Are COVID Case Surges More Fake News? – “COVID cases are on the rise, or so we are told daily by a hysterical media.Yet what the media trumpets as “surging cases” are only positive tests. There is no discussion of whether or not any of the individuals with positive tests are showing symptoms or are actually sick with the Chinese flu. Or if they are contagious and needing to be quarantined. ” – Brian C. Joondeph, M.D.

The fake coronavirus and the missing study: the secret in plain sight – “Stopping the production engine of the world on the pretext of finding a new virus, when no new virus has been correctly found and isolated, is a crime that supersedes the sweat and effort of doing proper science.” – Jon Rappoport

The better Sweden does on the coronavirus, the angrier they get – Dan Hannan

After WHO Flip Flop, Former FDA Chief Says No Reason For Another Round Of Lockdowns In US – Tyler Durden

Will the Worm Turn With the Election in Three and a Half Weeks, or Will Totalitarianism Consume This Country? – “As this chaos advances, and once the virus deaths can be claimed to be increasing, a vaccine will be made available. That vaccine if broadly administered could be the final nail in the coffin of freedom, as what could be in those vaccines could not only be deadly, but could allow for the tracking and control of humanity through the use of nanotechnology hydrogels and bio-sensors that could alter human DNA. In addition, nano-sensor implants injected via vaccines could modulate brain activity so that control from an outside source could be possible.” – Gary D. Barnett

Why has Google censored the Great Barrington Declaration? – “Big Tech now treats any opposition to lockdown as misinformation – even if it’s from eminent scientists.” – Fraser Myers

Hey Mask Nazis: Stop Killing Our “Whatever”-Shaped Recovery (Your Losing Customers, Sales And Tips) – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Interview with an NHS Nurse: “Where’s the challenge? Where’s the crisis? Where’s this Covid?” – Will Jones

California Medical Doctor Cures Over 1700 Patients with COVID Using Hydroxychloroquine – “This continues to be the biggest scandal of the COVID plandemic” – Brian Shilhavy

Bizarre ‘Socially Distanced Prom’ Shows Teens Dancing Back to Back – “I can’t make up my mind whether this is crazy or desperately sad,” commented the user who posted the video. ” – Paul Joseph Watson

Contact-tracing data harvested from pubs and restaurants being sold on – Shanti Das and Shingi Mararike

Lockdowns Have Killed What’s Left of the United Nations’ Credibility – Peter C. Earle

‘First Choice’: How China and the WHO created mass ventilator hysteria – “And harmed innocents along the way.” – Jordan Schachtel


What’s Behind No-show Joe – “Something even stranger and more sinister than the Covid-19 virus is creeping across the USA: Joe Biden’s Flying Dutchman campaign which, like the ghost-ship of legend, plies the vasty electoral seas with a skeleton crew and no hope of ever landing. Late last week, the candidate blew into Yuma, AZ, for a rare, joint appearance with veep pardner Kamala Harris and, guess what, absolutely no civilians (i.e. voters) showed up at the event, though the local TV news had publicized it. Weird, a little bit? Virtually all of the traditional news media, plus the powerful new social media, plus the news media of foreign lands, and scores of other embeds in the federal bureaucracy, are behind the story that Ol’ White Joe and his understudy, Ms. Harris, are way ahead in the polls. Do you ask yourself, as I must, whether this is all a gigantic psy-op?” – James Howard Kunstler  – MR. KUNSTLER NAILS IT AGAIN!!!!!!

ObamaGate’s Endless Saga — None Dare Call it Obstruction – “And for four years we have watched a systematic stonewall go up protecting Obama at every turn while grinding the efforts of the Trump administration to a halt. All of this was done to run out the clock in the hopes of deposing Trump and sweeping all of this malfeasance under the rug. They’ve nearly gotten away with it. We’re less than 30 days to the election and nothing of substance has happened even though it’s all there in the open for everyone to see.” – Tom Luongo

The Countdown Has Started: Liberal Insanity Levels Over The Next Ten Days Will Reach A Fevered Pitch As The Senate Confirms Amy Coney Barrett For The Supreme Court – Susan Duclos

As Barrett Confirmation Hearings Begin, 2A Issues Loom Large – Cam Edwards

Flying the Flag Is a Secret Trump Handshake – ” It’s one thing for libs to try to leverage fear to intimidate their patriotic opponents; it’s another thing to try it when they think that Kevlar is a hip Indonesian spice you sprinkle over your kale, and that SIG Sauer is a happening non-binary Swedish stand-up comic who doesn’t tell jokes because laughter is racist. We recently had Chris Hayes opine that, as soon as they install a Grandpa Badfinger regime – and even before Kamala can exercise Botox Nan’s new 25th Amendment option – we Trump supporters should be hauled before “some kind of truth and reconciliation commission” ” – Kurt Schlichter

‘A Really Elitist Remark’: Kayleigh McEnany Slams Joe Biden For Saying Voters ‘Don’t Deserve’ Answers – Virginia Kruta

Mark Levin Reminds Dr. Fauci That He DID Praise the Trump Administration’s Coronavirus Response – “Why Fauci would now disavow his work and his own praise of it looks an awful lot like taking sides in a presidential race, despite the doctor’s insistence that he never, ever does that.” – Sarah Lee

Love It or Leave? – “As a country grows more socialistic, an ever-larger number of dependent people must be paid for by those who are productive. This, of course, diminishes the retained earnings of those who have been productive. What happens then is that a quiet exodus begins to take place. The very people who are ordered to pay the bill for everyone else tend to look for greener pastures.” – Jeff Thomas

A Quick Reminder of How Venezuela RAN OUT of Food: Does This Look Familiar? – “Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the collapse of Venezuela and the current situation in the United States. You may notice some uncanny similarities.” – Daisy Luther

Confucius and Marx will never marry in China – “Modern China’s deviation from traditional Confucian values has seriously damaged its ‘Mandate of Heaven‘” – Pepe Escobar

The Status Quo Is The Real ‘Existential Threat’: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – “A news outlet which does not constantly inform its audience of all their government’s misdeeds around the world is not a news outlet. If you think the MSM is pathetic in the Trump era, wait until they stop all critical coverage of government altogether and just spend all day talking about how classy Kamala Harris looks in her latest outfit.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – SOME MORE GOOD OBSERVATIONS FROM CAITLIN!!!!

About that so-called ‘security guard’ who gunned down a Trump supporter in Denver – “Was a local Denver television station hiring violent Antifa supporters to act as their personal security guards? That’s what it’s starting to look like,” – Monica Showalter

The Great California Exodus – “California Nightmarin’ Today, those with a modicum of judgment and respect for their pocketbook are heading anywhere that is not named California, attempting to flee the incompetent mismanagement of Governor Gavin Newsom.” – Andrew Moran

Becoming Invisible And Staying Under The Radar – Bob Rodgers


The number of Americans that have filed for unemployment benefits in 2020 exceeds the number that voted for Trump in 2016 – “And more layoff announcements keep rolling in with each passing day.” – Michael Snyder

How We Institutionalized Incompetence – “And so we face the ultimate irony: ‘bailing-out-everything’ destroys the entire rotten system.” – Charles Hugh Smith

This Is How You Push The World To A Cashless Society – “The satanic globalist have schemed up this idea of a cashless society for at least the past two decades.” – Rory Hall

Are You Prepared For Imminent US Digital Dollar? – Neenah Payne

If You’re Baffled as to Why JPMorgan Chase’s Board Hasn’t Sacked Jamie Dimon as the Bank Racked Up 5 Felony Counts – Here’s Your Answer – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Democratic Presidential Victory Great for Gold (VIDEO) -Gerald Celente

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.85EUR


Proverbs 29:12  If a ruler hearken to lies, all his servants are wicked.