The Virus Is Far From The Biggest Danger – “One might have expected that as the Covid drama unfolds, the world would return to its scientific senses. But the opposite appears to be happening, we’re moving away from our senses. Fear is a bad advisor. Ergo: the UK government is preparing to declare over a third of its citizens 2nd rate. And not because they refuse to be part of a medical experiment and be injected with untested substances (which is a basic human right that no-one can be punished for), but because these substances are either prohibited for them, or simply have no -positive- effect. No matter, says Whitehall, you don’t count. So here come the corona passports.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer  – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM RAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enough of the outdoor masking – “No, Joe, you don’t need two vaccine doses to take your mask off outside.” – Rob Lyons

Bizarre Phenomenon: Unvaccinated Getting Sick Being Around the COVID Vaxxed – “Numerous reports are coming in with an unmistakeable theme: unvaccinated people are contracting various ill effects, some quite serious, just by being around those who are COVID vaxxed. Is the COVID vaccine (which is not a vaccine) having mysterious effects beyond the person directly receiving it? If so, how? Was it designed to be like this?” – Makia Freeman

Vaccination Shamers, Please Check Yourselves – “This author has been a nurse over 40 years and have never seen such blind faith or exuberance in experimenting with a serum/vaccine.” – Sheila Holt

Vaccine hustlers can’t keep their story straight; evangelicals, black people, Trumpers; who’s “hesitating?” – “Most of the people who aren’t taking the COVID vaccine aren’t hesitant at all. They’re determined to reject the shot. Most of the people who don’t want the COVID vaccine are quite sure they want to forego genetic damage, blood clots, and death. So…who are the “hesitant” ones the vaccine hustlers are going after?” – Jon Rappoport

Mask mandate for kids ages 2-4 in Michigan now in effect – “Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced the expansion earlier this month in response to a spike in COVID-19 cases among kids.” – WXYZ Detroit

Twitter Censors Peer Reviewed Mask Study – Dr. Joseph Mercola

UK Hiring COVID Marshals to Patrol Streets Until 2023 Despite Lockdown Restrictions Supposedly Ending in June – “Hint: They’re not ending in June.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Navy COVID-19 Update – “As of 21-Apr-2021, the military, overall, has reported 185,259 cases of infection with 1,634 hospitalized (0.9% hospitalization rate) and 24 deaths.(2) That’s out of approximately 1.4M active duty personnel. The Navy accounts for 37,511 COVID cases of the 185,259 cases in the military.(2) The 24 deaths out of 185,259 cases makes the overall military death rate from COVID around 0.01% among those infected. That’s as close to zero as you can get. More sailors die from traffic accidents.” – Navy Matters

Covid Public Health Policies Are Killing the Elderly, Deliberately – Alliance for Human Research Protection


America Is The Most Dangerous Country on Earth and Is the Head of This Snake – “America is the most terroristic country, has the most fire power, the largest military by many times over, and is becoming more a police state every day. America no longer stands for freedom, but for world interference, control of others, war, torture, mass murder, and now is plotting the democide of its own citizens through restriction, starvation by food and farming destruction, heinous ‘climate change’ policy, isolation, and ‘vaccine’ murder. This country was once considered the land of the free and the home of the brave, and now it is the land of slavery, and the home of hate, indifference, and cowardice. Why are over 300 million Americans allowing this to happen?” – Gary D. Barnett  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM GARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Options – ” Put more finely, it will come down to the liberty-loving fighting for it against those who are determined to extinguish it. And the verdict will be final. Them – or us. No quarter given, by either. It is a dreadful prospect. For them and us. Most of all, because it could so easily be avoided. If only they would allow it.’ – Eric Peters  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FRPM ERIC!!!!!

The Ascendance of Sociopaths in U.S. Governance – “I believe, it’s out of control. The U.S. is already in a truly major depression and on the edge of financial chaos and a currency meltdown. The sociopaths in government will react by redoubling the pace toward a police state domestically and starting a major war abroad. To me, this is completely predictable. It’s what sociopaths do.” – Doug Casey

Deep Corruption: Is The System Falling Apart? (VIDEO) – “From media to government to military to the “non-profit” sector, corruption seems to be tearing the United States apart. The media lies, the “watchers” are not being watched, billions of dollars are being transferred to the wealthy elites. Is the system falling apart at the seams?” – Ron Paul

Joe Biden: Bagman For The Far Left – “Well, there is a familiar expression in popular culture relating to a person who serves as a hardscrabble deal-closer for his boss. But there are also political versions of the same — people who do not make decisions but perform the bidding of those who do. It’s called a bagman. And given what we have witnessed over these first weeks of the Biden presidency, we have good reason to believe this is exactly what we elected.” – Tim Donner

Joe Biden and the twilight of the ‘fact-checkers’ – “Apparently media fact-checkers are no longer needed now that Trump is gone.” – Fraser Myers

The Democratic Party is Now America’s Extremist Party – “Here’s the ugly fact that must be confronted: The Democratic Party is now an extremist organ waging a fierce cold civil war to seize power and eviscerate America as founded and upend and erase its exceptional culture. The party is saturated with Marxist sensibilities, ideas, and motivations. Marxism is alien and hostile. It’s fundamentally anti-American. Its worldview, strategies, and tactics are furnished in an endless stream by radical leftist academics, who have dominated our colleges and universities for decades now.” – J. Robert Smith

Biden’s Press Agents – “Establishment media front for selected, not elected, Biden. They cheerled brazen election fraud so he’d triumph over Trump illegitimately. Impaired by dementia, Biden is cognitively unable to fulfill duties of any office, let alone the nation’s highest. Already cognitively impaired beyond a point of no return, he can’t complete a sentence coherently. Mumbling and bumbling instead, he has trouble remembering names, faces, dates and much more. Out-of-touch with what members of his regime are up to, he doesn’t know or understand what’s in executive orders he’s told to sign or pronouncements made in his name. One observer called the Biden White House a virtual “assisted-living facility (for the nation’s) doddering first senior citizen.”” – Stephen Lendman

Biden’s Next Tax and Spend Boondoggle (VIDEO) – “Biden and Company have given us stimulus 3.0. They have unveiled an infrastructure spending plan. But that’s not the end of the spending. Next in the lineup comes the “American Families Plan” — another $1.8 trillion or so of government spending.” – Peter Schiff

White Supremacist Asians March Against White Supremacist Blacks – “So, they did this “anti-black racism is white supremacy” thing. Then they started with an “anti-Asian attacks are white supremacy” thing. But the blacks are doing the Asian attacks. And the Asians are protesting against the blacks. Within the doctrine of the current system, this is white supremacists marching against white supremacists – while no white people are involved at all.” – Andrew Anglin

America Has a Problem With Poorly Trained Police Officers, Not ‘Systemic Racism’ – Robert Bridge

Judge Rules Illinois FOID Card Act Unconstitutional Under 2nd Amendment – “In his ruling, Judge Webb observed, “If the right to bear arms and self-defense are truly core rights, there should be no burden on the citizenry to enjoy those rights, especially within the confines and privacy of their own homes. The idea that an Illinois resident doesn’t enjoy Second Amendment rights until he or she pays a $10 fee for a FOID card is outrageous,” Gottlieb said. “Nowhere should such a mandate be allowed to stand.”” – Personal Defense World

The CIA Has Been Taking Over for Decades — Even Former Presidents Tried to Warn Us – “If you’re looking for proof the CIA and the whole cavalcade of other intelligence agencies working with them have gotten too big, look no further than the DNI’s latest report.” – Lee Camp

The Insanity of the Left’s ‘Let the Kids Have Their Knife Fights’ Argument – John Kass

YouTube CEO wins ‘Free Expression Award’ sponsored by YouTube, then boasts how platform censors content creators – RT

How We End the Forever War – “The U.S. does not know how to end its wars. Even when US troops are withdrawn from another country, US involvement in the war there does not necessarily end.” – Daniel Larison

Next on the List of American Catastrophes? A Western Megadrought – “I’ve written many articles for The Organic Prepper about the coming food shortages. Not just in the United States but all across the world. Food isn’t the only thing that is soon going to be in short supply. Fresh, clean water appears to be one of the prime shortages facing humanity today. And this problem is only going to get worse in the future. The American West is facing a water crisis not seen since the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl days. Ironic, since we’re also seeing a lot of similarities to the Great Depression, too.” – Robert Wheeler


Inflation Rockets Launch – “We’ve now hit that critical juncture when price inflation is picking up momentum quickly….” – David Haggith

FED HEADS LOSE THEIR HEAD – “Finally, let’s go back to Greenspan after he got rid of the Fed gag and returned to his sound money views. In a 2014 interview he stated: “Gold is a currency. It is still, by all evidence, a premier currency, where no fiat currency, including the dollar, can match it.” “Yet gold has special properties that no other currency, with the possible exception of silver, can claim. For more than two millennia, gold has had virtually unquestioned acceptance as payment. It has never required the credit guarantee of a third party. No questions are raised when gold or direct claims to gold are offered in payment of an obligation”. So there we have it. The now 95 year old Greenspan, when allowed to speak freely, knows that in a world filled with quadrillions of debt, no fiat money can match gold.” – Egon von Greyerz

Flexport: Trans-Pacific deteriorating, brace for shipping ‘tsunami’ US importers face even more extreme delays ahead as container capacity maxes out – “Buckle up. The month of May will be the worst people have ever seen,” – Greg Miller – BASICALLY THIS MEANS A SHORTAGE OF GOODS AND HIGHER PRICES FOR EVERYONE!!!!!

U.S. Companies Bump Up Prices on Supply Squeeze, Demand Boom – Payne Lubbers

Warning Light Flashing Red – “Not everyone has an IRA or 401K invested in the stock market, for those who do, the red warning light is flashing red: markets have reached historic extremes on numerous fronts.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Worry About the Real Stuff – “It’s not just semiconductor chips that are in short-supply. As the blockage in the Suez demonstrated, its shipping and the logistics involved to get goods to consumers that enables spending. Get it wrong, or de-stablise the process, and the whole global economy goes into shock. If the Chinese want to administer a coup-de-grace to the Western Economy, then hacking Amazon into shut-down would be a place to start.” – Bill Blain

The People Have the Power – “And this is true not just in metals but in life. If you don’t like what you’re seeing, do something about it. Do not simply roll over and take it. If you do, nothing will ever change.” – Craig Hemke

Extreme Silver Supply Issues (VIDEO) with Robert Kientz – Miles Franklin

SLV: Paper Silver Is Being Abandoned For Physical As SilverSqueeze2 Beckons – “The stresses on the physical silver markets are apparent in the persistently high coin premiums and a drain of over 37 million ounces from the Comex since the February SilverSqueeze.” – Austrolib  – GOT SILVER!!!!!!

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 11.27EUR


1 Corinthians 11:19  For there must be also heresies among you, that they which are approved may be made manifest among you.