COVID’s Gonna Do What Viruses Do – “COVID is the alien in the movie of the same name, or Michael Meyers of Halloween movie fame. You can try to kill them or run away from them, but they have more lives than the average cat and keep coming after you, relentless and persistent, not going away until the movie ends. It has its own plan and life cycle, not through conscious thought, but via evolution. Viruses do what viruses do, regardless of the pronouncement of pandemic modelers, elected officials, or the all-knowing Dr. Fauci. And this won’t end until the movie ends on November 4.” – Brian C. Joondeph, M.D.

A Closer Look at the States that Stayed Open – Ethan Yang

Plandemic, Part 2 (VIDEO) – ““Plandemic,” featuring Judy Mikovits, Ph.D., a cellular and molecular biologist1 whose research revealed many vaccines are contaminated with gammaretroviruses, due to the viruses being grown in contaminated animal cell lines. The 26-minute film was banned on every social media platform after going viral.2 August 18, 2020, Part 2, titled “Plandemic — Indoctornation,” was released. Part 2 is a full-length feature, revealing the driving force behind the vaccine agenda. It looks at the roles of the World Health Organization, Bill Gates, Tedros Adhanom, Dr. Anthony Fauci, mainstream media, Silicon Valley tech giants, Big Pharma and many others, connecting the dots between them.” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Fauci says he has no faith that Russia’s COVID-19 vaccine is “safe and effective” – JD Heyes   – OH, BUT OUR’S WILL BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CNN Proclaims National Panic Day as Rally of 500,000 (!) Bikers in South Dakota Linked to a Whooping 22 Additional Test Positives – “Oh my God! Anything but an extra 22 test positives! Sounds more like proof how idiotic the ban on non-BLM mass rallies really is at this point” – Anti-Empire

“No need to isolate the new virus, we have its genetic sequence”: Really? – “The headline of this article is a typical defense offered to “prove” researchers actually discovered a new pandemic virus, SARS-CoV-2. It’s laughable. They have the genetic sequence of the virus? Well, where did they get it?” – Jon Rappoport

Conspiracy…Or Ignorance? Why World Leaders Are Covid Copycats (VIDEO) – Ron Paul

Live coronavirus found on meat, seafood weeks later, researchers say – “WHO officials have said people shouldn’t fear contracting the virus from food or food packaging” – Kayla Rivas

Get HCQ Prescription by Mail – AIM Truth Bits

HCQ All Over Again: WaPo Trashes Blood Plasma COVID-19 Treatment After Trump Announces Breakthrough – Matt Margolis  – OF COURSE THEY WOULD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




A Most Consequential Presidency – “Trump has also changed the character and composition of the GOP, making it more of a working- and middle-class party. Where George H.W. Bush sought to build a “New World Order” with America as global hegemon and George W. Bush preached a global crusade for democracy “to end tyranny in our world,” Trump is all-in on “America first.” Bush transnationalism belongs to yesterday.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Attack of the Tomato Killers: The Police State’s War on Weed and Backyard Gardens – “Surely, you might think, the government has enough on its hands right now—policing a novel coronavirus pandemic, instituting nationwide lockdowns, quelling civil unrests over police brutality—that it doesn’t need to waste time and resources ferreting out pot farmers. You’d be wrong.In this case, however, the make-work principle (translation: making work to keep the police state busy at taxpayer expense) is being used to justify sending police and expensive military helicopters likely equipped with sophisticated surveillance and thermal imaging devices on exploratory sorties every summer—again at taxpayer expense—in order to uncover illegal marijuana growing operations. Often, however, what these air and ground searches end up targeting are backyard gardeners growing tomato plants. ” – John W. Whitehead

Sock Puppet Conservatives Are Welcoming Tyranny (VIDEO) with Brandon Smith – “Derrick and Brandon discuss two recent articles from Brandon which outline the growth of tyranny in the age of COVID19 and how both left and right are falling for it.” – Derrick Broze   – A MUST WATCH!!!!!!!!!

