An obituary that speaks to many people in America – Andrea Widburg  – A MUST READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Give me liberty or give me a face diaper – “The most embarrassing aspect of our afternoon was when fully masked sheeple would take a wide berth into the grass when they saw we were un-muzzled. They treated us like plague carrying super spreaders. This happened at least a half dozen times. When we passed two young fully masked parents pushing a stroller with an infant sucking on his pacifier, I jokingly said to my wife that I should patent a face mask with a built in pacifier. Too late. They already sell them on the internet. We truly must be living in some dystopian Twilight Zone episode.” – Jim Quinn

TOP 11 COVID-19 STATISTICS MAINSTREAM NEWS IS HIDING FROM YOU – “All of this data is extracted from the CDC, WHO, Johns Hopkins, White House task force press conferences, and scientific studies. All direct source links are cited below the list of statistics. A printable pdf version is available at the bottom of this page for those who wish to print and distribute these facts.” – Corey Lynn  – ONCE AGAIN, COREY HAS THE RESEARCH TO BACK UP HER ARTICLE!!!!!

As COVID-19 vaccines come online, fewer Americans want to take them – Karen Kaplan  – HMM, WONDER WHY!!!!!

Is Mandatory Covid Vaxxing Coming? – “Human health is too priceless to lose — why it’s crucial to say NO in the face of relentless government, Pharma and press agent mass media pro-mass-vaxxing propaganda. Sadly, the rule of law won’t triumph over the power of dark forces in the US, West and most other countries — unless mass activism challenges what’s unacceptable. Resisting tyranny is a universal right. People have power when use it. Challenging dark forces is the only way to regain and protect our fundamental rights.” – Stephen Lendman

The Meaningless Meaning of “(COVID)-Cases” – “Each day, we’re bombarded (I’d say ad nauseam) with reports & news of more COVID-19 “cases,” whatever that term means. You’d think that this term would be well defined, here, there and everywhere. I wish you luck in finding a standard, generally accepted definition of it. If you succeed, please let me know.” – Dr. Klaus L.E. Kaiser

Even While It Was Happening, It Wasn’t Happening – “Was there really such a year as 2020? And so much never happened this past year! Four-fifths of the United States of America suspended democracy and declared the Bill of Rights obsolete. The United Kingdom unleashed a new sort of “police” – faces masked, truncheons in their paws – to maul peaceful protesters for the crime of breathing. In parts of Australia, it became a criminal offense to tell other people the time and place of a political demonstration. Germany outlawed political protest. But none of that happened. It wasn’t reported in the mainstream press. It was of no interest.” – Michael Lesher

Save us, Big Brother! Ever-shifting Covid-19 guidance is designed to make you beg for dictatorship – “While much of the US is succumbing to pandemic fatigue, caring less than ever about the latest scary numbers, a small but influential faction is demanding dictatorship for everyone to ensure compliance with “the rules.” “All I want for Christmas are Covid-19 mandates,” Washington Post columnist Kate Cohen wrote as the holiday loomed on the horizon last week. Seemingly terrified that Americans’ festive habits might overtake their pandemic-inculcated learned helplessness for a few days and unwilling to “allow” people to celebrate in peace, Cohen spoke for the burgeoning Snitch Nation, begging for more rules to follow — and an iron fist to enforce them on the disobedient.” – Helen Buyniski

The Mark? California Issuing Digital Papers for Vaccination Verification Program – Off Grid Survival


Forecast 2021 — Chinese Fire Drills with a side of French Fries (Jacobin-style) and Russian Dressing – “Mr. Trump has called for a gigantic assembly of his supporters on January 6 in Washington. He didn’t call them there to watch him get humiliated. Something is up. You can feel it in the air. I’ll give it a fair chance that Donald Trump is the one with his hand on the bible come January 20. One caveat to all that: 2021 is going to be very rough sledding, with many discomforts, traumas, and things left behind for America. Whoever occupies the Oval Office is going to be buried in trouble.” – James Howard Kunstler

We’re All in This Together . . . – “Of course, “we” aren’t. There is the essential class – which issues and enforces the “mandates” – which it is important to constantly repeat are not laws but literally the arbitrary decrees of politicians grown fat, like blood-gorged ticks, with limitless power somehow acquired in the name of gesund – even though we’re healthy, thanks – and there is the rest of us, deemed non-essential.” – Eric Peters  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM ERIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What Will Historians Make of Our Annus Horribilis? – “The year 2020 is now commonly dubbed the annus horribilis — “the horrible year.” The last 10 months certainly have been awful. Yet amid the death, destruction and dissension, history will show that America did not fall apart.” – Victor Davis Hanson

The Year in Review: 2020 in 20 Visualizations – Nick Routley

New Year and New Challenges: Changing Your Perspective Changes Your Options – “You can choose how to deal with what is coming by reviewing the options. You can make the best choice then when you are facing options instead of struggles. ” – Erica Nygaard  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM ERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What to Expect in 2021 – “As 2020 draws to a close, there are many who are breathing a huge sigh of relief. But I’ve got to say, I can’t really understand that. It’s not like everything is going to be okay, just because the year has ended and a new year is starting. Disasters don’t wait for a convenient time, nor do they pay any attention to the calendar. They come when they want to and don’t care how inconvenient it is. With that being the case, there’s a good chance that we’ll see the disasters of 2020 spilling over into 2021.” – Bill White

