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How Many People Have Coronavirus? – “None? Let’s go to the tests and find out Lockdown of the population, panic shopping, and the virus. Since the diagnostic tests for the virus are inaccurate, wrong-headed, and absurd, the LUMPING OF ALL THESE SICK PEOPLE EVERYWHERE UNDER THE SAME LABEL—CORONAVIRUS—IS MEANINGLESS AND DECEPTIVE.” – Jon Rappoport   – ONE OF JON’S BEST ARTICLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Politically Motivated Epidemic? But Maybe There Is A Hidden End-Game – “I don’t fear a virus that is allegedly infecting and killing as much as I do politically induced panic. There are so many mixed messages based upon faulty if not contrived and outright fraudulent data it is difficult to sort out and draw any conclusion from this so-called pandemic. And now, as if there wasn’t enough confusion, we have government permission to pray but we can’t go to church (ban on assembly in large groups)!” – Bill Sardi  – ANOTHER GREAT ARTICLE FROM BILL!!!!!!!

Denmark Passes Law Enabling Forced Coronavirus Vaccinations – “New measures “most extreme since the Second World War.”” – Paul Joseph Watson  – HERE IT COMES. IF YOU DON’T HAVE THE VIRUS NOW THEN WE’LL INJECT A FORM OF IT INTO YOU. AFTER ALL, ISN’T THAT WHAT A VACCINE IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wuhan virus: Prepare For National Lockdown (VIDEO) – Chris Martenson  – ANOTHER GOOD VIDEO FROM CHRIS WHO HAS BEEN ALL OVER THIS!!!!

World Shutting Down: Mass Chaos and Hysteria Sweeps the Globe – Off Grid Survival

UK coronavirus crisis ‘to last until spring 2021 and could see 7.9m hospitalised’ – “Exclusive: Public Health England document seen by Guardian says four in five ‘expected’ to contract virus” – Denis Campbell

Remember the H1N1 Pandemic? I Don’t Either – “Wuhan virus is not the first viral pandemic America has had to contend with. The last one was the H1N1 virus from 2009. How did America react to that last pandemic 10 years ago? Does anyone have more than a vague recollection of H1N1, also known as swine flu? No one will forget this current panic, but most have forgotten H1N1. During the swine flu pandemic, were there mass cancellations of events including conferences, concerts, sporting events, and entire professional sports leagues? Did colleges cancel classes, finishing the remainder of their semesters online? Were travel restrictions imposed between America and Europe? Were panicked Americans hoarding everything from toilet paper to pasta?” – Brian C.Joondeph, MD

Nine Meals from Anarchy – “Fear of starvation is fundamentally different from other fears of shortages. Even good people panic. In such times, it’s advantageous to be living in a rural setting, as far from the centre of panic as possible. It’s also advantageous to store food in advance that will last for several months, if necessary.” – Jeff Thomas  – JEFF BASICALLY SAYS IT HOW IT IS!!!!!!

As The Store Shelves Empty It Is Time to Get Back To The Basics – Could You Bake Your Own Breads Or Feed Yourself Without A Grocery Store? – Susan Duclos

Jade Helm 16 Is Going Live with the Staffing of Medical Martial Law Camps (Part 2) – Dave Hodges  – PART ONE LINKED YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Federal government to control and oversee grocery distribution with govt / private sector partnerships: Wal-Mart, Costco, Target, Kroger, top grocery chains to be deemed “critical infrastructure” … National Guard to protect key distribution points – Mike Adams

“Where You Stop Is Where You Stay” – Domestic Travel Restrictions Are Being “Considered” – Michael Snyder

Bleach Water Ratio For Disinfecting | Make Your Own Disinfectant – Ken Jorgustin

How To Take Vitamin C Orally. It MAY Help Protect Against Viruses – “That said, it’s not a COVID-19 (Coronavirus) “cure,” but nothing is at this point. However, according to the stories coming out of China and South Korea, including ones we have covered, taking vitamin C may save your life and will likely reduce the severity of the infection.” – Joe Martino




Things Have Changed – “At least in wartime, the bars stay open. That’s how you know this is a different thing altogether from whatever else you’ve seen in your lifetime. Even those of us who signed up for this trip — that is, who expected a long emergency — may be a little bit in cosmic awe at just how much shit is flying into the ol’ fan. I know I am. The gods must have glugged down a mighty draft of Dulcolax. Did you get the feeling, as I did, watching the Sanders-Biden debate last night — the inadequate versus the irrelevant — that the world they were blathering about possibly doesn’t exist anymore? The world of institutions that actually function?” – James Howard Kunstle  – ANOTHER GREAT ARTICLE FROM MR. KUNSTLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chinese Coronavirus Pandemic Demonstrates Who Are The Idiots – “So when the ChiComs started sounding off maybe not letting us have any of the drugs we need, we dug a bit deeper and found out that the Bush/Clinton/BushAgain/Obama era geniuses who keep telling us how smart they are let America transfer our drug-making, mask-making, and all-sorts-of-other-stuff-we-really-really-need-making to our enemy. As the hep kids once said, “Smooth move, Ex-Lax,” except Ex-Lax is probably now made in Wuhan, and that’s a problem considering what our establishment is so manifestly full of.” – Kurt Schlichter

Liberty versus “Security” from the Coronavirus – “Crises and emergencies are the time-honored way that people end up losing their liberty at the hands of their own governments. That’s because people become so afraid that they are willing, even eager, to fall victim to the siren song that is always sung by government officials: “Just surrender your liberty to us and we will keep you safe, and as soon as the crisis or emergency is over, we will restore your freedom to you. We promise!”” – Jacob G. Hornberger

Coronavirus Crowns a King – “New York State’s Godfather, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, “think[s]” that coronavirus ”is going to be the public health version of Hurricane Katrina.” But local rulers across the US will likely imitate The Godfather. His response to the virus and concomitant panic warns us what to expect and how to protect ourselves from official “help.” To wit: Cuomo signed a bill last week that “gives” him “$40M [and] broad powers amid coronavirus”—or anything else:” – Becky Akers

NY, NJ, Conn Ban Large Gatherings As White House Denies National Curfew ‘Rumors’ – Tyler Durden

Illinois Mandates Closure of All Bars and Restaurants Until March 30 – Mish

States Enact Virtual Modern-Day Prohibition Over COVID-19 Fears – “Tuesday is St. Patrick’s Day, one of the busiest annual holidays for bars and restaurants. This year, however, it looks like people will be getting corned beef and cabbage delivered to their homes instead of merrymaking with friends at the local pub, sharing rounds of giant mugs of green ale. What does this mean for local small businesses and their employees, and is this even constitutional?” – Kelli Ballard

Illinois City Gun Ban Possible After Coronavirus Emergency Declaration – Personal Defense World

Panicked Leftists Surprised They Can’t Just Purchase a Gun Online Like They Were Told – “Here at Omaha Outdoors, we’ve been inundated with inquiries from out-of-state folks – many from California – asking if we can ship them a gun directly. The answer is, of course, no. Despite what politicians and many in popular media claim, you can’t buy a gun online and have it shipped to your house. Well, you could, if you were a federally licensed firearm dealer (or federally licensed curio and relic collector) and your home was your place of business. Other than that, no, you can’t buy a gun online and have it shipped, especially across state lines, to your home.” – Jim Hoft

Under Cover Of Coronavirus Congress Introduces Bill That Allows Gov To Control All Internet Content (VIDEO) – The Last American Vagabond

Exploiting the Crisis: Dems Add Guns, Ammo to List of Coronavirus Restrictions – Teresa Mull

Who Won the Sanders vs. Biden Debate & How Would We Ever Even Know? – “© Photo: REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque Has the Coronavirus cancelled American Democracy? CNN hid the DNC candidate’s debate from the American people in the best way it knew how – it aired it strictly on CNN and has only made Biden-friendly snippets available on YouTube and its own website. If we missed it, we’d never see the real debate replete with Biden’s gaffes.” – Joaquin Flores

Joe Biden Comes Out of the Radical Closet: ‘No More Drilling, Period,’ No New Fracking, ‘Take Millions of Cars Off Road’ – Nick Arama

Mexico Is Dangerously Unprepared For The Inevitable Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak – “The disease is going to spread fast in Mexico, where a weak and corrupt state has made almost no preparations.” – John Daniel Davidson

NYT Russia Bashing with Fake News When Global Unity Needed – Stephen Lendman

The Real Crisis Starts Now in Europe – Tom Luango

US Kills Iraqis For Demanding End of Illegal Occupation – Tony Cartalucci

US will act in ‘self-defense’ if attacked in Iraq – Pompeo – RT




Panicked Fed Slashes Rates to Near 0%, Throws $700 Billion QE on Top, after $1.5 Trillion Shock-and-Awe Repos Fizzled. Stock Futures Plunge 5%, Hit Limit Down – “Holy moly, what a mess.” – Wolf Richter

Fed Sets Off Panic with Plan to Eliminate Reserves at Wall Street’s Mega Banks – “Last evening, it became painfully clear that the Board of Governors at the Federal Reserve do not understand the inner workings of Wall Street.” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

“They Blew It. They Used Up All Their Ammunition”: A Stunned Wall Street Responds To The Failed Fed Intervention – Tyler Durden

FINANCIAL CRISIS PART 2 IS HERE! Fed Cuts Rates To 0% and Launches $700 Billion QE5! (VIDEO) – The Money GPS

The Covid-19 Dominoes Fall: The World Is Insolvent – “Subtract their immense debts and they have negative net worth, and therefore the market value of their stock is zero.” – Charles Hugh Smith

SILVER CRASHES To $11.77, Down 22.76% Overnight…PHYSICAL GOLD, SILVER, FOOD, MEDS, ETC TO VANISH FROM MARKET – “Well, what do you expect? The paper price of silver is totally disconnecting from reality.It is amazing to see such trust in an unbacked, debt-based fiat currency system that is literally entering the crack-up boom. Many dealers will simply not sell at these prices, but instead, will wait it out, or charge astronomical premiums. Those who are selling gold & silver right now, at these prices, will run out of physical faster than the ramen noodles ran out at my local Walmart. As I said on Friday, the lower the paper price goes, the higher the real price goes.” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart   – PAUL IS RIGHT, IF YOU CHECK ON-LINE AT MANY OF THE WELL KNOWN DEALERS, THE PREMIUMS ARE A LOT HIGHER THAN THE PAPER PRICE AND THAT’S IF THEY HAVE ANYTHING TO SELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How Will Precious Metals Dealers Handle These Low Levels? – “Let’s not forget that metals pricing should be headed north, not south, with the announcement of QEnifity and ZIRP on Sunday. We should be looking $2,000 – $2,500 gold instead of $1,400 gold and $100 to $150 silver instead of $10 silver. Will precious metals dealers use this opportunity to take control of the market? Will the miners use this opportunity to stand up to the COMEX and the satanic banking cabal that has run the markets into the ground?” – Rory Hall

Gold & Silver Shortages, Rate Cuts Coming OOPS THEY ARE HERE (VIDEO) – Mike Maloney

Greatest Depression On Our Doorstep – FINANCIAL SYSTEM BANKRUPT (VIDEO) with Bill Holter – As Good As Gold Australia

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –5.01EUR▼




Revelation 18:15  The merchants of these things, which were made rich by her, shall stand afar off for the fear of her torment, weeping and wailing,