Can We Trust the WHO? – “The most influential organization in the world with nominal responsibility for global health and epidemic issues is the United Nations’ World Health Organization, WHO, based in Geneva. What few know is the actual mechanisms of its political control, the shocking conflicts of interest, corruption and lack of transparency that permeate the agency that is supposed to be the impartial guide for getting through the current COVID-19 pandemic. The following is only part of what has come to public light.” – F. William Engdahl

What Will The History Books Say Of This Coronavirus Plannedemic? – “Which version will the history books say of our current times? A. Mutated coronavirus that no one on the planet had immunity towards suddenly erupted on an unprepared world; or B. The coronavirus epidemic was pre-planned as cover for an imminent worldwide financial collapse.” – Bill Sardi

How We’ll Beat The Coronavirus (VIDEO) – Chris Martenson  – ANOTHER ONE FROM CHRIS!!!

Molecular Biologist Says Coronavirus Could Have Leaked From Wuhan Biolab – “The theory “cannot–and should not–be dismissed.”” – Steve Watson

My Take On Covid-19 “Conspiracy Theories” – Paul Craig Roberts – SOME GOOD POINTS FROM DR. ROBERTS!!!!

No vaccine, no job: Eugenicist Bill Gates demands “digital certificates” to prove coronavirus vaccination status – Ethan Huff

“Pandemic Drones” Can Now Detect Fever and Coughing – Tyler Durden  – BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING!!!

Precautions From Johns Hopkins University – John Barleycorn  – SOME EXCELLENT ADVICE. PRINT IT OUT AND PUT OM YOUR FRIDGE AND PASS IT ON. THANKS TO JOHN BARLEYCORN FOR SHARING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Social distancing is going to get darker – “But we should acknowledge that there are real human costs to the shuttering of life as we knew it. These are costs that have nothing to do with GDP statistics or the prices of stocks. Man is a social animal, an animal who becomes himself in the society of others. We should not be even remotely surprised when, deprived of that society, of his own volition or otherwise, he starts to behave like a different sort of animal.” – Matthew Walther

Profiteers and Pool Noodles: The Mask Market Is a Total Mess – Jack Nicas

Unmasking the Truth on Masks to Protect Against Coronavirus: Fire the Surgeon General – “Because there were simply not enough masks to go around, the Surgeon General effectively lied to the American people.” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Urgent Questions – “Either “Appropriate” or the “Worst Man-made Catastrophe” in History”” – Brian Maher – GOOD OP-ED FROM BRIAN!!!

The Medically Induced Police State – Donald Jeffries 

Quarantine Violators: “Shoot them dead” – “How long until we’re willing to shoot quarantine violators? This may seem an outrageous question to ask, and you may say, this obviously is not something the US would consider… would it?” – Micha Gartz

Coronavirus spreads in Los Angeles’ homeless community – Benjamin Oreskes  – DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why You Should Flush With The Lid Down: Experts Warn Of Fecal-Oral Transmission Of COVID-19 – ” While scientists have warned that COVID-19 can be spread by fecal-oral transmission (hence the importance of post-bathroom hand washing) the disease can also be spread through what is known as “aerosolized feces” which means that it’s more important than ever to close the lid of the toilet while flushing, according to experts. ” – Alexandra Sternlicht

Being Prepared During The Current Pandemic – Bob Rodgers





Someone’s Screwing You, And It Ain’t China: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix – “Ten million Americans declare unemployment in two weeks and all your government does is give you a $1,200 “advance” on your tax return while bailing out corporations with the largest wealth transfer ever, and some of you are still shrieking about Russia and China. Pathetic fucking tools. Your rights are evaporating, your government has failed to provide the bare minimum social safety nets during a very manageable pandemic, your nation’s billionaire class has been growing wealthier and wealthier while most of you would struggle to pay a $1000 emergency bill, but sure, China is your real enemy.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Little Managers – “Trump, Macron, BoJo, Merkel, Rutte, Xi, Abe, Conte, you name them, they’re all little managers, they’re not leaders, they have no ideas or visions, at least not original ones. But okay, so they all failed at Prevention and now they get to shine, as long as that lasts. It’s now a matter of preventing -too- widespread poverty and hunger, of “selling” a certain number of deaths as unpreventable, and mostly of making stressed out people feel more comfortable. But there are still pitfalls along the way, and they won’t all make it past them in one piece. The ones who presently pose as leaders even see their popularity ratings rise as they start “little managing” their territory. Because they failed in their no. 1 task, there are huge shortages of medical equipment etc., but they are -helped by their media- perceived as credible when they claim this was unforeseeable, since after all, all their neighboring little managers also failed at Prevention” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer   – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM RAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

US Leads Global Wave of Nations Stealing, Seizing and Diverting Coronavirus Equipment – “Governments have resorted to seizing, diverting, outbidding and outright stealing equipment from each other in a desperate bid to stem the tide of the coronavirus epidemic.” – Alan Macleod

When It’s Over, Will We Be the Same America? – Patrick J. Buchanan

Coronavirus Update and Tweets of the Day: It’s Damn Ugly – Mish

A Feverish Boris Johnson Will Continue To Isolate As COVID-19 Symptoms Worsen – ” UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson does not look good.” – Tyler Durden

2 Million Guns Sold During March as Sales Skyrocket to Second Highest Level Ever – “The pandemic is leading people to buy way, way more guns as some fear there will soon be civil unrest.” – John Vibes

China rolls out the Health Silk Road – “In the Belt and Road framework, China is supplying much of the world including virus-hit Europe with medicine and healthcare items. That was in fact already inbuilt in the Belt and Road Initiative playbook since at least 2017, under the framework of enhanced, pan-Eurasian health connectivity. The pandemic only accelerated the timeline. The Health Silk Road will run in parallel to the multiple overland Silk Road corridors and the Maritime Silk Road” – Pepe Escobar

East Africa locust swarms gather as coronavirus curbs delay pesticides – Omar Mohammed

The Real Reason for the New Cold War with Russia… What it Means for the Markets and World Peace – International Man

COVID-19: Cover for Military Attack on Iran and Iraq – “Trump ignores Iraqi demand US occupation forces leave the country.” – Kurt Nimmo

FREEDOM or SLAVERY — X22 Report (VIDEO) – SGT Report

Residents snitch on businesses, neighbors amid shutdowns – Tammy Webber  – MORE BIG BRoTHER!!!

The Rabbit Hole: COVID-19 Breeding Informers And Hatred – “Can Western culture and the freedoms we cherish survive the Coronavirus?” – Mark Angelides

Google Publishing Location Data To Monitor Social Distancing – Tyler Durden

Planting Bigger Vegetable Garden Because Of COVID-19 Coronavirus? – Ken Jorgustin




Bailing Out the Bailout -“It will take years to sort through the details, but Trump’s $2 trillion COVID-19 response looks like a double-down on the last disaster” – Matt Taibbi

10 Signs the U.S. Is Heading for a Depression – Mike Whitney

Millions Of Small Businesses Stunned To Learn They Are Not Eligible For Bailout Loans – “In fact, only those companies that already have a lending relationship, i.e., an outstanding loan with a given bank are – at least as of this moment – able to apply for the rescue funds.” – Tyler Durden

A Portrait of Disaster: Rising Unemployment Insurance Claims (UI), After the Lockdown, The Great Depression of 2020? – Heidi Shierholz

Fed’s Balance Sheet Blasts to $5.8 Trillion; Suggests Fed Is Back to Bailing Out Foreign Banks along with Wall Street – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

So, The Comex Is Saying Real Physicals Are At Their Price, Huh? – “If any of what we are seeing within our markets is factual and true, then why can no one find and buy real physicals at the Comex prices? As far as getting bars from the Comex Warehouses, we are told it’s still happening but that has to be questionable, at best. Yet the disparities between what is called Comex, the last place on the planet to buy anything in size, is suppose to be the real, then why is there no place here in the USA with product in stock?” – J. Johnson

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –5.40EUR




Isaiah 13:11  And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible.