Wuhan Lab Caught Deleting Files Proving Fauci Funding – “The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) — a division of the National Institute of Health (NIH) headed by Dr. Anthony Fauci since 1984 — has, for years, provided grants to the EcoHealth Alliance and others to conduct gain-of-function (GoF) research on coronaviruses. In a May 11, 2021, Senate hearing, Fauci denied ever having funded GoF research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV). This despite clear documentation proving otherwise.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola  – AND HE STILL DENIES IT!!!!!

MORE Flagrant Data Manipulation from the CDC – “New report is further evidence the CDC is deliberately hiding post-vaccine “breakthrough cases”” – Kit Knightly

COVID Vaccine revelation sinks like a stone; disappears – “At this point in time, the CDC obviously wants to show “the vaccine is working very well.” And by “show,” I mean the CDC, carrying on its fine tradition of lying, will rig new guidelines. How do they achieve this con? Answer: By changing the way vaccinated people who then fall ill are tested. And THAT means they need these people to test negative on the PCR test. How is this negative test outcome engineered? By changing the sensitivity of the test. By making it less sensitive. This involves REDUCING the number of “cycles” in the test.” – Jon Rappoport

When Those Who Took The Gene Therapy Start To Die ‘en masse’ This Fall – “Is it conspiracy to contemplate the potential reaction to the ‘vaccinated’ masses when they begin to encounter virus this Fall? No, of course not. It’s called critical thinking. Due-diligence research. I am not a mind-numbed-robot who automatically believes mainstream (agenda driven propaganda). Rather, I am skeptical. Especially when the propaganda is shoved down our throats with such intensity. That’s a big red flag for me… How do you prepare?” – A-Patriot

Covid Big Lies That Won’t Die – “Ahead of Memorial Day weekend, Pharma-connected CDC director Rochelle Walensky turned truth on its head at a White House disinformation news conference, saying: “If you are (jabbed for covid), you are protected and you can enjoy your Memorial Day.” “If you are not (jabbed for covid), our guidance has not changed…” “You remain at risk of infection.” Like charlatan, fraudster, profiteer Fauci, Walensky and others like her are scam artists — spreading Big Lies, suppressing vital truths.” – Stephen Lendman

Rand Paul Has Won Every Single Round Against Fauci – “Time has proven Rand Paul had his thumb on the pulse of the science of the virus, and understood the unintended consequences of government interventions better than public health officials.” – Hannah Cox

18 Connecticut teens hospitalized for heart problems after COVID vaccines, White House says young people should still get the shots – “The mother of 17-year-old Gregory Hatton, diagnosed with pericarditis within days of his second dose of the vaccine, said her son ‘basically has a heart condition now and it’s terrifying.'” – Megan Redshaw, J.D.

Life Insurance and Covid-19; Something Doesn’t Make Sense – ” Life Insurance companies are very risk adverse. They don’t like losing money to unnecessary claims. The fact they’re treating Covid as a nonevent should be an indicator that something is very wrong with the whole narrative.” – Jeff Harris

We Have Always Been at War With Eastasia: Facebook Reverses Policy on Posts Suggesting COVID Could Be Man-Made – “It was a preposterous idea, until it wasn’t. It was preposterous when it was useful for Trump, and now that it is useful for Biden and the Empire, it no longer is. It was supposedly SO CLEARLY such a crackpot and dangerous conspiracy claim that it was correct to censor it from Facebook and kick off people making it. Yet when Fauci and Biden start to cast doubt on that, what happens? Do Fauci and Biden get censored for questioning what for one year had been THE OFFICIAL TRUTH? No! When Fauci and Biden do it, the official truth suddenly changes!” – Marko Marjanović

Johns Hopkins Prof: Half Of Americans Have Natural Immunity; Dismissing It Is ‘Biggest failure Of Medical Leadership’ – “Please, ignore the CDC guidance” – Steve Watson

Lockdowns Need to Be Intellectually Discredited Once and For All – Ethan Yang

Greetings from “New Normal” Germany! – “Last week, here in “New Normal” Germany, the government (which, it goes without saying, bears no resemblance to the Nazi regime, or any other totalitarian regime) implemented a social-segregation system that bans anyone who refuses to publicly conform to the official “New Normal” ideology from participating in German society. From now on, only those who have an official “vaccination pass” or proof of a negative PCR test are allowed to sit down and eat at restaurants, shop at “non-essential” stores, or go to bars, or the cinema, or wherever.” – CJ Hopkins


Will the 2020 Madness Last? – “As Americans sober up, will they reject the frenzy that took the country over the cliff during the most unhinged year in American history?” – Victor Davis Hanson

Insouciance Destroyed America – “Most Americans have no idea how far gone their country is. We not only have the Biden regime announcing solidarity with BLM and flying the BLM flag at US embassies and consular missions, US military recruitment videos stressing recruitment of lesbian females, men dressing as women, and Americans having their genitals removed so they can become “no gender”, we have Democrat school systems teaching white people self-hate and infusing them with guilt and making them effective agents in reconstructing America as a racial caste system favoring blacks.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Will the Pandemic Promote Political Power in Perpetuity? – “The political class is coming out of the pandemic with far more power and prerogatives. Biden’s stimulus windfalls for lockdown governors is like giving $100,000 bounties to drunk drivers who crashed their cars. Government employees have been the ultimate privileged class during Covid-19, collecting full paychecks almost everywhere while many of them stayed home and did little or no work.” – James Bovard

The Government’s Community Caretaking Ruse – “The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution protects the quintessentially American right to be left alone. It prohibits all unreasonable searches and seizures. Warrantless searches and seizures are unreasonable — and thus unconstitutional — unless they fall into the “exigent circumstances” exception. These exceptions are not written into the Fourth Amendment but have been grafted into it by the courts based on reason and common sense. Sometimes, however, the exceptions are based on an ideology that gives primacy to police over individual rights. Such primacy is a manifestation of a police state, not a free society.” – Andrew P. Napolitano

And a FAMINE Is Looming Over the United States – “In an effort to raise awareness of the U.S.’s looming famine, I recently wrote, “Are You Ready For The EVERYTHING Shortage?” As hyperbolic as it might seem, that title is not an exaggeration. It’s the future we face if we don’t do something to change course. A month later and the drought is still here, and so are its effects. Some farmers aren’t even bothering to plant. But California only has to hold on until the rainy season! That has already passed. Only the rainy season was anything but rainy. And, of course, there are the wildfires.” – Robert Wheeler  – PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE, THIS IS MORE SERIOUS THAN MOST PEOPLE REALIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Insidious Agenda Of The Global Elite Is Moving Forward Very Rapidly- Michael Snyder

Insurrection Obsession – “Okay, let’s say out loud what the regime doesn’t want said – there was no insurrection. At least not in Washington, D.C. Now, in places like Portland and Seattle, there were and are insurrections, actual ongoing occupations of actual territory by actual criminals where the government is expressly told it’s not in charge and to stay out. And, of course, the government tolerates those insurrections. Some insurrections, it appears, are more insurrectiony than others. But these rioters were not allies of the elite, and the elite felt threatened, and so we’re now all supposed to accept – without bursting into laughter – that this was the worst thing in the history of ever.” – Kurt Schlichter

Biden to push $6 trillion U.S. budget for next fiscal year – NYT – Reuters

Having shut down Trump’s Covid-19 origin probe, Biden now entrusts it to same spies who gave us ‘Russiagate’ – “Just as it emerged that the Joe Biden administration shut down a State Department probe into the coronavirus origins, the White House ordered the US intelligence community to “redouble” its efforts on the matter. How convenient. In a statement released on Wednesday, President Biden said he had ordered the US spies in March to give him a report on the origins of the virus, and gave them 90 days to provide a “definitive conclusion.” Within minutes, the compliant corporate media acknowledged their marching orders, putting “redouble their efforts” into every headline. In a sense, the statement wasn’t so much an order to the spies, but a set of instructions to the Narrative managers. That’s because the development of the Narrative on the coronavirus over the past several weeks has been, how shall we say, problematic for the current administration.” – Nebojsa Malic

Biden Is Finally Searching For The Origin Of COVID: Will It Be Russia? – “Joking aside, this is the hottest of possible potatoes for agencies already up to their necks in politics. What will the domestic push-back be if the report is fudged? And what will the international push-back will be if it comes to at least one clear conclusion? 90 days, folks. Set your alarm clocks.” – Michael Every

Why Kamala Harris Will Visit Guatemala – But Not Texas – “The vice president has her marching orders. Those looking for Vice President Kamala Harris to visit the chaotic Mexican border appear to have their eyes focused on the wrong place. Harris, the Biden administration-appointed immigration “czar” tasked to deal with the crisis, evidently does not see the problem the same way so many Americans do.” – Joe Schaeffer

Hunter Biden’s Ukraine salary was cut two months after Joe Biden left office – Miranda Devine  – GEE, WHAT A COINCIDENCE!!!!

AOC In Therapy, Claims 1/6 Was Akin To War Service – “The nation’s most emotionally fragile Congresscritter Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or AOC gave an interview to Latino USA host Maria Hinojosa. In the interview, she likened the January 6 Capitol breach to service in a war and revealed she is in therapy. Call the wambulance. AOC has proven to be emotionally fragile and uses that fragility as a politically manipulative tactic. Miss Ocasio-Cortez has certainly used the January 6, 2020 Capitol breach to her political advantage. She wasn’t actually in the Capitol building at the time of the riot, she was in her office blocks away. But, she encountered a law enforcement officer and was traumatized:” – Toni Williams

Rand Paul: ‘Fauci Cannot Investigate Himself; Get Him Under Oath’ – “Says Fauci “needs to be excluded from the investigation” into COVID origin” – Steve Watson

This Week in Neo-Soviet News… – “In which a leading American paper quietly excises an inconvenient historical detail” – Matt Taibbi

Not even the Soviet Union paid people to stay home – “But this trend of ‘money for nothing’ is growing.” – Viktorija Simulynaite  – ( “THAT AIN’T WORKIN’ THAT’S THE WAY YOU DO IT. MONEY FOR NOTHIN’ AND YOUR CHICKS FOR FREE” – STING AND MARK KNOPFLER )


ATF Nominee: ‘There’s No Way I Could Define an Assault Weapon’ – “When Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy (R) asked, “What’s an assault weapon?” Chipman stuttered and added with a chuckle: “The bill to ban assault weapons is dozens of pages long. There’s no way I could define an assault weapon.” Of course, Kennedy didn’t let him get away with it. The forthright senator responded, “You’re gonna run this agency and you don’t have a definition of an assault weapon?” Chipman said he would be enforcing the definition that members of Congress made, and ultimately failed to give Kennedy an answer.” – Teresa Mull

How To Sabotage The Pro-Palestine Movement – “This loss of narrative control is a problem for Israel, whose nature is premised upon keeping Palestinians from attaining equality which would effectively end the Jewish ethnostate. This in turn is a problem for the empire, who needs to keep the Middle East fractured, imbalanced, and as far under its control as possible so long as human civilization is dependent on fossil fuels;” – Caitlin Johnstone

Biden Seizes On San Jose Shooting To Push Gun Control – Cam Edwards

Blinken on Used-Car-Sales Trip to Mideast – “If ever American foreign policy looked like a tacky brochure from a dodgy car dealer, then U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken delivered on the image with his trip to the Middle East this week.” – Finian Cunningham

