, if possible, get long ahead of the coming rally. Can these so-called Bullion Banks push prices lower in order to be able to close their shorts at a profit and actually become long? Many traders and investors expected these new regulations to immediately cause Gold and Silver prices to take off but they obviously missed two key points. The first being that the banks are still short. Second, the rollout of Basel III has three stages.” – David Brady

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.50EUR


Matthew 23:24    Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel.