Promising Interim Results from Clinical Trial of NIH-Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine – NIH Press Release


Fauci and CCP Propagandists Demand you Cancel Christmas: Push Masks & Social Distancing forever, even after Vaccine! – “This morning, Josef Mengele, AKA Dr. Anthony Fauci, joined Jake Tapper on CNN’s “State of the Union.” In his interview, he basically admitted that they never intend to allow the public to go back to how life was pre-COVID. He told Tapper that, even after the world has been vaccinated against COVID, masks and social distancing need to remain, indefinitely.” – Off Grid Survival

As Covid-19 Surges, the Big Unknown Is Where People Are Getting Infected – “The U.S. and Europe struggle to identify where coronavirus infections are occurring, making it hard to impose targeted restrictions”- Ruth Bender and Matthew Dalton  – SO LET’S JUST ASSUME IT’S THE BARS AND RESTAURANTS THEN LIKE EVERYONE DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coercion… Will Biden Listen to the Science? – “Yet again, Biden is ignoring the science. In this case the science has demonstrated that most masks are ineffective at preventing the spread of a virus. Medical science also shows that wearing a mask for extended periods of time can cause health problems.” – Ron Paul

Who Pressed the Great Reset Button? – “The globalist technocracy is using the COVID-19 pandemic to bypass democratic accountability, override opposition, accelerate their agenda and to impose it on the public against our will. The Great Reset refers to a global agenda to monitor and control the world through digital surveillance. You’ll be tied to it through an electronic ID linked to your bank account and health records, and a social credit ID that will end up dictating every facet of your life.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Canadian government publishes bid request for “Programmable Hydraulic Guillotines” needed “in support of Canada’s response to COVID-19” – Mike Adams  – UNBELIEVABLE AND MIKE HAS THE LINK TO PROVE IT. ASK YOURSELF WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT!!!!

Not The First Time A Vitamin Deficiency Was Confused For a Viral Epidemic – Bill Sardi

The Covid inquisition – “Police are now breaking up baptisms which contravene the Covid rules. At the weekend, police stormed the Angel Church in Clerkenwell, London to break up a baptism.” – Spiked

New stats reveal massive NYC exodus amid coronavirus, crime – Melissa Klein – THANKS TO MAYOR DEBLASIO AND GOVERNOR CUOMO!!!!


Don’t Mess with Miz Powell – ” “Despite Risk to Nation. Trump Resists Transition and Fans Conspiracies” That’s a headline from — where else? — The New York Times, Monday morning edition. The paper no longer prints news stories, it releases DNC talking points, such as this one referring to conspiracy theories, one of their faves. The catch, of course, is: when an organization, say, the Democratic Party, meddles in election vote tabulation, you have…what? A plan acted on by a group to do something unlawful. That would be… a conspiracy. They surely had the motive and, apparently, the means. Then another Trump lawyer, Sidney Powell, came on Lou Dobbs’s Friday evening news show and some people started paying attention to some things she said, like, “I’m going to release the kraken” — referring to the largest and most feared sea monster in Old Norse mythology. Miz Powell, she means bidness.” – James Howard Kunstler

Sidney Powell gives details about the election fraud Kraken – Andrea Widburg

The election vote: the deeper you look, the worse it gets – “I’m going to discuss two companies, Dominion, and ES&S. I would advise investigators not to go to sleep on ES&S.” – Jon Rappoport

Pre-election Scandals Disappear Down Media Rabbit Hole – “Where’d everybody go? The mainstream media downplays or ignores stories that portray the left in a bad light. Will America ever find out what really happened with Russian collusion, Jeffrey Epstein’s death, or the corruption uncovered in Hunter Biden’s laptop?” – Jeff Minick

The Democrats Are Aiming for a One-Party Government – “Few Democrat voters understand that the party has been transformed into an ideological revolutionary party that intends to overthrow “white culture.” The elite financiers of the Democrats have yet to catch on that once the Democrats have one-party rule they no longer need the billionaires and the lobbies. I don’t think it has dawned on the military/security complex that its power is reduced by the rise of the one-party state.” – Paul Craig Roberts

The Next Major Crisis Will Be Ushered In For The Great Reset – Ken Jorgustin

Biden looking to put Hillary in the United Nations – Perfect Considering the UN Great Reset – Martin Armstrong

Biden’s transition team is filled with war profiteers, Beltway chickenhawks, and corporate consultants – Kevin Gosztola

Consumer Reports Goes Full Fake News – “Ryan Felton and Kaveh Waddell wrote a piece for a glossy magazine that prides itself on “unbiased product testing, investigative journalism, consumer-oriented research, public education, and consumer advocacy.” Titled “How to Handle Post-Election Misinformation, Even With a Presidential Winner Declared,” the writers were not only incredibly biased but dead wrong. Who knew Consumer Reports would play a significant role in revisionist American history?” – Sarah Cowgill

America’s Social Credit System Is Worse than China’s – “China is notorious for a “Social Credit System” that controls the lives of citizens, rewarding what the authorities want and punishing what they don’t. The United States has a social credit system, too, even if we don’t call it that. And ours is worse. The Chinese system tries to build social trust. Ours destroys trust.” – Gregory Hood

Brexit is bigger than Boris or any Downing Street bunfight – “The real issue is not ‘Carrie v Dom’, but elite domination or democracy?” – Mick Hume


The Rise of Voodoo Economics – “The economic circus has arrived in town. And as with any circus, there are not only the main events, but distractions of every kind, created to maximise confusion. It might be said that the reigning priestess of Voodoo Economics is IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva. As the Marie Laveau of the IMF, she has been highly visible of late, in presenting the IMF’s “Three Imperatives.”” – Jeff Thomas  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JEFF!!!!

Debt, Deficits, and the Donald – ” Fortunately, divided government will mean no Green New Deal, no federally mandated and funded paid leave, and no Court-packing. But it probably won’t mean less spending.” – Veronique de Rugy

Companies Are Preparing to Cut Jobs and Automate if Biden Gets $15 Minimum Wage Hike, Reporting Shows – “Let’s hope that Joe Biden’s minimum wage fantasies never become law—or workers will pay the price for his economic naiveté.” – Brad Polumbo

Can America Really Take a Paid Vacation Funded by Uncle Sam? (VIDEO( – “Michael Osterholm is one of the doctors advising Joe Biden on the coronavirus. He has said the US needs to impose a complete lockdown for four to six weeks. Osterholm claims this won’t be a problem because the US government can just pay everybody. In other words, Uncle Sam would give every American a paid vacation.” – Peter Schiff

Don’t Blame Covid: The Economy is Imploding from Over-Capacity and Corrupt Cartels – Charles Hugh Smith

Get ready for the “Work From Home” Tax – “Just a few days ago, Germany’s Deutsche Bank (one of the largest banks in the world) released a paper proposing that people who have the ‘privilege’ of working from home should have to pay a 5% tax to subsidize people who can’t. This is a ‘work from home’ or ‘remote worker’ tax. The report claims that this tax has been needed for years, but “Covid has just made it obvious.” So, regardless of your circumstances– even if you want to go back to the office but aren’t able to because your company sent everyone home– Deutsche Bank thinks you should have to pay up.” – Simon Black

Controversial Gold Advocate Judy Shelton Will Soon Be On the Fed – Mish

Gold & Silver Update: Including What’s Happening To King Copper? (VIDEO) – Steve St. Angelo

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –9.08EUR


Isaiah 49:19   For thy waste and thy desolate places, and the land of thy destruction, shall even now be too narrow by reason of the inhabitants, and they that swallowed thee up shall be far away.