In Stunning Reversal, CDC Says It Published New Guidance On Risks Of ‘Airborne’ COVID-19 “In Error” – Tyler Durden

COVID World – Resist! – “COVID 19 is being used to create a global fascist dictatorship. From New Zealand to the the U.S, so called western democracies have adopted and developed the Chinese model of technocracy to create a single biosecurity State. This globalist corporate State is to be centrally controlled and administered by a distant global governance cartel of appointed bureaucrats. Tasked only to serve the interests of a tiny, disproportionately wealthy group we can call the parasite class.” – Iain Davis

Liberty or Lockdown – “Even as I write, with hints of Autumn in the air, we can’t go to the movies, walk indoors without masks, hold larger parties, or attend events. And it’s not just governments and police we fear but even more so the sternly earnest enforcers among the citizenry, even more zealous than the Centers for Disease Control, itching to report all dissidents to the health police. And for what? Wearing a mask on the chin instead of the mouth, or just on the mouth rather than the nose too, or perhaps for engaging in criminal activity such as walking backwards on a one-way grocery aisle.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

How CDC/WHO will fake the effects of the COVID vaccine to make it look like a success -Jon Rappoport

CDC’s Forked Tongue: Flip-Flops (Again) On Covid Testing (VIDEO) – Ron Paul

Vaccination: What’s Trust Got to Do With It? – “Every poll taken this year has revealed that between 40% and 70% of people living in the U.S. and Europe do not plan to get a COVID-19 vaccine when it is licensed.” – Barbara Loe Fisher

A second UK Covid-19 lockdown is doomed to fail: Brits have no faith in their leaders anymore and won’t comply – Damian Wilson

‘Gain-of-Function’ Hall of Shame – “The biological weapons industrial complex, the bureaucrats who fund it, the corporations that shape it and the existential risk that genetic engineering and synthetic biology pose to us all” – Organic Consumers Association

Mandatory Mask Wearing Is Silent Terrorism Meant for Psychological Submission – Gary D. Barnett

Study: Proper Levels of Vitamin D will Prevent COVID – Vaccine not Needed – “A recent study conducted by Dr. Holick and his associates looked at samples from Quest Diagnostics of more than 190,000 Americans from all 50 states and found that those who had deficient levels of vitamin D had 54% higher COVID positivity compared to those with adequate levels of vitamin D in the blood.” – Brian Shilhavy




Justice Sleeps and ‘We the People’ Suffer: No, the U.S. Supreme Court Will Not Save Us – “The U.S. Supreme Court will not save us. It doesn’t matter which party gets to pick the replacement to fill Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. The battle that is gearing up right now is yet more distraction and spin to keep us oblivious to the steady encroachment on our rights by the architects of the American Police State. Americans can no longer rely on the courts to mete out justice. Although the courts were established to serve as Courts of Justice, what we have been saddled with, instead, are Courts of Order. This is true at all levels of the judiciary, but especially so in the highest court of the land, the U.S. Supreme Court, which is seemingly more concerned with establishing order and protecting government interests than with upholding the rights of the people enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.” – John W. Whitehead  – ANOTHER EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM JOHN!!!!!

Theories, Evidence, and Bombshells (VIDEO) – “Corey wraps up some vital evidence, incredible bombshells, and her theories on the battle for a vaccine, Trump vs Gates’ strategies, mandates and restrictions, their long game, upcoming elections, and potential increase in riots, in this video. She connects and points to a lot of information that paints a bigger picture and indicates potential actions moving forward. This is a must watch and share for insights on where things may be headed.” – Corey Lynn  – COREY DOES GREAT RESEARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Romney backs vote on Supreme Court nominee, clearing way for Trump – “The announcement means Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has enough votes to move forward with Trump’s pick.” – Burgess Everett

Last Best Chance to Capture Supreme Court – Patrick J. Buchanan

VP hopeful Kamala Harris- who says she supports defunding police – is seen in Miami being protected by dozens of cops as well as a Secret Service agent carrying an assault rifle, a weapon she’s vowed to ban – Kayla Brantley

Democrats Promise Violence: “This Is WAR!” – Mac Slavo

New Report Shows How Congress Has Screwed Over Young People – “The skyrocketing national debt is a moral test—and right now, our leaders are failing.” – Brad Polumbo

Biden Says Voters Don’t Need to Know Who His SCOTUS Pick Will Be – “They will if I’m elected.” – Paul Joseph Watson  – THAT’S BECAUSE POOR JOE HASN’T BEEN TOLD WHO TO PICK YET. DON’T THINK WE’LL HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT IT, ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!!!

There’s No Downside To Trump Nominating Amy Coney Barrett – “This election was always going to be about culture. Treat the election as a referendum on cultural issues and lean in, Mr. President.” – Sumantra Maitra

Genius Trump Nominates Joe Biden To Supreme Court Forcing Dems To Accuse Him Of Sexual Assault – Babylon Bee   – A LITTLE SATIRE FOR THE DAY. THANKS TO STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC AND THE BURNING PLATFORM FOR SHARING!!!!!

Ode To Truth: Ginsburg – “Justice Ginsburg should have retired during Obama’s administration. She was diseased and terminally so, and knew it. She could have lived out her life comfortably. But she was an arrogant and vain woman. She, like so many others, believed that Hillary was “the chosen one”, much like Anikin Skywalker was believed to be the “chosen one” in Star Wars. She was entitled to be President, to rule. And thus she inevitably would do so, and as a result Ruth would retire in glory, as Hillary selected her replacement. But — she was wrong. Hillary was not the “chosen one”; she, like RBG, was a vain and arrogant woman. And she lost — to a literal scripted TV show host with a lot of money. The white-hot hatred that flowed through Hillary and the Left subsequent to 2016 has driven both insane ever since. Trump will make his pick. He’s very likely to choose Amy Barrett, who is immune from charges that she’s a rapist. And those who believed that RBG would stick around long enough to pronounce President Harris the next POTUS, after Joe is unable (or wisely unwilling) to assume office get to face a USSC that, like it or not, they can’t do a damn thing about.” – Karl Denninger

The left’s extreme reaction to Ginsburg’s death (VIDEO) with Tucker Carlson – Fox News

The Left Is Cancelling Everything With a Racist Past So Why are They Not Targeting Planned Parenthood? – “Planned Parenthood would be a prime target for cancel culture. It was started by a racist eugenicist that thought targeting the black community for slow elimination was the path to a brighter future.” – Brandon Morse  – YOU HAVE TO BE A MEMBER TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE, BUT THIS PRETTY MUCH SUMS IT UP!!!!

Justice Ginsburg, Eugenics And The Democrats ‘Big Lie’ – ‘The Unborn Child Will Have No Right To Live Until Their Birth If Justice Ginsburg’s Legal Project Outlives Her’ – “If it succeeds, American law will become completely pro-choice” – Stefan Stanford

CNN to Dems: Pack the Court! Abolish the Filibuster! Do It All! – Alex Christy


Facebook Will Restrict Certain Users If US Election Gets “Extremely Chaotic Or Violent” – “It’s a decision that bears faint echoes of the Internet blackouts employed by authoritarian regimes in Iran, Venezuela and elsewhere…” – Tyler Durden

A Rundown Of Major U.S. Corporate Media’s Business Ties To China – “It seems a number of major US media outlets have financial ties to the Chinese Communist Party, and it shows in their coverage.” – Chrissy Clark

China is Spying on Millions of People. And They Aren’t in China – “Despite China’s imperial ambitions, leftists all across the United States reacted in outrage and mockery when Donald Trump announced plans to ban TikTok, the Chinese owned social media firm. According to them, the idea that China may be using TikTok for nefarious purposes is beyond the scope of reality. It is yet one more conspiracy theory conjured up by Trump and Qanoons.” – Robert Wheeler

Seven Countries In Five Years: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – “People often (correctly) cite General Wesley Clark’s famous “seven countries in five years” statement to show how evil the drivers of the US empire are, but I also like to use it to show what dumb, incompetent failmeisters they are. They really thought they’d be able to topple all those countries in five years. Nineteen years later and they’re still flailing. Don’t be intimidated by these assholes.” – Caitlin Johnstone

America’s Broken Syria Project – “A recent altercation between Russian forces and US occupiers in northeastern Syria helped highlight the increasingly tenuous position Washington holds not only in Syria but across the entire Middle East. After attempting to block Russian military vehicles, US forces found themselves being literally plowed out of the way with overwhelming Russian airpower hovering overhead. After complaining that American troops were “injured” in the incident and condemning Russia for “unsafe and unprofessional actions,” the United States announced that it was deploying more troops and military equipment to bolster its illegal occupation of Syrian territory.” – Tony Cartalucci

A Peace Deal Like No Other – “Much ado about nothing, but Act 2 is coming up” – Philip Giraldi

Trump’s Mideast Mirage – “The Trump administration, desperate for some good news, just manufactured its own news by confecting a ‘peace’ deal between Israel and a bunch of pipsqueak Arab monarchies – just in time for November US elections.” – Eric Margolis

Is Trump Using the JCPOA to Break the UN Before it Breaks Him? – Tom Luango

Leaked Memos: Telecom Employees Want to Stop 5G Deployment Based on Health and Economic Concerns – B.N. Frank

How To Protect Your Preps – Bill White

How To Acquire Food Storage Even If You Are Poor… – Ken Jorgustin




Why Is The Mainstream Media Signaling That A Much Larger Stock Market Decline Is Coming? – Michael Snyder

Inflation and “Socialism-Lite” Are Just What the Billionaires Want – Charles Huigh Smith

Consumer Mood Darkens on Employment and Job Prospects – Mish

Powell pledges the Fed’s economic aid ‘for as long as it takes’ – Jeff Cox

Was Monday’s Big Selloff a Plea for More Stimulus? (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

How Many Smelters Does It Take to Stay Liquid? – “Gold is still in the playoffs after yesterday’s central bankers temper tantrum with the December contract now at $1,912.10, up $1.50 after hitting a high of $1,925.50, which happened much earlier last night with the low during London’s time at $1,898.90. The Red Headed step child – Silver – took the bigger beating, and is now trading at $24.455, up 6.8 cents after a high of $25.30 was reached with the low at $23.91.” – J. Johnson

There’s a Pattern of Corporate Media Censoring News About Wall Street Banks’ Crimes – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Hit from All Sides, European Bank Stocks Swoon to 1988 Low – Nick Corbishley

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.95EUR




Isaiah 59:9  Therefore is judgment far from us, neither doth justice overtake us: we wait for light, but behold obscurity; for brightness, but we walk in darkness.