USDA Hitting Food Supply Chain with Cattle Surveillance and A Level-4 Animal Disease Laboratory – “The USDA will have everyone believe that this is about “protecting the nation’s food supply and public health,” as indicated in their announcement of the new National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility (NBAF) in Manhattan, Kansas. The NBAF animal disease research facility will be the only location in the U.S. where scientists will study live foot-and-mouth disease in livestock, which was accidentally released on Plum Island back in 1978. They will also be studying deadly zoonotic diseases that are highly contagious, can spread between humans and animals, and that don’t have any known vaccinations or treatments.” – Corey Lynn  – MICRO-CHIPPING CATTLE AND A LEVEL 4 LAB. , THINK OF HOW THIS COULD BE EXPANDED ON. ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM COREY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DeSantis’s ‘Big Tech Bill’ Is Actually a Step Closer to the World Orwell Feared – “If people dislike a company’s policies, they have plenty of options. They are free to stop dealing with that company, to convince others to boycott it with them, to try getting a job at that company where they can advocate change from within, or to start a competing company. What they cannot rightfully do is use government power to force others to supply them with a platform moderated according to their preferences. DeSantis is not “leveling the playing field” as he says, but rather trying to use government power to constrain how companies use their property—and, in so doing, he’s carving a role for government in moderating speech.” – Jon Hersey

As US Faces Record Unemployment, Homelessness—Senate Preps $10 BILLION Bailout for Jeff Bezos – Matt Agorist

Boom in LGBT content for children: Queer is in, Christian is out – “All you can do is ensure that you keep a close eye on your kids at the library, at Barnes and Nobles, and online. The LGBT activists certainly will be.” – Life Site News

Ten Tips For Water Efficiency In The Garden – Rhonda Owen


Systemic Risks Abound – “For the past 22 years, every time the stock market whimpered, wheezed or whined, the Federal Reserve rushed to soothe the spoiled crybaby. There are two consequential results of the Fed as savior: 1. The Fed has perfected moral hazard: 2. Organic (i.e. non-manipulated) market forces have been extinguished.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Fed Offers No Holiday from Inflation – “Heading into Memorial Day weekend, American motorists will see the highest prices at the pump since 2014, according to AAA. Gas prices now average $3.04 a gallon nationally – reflecting a jump of more than $1.00 compared to the same time last year. A rising gasoline price is just one of many emerging symptoms of a larger inflation problem:” – Stefan Gleason

BatPoop Crazy Stories May Herald a New Trade War – “Everyone loves a conspiracy theory, but what if the stories Covid escaped from a China virus lab take hold? We will never know the truth, but as the rumours multiply, they could trigger renewed trade-war. It could unravel China’s regional hegemony and trigger a dramatic reversal for the global economy -especially for China.” – Bill Blain

Despite Initial Claims Drop, Almost 16 Million Americans Remain On Government Dole – Tyler Durden

Latest MMT Madness is QE = Savings. Really, What are Savings? – “The latest MMT nonsense is that savings can be printed.” – Mish

The Lull Before the Storm (VIDEO) – “Peter Schiff explains why he thinks this is just the lull before the real storm and now is the time to buy gold and silver.” – Peter Schiff

Short Subject – “Again and again, I have stressed that silver has been suppressed in price for decades by the concentrated short position of the 4 and 8 largest traders in COMEX futures. Moreover, the former biggest short from 2008 to 2020, JPMorgan, had eliminated its once dominant short position in both COMEX silver and gold. This left the other big shorts to twist in the wind. The important thing now is what happens when the 4 big COMEX silver shorts move to buy back their massive concentrated short position on higher prices. It will be a moment like no other in the history of the silver market.” – Ted Butler

The Real Point Of Cryptocurrencies Is Not Their Price – John Rubino

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 12.26EUR


Isaiah 24:5    The earth also is defiled under the inhabitants thereof; because they have transgressed the laws, changed the ordinance, broken the everlasting covenant.