Yet another case of the missing virus; they lied and locked down the world – “I’ve discovered ANOTHER key document. This one apparently formed the basis for the first PCR test aimed at detecting the COVID virus all over the world. READ WHAT THIS STUDY SAYS. These quotes should be engraved in stone above the entrance to a museum dedicated to the history of medical fraud. “We aimed to develop and deploy robust diagnostic methodology for use in public health laboratory settings without having virus material available.” TRANSLATION: We want to develop a test to detect the new COVID virus without having the virus.” – Jon Rappoport

Pandemic Follies: Tyranny Won’t Keep Us Safe – James Bovard

WARNING: COVID-19 Vaccine Partnership with AstraZeneca a Threat to Public Health – “A criminal foreign pharmaceutical giant found guilty in multiple cases of corruption should not be trusted to produce a safe or effective vaccine for COVID-19 – not for the West and certainly not for Thailand.” – Tony Cartalucci

Hysterical News Media Pushing False Narrative of Covid-19 Cases – “There are several things going on here: There are false positives. Way more than you know – because you’re not being told. There are lots and lots of “positive tests” whereby there are no symptoms. They’re not sick. It is completely inaccurate and fake news to equate a positive Covid test as a “new case”.” – Ken Jorgustin

We have to get out of this spiral of authoritarianism – “Lockdowns are having a devastating impact on people’s lives. It’s time for some serious dissent.” – Brendan O’Neill

BILL GATES: WAIT FOR 2 GENERATIONS OF VACCINES BEFORE RETURNING TO “NORMAL” – “He also says that the virus has to be eliminated globally before we are allowed to have any resemblance of life back. Did anyone mention to Gates that we have a vaccine for the flu and we haven’t been able to eradicate it anywhere, let alone globally? Either way, he is a totalitarian seeking power over people and getting richer doing it, so he doesn’t care anyway. According to Gates’ standard, no one Earth will ever be free.” – Mac Slavo

Presented Without Comment – Bill Sardi  – ONE CHART SAYS IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lockdowners Speak with Privilege, and Contempt for the Poor and Working Class – Jenin Younes

Virus that causes Covid-19 can survive for 28 days on common surfaces, research says – Sam Meredith  – I SEE THAT’S CHANGED AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

concerned sanjay   – OH, MY!!!!

Johnson & Johnson pauses Covid-19 vaccine trial after ‘unexplained illness’ – Maggie Fox   – BUT THE VACCINE WILL BE SAFE. EVERYBODY LINE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Facebook Purge of Alternative Health Sites Coming – Censors Story on Doctor Curing 1700 Patients with HCQ: “Could Cause Physical Harm – Make Some People Feel Unsafe on Facebook” – “As we get closer to the November elections, Big Tech social media companies appear to be getting ready to purge all accounts that dare to question Big Pharma and their COVID narrative.” – Brian Shilhavy

Disagreement is now ‘misinformation’ – “Ofcom’s definition of misinformation is so broad it includes advice that was once given out by health chiefs.” – Spiked


Don’t Let the Media Win This Election – “It is hard for anyone who is not chained to a rock to fathom how millions of people can accept the anti-Trump narrative that is projected 24/7 from the studios of CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC and the rest. Don’t these millions of people — these “likely voters,” according to multiple polls — have any perspective? Well, no, they don’t.” – Frank Miele  –  EXCELLENT ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Media’s Biden-Harris Conspiracy Of Silence – “When Joe Biden and Kamala Harris lie, they know they won’t be fact-checked.” – Onar Åm

Watch: “I Have No Agenda” – Judge Barrett Battles Dems On Abortion, Obamacare During Day 2 Of Hearings – Tyler Durden

Here’s What Gun Control Groups Think about Trump’s SCOTUS Pick – Teresa Mull

Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination has put Roe v. Wade back into the national spotlight – Michael Snyder

Trump Should Let Biden Lose The Election All By Himself – “Whether there is a second or third presidential debate before Election Day, when Biden is Biden—uninterrupted, unprotected, on and off prompter—it reveals so much.” – Samantha Strayer

VOTE BIDEN GET ‘CROOKED’: Hillary Auditions For SecDef In 5000-Word Pro-Biden Article Which Admits Massive Defense Jobs Cuts Plan – Raheem Kassam  – WOUDN’T THAT BE LOVELY. WE WOULD BE AT WAR IN NO TIME!!!!!

Will All The Name-Brand People Who Pushed The Russian Collusion Conspiracy Get Off Scot-Free? – “The Russian collusion hoax has fallen apart more every day. And we haven’t heard a word of comment from any of the people responsible for pushing it and helping fracture this country.” – Drew Holden


Is Chris Wallace Auditioning For NBC News? – “Wallace continues to spew Democratic talking points but is hammered with the facts by Trey Gowdy.” – Leesa K. Donner

The Fukushima Daiichi NPP and its Radioactive Water Problem – Konstantin Asmolov  – NO, FUKUSHIMA’S PROBLEMS NEVER DISAPPEARED. BUT THROUGH LACK OF ANY REAL NEWS COVERAGE; THE PROBLEMS ARE OFF THE RADAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More than half of all Americans “plan to stockpile food and other essentials” for the chaotic months ahead – Michael Snyder

Is War With China Becoming Inevitable? – “Tensions are rising between the U.S. and China, as the list of ideological, political and economic clashes continues to lengthen. And there is a transparent new reality: China seems in no mood to back down.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Colonel Alexander Vindman’s Revenge – “Another “expert” with an agenda surfaces. Trump is right about ending America’s love affair with foreign wars, even though it is a subject that neither he nor Joe Biden will be discussing. Vindman is little more than an apologist for why those useless wars are promoted and are continuing.” – Philip Giraldi

The Correlation Between U.S. Democracy and CIA-Sponsored Terror in Cuba’s Case – Ramona Wadi

Government 5G? The Deep State Military-Industrial-Complex Looks to Expand Its ‘Unwarranted Influence’ – Seton Motley  – DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE? HMM, AND WHAT ABOUT THOSE CONSPIRACY THEORIES ABOUT THE WEAPONIZATION OF 5G. STARTING TO LOOK A LITTLE REAL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Birds Are Dropping from the Sky and Studies Confirm Wireless Radiation Harms Birds. Could There Be a Connection? – B.N. Frank


Corporate Bankruptcies Surge; Small Businesses Simply Shutting Down – Peter Schiff

Employment’s Recovery Road Comes to an End – David Haggith

Our Simulacrum Economy In the hyper-real casino, everyone has access to the terrors of losing, but only a few know the joys of the rigged games that guarantee a few big winners by design.- “” – Charles Hugh Smith

New Book Proves U.S. Is Living Under a Disastrous Banking Model from a Century Ago – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Illinois is the Only State to Borrow Money from the Fed -Mish

Silver At $24 Is “Severely” Undervalued (VIDEO) with Lynette Zang – Arcadia Economics

Money – Past, Present, Future (VIDEO) – David Morgan

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.77EUR


2 Peter 1:10  Wherefore the rather, brethren, give diligence to make your calling and election sure: for if ye do these things, ye shall never fall: