The Totalitarian Future Globalists Want For The Entire World Is Being Revealed – “I believe the reason Australia and New Zealand have been targeted with this level of restrictions first is because they have been almost fully disarmed and have no means to defend themselves from government overstep. That said, I see signs that similar measures will be attempted in the US as well. In states like New York, there are low key programs to set up Covid checkpoints stopping and checking vehicles coming into the state. This is where heavier restrictions start. First, checkpoints will be established in the name of keeping infected people out of a state or city. Then, those same checkpoints will be used to keep people from leaving a state or city.” – Brandon Smith  – THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN BY THE BIGGER PICTURE. ANOTHER MUST READ FROM BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is the UN Preparing for the “Second Covid Lockdown”? Oppressive Measures Worldwide, Obedience and Acceptance… – “Globalized fearmongering. It fits an agenda, a huge sinister agenda” – Peter Koenig

Why didn’t researchers do a proper study to discover whether the COVID virus exists? – “This study was never done. It will never be done. Here is why. The official symptoms of COVID-19 line up with many traditional conditions: flu, pneumonia, TB, other lung infections, common colds. Millions of so-called “COVID cases” are not anything new. I’ve been writing about this for months. Traditional illnesses are being re-packaged under the meaningless “COVID” label. So what do you think would happen in a large-scale study of such “COVID” patients? The fraud would be exposed.” – Jon Rappoport

COVID-19: A Patently Fake Diagnosis – “Here is the hard science that proves COVID-19 is an utterly fake diagnosis.” – State of the Nation  – INTERESTING ARTICLE FROM STATE OF THE NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Science is NOT about Consensus – “Newsflash; real science is based on facts not “consensus”. I’m sick and tired of idiots beating me over the head with pseudoscience instead of sticking to the cold, hard facts. Show me the hard data that standing six feet from someone is necessary. Show me the hard data that wearing any old rag on my face is going to materially stop the spread of a virus. Show me the hard data that enjoying fresh air and sunshine outdoors could be an invitation to an early death.” – Jeff Harris

Lockdowns and Mask Mandates Do Not Lead to Reduced COVID Transmission Rates or Deaths, New Study Suggests – Stephen C. Miller

The Dangers of the COVID Operation. – “What do we know? We know that the tests do not work but governments pretend that they do. We also know that some vaccines sterilize people. Warp Speed vaccine preparation almost guarantees vaccine injury, plus it is an entirely new DNA altering vaccine. Big Pharma is not liable for injuries. Nano-tech is also part of the equation with Immunity Passports etc” – Dr. Roberto Petrella, Vanessa Beeley, and Mark Taliano

Has the post-Covid future already been decided? – “Few will have heard of the ‘Great Reset’, but it already has the backing of the Davos elite.” – Simon Marcus

Here come the Covid Detention Centers – “New York State bill A99 which is now under consideration in the NY State legislature. It allows the state to take an individual “suspected” of being infected or contaminated to a detention center and there compel her or him to receive any medical treatment deemed necessary – including forced vaccination. This bill could become the model for other similar bills to be passed into law in other states. Virgina and Massachusetts are already signaling mandatory vaccinations.” – Bill Sardi




Pelosi Calls Republicans ‘Domestic Enemies Of The State’ – Tyler Durden

To Concede Or Not? That Is The 2020 Question – “Hillary foments panic with fabricated notions of Trump’s refusal to concede.” – Sarah Cowgill

CNN Analysts Unleash Personal Attacks On RNC Speakers In Twitter Storm – Jonathan Turley

Don Lemon Suddenly Decides Rioting Is Bad as the Media’s Fear Becomes Palpable – “After months of encouraging “protests” and directly excusing the destruction of property and violence, Lemon has decided things need to calm down. Has this change of heart come from some awakening to the dangers of what’s being propagated on the streets of American cities? Nah, he’s just scared it’ll help Trump.” – Bonchie

When Will Democrats Reckon with Their Own Crackpots and Conspiracy Theorists? – David Harsanyi

Joe Biden on Gun Control: Understanding Biden’s 2020 Platform and the Second Amendment – Sam Jacobs  – EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kenosha Sheriff Says Arrests Are Coming After 2 Killed During 3rd Night Of Mayhem – Tyler Durden

There is a Body Count in Kenosha Tuesday Night — Armed Civilians Fire on Rioters Leaving Two Dead – ” This isn’t Portland. The residents of Kenosha and surrounding areas of Wisconsin were not going to sit and watch the town be destroyed again in the manner it was last night. The gunplay was inevitable given the seeming feeling of invincibility the rioters apparently possess. To me, the only sensible response to a person possessing a firearm who might object to my activity would be to retreat, and to not do anything to create a confrontation. What do these rioting idiots do instead? They chase the guy with the long-gun, and when he falls down they converge on him in a pack. What did they think he might do given that he came to the party armed? Do they think he hadn’t thought through this scenario in his head? It’s clear the rioters had not.” – Shipwreckedcrew  – DEFUNDING AND RESTRICTING POLICE WILL CAUSE MORE INCIDENTS LIKE THIS TO HAPPEN. MOST PEOPLE AREN’T GOING TO TOLERATE A CIVIL WAR THAT IS BEING CREATED TO DIVIDE THIS COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ENOUGH! It’s time for law enforcement to begin SHOOTING violent terrorists and rioters who are trying to burn America to the ground – Mike Adams

Liberal Folly Will Have Unintended Consequences – “In the US today, there is more weakness than strength in the bonds that make a cohesive society. Today we are experiencing the total failure of enculturation of Western elites in Westerm culture. Among the elites, Cultural Marxism’s march through the institutions has succeeded in destroying the structure of belief that upholds society.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Trump and Pompeo Craft No-Win Solutions for the World – “You have to hand it to the sociopaths running U.S. foreign policy, they are very adept at creating no-win scenarios for their opponents. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was just handed a major defeat at the United Nations Security Council, who voted down a resolution to extend the arms embargo against Iran. That embargo is set to expire in October as part of the U.S. unilaterally pulling out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), known colloquially as the Iran Nuclear Deal. But Pompeo and President Trump only wanted that vote, in my opinion, to force out into the open their ability to impose the ‘snapback’ sanctions on Iran which is a major component of the JCPOA.” – Tom Luongo

Rashomon American Style – “Many journalists and op-ed pundits have been observing how the United States has become two nations that are seemingly divided along a red-blue line, each side believing in “facts” that are irreconcilable with those “facts” believed to be true by the other side. Some are even suggesting that the United States is on the verge of what would be a new civil war. Truth is somewhere in between. ” – Philip Giraldi  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM PHIL!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Poisoned” Kremlin Critic Flown to Germany as German-Russian Nord Stream 2 Nears Completion – “The perfectly timed poisoning of unpopular, ineffective Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny and the involvement of Germany comes as Washington sought to place maximum pressure on Berlin to cancel the German-Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline. If Navalny was poisoned and the goal was to assassinate him, it was a poorly conceived, poorly executed, and most of all – poorly timed plan.” – Tony Cartalucci   – MAKES YOU WONDER WHO REALLY DID THE POISONING, DOESN’T IT!!!!!

Dubious Claim That Alexey Navalny Was Poisoned – “Russophobic Western officials and establishment media invent reasons to blame Moscow for things it had nothing to do with. In March 2018, the UK Theresa May regime falsely accused Russia of poisoning Sergey Skripal and daughter Yulia with a toxic novichok nerve agent, the official narrative changing several times after the initial version. No evidence to this day was presented as proof of the charge because none existed then or now.” – Stephen Lendman

China‘s Growing Agriculture Crisis – F. William Engdahl

The Wheat-field Principle – “Once a people have decided to cease to act responsibly, once they’ve decided to pass the decision-making to the government, they slide into a childlike existence in which they cease to bother to look any further into the future than their next governmental handout.” – Jeff Thomas  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM JEFF, AS USUAL!!!!!

Deagel Goes Nuclear: America’s 2025 GDP Forecast To Be Less Than Mexico’s In Rush To 3rd World Nation Status As Current Events Implore Us To Prepare For Pandemonium Ahead – Stefan Stanford  – ALSO THEY ARE ESTIMATING THE US POPULATION TO DROP FROM 327 MILLION TO 100 MILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plastic Recycling Rates Drop As 76% Ends Up In Landfills – Natural Blaze




The Pandemic Is Accelerating Trends That Are Disrupting the Foundations of the Economy – Charles Hugh Smith

17 Facts That Prove The U.S. Economy Is A Complete And Total Disaster Zone At This Point – Michael Snyder

Permanent Economic Damage (VIDEO) with Danielle DiMartino Booth – “Former Fed insider Danielle DiMartino Booth is not a fan of the Federal Reserve, especially now, with its massive money printing campaign.” – Greg Hunter

When It Comes to JPMorgan, Warren Buffett Isn’t Buying the Spin from the Fed and the Street – Pam Martens and Russ Martens – WHEN BUFFETT STARTS DUMPING BANK STOCKS AND STARTS INVESTING IN GOLD MINES, THAT SHOULD TELL YOU SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

COMEX Silver in September – “So be prepared for a very busy month of September—in terms of both price and activity within the COMEX vaults. The CME Group changed the dynamic of their precious metal pricing scheme back in March, and the ramifications of this decision will continue to be felt in the days and weeks ahead.” – Craig Hemke

The Fallout After The Pandemic $2400 Gold & $47 Silver (VIDEO) with Gary Wagner – “The pandemic will end, but what happens to economic fallout? The most important thing is that gold has hit multiple record highs. We had a slight retracement last week. Investors were buying the dip. GLD has had the highest volume on record. Silver has tripled since March, but it hasn’t hit the $50 levels of its past peaks. Gold could be ending the year in the $2200-$2300 range. Gary was predicting $2060 gold for now in April. Silver will challenge and break $30. If gold keeps moving, silver will hit the $40-$50 range and perhaps above. ” – Kerry Lutz’s Financial Survival Network

How Much Overstated are New Home Sales? – Mish – ANOTHER PLAYING WITH THE NUMBERS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More pain ahead for landlords as restaurant bankruptcies poised to balloon in coming months – Amelia Lucas and Lauren Thomas

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.29EUR




Lamentations 4:16  The anger of the Lord hath divided them; he will no more regard them: they respected not the persons of the priests, they favoured not the elders.