The real anti-vaxxers – “The clots in Brussels, Berlin and Paris have done far more to cast doubt on the vaccines than any internet troll.” – Fraser Myers

Americans Are Wildly Misinformed about the Risk of Hospitalization from COVID-19, Survey Shows. Here’s Why – “A recent Gallup survey found that more than one-third of Americans believe that at least half of those infected with COVID-19 require hospitalization. How did we get here?” – Jon Miltimore

Freedom saves lives too – “Florida’s freedom, on the other hand, resulted in nearly the same number of Covid deaths as California, yet dramatically improved the economic outcome. You’d think that the lockdown states would change their ways and realize they’ve bled their patients too much. But that’s not happening. Instead, they keep insisting that their harsh approach is right. It’s no wonder Florida’s housing market is on fire. This isn’t the 12th century; people aren’t feudal serfs tied to the land.” – Simon Black

If You Absolutely Must Vaccinate Against Covid-19 Out of Fear or Coercion, Hold Out for This Already Proven Vaccine – “These same researchers reveal there already is a proven safe and effective vaccine that protects against COVID-19 via activation of T-cells – – the Bacille Calmette-Guerin (BCG) vaccine for another infectious lung disease — tuberculosis. It is derived from a mycobacterium (mycobacterium bovis) found in cattle. It is a “live” but attenuated bacterium.” – Bill Sardi

Care home workers in England face mandatory Covid jabs under plans – “Leaked paper suggests Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock have agreed to the proposal” – Lucy Campbell

Vive la lockdown révolution! Growing rebellion against draconian Covid restrictions by easygoing Canadians shows the world the way – Eva Bartlett

People Now Dying Following the Experimental Johnson and Johnson COVID Injections – “The Johnson and Johnson experimental COVID “vaccine” is not an mRNA “vaccine,” it is an “adenovirus” vaccine, but like mRNA vaccines, there are currently no approved adenovirus vaccines in the market, although the military has used experimental adenovirus vaccines that are not FDA approved. So by getting the FDA to issue an EUA, which they did on February 27th, Johnson and Johnson can now test their experimental vaccine on the public as part of their Phase 3 trials.” – Brian Shilhavy

Jamie Metzl Questions the Origins of Covid 19 (VIDEO) – PowerfulJRE – THIS VIDEO HAS OVER 1 MILLIION VIEWS!!!!!

Germany imposes strict lockdown over Easter – Deutsche Welle


WHO is shaking the jar? – “The elevated intensity of manipulation by those pulling the strings of societal discontent reveals much about their level of desperation in creating more chaos, because the awakening of more to the truth, endangers their wealth, power, and control.” – Jim Quinn  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JIM AS USUAL!!!!!

The hibernation of democracy – “A year of lockdown has had dire consequences for liberty and public life.” – Brendan O’Neill

The New Normal “Reality” Police – “So, according to Facebook and the Atlantic Council, I am now a “dangerous individual,” you know, like a “terrorist,” or a “serial murderer,” or “human trafficker,” or some other kind of “criminal.” Or I’ve been praising “dangerous individuals,” or disseminating their symbols, or otherwise attempting to “sow dissension” and cause “offline harm.” Actually, I’m not really clear what I’m guilty of, but I’m definitely some sort of horrible person you want absolutely nothing to do with, whose columns you do not want to read, whose books you do not want to purchase, and the sharing of whose Facebook posts might get your account immediately suspended. Or, at the very least, you’ll be issued this warning:” – CJ Hopkins

The Deadly Precedent of the Waco Whitewash – “No-knock assault. After the nation was struck by violent protests this summer after the death of George Floyd, it is worth looking back 20 years to see the system and excuses that were used to absolve law enforcement gone wild.” – James Bovard

Boulder Shooter Identified As 21-Year-Old Ahmad Al-Issa, Charged With 10 Counts Of Murder – “This one’s gonna be a short news cycle… expect this not to be classified as terrorism, and the motive to remain unclear for some time.” – Tyler Durden  – I’M SURE SOME HOW HE WILL BE CONNECTED TO SOME WHITE SUPREMACIST GROUP. MAYBE HE GOOGLED THE TERM, ONCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa – The Name Won’t Fit Their Narrative – A Patriot

The Left Politicized and Racialized the Boulder Shooting, Now Its Racism Is Exposed – “The left’s racism and bigotry are, once again, on full display as the Boulder, Colorado shooter’s identity wasn’t what many on the left had predicted. The thing is, they shouldn’t be making these predictions in the first place, but one thing is for sure, the left’s racism and bigotry is on full display. ” – Brandon Morse

Why More Guns Are The Answer To The Boulder Shooting – “If an armed and well-trained civilian had been present, it is unlikely that ten people would have died.” – Graham J Noble

The GREAT GUN GRAB of 2021 Begins! – “How predictable that this alleged massacre would be perpetrated in Colorado just as the Columbine High School massacre was carried out by a similar OPERATION GLADIO 3 conspiracy in April of 1999. Of course, the intention is quite similar: inflame anti-firearm sentiments in a once very conservative state where gun ownership is at an all-time high because of the brazenly stolen 2020 election.” – State of the Nation

Biden Team Prepares $3 Trillion in New Spending for the Economy – Jim Tankersley – CRANK UP THE MONEY PRESSES AND PRINT SOME MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mass Federalization: How Washington is Bailing Out Failed States, Decapitating Competitive Ones and Ending America As You Knew It – Mark Glennon

Why Is Biden Creating His Own Crises? – “What Gov. Andrew Cuomo did to the nursing homes of New York — send COVID-positive patients back into them — Biden is doing to the USA… How do you control a pandemic when our 2,000-mile southern border is a crossing corridor for thousands of infected every single day?” – Patrick J. Buchanan – I THINK EVERYONE IS MISSING THE OBVIOUS POINT HERE. CREATE MORE COVID THREATS THEN YOU CAN CREATE MORE CONTROL. AFTER ALL IT’S WORKED FOR THEM FOR OVER A YEAR NOW AND IT HELPED GET RID OF TRUMP!!!!!!

Joe Biden Needs To Step Up And Own The Border Crisis – “Biden’s chickens are coming to America to roost.” – Mark Angelides

The Unipolar moment is over; the Multipolar moment is here. – “Setting this in context, the contrast between Mr.Lavov’s ongoing visit to China, and the so-called ‘strategic’ meeting between the United States and China at the end of last week, cannot be more stark. There is however a twist in this lovely tale and it is the one of economic influence and we know now which direction both Russia and China (and a host of other countries) will take in the short term. They will remove the sanctions weapon from the hands of the United States including Europe. We can look forward to a different economic reset, with countries taking their power back using their own currencies and other alternatives.” – Chris Faure

Why “Gray” Is the New Black: Assessing Baseline and Blending In – “With all the violent divisiveness, the uptick in crime, and the “cancel” craze, hiding in plain sight can be your best bet to avoid trouble.” – Daisy Luther

Flaunting Wealth: Are We About To Reach America’s “Let Them Eat Cake” Moment? – Michael Snyder

Are White Americans Privileged or Persecuted? – “White Gentile Americans Are Today’s Untermensch.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Joe Biden and Killer Strikes – “Let’s have no more nonsense from Joe Biden rotating on his shaky moral pinnacle. The casual and deeply malevolent insult delivered to President Putin on television smacks of the hideous years of Trump — as does the blatant hypocrisy of the Biden attitude concerning killer strikes. He should think about the orphans he created when he endorsed the missile attack on the entirely innocent Pakistani taxi driver, Mohammad Azam. Killers, anyone?” – Brian Cloughley

Obama taking his third term at the Biden White House? – “Is former president Obama giving orders to doddering Joe Biden about how to run America over the phone? Sure sounds like it, if the word of Jen Psaki is to be believed. Yes, I know that sounds funny. President Joe Biden and his policy teams have been in “regular touch” with President Barack Obama on “a range of issues,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters Monday.” – Monica Showalter

Stupidity Rules Under Biden, Just As It Did Under Trump – Eric Zuesse

Russia’s Lavrov Urges De-dollarization to Counter US Hegemonic Aims – “US dollar hegemony serves its imperial interests. It facilitates corporate takeovers and speculative excess – creating bubbles and global economic crises. It finances US militarism, its global empire of bases, and endless wars of aggression – smashing nations to control them at the expense of democratic freedoms and social justice. As long as world central banks buy US dollars and they dominate international trade, its hegemony is preserved at the expense of world peace, stability, security, and fundamental freedoms en route to disappearing altogether.” – Stephen Lendman

Walmart, Amazon and the Colonial Deindustrialisation of India – Colin Todhunter

Are you ready to become a ‘digital asset’ of the globalists’ Great Reset? – “Few are aware of it but the digitalization of the human race is advancing at break-neck speed. Don’t look now but the world is racing down a path that has been interlaid with landmines of control and surveillance and yet almost no Western politician of any party seems concerned enough to even talk about the impact this will have on personal privacy. If you’re curious about what the near future holds, listen to technocrats like Bill Gates.” – Leo Hohmann


Powell, Do You Even Know What The Economy Is? – Bruce Wilds

The Record – “March 23, 2020. The day of the bottom and markets never looked back a few intermittent corrections aside. Central bankers have done it again: Print the world out of another crisis and they are basking in their own glory keen on continuing on a path of permanent intervention that appears to be consequence free. I remain a very lonely voice highlighting consequences that either appear to not matter or no one cares about. But I can’t help myself, I’m a reality junkie.” – Sven Henrich

Business Leaders Say They are Thriving. No One Else Is. – “A Microsoft study finds 41% of workers may quit this year. The big complaint is being overworked.” – Mish

Everyone Knows the Housing Market Craziness Can’t Last, then the First Dip Turns into a Big Drop – “Now they’re wondering why.” – Wolf Richter

You Can’t Blame Big Government Spending All on the Pandemic – Peter Schiff

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.36EUR


Job 19:29    Be ye afraid of the sword: for wrath bringeth the punishments of the sword, that ye may know there is a judgment.