CNN’s Zakaria: ‘Dirty Little Secret’—Trump Was Tough on Russia! – “Wait a second! It was a “dirty little secret” that Trump was tough on Russia? WHY?? Who kept it a secret and for what purpose?? And the obvious answer is that the liberal media/Democrats were intent on pushing Russia Russia Russia. Admitting that President Trump was in fact tough on Russia would undermine that line of attack. And so they buried it: kept it a “dirty little secret.” What other things will the liberal media give President Trump credit for if and when he is off the scene?” – Mark Finkelstein

3 Glaring Flaws Plaguing the Bipartisan Push for $2,000 ‘Stimulus’ Checks – “Handing out boosted $2,000 COVID ‘stimulus’ checks like candy on Halloween isn’t effective or justified.” – Brad Polumbo and Peter Jacobsen

The war for democracy is only beginning – “Brexit was the first great battle in a far broader struggle for real people power.” – Brendan O’Neill

Teaching Black Americans to Hate White Americans Has Consequences – “As I have emphasized for many years, white liberals simultaneously tout the virtues of a diverse multicultural society while teaching black people to hate white people. Clearly, white liberals are not very smart and are incapable of comprehending the contradiction in their position.” – Paul Craig Roberts

How The Generosity Of Strangers Changed This Single Mother’s Life For The Better – “Maria Patton, a single mother who was financially caught off guard after she lost her job during the pandemic, finally received a good surprise.” – Jordan Davidson

New Year’s Eve, 2021: Masses Party in Wuhan While New Yorkers Locked in Their Homes – Chris Menahan

De Blasio Dances With Wife In Times Square After Shutting It Down To The Public For New Years – Shelby Talcott  – LET’S JUST SAY IT HOW IT IS. “WHAT A DICK”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chicago Teachers Union big shot says unsafe to teach live — from her pool side in Puerto Rico – Wirepoints

2020’s Big Winners: Billionaires, Silicon Valley Tech Lords, and Communist China – Rebecca Mansour

Russia-China Prepare to Challenge US World Domination Bid – “Increased Russia-China coordination comes against the immediate context of increasing US military activity in the region. Russia-China response to the US moves indicates that both states are not willing to submit to the US notion of unilateral world domination. While the Trump administration notoriously followed “America First” and started a “trade war” with China, the Biden administration’s resolve to end “America First” and re-vitalize the “Asia Pivot” inherently involves military competition and a bid to establish US dominance. This is happening in both South China Sea and in the Black Sea and Baltic region.” – Salman Rafi Sheikh

Putin Signs Law Enabling Sanctions On US Social Media Giants That ‘Label’ & Restrict Russian Content – Tyler Durden

1984? Twitter Mob cancels English Literature – “Under the hashtag #DisruptTexts, English and Literature teachers across the United States are banding together to censor dangerous classic novels. For example, a teacher in Lawrence Massachusetts said that the organization #DisruptTexts helped her school district remove Homer’s The Odyssey from the curriculum. Others have done away with the “slut-shaming” classic, The Scarlet Letter, as well as Shakespeare for his works written “at a time when hate-ridden sentiments prevailed.”” – Simon Black

The Kafkaesque Imprisonment of Julian Assange Exposes U.S. Myths About Freedom and Tyranny – “The real measure of how free is a society is not how its mainstream, well-behaved ruling class servants are treated, but the fate of its actual dissidents.” – Glenn Greenwald

If You Thought 2020 was a Bad Year, 2021 is Going to be FAR Worse! – ” Because if one truly understands what has happened in 2020, then you should also understand that this Plandemic was just the prelude, and things are now about to get a lot worse.” – Brian Shilhavy


Ten Remarkable Financial Events of 2020 – “The volatile financial landscape has become an indispensable component of ongoing pandemic coverage. Much like 2020 as a whole, events in global financial markets over the past year have ranged from shocking to devastating to mind-boggling. The sheer concentration of so many unlikely events taking place in the span of a year can, at least partially, be explained by economic logic, but that answer alone would paint an incomplete picture.” – Peter C. Earle

Economic and monetary outlook for 2021 – “The most important event in the new year is likely to be the Fed losing control of its iron grip on markets. The dollar’s declining trend is already well established against other currencies and commodities, leading to this outcome.” – Alasdair Macleod

The Result of “Too Much Money”: Asset Price Inflation and Inequality – Pascal Hügli

The Great Reset: Leaning into 2021 Money Storm – “The big talk among economists and central banksters and some politicians in 2020 has shifted toward how the Coronacrisis will (or “must”) result in a global financial/social reset. I’ve said for years we can anticipate central bank digital currencies (even before that term existed) to happen in conjunction with a global financial reset. Now we are in that era,” – David Haggith

US Dollar as “Global Reserve Currency” amid Fed’s QE and US Government Deficits: Dollar Hegemony in Decline – “Other options also shaky. Central banks leery of Chinese RMB, its share still irrelevant. Euro’s share is stuck. But the yen’s share has been rising.” – Wolf Richter

The Silver Yearly Wrapup (VIDEO) – David Morgan


Isaiah 54:15  Behold, they shall surely gather together, but not by me: whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake.