Gates’ Globalist Vaccine Agenda: A Win-Win for Pharma and Mandatory Vaccination – “In addition to using his philanthropy to control WHO, UNICEF, GAVI, and PATH, Gates funds a private pharmaceutical company that manufactures vaccines, and additionally is donating $50 million to 12 pharmaceutical companies to speed up development of a coronavirus vaccine. In his recent media appearances, Gates appears confident that the Covid-19 crisis will now give him the opportunity to force his dictatorial vaccine programs on American children.” – Robert F. Kennedy Jr  – A MUST READ. DO YOU REALLY WANT A CORONA VIRUS VACCINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Coronavirus – The Aftermath. A Coming Mega-Depression… – “As of this day, WHO has strangely kept silence on the issues related to 5G. Why? – There are unproven suspicions voiced, including from some renown scientists that the severity of COVID-19 may, at least in some cases, have to do with 5G. 5G has already been rolled out in Northern Italy, Rome and Napoli – and in New York City” – Peter Koenig

Minnesota State Senator & Physician Blows Whistle on Inflated Covid Death Tally: ‘Fear Is a Great Way to Control People’ – “Sen. Dr. Scott Jensen says the guidelines used to tabulate Covid fatalities are unprecedented, dishonest and dangerous” – Sen. Dr. Scott Jensen

COVID-19 Umbrella Term to Operate a Fake Pandemic: Not 1 Disease, Not 1 Cause – “People are dying around the world – that’s real. But how many are genuine COVID-19 cases?” – Makia Freeman

If You Get Hit by a Car and Die, You May Be Recorded as a COVID-19 Death – “So the question becomes how many deaths are recorded as COVID-19 deaths when there are clearly other factors that would have caused the death anyway?” – Robert Wenzel

Dr Annie Bukacek EXPLAINS COVID DEATH MANIPULATION (VIDEO) – “Dr. Annie Bukacek is a longtime Montana physician with over 30 years experience practising medicine. Signing death certificates is a routine part of her job. In this brief video, Dr. Bukacek blows the whistle on the way the CDC is instructing physicians to exaggerate COVID-19 deaths on death certificates.” – IMMORTALTRUTHZ

Quarantine Fallout: Mental Health Deterioration & Ways To Cope – Sara Tipton

Get Prepared For Shortages of EVERYTHING | Get It Now – “More and more things are becoming “unavailable”. Out of Stock. Period. The new normal is probably going to include unavailability of many things, supplies, even foods. Man oh man I hope I’m wrong about this. I don’t want to live in a new world of the “Greater Depression”. However the more I analyze what has been going on and the more I see in the way of irrational over-reactionary decisions being made by governments… I’m planning on that I’m right. Because if I’m wrong and everything reverts to “normal”, I will have lost nothing by having taken steps and precautions in preparation.” – Ken Jorgustin




Risings and Fallings – “In the corkscrewing anguish of the social sequester, with careers, savings, futures, and dreams whirling down the drain, voices rise above the din of conflicting statistics to ask: what is going on here? To some, it looks like a deliberate attempt to demolish what’s left of the economy for political advantage. Clouds of suspicion gather over the two medical superstars of the Daily Briefing show, Doctors Fauci and Birx, as they somewhat sheepishly revise their numbers for contagion and death downward and attempt to “balance” the formula of modeled projections versus mitigation efforts. Was the stay-at-home panic necessary, after all? Will it save the day or kill off modern life as we knew it? Well, everyplace else in the world was shutting down, weren’t they? Did they all go off their rockers, too?” – James Howard Kunstler  – ANOTHER GOOD READ FROM MR. KUNSTLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More herd immunity, less herd mentality – Ariel Pablos Mendez

US Hospitals Half-Empty as Terrified Masses Die at Home Rather Than Seek Urgent Aid for Fear of COVID Infection – “The human cost of sensationalizing the coronavirus — people suffering needless heart attacks in silent” – Harlan M. Krumholz, M.D.

Flyover Folk Are Fed Up With The Coronavirus Craziness – “From bra facemasks to Biden’s blathering and Fauci’s pessimism, heartlanders have had enough.The top doc and new media darling, Anthony Fauci, made a recent statement that had the folks with common sense reaching for their BS detectors. ” – Sarah Cowgill

Who Profits From the Pandemic? – Pepe Escobar

Coronavirus Provides Dictators & Oligarchs with a Dream Come True – Vera Sharav

It Is Time for the WHO’s Pro-China Chief to Resign – Con Coughlin

Pope Francis: Pandemic Could Be ‘Nature’s Revenge’ For Ignoring Climate Change – “Perhaps topping all other kooky ‘more progressive than thou’ statements of the past years, Pope Francis this week said something that sounds like he’s been quoted in an Onion or Babylon Bee headline, as if he’s in competition for hyperbolic absurdity with Greta Thunberg.” – Tyler Durden  – FRANKIE, ONCE AGAIN, SHOWING HIS TRUE GLOBALIST NATURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trump’s Presidency Hangs on One Decision – “The crucial decision Trump will make is to choose the exact moment to reopen the country and the economy, without igniting a new spike in the pandemic that induces despair and causes a panic.” – Patrick J. Buchanan

Trump vs. Gates, Fed Gone Wild, Barr Prosecutes Coup? (VIDEO) – “President Trump is pushing for millions of people to take Hydroxychloroquine, while Bill Gates is pushing for a global vaccine to cure the Wuhan China virus. One is about “America First,” and the other is for a new world order control system of people globally. One is a good guy and man of the people, and the other is an evil globalist who wants to control and depopulate the world. Can you tell who is who?” – Greg Hunter

Former Rep. Ron Paul Calls On Trump To Fire Dr. Fauci, Says Some Are Trying ‘To Have Total Control Over The People’ – William Davis

Democrats salivate over Obama coming off sidelines – Amie Parnes

Welcome to the Socialist Republic of Michigan: Gov. Bans Travel Between Residences – Elizabeth Vaughn

Crazed Michigan Governor Now Tells Home Depot to Shut Down Unnecessary Flooring, Tiles and Garden Centers – Jim Hoft

Former Flynn Defense Counsel Covington and Burling ‘just now found additional docs’ In Flynn File – “Flynn’s new defense team is combing through the new trove of documents, suggesting that the appropriate action by the DOJ would be to dismiss Flynn’s case entirely based on egregious government misconduct. “It’s an interesting new production of documents from the Flynn file.” – Sara Carter

Dramatic Footage Shows Home Owner Fight Off Home Invaders In Fatal Confrontation – ” Next time somebody tries to tell you that you don’t need a gun to secure your home, show them this video.” – Tyler Durden

The Illegal United States and Allied Invasion of Iraq & Syria Reaches Crisis Point – James ONeill

UK Police Force Threatens to Search Shopping Baskets to Catch ‘Lockdown’ Violators – “Forced to backtrack after public backlash.” – Paul Joseph Watson

MSM “War Games”: Tons Of Studies Suggest 5G Causes Adverse Effects In Humans, Animals And Insects – “A recent trend in mainstream press is exposing just how moronic or paid-off most journalists are by the telecom industry, with many falsely claiming there are no scientific studies that suggest 5G is dangerous. Allow me to enlighten you. Take a seat, grab your pen and notepad prepare to get schooled on how to research past scientific studies presstitutes.” – Aaron Kesel  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM AARON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unmasked: NATO’s Dog-Eat-Dog Pandemic Reaction – “NATO and the EU are doing a pretty fine job of undermining themselves, never mind purported input from Russia or China. The only time NATO seems to show “solidarity” is when its member-nations attack and destroy weaker foreign countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Somalia – at the behest of top-dog USA. When the chips are down, however, and survival instincts kick in, then it’s dog-eat-dog with a snarling “Screw You!” The saga of stealing masks from one another is surely truth-by-parody.” – Finian Cunningham



When Will I Get My Stimulus Check? – “You want your money. Bankers are already fighting for their part of it. If it takes conflict to make a good story, the banker part will get you; but first let’s cover the basics of what you have coming to you and when:” – David Haggith

Small Business Guarantees Are a Bucket of Moral Fraud – Mish

QE-4 Cut in Half this Week. Fed’s Helicopter Money for Wall Street & the Wealthy Hits $1.8 Trillion in 4 Weeks – “Regular folks need not apply.” – Wolf Richter

Fed Chair Powell Tells Whoppers This Morning on the Brookings Institution Webcast – “The Fed’s advance men were all over the media today attempting to transform a sow’s ear into a silk purse (or, as they say on Wall Street, put lipstick on a pig). The Fed surprised the market today with the stunning announcement that it was going to start buying up junk bonds from the markets” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

‘F-You, Main Street!’ Federal Reserve will now buy junk bonds while it bails out banks and billionaires – Mitchell Feierstein

Plandemic: Raison D’être – “Without a virus, humanity would NEVER have put up with this kind of money creation. Now that the bogey man has appeared and everyone is in “lockdown” in their homes – they want to be paid and will not only tolerate but are WELCOMING the money creation – so long as the fridge is full and Netflix keeps working – the modern day equivalent of bread and circus [Coulisse anyone?] of Roman times. ” – Rob Kirby

Silver: Left Behind Today, But NOT Tomorrow – Gary Christenson

COVID-19 Panic Sparks Record-Breaking Gold Buying Binge During First Quarter – Simon Constable





John 19:30   When Jesus therefore had received the vinegar, he said, It is finished: and he bowed his head, and gave up the ghost.