Defining Down Freedom – “Many Americans presume that the political travails of Covid are mostly in the rearview mirror. The small print of the G-7 Communique is hell on such optimism. “The COVID-19 pandemic is not under control anywhere until it is under control everywhere,” the Summiteers warned. And as long as the pandemic is out of control, rulers must remain unleashed. If anyone has the virus, then no one is free – or at least no one should be permitted to be free.” – James Bovard


COVID, Ivermectin and the Crime of the Century (VIDEO) – “DarkHorse podcast host Bret Weinstein Ph.D., interviews Dr. Pierre Kory about the importance of early treatment of COVID-19 and the shameful censoring of information about ivermectin, which has been shown to be very useful against this infection. It’s no small irony then that YouTube deleted this interview,” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

1.2 Million Children World-Wide Could Die From Disrupted Healthcare Amid Pandemic Lockdowns, Analysis Finds – “This horrifying reality is yet another unintended consequences of sweeping government pandemic lockdowns.” – Brad Polumbo  – PART OF THE DEPOPULATION PLAN AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A massive surge in COVID vaccine deaths – “Most vaccine deaths happened within the first two weeks, but a significant number of them occurred two months later (Graph 3). Perhaps more of these later deaths are “coincidence,” but this graph provides only the time of death, not the process. How many of these victims proceeded to suffer a slow, lingering death shortly after being vaccinated?” – Antonio R. Chaves

Hundreds awaiting a decision from the govt’s ‘stingy’ vaccine injury compensation program – “Despite skyrocketing reports of deaths and side effects from COVID vaccines, the ‘secretive’ government panel meant to protect Big Pharma from lawsuits and pay for deaths and illness hasn’t paid anyone yet.” – Celeste McGovern  – DID YOU THINK THEY WOULD. DAMAGE FROM THE JAB IS YOUR PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What Is Putin’s Mindset Ahead of His Meeting With Biden? – “There are no illusions in Moscow: adversarial relations with Washington are here to stay. Nor does Putin need the meeting as proof of him being on an equal footing with Biden. That said, Moscow has set itself several tasks for the Geneva meeting: above all, to explain to Joe Biden in no uncertain terms where Russia’s red lines lie.” – Dmitri Trenin

Russians Understand No Joint Press Conference After Biden-Putin Meeting Is Due to Biden’s Mental Decline – “It’s not a snub, Biden can’t handle a presser with Kremlin pool reporters” – Anti-Empire

Biden/Putin Showdown: Fireworks…Or Duds? (VIDEO) – Ron Paul

Biden is a joke on the world stage – “Stop me if you’ve heard this joke before. The Russian president and the American president decide to meet up in Geneva to work out their differences. The Russian president says, “I’m concerned for your country, sir. How can you call Russia the greatest threat to Americans’ security today when your own government does such an outstanding job of threatening Americans?”” – J.B. Shurk  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!

No Leaders Attended the G7 Summit – “The meeting last week in the U.K. is just a reminder of what happens whenever we allow actors to take the place of leaders.” – Daniel Gelernter

At NATO And G7, Biden Advances An ‘America Last’ Foreign Policy – “President Biden’s first foreign trip wasn’t just an embarrassing disaster, it heralds the return of the disastrous foreign policy of the Obama-Biden era.” – John Daniel Davidson

Heck of a job on border security, Kamala – “Anyone who watched the Obama administration closely knows that Joe Biden failed at just about every special assignment given to him by his president — remember stabilizing Iraq and limiting ISIS, the Cancer Moonshot and gun violence reduction? Consequently, when President Biden announced that Kamala Harris would reprise his role as vice presidential problem solver by making her the border security czar, any informed observer could expect a debacle. Foolishness ensued almost immediately. Having been appointed the president’s point person for border security, most reasonable individuals would immediately head to the border and get some facts and show the public that someone is trying to get a handle on the situation. Not Kamala Harris,” – Gary Anderson

The Leak Investigation: If We Want To Protect Journalists, We First Need To Define Them – “The disclosure of the Justice Department’s targeting of members of Congress and journalists with secret subpoenas has caused a firestorm in Washington. The targeting of recipients of this information in Congress and in the media constitutes direct attacks on Article I and the First Amendment of the Constitution.” – Jonathan Turley

Tucker Carlson Raises a Very Serious Alarm Bell About Ashli Babbitt’s Murder and the Enemy Within – “Who did shoot Ashli Babbitt? Why don’t we know? Are anonymous federal agents now allowed to kill unarmed women who protest the regime? That’s OK now? No, it’s not ok. It will never be ok. And why are all those January 6th protesters still in prison on trespassing charges, while so many Biden voters who torched federal buildings are walking free? What’s the answer to that question? If that happened in Russia, we rightly call it scary. We’d call Putin a dictator. In fact, we do call him a dictator.” – Brandon Morse

The Poor Get Richer – John Stossel  – VERY GOOD ARTICLE FROM JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Freedom for Assange! – “The author of this article simply cannot comprehend the obvious disconnect between this passivity in relation to Assange and the usual rhetoric of most politicians in Europe and the US presenting themselves as ‘fighters for democracy’, freedom of the press and human rights. At the same time they have actively fanned the flames regarding the legal detention in Russia of Alexei Navalny on large scale embezzlement charges, which is punishable under part 3 of Article 33 and part 4 of Article 160 of the Russian criminal code.” – Valery Kulikov

Political Partisanship Is A Propaganda Lubricant – “The likelihood of a news story going viral in our society has little to do with its newsworthiness, its unusualness, or even whether or not it is factually accurate. The single most likely factor in whether or not a news story will have mass appeal is whether it appears to validate the worldview of one of the two mainstream political factions. This is why the mainstream media have been deliberately sowing partisan divisiveness and marketing toward increasingly distant partisan echo chambers instead of just reporting the news;” – Caitlin Johnstone

‘Nothing to see here, move along’: McCabe claims he’s clueless about motive of Bernie Sanders–supporter who tried to kill GOP senators – Monica Showalter

Politically Motivated Academics Have Forsaken Science on ‘Whiteness’ as They Steer America Towards Civil Strife – “If white supremacy and ‘systemic racism’ were genuine problems, America would not be a major destination for migrant flows as it now is.” – Robert Bridge

The American media care more about the narrative than the facts – “From the lab-leak theory to the Lafayette Square tear-gassing, anti-Trump bias blinded our news media” – Wilfred Reilly

Many U.S. Cities Are Already Starting To Resemble Post-Apocalyptic Cesspools As America’s Collapse Accelerates – Michael Snyder

You Call It ‘Freedom’ – White House Calls It ‘Domestic Terrorism’ – “Biden administration plan to combat “domestic terrorists” could target almost anybody.” – Graham J Noble

Biden Admin Tells Americans to Report Family and Friends Who Have the “Potential” for Radicalization – Matt Agorist

Chicago Mayor Wants Feds To Clean Up Her Mess – “If you want to know how to be a successful mayor of a large city, the answer is actually pretty easy. All you have to do is take credit for everything good that happens and blame everything bad on the federal government. That’s what Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot does. As Chicago reeled from yet another mass shooting, this one Tuesday morning in the Englewood neighborhood, Mayor Lori Lightfoot called on the federal government to “step up” and help cities across America tackle gun violence. While Lightfoot routinely turns to Washington to fix Chicago’s problems, she ignores the fact that violent crime across the nation has plummeted for decades with no new gun control laws or any exceptional amount of attention on gun trafficking. Instead, the problem was resolved using a variety of programs that had absolutely nothing to do with gun control. These are measures Chicago could start implementing right away, but Lightfoot won’t even consider them. See, the problem with anti-gunners is that they can’t think of any potential solution that’s not gun control.” – Tom Knighton

Washington Post Continues Propaganda Campaign Against So-Called ‘Assault Weapons’ – Teresa Mull

You Know It’s Bad When a NORTH KOREAN DEFECTOR Says That US Similarities to NK Are “Insane” – Daisy Luther

A Western-backed war couldn’t destroy Syria, now sanctions are starving its people – Eva Bartlett

Safest Places To Live When SHTF – “IMPORTANT! You Should Already Be Living In The Safest Place! Those who are seriously concerned about Preparedness Level 4. If you’re not living where you think you should be living, well, what can I say… You are the boss of you. If and when the SHTF, it will be too late. Why? Because establishing your ‘safe place’ is a process. It doesn’t happen overnight.” – Ken Jorgustin


Even the Federal Reserve doesn’t believe the Federal Reserve anymore – Simon Black

Complacency rules – what could possibly go wrong…? – “Global Markets are somnambulating into the holiday slumber. But, a restful summer does not beckon – everyone fears complacency. Crashes follow a predictable patten – while everyone is looking at the wrong thing, some smart cookie spots the real problem, it happens, the regulators close the loophole, and inevitably it happens all over again somewhere else. What will drive the meltdown this time? Your guess is as good as mine!” – Bill Blain

Despite Massive Price Increases, Retail Sales Drop: Buyers’ Strike & Fading Stimmies Dent the WTF Spike – “Americans are having to pay more to get less.” – Wolf Richter

Weimarica: Read The Parsson’s Excerpt In Its Entirety… – “You are badly mistaken if you think that modern Central Bank “technology” can prevent what happened in Weimar Germany from happening here. Why? Because it’s happening now.” – Dave Kranzler

Tucker Carlson & Peter Schiff on Skyrocketing Prices (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff  – TUCKER AND PETER, A GOOD COMBO!!!!!

Untrustworthy Unallocated Gold – Craig Hemke

Silver Repeats 2009 Bullish Triangle Just Before Breakout (VIDEO) with Chris Vermeulen – Silver Bullion TV

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.28EUR


James 3:17    But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.