Who is Performing Human Experiments and Why? – “In other words, they predicted that everything we are facing today would happen! This leads us to an obvious question: if the coronavirus pandemic had already been predicted several years ago, highlighting problems that were already in the system, then why did the people in power not take this into account and implement timely preventive measures? Who decided it was not necessary to act but to perform tragic human experiments, and why? Another related topic of discussion that is not only provoking a growing outcry in the United States, but also abroad, is the possible role Bill Gates has played in human testing and its consequences, including work to develop the future coronavirus vaccine funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.” – Vladimir Odintsov  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE!!!!!

COVID: David Crowe’s brilliant new paper takes apart antibody testing – “Superficial reliance on antibody tests has no connection to real science. Yet, the so-called experts are using these tests to make momentous decisions about the present and future of humans on Earth. The official experts have literally taken over governments in a grand coup. They must be rejected on every level.” – Jon Rappoport


Faulty Covid-19 Tests, But Results Delivered in 15 Minutes – Mish

THOSE WHO PLANNED THE ENSLAVEMENT OF MANKIND WARN OF “A DARK WINTER” FOR US – “So, who is this Dr. Rick Bright? An ousted vaccine chief. He’s going to pushing for a vaccine, one he’ll make a lot of money off of by forcing everyone to take it. Now that we know this propaganda is taking place, at least we can see these people as who they really are instead of the “heroes” CNN attempts to make them out to be.” – Mac Slavo

Mass Vaxxing Hucksterism – “In cahoots with Big Pharma profiteers, Trump is the nation’s mass vaxxing huckster-in-chief. He, his regime, the industry, and establishment media press agents are ramping up a campaign to convince Americans to be vaxxed with poorly tested, unsafe, rushed to market, hazardous to human health COVID-19 vaccines when available.” – Stephen Lendman


Trump Mobilizes Military to Deliver Coronavirus Vaccine – Appoints Another Bill Gates Funded Big Pharma Exec as Chief Military Advisor – Brian Shilhavy

In the Race for Immunity, Sweden Leads the Pack – Mike Whitney

Government Could Enforce Who You’re Allowed to Socialize With Via Tracking App – “State-mandated social distancing.” – Paul Joseph Watson

PIH, Bobby Rush, and The Truth Behind Contact Tracing Surveillance – Corey Lynn  – ANOTHER EXCELLENT AND WELL RESEARCHED ARTICLE FROM COREY. YOU NEED TO READ THIS ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Contact Tracing Apps Violate Privacy – “The Rockefeller Foundation’s white paper, “National COVID-19 Testing Action Plan” lays out a strategic framework that is clearly intended to become part of a permanent surveillance and social control structure that severely limits personal liberty and freedom of choice. Contact-tracing apps are a significant part of this scheme, and the Rockefeller plan clearly states that “Whenever and wherever possible data should be open,” and that “privacy concerns must be set aside”. The U.S. is rapidly adopting an artificial intelligence-driven mass surveillance system rivaling that of China, and legal and structural obstacles are being swept away under the guise of combating COVID-19” – Dr. Joseph Mercola

Contact Tracing Coming Into Your Home Are You Going To Allow This? – “Are you, the people, going to allow this to happen? Really? Are you not going to resist?Covid-19 is being used for their end-game of total control. ” – Ken Jorgustin  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM KEN!!!!!!

Why a Common Cold Could Make a Person “Immune” to COVID-19 Thus Accounting for the Large Numbers of False Positive “COVID” Test Results that Allowed Fauci’s Infamous “Over-reaction” – Gary G. Kohls, MD

Mandatory Vaccines and Begging to Return to Work? I Don’t Think So! (VIDEO) – The Patriot Nurse




Had Enough? – “In this springtime of the corona virus, Fridays creep around like hooded sentinels of dread as America faces another weekend of social emptiness and vanishing prospects. The bars have opened back up in some quarters of the country, sure, but who has the spare cash to pay for three margaritas at ten bucks a pop? Anyway, who expects the government hand-outs to go on forever? And if they did, as in current Democratic Party theory, what kind of country would we be, and what kind of people? Fridays are also the days when things drop ominously: stock indexes, releases of shocking information, indictments coming down. Which brings me to the recent antics of Judge Emmet G. Sullivan. What sort of mischief has this cheeky fellow cooked up in the drawn-out case of General Flynn?” – James Howard Kunstler

Judge Sullivan: A Prosecutor in Robes – “Sullivan is endangering our system of separation of powers and he should be stopped by a writ of mandamus or a motion to recuse. Judges, too, are not above the law or the Constitution.” – Alan M. Dershowitz

Fauci vs. Trump — Who’s Right? – “Ultimately, Fauci is not “The Decider” here. Trump is.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Open Memorandum to Barack Obama – “Re: Your Failure to Find Precedent for Flynn Dismissal” – Sidney Powell  – EXCELLENT READ FROM GENERAL FLYNN’S LAWYER!!!!!!!

Obama’s ‘My Pet Goat’ moment – “As the flames of scandal lick ever closer to Obama and his henchmen, now Obama has teamed up with Michelle to play Family Man, reading the kids a story.” – Monica Showalter

Bring Real Russiagate Criminals to Justice, Before They Launch World War III (VIDEO) – Harley Schlanger

COUP-IN-PROGRESS: White Collar Mafiosos Fauci, Pelosi, Cuomo & Cuomo Conspire to Topple Trump – State of the Nation

Apologist Media Ramps Up Defense Of Joe Biden In Flynn Affair – “The leftist media must protect their golden boy at all costs.” – Leesa K. Donner

Watch: Gaffes Pile Up During Bumbling Biden “Virtual Roundtable” – “Presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden continues to struggle through media appearances where he consistently has trouble communicating basic stances and policies, or even articulating coherent sentences for that matter, teleprompter or not.” – Tyler Durden

Bumbling Biden Breaks Down, Gets Virus Job Loss and Deaths Incredibly Wrong – Nick Arama

Eye-rolling after CNN’s teen panelist Greta Thunberg implores world to ‘listen to the experts’ on Covid-19 – RT

Cooper Throws Childish Tantrum Over Criticism of Greta Being a Coronavirus Town Hall Guest – Curtis Houck

Truth in America R.I.P. – “Covid-19 is now a big business for the pharmaceutical corporations, for bankruptcy lawyers, for fat cats who can buy up bankrupted businesses, and for labor service providers who will hire laid-off workers and lease them back to the firms that laid them off for a fee less than the cost to the firms of full-time employees. Many interests will be served but not that of the public.” – Paul Craig Roberts

The Upcoming Explosion Will Be Heard Around The World – It Is All Coming To A Head As Americans Revolt Against Dictatorial State Leaders – Susan Duclos

Stay-At-Home Divide Causing Tension Along Illinois-Wisconsin Border – Megan Hickey

How New York Turned Nursing Homes Into ‘Slaughter Houses’ – “At an April 23 press conference, Gov. Andrew Cuomo sounded indignant when a reporter asked if anyone had objected to New York’s policy of forcing nursing homes to admit recently discharged COVID-19 patients. “They don’t have the right to object,” Cuomo answered before the reporter finished his question. “That is the rule, and that is the regulation, and they have to comply with it.”” – Jon Miltimore

Ten million people are locked down at the whim of a very well-paid SJW ‘doctor’ – “Barbara Ferrer, or “Dr. Barbara Ferrer,” as she likes to be called, is the Director of the Los Angeles County Public Health Department. In this role, she dictates public policy on the endless lockdown that is destroying millions of lives in a city that’s in a perpetual state of decay. You’re think that, at the very least, she’d be a medical doctor. But she’s not. Per a Los Angeles Times article, at one point in her life she thought about becoming a doctor, so I guess that’s supposed to count.” – Carol Brown

The School Closures Are a Big Threat to the Power of Public Schools – “For decades, we’ve been fed a near-daily diet of claims that public schooling is one of the most important—if not the most important—institutions in America. And then, all of sudden, with the panic over COVID-19, it was gone. It turns out that public schooling wasn’t actually all that important after all, and that extending the lives of the over-seventy demographic takes precedence.” – Ryan McMaken

COVID-19 Strategic Economics: The “Get Russia” Game Continues – “Did you read recently that Russia is currently engaged in a hybrid war against the western world? Were you aware that Vladimir Putin’s only mission in life is to restore the Soviet Empire? If not, read the world’s top newspapers or the deep discussions held by western think tanks. For those of you interested in unedited history and geopolitical truth, an unbelievable reboot, sponsored by NATO, is taking place in Ukraine politics.” – Phil Butler

As lockdown hurts, desperate Venezuelans turn to cow blood soup – Anggy Polanco and Vivian Sequera

It’s the Public Health, Stupid! – “Admittedly, governments over the years have addressed real public health issues for our collective and individual benefit. But now public health crises are cynically used to promote political ends and to wreak social havoc. ” – Paul Gottfried

You May Not Understand This Now, But You Need To Get Prepared For The Food Shortages That Are Coming – Michael Snyder





TOTAL CATASTROPHE OF THE CURRENCY SYSTEM – “This is what is so sad with the current economic crisis – there is no solution. Nobody should believe that it is the Coronavirus that has caused this catastrophe for the world.” – Egon von Greyerz

Globalization and Financialization Are Dead, and so Is Everything That Depended on Them – Chaeles Hugh Smith

We Are Now In The Process Of Dismantling The Rothschild Banking System, Target Locked (VIDEO) with Jim Willie – X22 Report  – ALWAYS LIKE JIM’S ANALYSIS OF THINGS!!!!!

Panic Sets In: Fed Promotes More Free Money – Mish

After Two Months of Jawboning and Media Hype that Triggered a Huge Rally, the Fed Finally Buys a Whopping $305 Million in Corporate Bonds – “What gave the Fed the “Authority” to do this? Enter the “13(3) facilities.”” – Wolf Richter

The Arsonists Are Fighting the Fire – ” Powell and the federal government are the arsonists trying to fight the fire they started.” – Mike Maharrey

Wall Street Banks Paid $11.7 Billion in Dividends to Investors this Year while Taxpayers Must Absorb $454 Billion of Bank Losses – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Silver Is Soaring, Gold-Ratio Plunges To 2-Month Lows – Tyler Durden

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –5.96EUR




Job 7:11-12    Therefore I will not refrain my mouth; I will speak in the anguish of my spirit; I will complain in the bitterness of my soul.  Am I a sea, or a whale, that thou settest a watch over me?