National Horror Story Hour – “In the early going of the War on Covid-19, The Science told its soldiers, the doctors, to jam ventilators down patients’ throats. Whoops, that didn’t work so well. The Science told everybody to fuggeddabowt Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, and Vitamin D. The Science told New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to stash Covid-19 infected patients in nursing homes. The Science told everybody don’t bother with masks, then to definitely wear masks, then to maybe not wear masks, then to wear double masks, then to get vaccinated and wear masks. Golly, what to believe? Some people began to think that The Science was full of shit — which is, let’s face it, a dangerous thought, and something which, thank Gawd, Facebook, Twitter, and Google corrected for us. One thing The Science remained adamant about for a whole year was that Covid-19 did not come from the Wuhan, China, Institute of Virology, where-and-to-which, it just happened, one of the US government’s Knights of The Science, Dr. Anthony Fauci, was funneling US taxpayer-funded grant money for the purpose of doing gain-of-function research on exotic bat corona viruses. Gosh, why would you even do that? (Doesn’t gain of function = make it more deadly?)” – James Howard Kunstler  – ANOTHER GREAT READ FROM MR. KUNSTLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Big Lie – and the Small Truth – “It’s not the Big Lie that succeeds. It is the small kernel of truth that makes the lie succeed. Consider the ‘Rona. A small kernel of truth – some people were getting sick – used to propagate the lie that everyone was at risk of getting dead. Unless, of course, they accepted a one-size-fits-all regime of “lockdowns” and “practiced” patently silly (and incredibly dehumanizing) sickness kabuki, including the wearing of something over their faces – it didn’t matter whether it served any medical purpose – so long as people turned themselves into NPC people by effacing their faces. It succeeded.” – Eric Peters

This Whole Pandemic Was About the Vaccine (VIDEO) – “Dr. Peter McCullough is an internist in cardiology and professor of medicine and in this video, he says the whole COVID-19 pandemic, from the very beginning, was about the vaccine. “All roads lead to the vaccine,” McCullough says, with stakeholders banking on countries mandating the vaccine worldwide. “They do want a needle in every arm,” he says. But why, especially when there are known severe adverse side effects to it? People are dying from this vaccine — the internet is full of these cases — so why is it being pushed like it is? McCollough says it’s a global goal to “mark” people, so global elitists bent on running the entire world know who you are and where you are — and so they can force the entire population into compliance.” – Mercola

New York Times COVID Reporter Says It’s “Racist” to Discuss Wuhan Lab Leak Theory – “Journalism clown world strikes again.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Vax Passports: Where Your State Stands – “As more Americans get vaccinated against COVID-19, and vaccination recommendations extend to younger and younger Americans, we are starting to see more efforts to require vaccination as a condition of receiving services, as we’ve seen at American universities. Ten states, so far, have taken steps to restrict or ban the use of vaccine passports, electronic applications that display an individual’s vaccination status or COVID lab test results.” – ANH-USA

French Medical Doctor: COVID-19 Injections Increasing DEATHS and New Infections – The Evidence is Overwhelming – Gérard Delépine

The manufacturing of fear – “The media have terrorised the public during the pandemic. Be afraid. Be very afraid. That is how the media approached Covid. Be afraid of everything, from ice cream to semen. Be afraid of being tall. Be afraid of being bald. Be afraid of going to the shops and accepting home deliveries. And if you’re a man, it’s not just semen you should worry about, but also your testicles, your erectile function and your fertility. Even your toes are in danger. The fearmongering is relentless. Be afraid of your pets. Be afraid for your pets. Just be afraid.” – Laura Dodsworth

CDC’s Walensky To Kids: ‘Put Yer Masks On!’ (VIDEO) – Ron Paul

Millions of face masks officially declared dangerous – “In fact, you could rightly call the masks graphene-inhalation transporters. Yes, try it. And if you then develop a lung infection, since that is called a cardinal pandemic symptom, you could hit the jackpot and earn a diagnosis of COVID-19. At which point the fun really begins, as you try to explain to your doctor that the cause isn’t a virus, but rather nanoparticles of graphene in your mask. If you play your cards right, you could end up in the psych ward with other “conspiracy theorists.”” – Jon Rappoport

‘Literally criminal’: Suppressing data on ivermectin cost ‘half a million lives’, doctor charges – WorldTribume

