Fauci says mandatory COVID-19 vaccines possible for travel, school – ““Everything will be on the table for discussion,” Fauci, who will be chief medical adviser to President-elect Joe Biden, told Newsweek.” – Jackie Salo  – HERE WE GO. WHEN DID FAUCI BECOME THE LAW OF THE LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2021: The Geopolitics of Vaccination – “The potentially most interesting (or terrifying depending on your worldview) systemic change brought on by the virus would be the start of some sort of mandatory vaccination for travel. This concept, which was unthought of just a year ago, is being discussed in the Mainstream Media both positively and negatively with some governments already greenlighting the concept verbally.” – Tim Kirby

Fauci’s ‘noble lies’ catch up to him – Washington Examiner

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet: The Worst Is Yet to Come – “2020 was but a prelude to the real and final death of America. “You ain’t seen nothing yet” may be difficult to fathom after what has happened in the last ten months, but without an immediate and forceful response by the people, much worse is on the horizon. Lockdowns will continue, but will be more demanding and more enforced. Business closings, job loss, and economic devastation will only continue with gusto. Draconian orders and mandates will still be with us and enhanced, but brutal police state tactics of enforcement will escalate dramatically. New gun control and gun confiscation policies will be implemented, and the restriction of individual movement will be severely tightened. Surveillance will become even more insane, tracking and tracing will be rampant, and movement passports will be commonplace.” – Gary D. Barnett

Forcing Americans Into FEMA Camps In The Name Of COVID Safety! Look To New York And Canada To See What Rabid Liberals Are Doing, And Get Ready For Biden To Do The Same – “America has only been protected from these types of nationally mandated civil liberty violations, by Donald J. Trump being the President of the United States of America. If and when Joe Biden is inaugurated, all of that changes, most likely as of day one, most definitely within the first 100 days. First lets detail why Biden, unlike President Trump, will follow in the footsteps of tyrannical and Nazi-like governors here in the U.S. and other world leaders that are also radical liberals, such as Canada’s Justin Trudeau.” – Susan Duclos  – SOME PEOPLE WILL CALL THIS CONSPIRACY THEORY, ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS READ THE NEXT TWO ARTICLES TO SEE THAT IT ISN”T!!!!

New York State Democrat Lawmaker Propose Bill to Detain “Disease Carriers” the Governor Deems “Dangerous to the Public Health” – Cristina Laila

Canadian Police Storm a ‘Gathering’ Over COVID in Insane Video, and It Should Scare Everyone – Bonchie

Why do hypocritical officials violate their own COVID rules? – “The usual explanation: these officials are arrogant and believe they’re above the law. They want to thumb their noses at the little people. Yes, no doubt. But a more direct reason is staring us in the face. The hypocritical officials know the whole COVID pandemic is a fraud. They know there is no danger. They know the lockdowns are unnecessary. That’s why these officials break their own rules. Why would they expose themselves to “the virus,” unless they knew they were safe?” – Jon Rappoport

Let’s Talk About “Super-Covid” and Other Mutations – Daisy Luther

Study Highlights Blinding Moral Bias Against Questioning Lockdowns – “I often compare the manner in which skeptics of the prevailing narratives surrounding Covid-19 are treated to something akin to the Salem Witch Trials or the Spanish Inquisition. Those who try to make a good faith and well-reasoned argument questioning the efficacy of lockdowns or the overall manner in which Covid has been handled are immediately condemned. It’s as if they spoke out against the church, not made a contribution to an important discussion.” – Ethan Yang

Covid “Dark Winter”: Political Announcements of “Highly Contagious Virus Variants” – “The 2001 Anthrax Deceptions and those being Perpetrated Today.” – Edward Curtin and Dr. Heiko Schöning

Hundreds of Israelis get infected with Covid-19 after receiving Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine – RT

10 Facts From the UK Government Pfizer Vaccine Guidance that Promote “Vaccine Hesitancy” – Johnny Vedmore

“I’m Choosing The Risk Of Getting COVID”: Over Half Of Health Care Workers At California Hospitals Refuse Vaccinations – Tyler Durden

Why Did a COVID Vaccine Turn HIV Tests Positive? – “In the race to produce a viable vaccine for COVID-19, one developed at the University of Queensland, Australia, was scrapped when scientists found participants developed a false positive test for HIV after vaccination. Researchers who had used recombinant adenovirus type 5 (Ad5) vector 10 years ago for an HIV-1 vaccine warned against using the same process for the development of a COVID-19 vaccine as it raised the risk of an HIV infection” – Dr. Joseph Mercola




How did Biden pull it off? – “I keep hearing that it was all of those voters who voted for Biden and then checked every GOP candidate on the ballot. Seriously, does anyone believe that? Do you know anyone who did that? My experience with a couple of NeverTrumps is that they just didn’t vote at all.” – Silvio Canto, Jr.

Pence & it is His Duty to Count or Reject Votes – Martin Armstrong

The strange story of Georgia’s pallets of ballots – Andrea Widburg

New Mexico Democratic Governor Tries to Fine Churches 10,000 Dollars for CHRISTmas Eve Services – T.LaDuke  – WHO VOTES FOR ALL THESE IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Julian Assange Pardon Drive – “The seeds for a stinging provocation against the US imperium have been sown. Whether they take firm root and grow in the self-absorbed mind of the commander-in-chief is another matter.” – Binoy Kampmark

Let’s Be Absolutely Clear What’s At Stake In The Assange Case – “When it comes to human behavior, things only change for the better when there is a lucid and unobstructed perception of what’s going on. There is no progress without clear seeing. We cannot move in the direction of health and harmony if we cannot lucidly perceive the ways in which we are still sick and dysfunctional. We can’t move forward if we’re unaware of the specific ways in which we are stuck in place. Most of us, on some level, want things in our world to change for the better.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM CAITLIN AS USUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Journalism After Trump: Expect A Much Friendlier Media For Biden – “The media shilling for Biden isn’t a shocker – but the assumption that we didn’t already know this is.” – Jeff Charles

China: Paying US Media to Publish Propaganda – “n June, China Daily filed a disclosure with the Justice Department showing that, since November 2016, it had paid $19 million to U.S. media outlets, including $12 million to newspapers such as the Washington Post and New York Times. China Daily’s ads — in a strategy known as “borrowing a boat to go out on the ocean” — come in the form of advertising supplements, inserts called China Watch… camouflaged to look like the other news content of the media outlets in which they appear.” – Judith Bergman

Pfizer, GSK & Others Quietly Hike Prices On 100s Of Drugs – Tyler Durden


Bill Gates Has an Insane Idea to Save the Human Race From Global Warming – “Bill Gates, the computer nerd-turned-billionaire-turned left-wing activist wants to save humanity. He wants to dim the sun.” – Matt Margolis

The Wokest News Stories of 2020 – “When editors in 2020 weren’t being fired in bunches, they were taking aim at everyone from Beethoven to mermaids to skyscrapers” – Matt Taibbi

The Official Whitewash Of The Killing Of Duncan Lemp – “Why did a Montgomery County, Maryland SWAT team kill 21-year-old Duncan Lemp, in a no-knock predawn raid on March 12? The county released an official report yesterday stating that a violent no-knock raid was justified “due to Lemp being ‘anti-government,’ ‘anti-police,’ currently in possession of body armor, and an active member of the Three Percenters.” The report also noted that “police had viewed several videos showing Lemp handling and shooting firearms.” Distrusting the government and police and appearing in photos or videos with firearms is a catch-all that could apply to millions of Americans. But that was enough to justify a deadly assault in one of America’s most liberal jurisdictions” – James Bovard

Nothing sentimental about these train journeys – “West, Central and South Asia are interconnecting by rail and ro-ro ship because geoeconomics requires it” – Pepe Escobar

Navalny and Handlers Lose the Plot… He Is a Convicted Felon on Probation – Finian Cunningham

Good Science vs Bad Science and Propaganda: A review of Seven – “To its credit, Seven remains focused on the scientific question of why WTC 7 collapsed and, only at the very end, are the broader implications hinted at.” – Dr Piers Robinson

ANARCHO-TYRANNY: Same California police that did NOTHING when BLM was rioting now swarm home of honest man trying to register legal firearm – Ethan Huff

A Brief History of Genetic Vaccines (Part 1): Ebola – Julie Beal

A Brief History of Genetic Vaccines (Part 2): HIV – Julie Beal




The Greatest Short Squeeze In History – Tyler Durden

Why Is The Silver Price Still 50% Below Its 1980 High (While Gold Has More Than Doubled) (VIDEO) with Steve Cope – “A lot of investors have been confused as to why silver still sits 50% below its 1980 and 2011 highs, while just about every other asset class on the planet is at or near record levels.” – Arcadia Economics

Paper Dollars in Circulation Globally Spike amid Hot Demand. But a Mexican Bank, after Run-ins with the US, Can No Longer Unload its Hoard of Paper Dollars – “Triggering a showdown — Government of Mexico v. Central Bank — over paper dollars, with ramifications in the US and globally.” – Wolf Richter

Bitcoin Explodes Above $33k As Supply Squeeze Continues – Tyler Durden




Hebrews 13:3   Remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them; and them which suffer adversity, as being yourselves also in the body.