T cells found in COVID-19 patients ‘bode well’ for long-term immunity – “Now, two studies reveal infected people harbor T cells that target the virus—and may help them recover. Both studies also found some people never infected with SARS-CoV-2 have these cellular defenses, most likely because they were previously infected with other coronaviruses.” – Mitch Leslie

UN Official Suggests Lockdowns Should Continue – “Claims “elite” wants to re-open society, despite the opposite being true.” – Paul Joseph Watson

Censored Dr. Kaufman: “They Want To Genetically Modify Us With COVID-19 Vaccine” – Loses his Job and Willing to go to Jail to Resist – “Dr. Andrew Kaufman may be the most censored doctor in the U.S. right now. His videos are removed and censored from YouTube very quickly. Dr. Kaufman is so intelligent, and so articulate, that the “mainstream” media and medical authorities obviously fear him and his message, and they are doing everything in their power to suppress him. This video (below) he did with Spiro Skouras, for example, was immediately removed from YouTube, although Spiro’s other videos remain for the most part (for now).” – Brian Shilhavy

Americans Must Disregard Fauci’s Covid-19 Pediatric Panic Porn – Dr. Andrew Bostom

Fear kills – “The media’s deranged fearmongering over Covid-19 has had terrible consequences. The media in this country have no shame. For two months they’ve been ramping up fear and hysteria over Covid-19. They predicted apocalypse. They reported the daily death tolls like gleeful grim reapers. They said hospitals would be overwhelmed. They interviewed doctor after doctor and nurse after nurse who told us in tearful tones that the health service was at breaking point. They painted a picture of a nation falling apart, of a plague visiting death upon every community, of institutions collapsing under the sheer weight of this mini Black Death.” – Brendan O’Neill

Researchers Say Cannabis Based Drug May Provide Resistance to SARS-CoV-2 – Matt Agorist

Media Screamed Georgia Reopening Would Mean Bodies in the Street. Instead Cases Are Falling – “Where’s the apology?” – Erick-Woods Erickson


RFID Microchip Vaccine Injection System Ready to Go – Patriots for Truth

The Battle Of All Battles Is Ahead: If The CDC & ‘Big Pharma Mafia’ Think They’re Going To Just Inject Poisons Into American’s Bodies Without A Fight, They’ve Got Another Thing Coming! – “The Globalists ‘Final Solution’ Of A Vaccine Is NO Solution” – Don Boys, Ph.D




“Collusion against Trump” timeline – Sharyl Attkisson  – GREAT TIMELINE FROM SHARYL, WHICH THE MSM WILL COMPLETELY IGNORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Was Obama systematically spying on everyone who could threaten his legacy? – Andrea Widburg

Flynn Judge Ignores Supreme Court and the Constitution – “Which part of United States v. Michael Flynn does Judge Emmet Sullivan not understand? There is no third party in the case title — only the names of the accuser and the accused. There is no understudy prosecutor to be employed when one party says he’s innocent and the other admits they have no case. Game over. The defendant is a free man unless you are in Judge Sullivan’s court where the signpost up ahead says “The Twilight Zone.” ” – Daniel John Sobieski

Democrats push new $3T coronavirus relief bill through House – Andrew Taylor and Alan Fram

Illegal Aliens & Felons Could Soon Be Free in Your Community Thanks to New Pelosi Bill – Amalia White

Trump v. Pelosi for the Soul of the Middle Class (VIDEO) – Tom Luongo

Cuomo can’t conceal his glee at news of defiant barber spreading COVID-19 – “Latest from Governor Granny-killer, pointing the bony finger” – Monica Showalter


Mass. Governor Targets Churches For Shutdown Rules He Didn’t Apply To Home Depot – “Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker took it upon himself to make the salvation of our immortal souls constitutionally subordinate to the authority of the government. This is wrong and illegal.” – Carol McKinley

Bewildered CNN Wonders: ‘Why Are Cases Declining as Nearly All U.S. States Reopen?’ – “Put another way, this drove a dagger through the heart of CNN’s campaign of apocalyptic rhetoric, indefinitely lockdowns, and Trump hate.” – Curtis Houck

Camera Feed Cuts Out After CNN Asks James Clapper About Leaking Classified Information – Tyler Durden

Israel Perfecting Surveillance Tech – “Leave it to the Mossad and Shin Bet to profit militarily and financially from virus.” – Philip Giraldi

Calling the Government to Account For Its Woeful Handling of This Crisis – “As I watched the Prime Minister address the nation on 10th May, I did so with a mixture of horror, exasperation and utter astonishment at some of the frankly outrageous things being said. And whilst the majority of his speech was given over to how the Government intends to take the country forward in terms of lifting the lockdown, I am far more interested in asking questions about why we find ourselves in this situation to begin with. ” – Rob Slane

Report: China Has Jailed Hundreds Of People For Questioning Official Coronavirus Narrative – “Devastating report details crackdown on dissenters.” – Steve Watson

Another week, another governor with a God complex – Simon Black

Border Spat Between Spain And France Suggest Europe Will Be Difficult To Reopen – Tyler Durden

Revolutionary Boiling Point, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – Caitlin Johnstone

A Website Exposing How Much Big Pharma Pays Doctors – “The Database That’s Exposing Big Pharma’s Money Trail – The governmental website Open Payments Data” – Kalee Brown – GOOD ARTICLE!!!

Trump Administration’s USDA limits oversight of genetically engineered and gene edited crops – ” Majority will now receive no USDA oversight” – GM Watch

Glyphosate Overuse Leads to Serious Immune System Concerns – “In a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is dominating the global psyche, it is of course important to delve deeper into the background reasons for the failure of our immune systems to be able to cope with the serious threat of infectious diseases, which are likely to be a feature of the 21st century.” – Sustainable Pulse




The Feds Will Blame the Depression on Coronavirus – Doug Casey

Inmates of The Hotel Eccles QE Rehab Facility – “Chairman Bernanke promised the Fed would unwind Fed purchases from the 2008 crisis. Now we know they can’t and won’t. The Fed balance sheet of created QE currency units will expand until a reset occurs. “Welcome to the Hotel Eccles… Relax, said the chairman. We are programmed to deceive. You can check out any time you like but you can never leave.” We have become inmates in the Hotel Eccles QE Rehab Facility” – Gary Christianson

Industrial Production Declines Most in 101 Years – Mish

Marching Toward Zero? Russian Investments in US Treasury Securities Drop to Record Low – Tim Korso

Yes, Silver Breached $17…No, I’m Not Excited – “Something else happened this week in the market that’s so disgusting, it would be hard to get excited about $50 silver right now… I wish I could get happy about the move in silver this week. I can’t. The problem is, one thing happened in the market this week that totally disgusted me. Anyone who can’t see Trump’s a hypocrite is in total denial. Time and time again, we see example after example. Since it’s about the market, I can’t just let it slide. I want people to learn about the markets. And not to live with a false hope. That’s what Trump offers. It’s rather disgusting.” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Silver Just Broke Through A KEY Long-Term Technical Level – Steve St. Angelo

Silver begins to accelerate higher faster than gold – Technical Traders

Silver Beats Gold by 5x (VIDEO) – David Morgan




Isaiah 24:17   Fear, and the pit, and the snare, are upon thee, O inhabitant of the earth.