How Nations Collapse: Disunity – Charles Hugh Smith

Secret Indoctrination? Parents Told Not To Observe Online Classes – “What is it that teachers don’t want parents to see?” – Kelli Ballard

Biden is already forming a government. Here’s what his Cabinet could look like. – “An array of officials, from progressives like Elizabeth Warren to establishment types like Susan Rice, are seen as likely for key posts.” – David Siders  – NONE OF THEM GOOD!!!!!

Biden & Harris Will Use Executive Orders To Override 2nd Amendment – “How Joe Biden Will Attack Your 2nd Amendment” – Ken Jorgustin   –  A MUST READ BY ALL, EVEN IF YOU ARE AN ANTI-GUN PERSON. BECAUSE ONCE RIGHTS START TO FALL IT’S LIKE DOMINOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biden’s Plan for Guns Will Systematically Run Companies Out of Business – Mark Chesnut

The DNC and the Politics of Betrayal. Political and Moral Bankruptcy of the Democratic Party – “The inspiring stories of democratic renewal and of happy days being just around the corner once Joe is in office seemed strangely disconnected from the fact that Congress had gone on vacation, leaving millions in economic limbo because the federal enhanced unemployment benefit had expired. Yet the House was called back by Nancy Pelosi not to pass a bill to end the confusion around extended unemployment and to protect against evictions, but to save the postal service so nothing would get in the way of electing the political class.” – Black Alliance for Peace

Democrat Vernon Jones Slammed Dems On Treatment of Black Community In Superb RNC Speech – Brandon Morse

HYPOCRITES: MSNBC Loved Dem Convention, But Breaks Into ‘Dangerous’ GOP Event – “Last week, the partisan hacks at MSNBC offered no fact checking of the Democrats, but on Monday, the cable network repeatedly warned of GOP lies. At 9:26 p.m. Eastern, Rachel Maddow lamented even having to show the “dangerous” event:” – Scott Whitlock

“This Is Insane”: Kenosha Melts Down As Cars Smashed, Buildings Torched And Looters Run Wild In Second Night Of Unrest – “Private citizens stand guard with guns…” – Tyler Durden  – JUST SOME PEACEFUL PROTESTING. IT’S THE NEW NORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Literal Battle Zones Are Erupting All Over America (WARNING: VIOLENT CONTENT) – Daisy Luther

White Flight or Fight? Either Way, the American Dream Is Turning Into a Nightmare – “Amid rampant violence, urban decay and racial strife across much of the ultra-Liberal heartland, more and more Whites are migrating to the suburbs and rural areas. However, as disaffection for the pale-face tribe continues to climb, this demographic is facing some unexpected hurdles along the road.” – Robert Bridge

Are Angry Mobs Ready To Advance On The Suburbs? – “If you think your quiet little suburban community is immune to the urban protests in places like Oregon and Wisconsin – think again.” – Leesa K. Donner

We Should Mourn For What Is Happening To America – Michael Snyder


Kim Yo Jong could be even worse for North Korea than Kim Jong Un, experts say – Bruce Golding

Things To Remember When Calling 911 – Bob Rodgers




The anatomy of a financial crisis – “The European banking crisis has been brewing for some time. It is also likely to go global, as Europe holds the largest concentration of global, systemically important banks (G-SIBs). Italy and Spain, but also Germany (Deutsche Bank), are the countries to keep a close eye on.” – Tuomas Malinen  – THIS IS THE MAIN REASON I HAVE ALWAYS POSTED DEUTSCHE BANK’S STOCK PRICE. WHEN YOU SEE IT STEADILY DROP, YOU KNOW THE END IS NEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jingle Mail for Malls: Even Biggest Landlords Walk from Malls as Stores Go Bankrupt, Refuse to Pay Rent, Mall Values Slashed Brutally. But those Shorting Mall CMBS Made a Killing -Wolf Richter

Economy “In Irons” – “And then there is this week’s big event to look forward to; Fed Chair Jerome Powell will use the virtual Jacksons Hole conference to announce “average inflation” targeting. Whoop Whoop Whoopedy-do… All the Fed Watchers think this is going to be profoundly significant” – Bill Blain

7th Raid On Gold & Silver In Last 10 Days – Silver Doctors

Shocking Silver & Gold Prediction! (VIDEO) with Chris Vermeulen – International Stacker

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –8.17EUR




Isaiah 9:16   For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed.