COVID Italy update: dispelling the pandemic illusion – “The Italian Institute of Health moreover distinguishes between those who died from the coronavirus and those who died with the coronavirus. In many cases it is not yet clear whether the persons died from the virus or from their pre-existing chronic diseases or from a combination of both.” – Jon Rappoport

They’re Claiming John Prine (RIP, Legend) as a COVID Victim Even Though He Had Pneumonia and Was a Lung Cancer Survivor – “A microcosm of what’s going on. So, a throat and lung cancer survivor, with heart problems, who had a chunk of his lung removed in 2013, and who had an active pneumonia* infection. Yeah that’s an ‘open-and-shut’ COVID-19 case right there. COVID-19 really is a killer! *Now pneumonia, there’s a nasty disease for you, kills about 3,000 Americans each week almost like clockwork for 150,000 per annum.” – Marko Marjanović  – NOT TO MINIMIZE JOHN’S DEATH, THIS SHOWS EXACTLY WHAT JON RAPPAPORT IS SAYING ABOUT ITALY IN THE ABOVE ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is Covid-19 (Coronavirus) A Massive Media Hoax? – “Do you have questions about Covid-19? Do you trust the mainstream media (MSM)? Do you believe everything that you are being told about this plandemic?If you have questions, you are not alone. I have talked to quite a few people in the last few days who aren’t buying the MSM narrative right now. Many people wonder if we are being lied to and manipulated. ” – Dr. Scott Graves  – A LITTLE LENGTHY BUT WELL WORTH READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

US Doctor: How can you make a vaccine for something never proven to exist? A must-watch (VIDEO) – David Icke

Who is Controlling the U.S. Response to COVID19: The White House or Bill Gates? – Brian Shilhavy

The “Coronavirus” Worm Has Turned: It Is now Time to Face the Truth – “Since the average person, and frankly most all others as well, ignore the workings of the Federal Reserve, it is time to expose what is actually going on with this criminal and scandalous private central banking system, and how this false flag called the Covid-19 pandemic is being used by the Fed to achieve agendas that will change the economic structure of this country and others forever. This is no accident, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with coronavirus, but that excuse is the impetus for restructuring the entire monetary system.” – Gary D. Barnett

COVID-19: Perfect Cover for Mandatory Biometric ID – “Total surveillance requires 24/7 monitoring of political enemies of the state.” – Kurt Nimmo

Anti-Parasitic Agent (Ivermectin) Abolishes Coronavirus Particles – “Ivermectin is an FDA-approved anti-parasitic agent, so safe it is sprayed from aircraft into areas where water-borne parasites abound. In a lab dish, 24-hours after infection of live cells with COVID-19 coronavirus, ivermectin reduced RNA by 93%. At the 48-hour point ivermectin treatment “resulted in the effective loss of essentially all viral material.” A single dose was able to control all viral replications. Researchers said: “if ivermectin is given to patients early in infection, it could help to limit the viral load, prevent severe disease progression and limit person-to-person transmission.” High-dose ivermectin has a good safety profile.” – Bill Sardi

Corona: creating the illusion of a pandemic through diagnostic tests – “Because case numbers are based on those tests (or no tests at all), the whole “pandemic effect” has been created out of fake science.” – Jon Rappoport

WHO Bigwig Warned of 150 MILLION Bird Flu Deaths in 2005. Now He’s Their “Covid-19 Envoy” – “n fact, the WHO insisted at the time that an outbreak was “imminent” and that the “best case scenario” would be 7.4 million deaths globally. In reality, the “pandemic” killed less than 150 people between 2003 and 2005. Nabarro’s terrifying prophesy was only off by a factor of one million.” – Edward Slavsquat

Covid-19 link to 5G technology fueled by coordinated effort – “A conspiracy theory linking 5G technology to the outbreak of the coronavirus is quickly gaining momentum, with celebrities including actor Woody Harrelson promoting the idea. But the theory is also getting a boost from what some researchers say is a coordinated disinformation campaign.” – Ryan Gallagher  –  MUST BE THE RUSSIANS AGAIN. I THINK THIS LINK BETWEEN 5G AND THE VIRUS HAVE SOME PEOPLE WORRIED. COULDN’T BE THE PEOPLE TRYING TO ROLL OUT THIS UNSAFE TECHNOLOGY, COULD IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




A New World Is Being Born: What Will It Be? – “We are hearing from many that the world after Covid-19 will be different. The question is: Different in what way? Will it be better or worse? Elites are working to make it better for them, and worse for the rest of us. About that the evidence is clear. The Big Boys are being bailed out and their debts covered. Everyone else, except those already marginalized and without a recent work record and fixed address, got a month’s rent and extended unemployment benefits. Big Pharma sees massive profits in the virus, Government sees more power to control” – Paul Craig Roberts

Fauci’s Folly – “Just who does this guy think he is? And why aren’t more Americans demanding President. Trump stop him? The unelected CDC official then began checking off a wishlist of highly suspect totalitarian power grabs — like the right to track citizens, involuntarily quarantine them, and so forth.” – John Griffing  – AND HIS NEWEST THING – “NO MORE SHAKING HANDS, EVER” . I WANT TO KNOW IF WE CANS STILL GIVE PEOPLE THE FINGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anthony Fauci sets stage for mandatory — lucrative! — vaccine – Cheryl K. Chumley

Is The CDC Dancing To The Dems’ Tune On Coronavirus Treatments? – “Someone’s playing the fiddle while America burns – and it isn’t Trump.” – Sarah Cowgill

How To Protect Yourself From Long Term Pandemic Lockdown – “As I have been saying for well over a decade, the solution is to decouple from the system and build our own. But what does this mean specifically?” – Brandon Smith  – ANOTHER GOOD ARTICLE FROM BRANDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tired of social distancing? Experts warn we could be stuck with it for TWO YEARS – RT

Coronavirus And Liberty – Informers And Narcs In Times Of Crisis – “Is this how all freedoms are lost?” – Mark Angelides

Op-Ed: Refusing To Vote For Truden Is The Same As Voting For Bimp – Caitlin Johnstone – GOOD AS USUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Biden: ‘Coronavirus Is Helping My Numbers’ – “Imagine if Trump said this.” – Steve Watson

Sanders Quits Race, Endorsement of Corporatist/Warmonger Biden to Follow – “When revolutionary change is most needed, it’s nowhere to be found in the US land of the free and home of the brave in name only — a fantasy democracy, never the real thing, so-called elections part of the charade. Sanders pretended to be a serious presidential contender in 2016 and in the current race to become Dem nominee. It was Hillary’s turn to pursue the brass ring twice before. Now it’s Biden’s time, both rock solid establishment figures — their anointment as party standard bearers pre-determined by party bosses. Voters have no say whatever. That’s how the US system works. If elections produced positive change, especially when most needed like now, they’d be banned.” – Stephen Lendman

Democrats Likely to Dump Biden – “The Democrats will finally decide that old electable Joe is actually an albatross in confused clothing.” – Fletch Daniels

Joe Biden: The Official Last (Anti-Gun) Man Standing for 2020 Election – Mark Chesnut

March For Our Lives, Other Leftist Youth Groups Make Demands Of Biden – Tom Knighton

Genius! Spend $100+ billion to give away what’s already free… – “But that’s one of the bizarre effects of this Coronavirus pandemic. Nobody seems to care about spending anymore. The US government already passed a $2 trillion spending bill, and they’re already working on a second, $1+ trillion spending bill. No one is questioning how the country can possibly afford such sums. And that’s EXACTLY the attitude these Bolsheviks have been wanting to cultivate. The ‘Green New Deal’ suddenly doesn’t seem so expensive anymore. And $123 billion per year for tuition-free university looks positively cheap by comparison.” – Simon Black  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM SIMON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those Dastardly Russians! – “Those dastardly Russians! They are at it again! What are they up to now? They are shipping medical supplies to the United States to help America deal with the Coronavirus crisis! What could be worse than that? Imagine: Trying to befriend us again. Who do they think they are?” – Jacob G. Hornberger

As Russia Sends Aid, US and NATO Snear and Smear – Ulson Gunnar

Coronavirus Devastates Italy: Is It the Result of Globalism and Free Trade? – Philip Giraldi

Boris Johnson Fights for Life… Russian Media Got it Right – “It’s a basic question of the British public’s right to know about a crucial matter on the state of their government in competently handling a public health crisis. The last thing needed is public uncertainty and distrust about what they are being told about a life-threatening pandemic, either by the government or by the media.” – Finian Cunningham

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot: Curfew On Liquor Sales Starts Thursday – “After Tuesday night’s violence that left seven people dead and 14 injured, and the inability for some to follow the stay at home order, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has placed a 9:00 p.m. liquor purchasing curfew starting Thursday.” – ChicagoCBS  – CHICAGO HAS ALWAYS HAD EXTREME VIOLENCE. LIQUOR AND GUNS AREN’T THE PROBLEM. THE PROBLEM IS THAT CRIMINALS SIMPLY DO NOT OBEY THE LAWS OR FOLLOW STAY AT HOME ORDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

World Is “Sleepwalking Into Surveillance State” As COVID-19 Crackdowns Escalate – Tyler Durden

Here comes CoronaTracking: Is this the New Patriot Act for Public Health Surveillance? – Off Grid Survival

White House Uses COVID-19 As A Reason To Create A Real-Time National Coronavirus Surveillance System – MassPrivateI

Homeless People Ticketed for Being Outside and Violating Social Distancing Orders – “The tickets reportedly come along with a fine of up to $750, which homeless people are obviously unable to pay.” – John Vibes

How Garlic Can Cure These 15 Health Conditions – Dr John Herzog

Ask Yourself These 5 Questions Before Choosing a Knife – Terry Trahan  – SOME GOOD POINTS HERE!!!!




US weekly jobless claims jump by 6.6 million and we’ve now lost 10% of workforce in three weeks – Jeff Cox  – AND THAT’S JUST THE GOVERNMENT STATS. ANYONE WHO READS JOHN WILLIAMS’ SHADOW GOVERNMENT STATISTICS KNOWS THAT IT MUCH, MUCH HIGHER. JOHN’S SITE LINKED IN SIDEBAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When Work Is Punished: Did The ‘Generous’ CARES Act Just Guarantee High Unemployment Is Here To Stay? – Tyler Durden

Cash Is Trash – “Why? Because the Federal Reserve has fired up the printing press and is pumping out cash at a dizzying pace.” – Peter Schiff

Gurus Gone Mad, Market Gone Gzonkers – “The bulls can thank their favorite not-so-gifted gurus for that, who are playing them for the half-witted, reckless creatures that they are. Just track Big Boy Bill Ackman for the past week to see an example of either complete derangement or unadulterated market manipulation. He must be drinking the same fermented silage juice the other bulls have been sipping. Or maybe he is mainlining the stimulus drugs that he says below might help. (He might be as cracked-up as Kudlow.)” – David Haggith

New opportunity for silver: Demand to see a shake-up after COVID-19 outbreak – BMO – Anna Golubova

Silver Poised For An Explosive Move Higher? (VIDEO) with Ted Butler -Talk Digital

The New York Fed, Owned by Multinational Banks, Is Nationalizing Capital Markets – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.10UR




Proverbs 16:22  Understanding is a wellspring of life unto him that hath it: but the instruction of fools is folly.