What Will We Lose? – “This is the question is it not? Even though tens of thousands of experts, thousands of skeptics and all of the rest of us have been consumed over the last year debating, questioning, arguing and worst of all, just listening to endless stream of covid coverage it really comes down to this. After sifting through all of the science-sourced “facts”, claims, death statistics, cases updates (so many, many cases) and the dire, ever grim projections from our modern-day high priests with their computer models it really just comes down to this question. What will we lose?” – Alex Bartlett

“Your” Mask – “Authoritarian collectivists are masterful manipulators of language; numerous writers – most famously Orwell in 1984 – dissected the phenomenon, which was consciously articulated in the early 1900s by people like Edward Bernays and then acted upon by creatures like Lenin and Stalin and their heirs all over the world, including here. The object is to make the victim complicit; to confuse his moral sense. To use his own unformed but well-intended moral conceptions against him. Hence “your” mask.” – Eric Peters

Terminate the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) and Complete Phase 3 Trials – “What we need to know now, is whether the Covid vaccines are safe or not? It’s a simple question, but getting answers is like pulling teeth. As everyone knows, any information that doesn’t support the ‘pro-vaccine agenda’ is scrapped by the media and promptly removed from both FB and Twitter. How does that serve the public interest? How is “informed consent” possible without a thorough airing of contrary views in public forums and the media? It’s not possible, and that seems to be the point. The managers of this campaign seem to prefer brainwashing and mass coercion over dialogue and debate.” – Mike Whitney

Congressman Exposes Billion Dollar Vaccine Company Ties to Facebook’s Fact Checker – Matt Agorist

20 of 26 COVID-positive residents in a Kentucky nursing home outbreak were fully vaccinated a month earlier – Celeste McGovern

Is It Too Much to Ask Those Pushing the Injections Do Not Exempt Themselves From Liability? – “How about some skin in the game?” – Marko Marjanović

Covid Lies Cost 100,000 Lives (VIDEO) with Mark Skidmore – “One big fact his research revealed is up to 100,000 lives could have been saved by using Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ). Instead, the medical community and the mainstream media trashed it and told people it was “dangerous” and it “did not work.” That was a total lie. Dr. Skidmore explains, ” – Greg Hunter


Red States Are Fighting Back Against The Reset – What Does This Mean For The Future? – “The social justice cult has gone so far into extremism that reason and logic are actually vilified by them. They openly support mass censorship, mass violence against innocent people, mob intimidation against the citizenry, they argue in favor of economic lockdowns and unconstitutional covid mandates, they support draconian vaccine passports, and they are partners with Big Tech corporations as well as globalists institutions like the Ford Foundation and the Open Society Foundation. They are diametrically opposed to everything that conservatives and lovers of liberty hold dear. Honestly, it is unlikely that we will be able to share the same land mass, let alone the same cities and states, but I’ll get to that in a moment…” – Brandon Smith  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM BRANDON AS USUAL!!!!!

Biden’s first big speech to Congress bombs on all counts – New York Post Editorial Board

Biden’s Big Speech: False Facts And Progressive Prattle – “The president’s joint session address was all about progressive policy goals, with a little misinformation sprinkled in for flavor.” – James Fite

First thoughts about Biden’s address to Congress – “Biden spoke for over an hour to roughly 200 masked, vaccinated congresspeople in a mostly empty House chamber. Showing the manic energy of a grasshopper on amphetamines, he did much better than I expected. Barring a few verbal slips, Biden managed to stay on point the whole time. Really, the only problem with the speech was that it was a lie from beginning to end. The biggest lie was Biden’s relentless calls for togetherness.” – Andrea Widburg

Biden’s ‘Go Big’ Plan Will Leave America’s Middle-Class “Addicted To Government… & The Democratic Party” – Tyler Durden

Americans growing weary of Biden’s radical, big-spending game – “So this is how Washington, D.C., works these days: The media sets the narrative, “everybody in America loves Joe Biden.” They then commission a poll to prove their narrative, “Americans overwhelmingly support President Biden’s agenda.” That poll is then used by the White House to justify their initiatives, “we have the vast majority of American support.” Wash, rinse and repeat. The propaganda is regurgitated on a never-ending loop, used to brainwash Americans into believing President Biden is a boring, moderate, likable leader whose radical agenda doesn’t threaten the very core of our nation’s institutions and beliefs. Some may be buying this, but more honest polling, done by the Senate Opportunity Fund, shows many are not.” – Kelly Sadler

President Joe Biden Pivots to Gun Control During Congressional Address – Personal; Defense World

Biden and Dems Proved What Hypocrites They Are on Social Distancing Once His Speech Was Over – Nick Arama

Biden’s Climate Goals Are Clear, Concise and to the P…Wait…What? – “Currently, there’s a lot of confusion about the Biden Administration’s “Climate Goals.” MSM outlets are not clear in their reporting on what Biden said vs. what Biden will do versus what Malthusian anti-progress activists want him to do. We assure you that MSM is not telling you the truth, but we are! It appears the Biden administration is attempting to be the least transparent administration in American history. What Biden is actually planning with regard to his Climate Goals to do has yet to be specified.” – Robert Wheeler

Kamala’s Not Looking So Good Lately – “Is the stress of not being able to do her job getting to her? Does she have Imposter Syndrome on steroids and the medication has stopped working? Or does she have some awful knowledge of a certain future event the rest of us don’t know about and is coping with it the best way she can?” – Kirstin Stein

Let’s Not Give Statehood To The Third World Country Of Washington DC – “To repurpose a poetic line from former president and wordsmith Donald Trump, the District of Columbia is a ‘sh-thole country.’ We don’t need to cross any borders to witness a failed state — or at least a dysfunctional wannabe state. The 68 square miles of Washington D.C. have it all.” – Kylee Zempel

Cops under siege with rising waves of violence – “Deadliest year in decades projected” – Jeff Mordock

So wait, RUSSIA got Biden elected? In conjuring an excuse for sanctions, White House goes full conspiracy theory – “Look, here’s the deal – to borrow a phrase from Biden himself – the only one doing the delegitimizing here are Americans themselves. It wasn’t ‘Russia’ that declared the 2020 election was the “most secure… in American history.” It wasn’t the Kremlin that claimed absolutely nothing had gone wrong with any votes anywhere, and anyone so much as wondering about it was evil and ought to be silenced – it was the corporate media and Biden’s Democrats.” – Nebojsa Malic

They Lie and Then They Lie Some More – “White House press secretary Jen Psaki has denied that the United States was involved in a plot to assassinate Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko. So, that’s that, and it must be true if Psaki says it, right? After all, everyone knows that the former US State Department spokeslady and current press secretary of President Joe Biden never lies. Well, seldom. There was this one time…” – Phil Butler

Lying Machine CNN Gives Blinken a Platform to Mass Deceive – “On Tuesday, it was interventionist Blinken’s turn on the Corrupted News Network. An anti-diplomat, he shows up to wage war of words — and his personal style of venom — on nations unwilling to sacrifice their sovereign rights to US interests. On China, he can’t tolerate its growing prominence on the world stage as imperial USA declines.” – Stephen Lendman

Unconstitutional Debt and Future Generations – “Under the Constitution, can the feds borrow as much as they want and can they spend it on anything they want? Here is the backstory.” – Andrew P. Napolitano

The Peculiar Institution of Higher Education – “Just as a sermonizing Hollywood grates when it no longer can make good movies, so does a once hallowed but now self-righteous university seem hollow when it charges so much for increasingly so little.” – Victor Davis Hanson

Deagel Is Gone Now, Wiped Off The Internet – What Happened? Their Warning About The Culling Of The Western World By 2025 Was Too Close For Comfort To The Globalists – Stefan Stanford

UK: Christian Pastor Arrested For Saying Marriage is Between a Man and a Woman – Paul Joseph Watson  – I BELIEVE THAT’S WHAT THE BIBLE STATES, SO WHY WOULDN’T A CHRISTIAN PASTOR NOT BELIEVE IT AS WELL!!!

Tips For Planting A Survival Orchard – Bob Rodgers

A Ziploc Bag First Aid Kit – “It’s easy to make a small do-it-yourself First Aid Kit to fit inside a quart size Ziploc bag. You might not need a fully equipped professional First Aid Kit for every single use-case scenario.” -Ken Jorgustin


Why Your Grocery Bills Are Going Up (And Are Only Expected to Get Bigger) – “It’s official: food inflation has arrived. Food prices soared 3.9 percent in 2020, the Department of Agriculture recently reported.” – Hannah Cox

There Are Still Over 16 Million Americans On Some Form Of Government Jobless Benefits – Tyler Durden

Don’t Worry, the Fed Says the Recent Jump in Inflation is Transitory – “Transitory to What?” – Mish

Jerome Powell: Same Old Song and Dance – “The Federal Reserve wrapped up its April meeting yesterday. Again, there were no changes in actual policy, leaving everybody to try to parse out meaning from the FOMC’s statement and Jerome Powell’s post-meeting press conference.” – Michael Maharrey

Powell Is Feddling While Rome Burns – Michael Every

Delayed Pain: Why Exactly Would The Cartel Not Wait Until Sunday Night, May 2, To Take Silver Behind The Woodshed? – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Think $100 Silver Is A Crazy Price? Not If You Check Out This Chart! – “why would any silver investor sell their metal at $30-$40 or even $50 an ounce when the WORST is yet to come when the highly leveraged debt-based financial system collapses?? That’s the reason you buy and hold onto silver. Not to make a few bucks of fiat profits.” – Steve St Angelo


Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.63EUR


Proverbs 1:17    Surely in vain the net is spread in the sight of any bird.