Medical Tyranny in Chicago – “No longer is Chicago where I live what Frank Sinatra once called “my kind of town.” If around today, Ol’ Blue Eyes wouldn’t recognize its current state — or what’s replicated in various forms throughout most of the US. Unjabbed individuals will be treated as second class patrons. Chicago’s Vaccine Exemption rules for restaurants, bars and other business establishments will resemble mandated yellow Star of David policy for Jews in Nazi Germany. The draconian policy reflects medical tyranny. It also breaches the constitutional rights of all Americans.” – Stephen Lendman

The Twilight Zone, Hogan’s Heroes, and the Emotional Support Mask – Donald Siegel and Robert M. Sauer


Oregon Is Proof That Leftist Politics Ultimately Lead To Tyranny And Decay – “What kind of abysmal social and economic conditions would make at least five separate counties of US voters want to flee a state to join the borders of another state? Well, all it takes is a cult of insane Marxists running the entire state into the ground from the safety of their metropolitan communes while demanding that people submit their undying fealty to the draconian medical mandates of an elitist minority. Yeah, things have to get pretty bad to inspire so many people into leaving and taking half the state with them. Welcome to Oregon…” – Brandon Smith

Does Our Diversity Portend Disintegration? – “Is there no limit to the racial, religious, ideological, political, cultural and ethnic diversity the nation can accommodate before it splinters into its component parts?” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Critical Race Theory Is Worse Than Marxism – “I believe it’s necessary to state that CRT is most definitely not Marxist, nor is it in any sense revolutionary. Instead, it is an instrument of repression brandished by those in power against those whom it is feared might resist them, and those labeling this instrument as Marxist misdiagnose the problem to their detriment.” – Paul Gottfried

More ice-cream journalism from the fawning press – “How’s this for “disgusting”? Joe Biden got asked what flavor of ice cream he ordered…again. “Mr. President, what did you order?” was the first question shouted by a reporter as Biden licked a cone at Honey Hut Ice Cream in Cleveland, Ohio. “Chocolate chocolate chip,” the commander in chief replied, to oohs and aahs from the fawning press pack. It’s an amazing waste of time and a total embarrassment. After all, isn’t the border surging and Joe’s vice president AWOL? What about inflation? What about Biden’s plan to double the IRS and expand its capacity to snoop into every taxpayer bank account? Etc…” – Monica Showalter

Lie of the Day From Biden: My Budget Will Pay for Itself – “Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Says Biden’s Budget is Sustainable Partly Because the US is Borrowing at Negative Rates.” – Mish

Here Are 3 Glaring Consequences of the $6 Trillion Budget Biden Just Proposed – “Your wallet will feel it. History will not remember President Biden for his frugality.” – Brad Polumbo

Biden’s Wild Spending Binge: It’s Socialism, Not ‘Stimulus’ – “Biden’s budget is, in a word, mammoth. “In just a little over 100 days in the White House Biden has won the mantle as the most fiscally reckless president in American history,” as our friends at The Committee to Unleash Properity put it. “He’s making Barack Obama look like a piker. If his red ink schemes pass Congress, he will have added more to the national debt than the previous five presidents combined.”” – I & I Editorial Board

Bezos Weaponizes The Washington Post Homepage – “Democracy dies in darkness: The Post’s website became a giant native ad Tuesday for Amazon just as the company is facing scrutiny.” – Andrew Perez and David Sirota

Ghost Guns and the Deeply American Tradition of Gun Privacy – “A False Premise. According to Blumenthal, the goal of the act is to “ensure that violent extremists, domestic abusers, and foreign terrorists can’t evade background checks and other safety measures by building weapons at home instead of buying them from a store.” Yet, the data simply do not support the premise that ghost guns promote violent crime. While 25 percent of prisoners surveyed said they obtained their firearm from a friend or family member as a gift, one category is notably absent from the DOJ report, critics of the policy pointed out. “Not a single one appears to have said he made his own weapon,” Sen. Ted Cruz noted at a recent committee hearing. “Hear that again. The Department of Justice asked violent criminals where they got their guns. Zero said it was a so-called ghost gun.”” – Brett Cooper

Biden ATF Pick Beclowned Himself During Nomination Hearing – “Among the bills he [Chipman] lobbied Congress were universal background checks, handgun licensing and registration, banning modern sporting rifles (MSRs), instituting age-based gun bans and to establish a national firearm transfer delay period. Americans don’t need an ATF Director who disparages gun owners; they need one who’ll represent their interests in government.” – Gabriella Hoffman

How Biden Can (And Should) Cooperate With Putin – “The upcoming summit between Biden and Putin is an opportunity for productive conversation and a little less conflict.” – Doug Bandow

The United States Is a Serial Nuclear Aggressor Whose Moral Bankruptcy Threatens World Peace – Strategic Culture Foundation

Presidential Election drives home Syrian sovereignty and Western irrelevance – “Vote could herald a new dawn in the Middle East. This was about Syrians sending a message to the West. A message that defied ten years of externally orchestrated war, US/UK/EU economic barbarism and an unprecedented colonial media war that has been fought from the upper echelons of the BBC, CNN, The Guardian, Channel 4 etc, yet has failed, dismally, to suppress or deny the Syrian people’s support for their President.” – Vanessa Beeley  – GOOD ARTICLE IF YOU WANT TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING IN SYRIA!!!!

Everything You Need To Know About Mulch – “Perhaps the reason we don’t see many bare spots in the wilderness is that Mother Nature knows the uncovered ground is bad for business. When we manipulate our environment by growing something (plants, trees, flowers, vegetables), we can improve the ecosystem by covering up the resulting bare spots with mulch.” – Rhonda Owen

Why Your Composting Strategy Needs Worms – Susan Patterson


The Cryptoverse – Bastard Son of the Fiat – ” Crypto currencies are not money, they are the latest boiling hot speculative asset class that, ironically, is just another bastard spawn of the central bank money-printers. They are not an alternative to bad central bank money; they’re are an issue from its own loins. It’s blatantly evident that neither Bitcoin nor any of the other swarming herd of cryptos are a store of value or a medium of exchange. During the last 48 months, for example, the value of Bitcoin has changed on a monthly basis as follows. Needless to say, the Fed is leading the global convoy of money-printers. So, yes, there is a reason why the crypto asset class is flying skyward just like more conventional assets: Namely, the real economy can’t possibly absorb the central banks’ torrent of liquidity.” – David Stockman

EXPONENTIALITY LEADS TO FINALITY – “As technological developments and markets go parabolic, we observe many market “experts”, even intelligent ones, forecasting that we are now in an exponential economic era. Thus many believe that this will go on forever. This is the typical attitude at market and economic tops and guarantees that THIS WILL NOT END WELL! It is clearly absolute nonsense to believe that exponential expansion based on deficits, debts and fake money is the beginning of a new era.” – Egon von Greyerz

What comes next as the US argues about how many Angels are needed to plug a dam? – “Nothing to worry about… except Pandemic, Bonds, Inflation or Deflation, Record Container Prices and Geopolitics? Is there any chance of compromise and a deal on the US infrastructure package everyone agrees is necessary – or will it sink into the partisan swamp? And Cathie Wood talks up her investment strategies – but what’s the substance behind the leading Zeitgeist Investor?” – Bill Blain

Stock Market Cycles Tipping The Balance – Is Gold Setting Up For A Rally Above $2000 Again? – Chris Vermeulen

Fed Drains $485 Billion in Liquidity from Market via Reverse Repos, Undoing 4 Months of QE, Even as QE Continues, Total Assets Near $8 Trillion – “It’s a crazy situation the Fed backed into as tsunami of liquidity goes haywire, banking system strains under $4 trillion in reserves, and General Treasury Account gets drawn down.” – Wolf Richter

US Mint Delays Silver Shipments Due To “Global Silver Shortage” – “Interest in silver is soaring (both for industrial use and financial investment),” – Tyler Durden

Intervention Begets Intervention (VIDEO) – “The Fed wants us to believe everything is under control. The economy is improving. Inflation is transitory. Good times are ahead. But behind the scenes, central bankers and government officials are scrambling to keep all the economic props in place. As they intervene in one area of the economy, they create problems in another.” – Michael Maharrey

House Hearing: Only Jamie Dimon’s Microphone Mysteriously Malfunctions During Pivotal Questioning – Pam Martens and Russ Martens  – SURELY JUST A COINCIDENCE!!!!!!!

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 12.34EUR


Titus 1:16    They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate.