Exposed: There’s a new federal court to handle all the expected COVID vaccine-injury claims – “The simple truth is: the US government is anticipating many people will be filing claims for compensation, when their family members are harmed or killed by a new COVID vaccine. Of course, the government isn’t coming right out and admitting that.” – Jon Rappoport  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More restrictions expected in Europe as coronavirus spreads rapidly and rattles markets – Holly Ellyatt

Why Are Moderna Executives Dumping Their Stock? – “Problems With Moderna’s Vaccine Are Becoming Apparent” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Nearly a third of recent ‘Covid deaths’ were not caused by Covid – “Covid-19 was not the underlying cause of nearly 30 per cent of officially recorded Covid deaths over the summer.” – Spiked

Viral Issue Crucial Update Sept 8th: the Science, Logic and Data Explained! (VIDEO) – Ivor Cummins   – GREAT VIDEO WITH A LOT OF DATA, OVER 1 MILLION VIEWS SO FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lockdown is making liars of us all – “The British government’s authoritarian measures encourage dishonesty and social division. Through a series of such increasingly irrational and intrusive measures, these laws are encouraging a society in which tattling on our neighbours is approved, in which engaging in reasonable and safe behaviour forces us to become lawbreakers, in which community has been sacrificed to mass hysteria and in which dishonesty is incentivised over personal responsibility. This is not a good society, and these are not good laws.” – Rob Sutton

Coronavirus Factcheck #7: “The Four Risks of Covid” – “In today’s “Covid briefing” Chris Whitty – the UK’s Chief Medical Officer – outlined that the Sars-Cov-2 virus poses four types of risk. But is he right? Let’s take them one at a time” – Off Guardian

Should Scott Atlas Sue His Detractors? – “In this case, it strikes me that Scott Atlas has a strong case that his old colleagues played fast and loose with his professional reputation for purely political reasons.” – Jeffrey A. Tucker

Africa’s catastrophic Covid response – “Blunt, panicky lockdowns across the continent are doing far more damage than the pandemic itself” – Ian Birrell




Swamp Thang – “There’s the Swamp teeming with scaley, slithery, sharp-toothed, many-footed predators, but then there’s the miasma hanging over the Swamp, a toxic mist of lies, misdirection, dis-info, propaganda, bad faith, and sedition, illuminated by pulsing blue gaslight that affords a toxic blanket of protection to the denizens of the Swamp. Now a storm is brewing. The critters are evacuating their mud-holes and moiling about desperately among the cypress knobs as a mighty wind rises — the election hurricane — threatening to sweep it (and them) all away! The climate is changing, all right, but not in the way that some think it is. The political climate is changing, and what has been a pestilential subtropical sink on the Potomac is overdue for that cleansing we’ve heard about.” – James Howard Kunstler   – ANOTHER EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM MR.

The Nuclear Election – “Roughly half the population is now convinced, courtesy of the polarising media, that the sitting president is pure evil and that they’re doomed if he is re-elected. And the other half of the population is convinced that the challengers are evil and will doom the country if elected. What’s being overlooked by each side in this quandary is that they’re both correct. The US is doomed to a socio-economic crisis, regardless of the outcome of the election.” – Jeff Thomas  – ANOTHER GOOD ARTICLE FROM JEFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why Trump Will Win – “The difference in energy between Donald Trump and Joe Biden should be obvious to everyone, including Biden supporters, though they will try to ignore it, as well as the role energy plays in a campaign, as it does in life in general -not just human life either-. People recognize energy, they feel it. it’s a primal thing, directly linked to survival.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Video: Biden AGAIN Says Millions Of Americans Have Died From Coronavirus – “It’s estimated that 200 million people have died—probably by the time I—finish this talk” – Steve Watson

Here Are Some Questions For Joe Biden- “If our media was not a bubbling cauldron of dung, Grandpa Badfinger would be getting hit with real questions instead of being lobbed inane softballs like “Some people say Trump is literally Hitler, while others say he is only figuratively Hitler – what kind of Hitler do you think Trump is?” But our media is a bubbling cauldron of dung, and these hacks are never going to ask that crusty crustacean the kind of questions the American people want – and need – to hear answered. And preferably without them having been pre-screened and typed into a teleprompter.” – Kurt Schlichter

Hunter Biden Is “Riding The Dragon”: Bombshell Film Explores Shady Deals With China’s Military – Tyler Durden

Senate Report On Biden-Ukraine Accusations To Drop Within Days – Tyler Durden

Hillary Clinton Condemns Trump’s…Wait for It…’Lust for Power’ – Alex Parker

Tulsi Gabbard is back, positioning herself as last sane Democrat – “Tulsi Gabbard is back, looking splendid as ever. And she’s got a cause any sane voter interested in free and fair elections can support, sponsoring a bipartisan bill targeting the odious practice of ballot-harvesting. It’s a striking move, because Democrats are all in favor of the practice, given that wherever it is practiced legally, it has benefited them” – Monica Showalter  – LINKED A SIMILAR STORY THE OTHER DAY. IF THE DEMS HAD SELECTED TULSI FOR PRESIDENT, THEY MIGHT HAVE HAD A REAL CANDIDATE, AND A WOMAN ON TOP OF THAT. I GUESS THEY DO HAVE KAMALA FOR PRESIDENT FOR WHEN JOE COMPLETELY WIGS OUT!!!!!!

‘Confirmed’ Has Become A Meaningless Word In Mainstream News Reporting – “When a news reporter announces that they have independently confirmed another outlet’s reporting, the reader imagines that they have done actual investigative journalism, traveled to the places about which the claims are being made, done deep digging and looked at the evidence with their own two eyes and found that the claim is true. In practice, all it often means is that they spoke to the same sources the other reporter spoke to and are in fact just confirming that the source did indeed make a given assertion.” – Caitlin Johnstone

The Death Of Ruth Bader Ginsburg Means The Constitution Is On The Ballot – “If Joe Biden wins the November election, Democrats will try to pack the Supreme Court—and that’s just for starters.” – John Daniel Davidson

The War on Populism – “Like that scene in Orwell’s 1984 where the Party switches official enemies right in the middle of the Hate Week rally, the War on Terror was officially canceled and replaced by the War on Populism. Or … all right, it wasn’t quite that abrupt. But seriously, go back and scan the news. Note how the “Islamic terrorist threat” we had been conditioned to live in fear of on a daily basis since 2001 seemed to just vanish into thin air. Suddenly, the “existential threat” we were facing was “neo-nationalism,” “illiberalism,” or the pejorative designator du jour, “populism.”” – CJ Hopkins

Tone-Deaf Left Targets Beethoven – “Today’s neo-Marxists leading the modern-day Cultural Revolution have placed a bullseye on Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, pontificating that the heavenly composition represents white superiority, as well as “exclusion and elitism.”” – Andrew Moran

America Has Been Cast Into A Dystopian Horror Movie And If Democrats Have Their Way, The Worst Is Yet To Come – “Western Nations Across The Planet Are Falling To ‘Coronavirus Tyranny’ ” – Stefan Stanford

DOJ Designates New York City as an ‘Anarchist Jurisdiction’ – “New York City is one of three places that “have permitted violence and destruction of property to persist and have refused to undertake reasonable measures to counteract criminal activities,” leading to its designation as an “anarchist jurisdiction,” the Justice Department said Monday. Rather than idle words, the designation has potential financial consequences” – NBC New York

The National Felons League – “The epithet National Felons League—a corruption of National Football League—is typically invoked in the wake of any news report dealing with felonious behavior exhibited by professional football players. It has taken on a new relevance now as an entire professional football team has decided to pay homage to a deceased young felon in the making.” – George Hollenback

The War on Assange is a War on Truth – Ron Paul

Tony Blair’s Grubby Fingerprints on Trump’s Mideast Deals Spells War, Not Peace – Finian Cunningham

Why It is Likelier that the U.S. Government Had Alexei Navalny Poisoned – “The poisoning of Alexei Navalny has created intensified support by pro-U.S., and especially pro-NATO, officials in the European Union, to block the nearly completed NordStream 2 natural-gas pipeline from Russia to Germany, and to import into the EU, instead, far costlier U.S. LNG, liquefied natural gas.” – Eric Zuesse

Pompeo’s “Humanitarian Intervention” in Latin America: Is Washington Planning A Coup In Venezuela Before The November Elections? – Timothy Alexander Guzman

Should You Use Expired Medication – Yay or Nay? – “A lot of preppers are worrying about the day when medical care will no longer be available. They learn about first-aid, they stockpile various medications and prepare as best as possible when that dreaded day comes. A lot of them are asking about expired medications.” – Bob Rodgers




2020 Has Been A “Nightmare Year” For America, And The Economic Fallout Is Just Getting Started – Michael Snyder

The Bill for America’s $50 Trillion Gluttony of Inequality Is Overdue – “The battle to claw back a significant percentage of the $50 trillion is just beginning. Do you hear the pathetic bleating of America’s billionaires and their army of toadies? If not, you soon will, for a remarkable report has been released that documents the $50 trillion in earnings that’s been transferred to the Financial Aristocracy from the bottom 90% of American households in the past 45 years.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Bear Trap? After Months Of Consolidation, Everybody’s Now Super Bearish On Gold & Silver – “Can’t get bikes at the bike store, can’t get trucks at the car lot, and can’t get coins at the coin dealer, yet gold & silver are crashing? Funny… Hmm. Bear trap? I know, right? As if the charts matter.” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Key Events This Week: Powell Speaks Not Once, Not Twice, But Three Times – Tyler Durden

The Price of Everything Is Going Up (VIDEO) – Peter Schiff

3-Count Felon, JPMorgan Chase, Caught Laundering More Dirty Money – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Silver Update & Investment Not Industrial Demand Future Driver Of Price (VIDEO) -Steve St. Angelo

3 Reasons to Invest in Gold in 2020 – Vishesh Raisinghani

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.00EUR




Psalm 37:25    I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.