Vaccine Passports: Are Business Rights More Important Than Personal Freedom? – “The formation of totalitarianism is often insidious in that it is almost always sold to the public as “humanitarian”; a solution for the greater good of the greater number. But beyond that, tyrants will also exploit the ideals of the target population and use these principles against them. The primary argument the past year among leftist governments in foreign nations as well as in blue states here in the US has been that they do not necessarily intend to “force” vaccine passports on their respective populations. Rather, they will leave it up to individuals to “choose” vaccination or no vaccination. This might sound surprising to many in the alternative media because we know that the lockdowns were viciously enforced by many states and numerous businesses were threatened or attacked by their local health authorities. Suddenly these same bureaucrats and politicians care about your personal freedoms? What they don’t mention is that the “choice” they are offering is not much choice at all.” – Brandon Smith  – ANOTHER GOOD ARTICLE FROM BRANDON ON THE BIG PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Delta Variant Of Covid Is Here – The Next Shoe To Drop? – “I can sense it. That is, the renewed drum beat picking up in mainstream news sources. A new fear. “The Delta Variant”. I have been waiting for the next shoe to drop. Covid-19 has been going away.” – Ken Jorgustin

The Covid BioWeapon: Made in the USA, Aimed at China – “…..we are left with the strong likelihood that Covid came from a laboratory (and) was designed as a bioweapon… China was the intended target (and) America seems the likely source of the attack… The most likely suspects would be rogue elements of our national security establishment… The virus and its dispersal devices might have been obtained from Ft. Detrick and CIA operatives… would have been sent to Wuhan to release it.” -Mike Whitney and Ron Unz  – INTERESTING ARTICLE!!!!!

A Chinese Lab Virus? So Now What? – “In some way, many Americans are naïvely hopeful that COVID-19 was a one-off, ill-thought-out, gain-of-function laboratory accident. But what if it wasn’t quite so simple?” – Victor Davis Hanson

Member of Parliament in Finland Warns Government that They are Guilty of Genocide for Misleading Public on COVID-19 Injections – Rapsodia.fi

It’s time to junk the Covid models – “The government has once again used out-of-date modelling to justify restrictions. There was a grim sense of inevitability about this week’s decision to delay ‘Freedom Day’. Not only because the government trailed the news so heavily in advance – first telling the papers it was considering a two-week delay, which then turned into a four-week delay. But also because the scientific models have been telling the government that disaster is on the horizon for several months now.” – Fraser Myers

Matt Hancock hints NHS has a decreased duty of care for anti-vaxxers – “Picking through the intentionally murky language of the bureaucrat, it’s not hard to see exactly what is being suggested here. They’re talking about the idea the NHS could prioritise care for people who’ve been “vaccinated” over those who refuse the “vaccine”. The unvaxxed, in this situation, would be blamed for “putting the NHS under strain” or putting “healthcare heroes at risk”. They would be called irresponsible, and receive either delayed care, limited care, no care at all, or be expected to pay some kind of extra fee.” – Kit Knightly  – THE TWO TIER SYSTEM IS TAKING FORM IN ENGLAND, CANADA, AND SOON THE US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A group of Florida parents cultured their children’s masks and found dangerous bacteria – Daniel Horowitz

Report: Vaccinated Are Nearly 6 Times More Likely to Die From COVID Variant – “A briefing from Public Health England (PHE) shows that as a hospital patient, you are six times more likely to die of the COVID Delta variant if you are fully vaccinated, than if you are not vaccinated at all. The information shows up in Table 6 of the 77-page document, which the attendance to emergency care and deaths by vaccination status and confirmed Delta cases from February 1, 2021, to June 7, 2021.” – Mercola  – IF YOU LOOK AT THE CHART IT ACTUALLY JUST SHOWS TOTAL DEATHS AND UNVACCINATED DEATHS. YOU HAVE TO DO THE MATH TO SEE IT. GOOD WORK FROM MERCOLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Quarter Of Parents Won’t Let Their Children Get Covid-19 Vaccine, Poll Finds – Alison Durkee

Russia Now Leads the World in Faucism – “On Putin’s watch. Russian government employees and service sector workers in the 20-million Moscow region now subject to compulsory injection with a substance they do not want to be injected with:” – Marko Marjanović

Exempting only the vaccinated from mandatory quarantine after travel will create ‘two-tiered society’ in Canada – Anthony Murdoch


America’s Soup-Brained President Says The US Never Interferes In Other Countries’ Elections – “The fact that the entire press corps did not erupt in side-splitting laughter at this ridiculous utterance is in itself proof that western news media is pure propaganda. The United States has directly interfered in scores of foreign elections since it began its ascent to global domination at the end of the second World War, to say nothing of all the coups, color revolutions, proxy conflicts and regime change military invasions it has also participated in during that time.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Between the lines of the Biden-Putin summit – “In a nutshell: applying Kissinger’s Divide and Rule to put a spanner in the Russia-China works was D.O.A. when you’re dealing with ultra-savvy players such as Putin and Lavrov. Putin, in his presser, said, “I have no illusions, and there can be no illusions”. Later, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov was asked if Geneva would lead to the US being removed from Russia’s Unfriendly Nations list: “No…there are no grounds yet.” Still, there are glimmers of hope. Stranger geopolitical things have happened. If warmongers are sidelined, 2021 might even end up as The Year of Strategic Stability.” – Pepe Escobar  – GOOD ANALYSIS FROM PEPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post-Summit, Putin Says Image of Biden Drawn by Media Has Nothing to Do With Reality – “Characterising the American leader as a “professional” and saying that Russia needs to work with him “very carefully so as not to miss anything”, Commenting on his impressions overall at his Wednesday presser, Putin said he felt that he and Biden “generally spoke the same language, but this does not at all mean that we must look into one another’s souls, into one another’s eyes and swear in eternal love and friendship”.” – Ilya Tsukanov  – KEEP IN MIND, HOWEVER; PUTIN IS A MASTER AT PLAYING CHESS IN THE GEO-POLITICAL ARENA!!!!

Blaming Russia for Hacking Lets Faulty U.S. Cybersecurity Off Hook – Finian Cunningham

Biden’s Buffoonish War On Extremism – “‘Extremism’ is a meaningless word weaponized by politicians against their enemies. The Biden administration revealed on Tuesday that guys who can’t get laid may be terrorist threats due to “involuntary celibate–violent extremism.” That revelation is part of a new crackdown that identifies legions of potential “domestic terrorists” that the feds can castigate and investigate.” – James Bovard  – NATIONAL STRATEGY FOR COUNTERING DOMESTIC TERRORISM PDF IS NOW LINKED IN THE SIDEBAR. BETTER READ UP, YOU COULD BE CONSIDERED A TERRORIST!!!!!!

Bumbling Biden’s attempt to battle domestic terror seems doomed to end up targeting the wrong people – “Joe Biden’s administration has unveiled a plan to tackle domestic terrorism in the US. But with no definition of what is considered ‘extremism’ and a desire to get the public to snitch on neighbours, there’s potential for chaos. But what has been revealed so far suggests America is being run by the party from George Orwell’s 1984 if it were led by the three blind mice. The plans seem to revolve around encouraging people to rat on one another based on suspicions of radicalisation. And one of the goals is to draw up a list of prohibited ‘extremist’ activities for the Defense Department – even though what is considered extremism hasn’t been properly defined yet.” – Micah Curtis  – THIS HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BE THE STRAW THAT BREAKS THE CAMEL’S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trump On Biden-Putin Meeting: “It Was A Very Good Day For Russia” – “We gave a very big stage to Russia, and we got nothing.” – Steve Watson

Overcoming the American Era of Self-Loathing – “There is a disturbing trend that I’ve seen in contemporary American culture: Self-loathing. People young and old are being indoctrinated to hate the things that made America exceptional: Capitalism, hard work, entrepreneurship, our Founding Fathers, farming, ranching, and wholesome family relationships. Our children are even being taught to hate the color of their own skin. Some key examples are the “Systemic Racism” mantra and the now pervasive “Critical Race Theory” curricula. This trend has been promulgated by both academia and the mass media. Ironically, the same liberals who laudably preached “treat everyone equally” are now preaching that people should be treated differently, based on skin color.” – James Wesley Rawles

CRT Can KMA – “Do you smell their fear rising over the competing reeks of Prius new car smell, of kale, and of the armies of shambling, squatting hoboes that have come to symbolize modern liberalism? That eau d’ uh-oh is the scent of progressives realizing that maybe pushing an ideology that tells the majority of America “You stink!” is not going to lead to the sweet smell of success. Everyone hates CRT, critical race theory, that bizarre, ridiculous, and morally illiterate hodge-podge of Marxist mumbo-jumbo blended with a healthy dose of the kind of racial hash that would make Democrat David Duke beam. Hey Congress, congratulations! Thanks to CRT, there’s something America hates even more than you!” – Kurt Schlichter

FBI Operatives Likely ‘Unindicted Co-Conspirators’, Organizers Of Capitol Riot: Report – Tyler Durden  – MORE IN THE NEXT LINK!!!

Unindicted Co-Conspirators in 1/6 Cases Raise Disturbing Questions of Federal Foreknowledge – “Of all the questions asked, words spoken, and ink spilled on the so-called “Capitol Siege” of January 6, 2021, none hold the key to the entire event quite like what Sen. Amy Klobuchar asked of Christopher Wray. The Democrat from Minnesota asked the Trump-appointed FBI Director: Did the federal government infiltrate any of the so-called “militia” organizations claimed to be responsible for planning and executing the Capitol Siege? Christopher Wray is able to uncomfortably weasel his way out of answering the question directly, partially because Klobuchar does him the courtesy of not asking him the question directly. ” – Revolver

The FBI’s role in the Jan. 6 Capitol fracas is absolutely disgusting – “I think we can dispense with the overly protective pleasantries at this point. The FBI is a goon squad of un-American thugs who have taken the worst elements of East Germany’s Stasi police state and Cosa Nostra’s organized crime and turned them into a blueprint for exercising and keeping illegitimate power over their enemies. They aren’t a law enforcement organization, and they certainly don’t give a rat’s rear end about justice. They’re regime enforcers with badges.” – J.B. Shurk

The Only Privacy the Feds Protect is Their Own – Andrew P. Napolitano

Homelessness Is Becoming A Crisis Of Epic Proportions In The United States – Michael Snyder

Israel on the Defensive: Congressmen Demonstrate Their True Allegiance – “The latest smearing of critics of Israel began in response to a comment by Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who questioned Secretary of State Tony Blinken during a June 7th House Foreign Affairs Committee meeting, asking what the State Department response would be to the International Criminal Court’s investigation of alleged crimes by the Taliban and the U.S. in Afghanistan as well as Hamas and Israel in the Gaza conflict. Omar, who came to the U.S. as a refugee from Somalia, followed up with a tweet asserting that “We must have the same level of accountability and justice for all victims of crimes against humanity. We have seen unthinkable atrocities committed by the U.S., Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan, and the Taliban.” She included the video of her questioning and stated that “I asked @SecBlinken where people are supposed to go for justice.” It was a good question, forcing Blinken to lie about how they could obtain accountability by resorting to Israeli and American rule-of-law in the courts.” – Philip Giraldi

‘Government stole our water’: US farmers ready for standoff with feds in drought irrigation crisis, expect right-wing militia help – RT  – SEE MONDAY’S VIDEO LINK FROM ICE AGE FARMER ON WATER WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How To Establish A Sustainable Food Source On Your Balcony – Bob Rodgers


Is Inflation “Transitory”? Here’s Your Simple Test – “Is inflation “transitory” in your household budget? Really? Where? The Federal Reserve has been bleating that inflation is “transitory”–but what about the real world that we live in, as opposed to the abstract funhouse of rigged statistics? Here’s a simple test to help you decide if inflation is “transitory” in the real world. Let’s start with some simple stipulations: price is price, there are no tricks like hedonics or substitution. Nobody cares if the truck stereo is better than it was 40 years ago, the price of the truck is the price we pay today, and that’s all that matters.” – Charles Hugh Smith

THIS IS BAD {AND IT’S ABOUT TO GET A LOT WORSE} (VIDEO) with Bob Kudla – “Friends, this is bad, and according to Kyle Bass, Paul Tudor Jones and John Williams, it’s about to get a LOT worse. A hyper inflationary great depression looks to be baked in the cake at this point. The question is, how soon – and how many people will be turned into serfs for the rest of their lives?” – SGT Report

Rents for single-family homes just saw the largest gains in nearly 15 years – Diana Olick  – DON’T WORRY. IT’S JUST TRANSITORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The typical home price is up a record 13.2% compared to last year, according to Zillow – Alicia Adamczyk

We Should Be Shocked By What Inflation Is Doing To Home Prices, Because We Have Never Seen This Before – Michael Snyder

Another Inflation Warning: Import-Export Prices Rise Faster Than Expected – Peter Schiff

Comex Gold Trading Was Form vs. Substance Today – “The sell-off today in the gold and silver market was unadulterated, blatant price manipulation confined to just the CME paper gold trading arena using Comex paper gold contracts, as soon as the FOMC policy statement was released at 2 p.m. NY Time. Note that the only commodity market in the world that is open at this time is the CME/Comex. Market “depth” is thin at this time of day. The paper gold price was further hit another $20 right after the NYSE closed (click image to enlarge), when liquidity is as its lowest.” – Dave Kranzler

Gold & Silver SELL OFF INTENSIFIES, Chart Huggers Pulling Their Hair Out With Their TOTALLY LOUSY & WRONG CALLS!!! – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Weekly Initial Claims for Unemployment Benefits Rise While Continuing Claims Fall – Robert Hughes

Did you feel the judder as the Fed warned rates will rise? – “Fed Head Jerome Powell set the market wagging y’day, triggering a mini-taper tantrum in bonds and stocks when he revealed no immediate rate hike but the possibility/likelihood of 2 rate rises in 2023. Bonds and Stocks fell.” – Bill Blain

Watch Out! Flattening of the Yield Curve Portends Economic Weakness – Mish

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.28EUR


Proverbs 25:17    Withdraw thy foot from thy neighbour’s house; lest he be weary of thee, and so hate thee.