The S*** Is Actually Hitting the Fan But Somehow It Doesn’t Feel Real – Daisy Luther

Panic Will End but Tyranny Will Not – “This government is now taking total control over our lives, and will take full advantage of this situation to bring draconian anti-liberty measures to all that live in this country. This is an atrocity, and one that will change the face of this nation. Current risk includes the implementing of medical martial law as well as the possibility of total martial law with any major resistance from those not willing to accept being in a captured society.” – Gary D. Barnett  – ANOTHER GOOD ARTICLE FROM GARY!!!!!!

PLANDEMIC! A Painstakingly Planned Pandemic & Perfectly Perpetrated Panic – “You can’t believe a single thing they say about the coronavirus. NOTHING! — Intelligence Analyst and Former U.S. Army Officer” – State of the Nation  – INTERESTING ARTICLE, AS USUAL, FROM STATE OF THE NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Empty Shelves, Food Lines, and Social Unrest Begins Due to Coronavirus Hysteria – “I truly wish I was wrong, but for the last three months, we have tried to warn our readers and anyone that would listen to stock up early to avoid the chaos” – Off Grid Survival

Right now, all across America, the coronavirus is spreading through grocery stores, Costcos and Sam’s Clubs… because that’s where all the crowds are – Mike Adams  – MIKE MAKES A VALID POINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Toilet Paper Olympics 2020 – “One of the craziest things about the Wuhan Coronavirus so far has been the panic buying of toilet paper. There was no shortage or reason to panic buy; what did the virus have to do with toilet paper?” – Nick Arama

Hoboken has become the first city in the US to implement a widespread curfew due to coronavirus fears, and will limit restaurants to takeout and delivery – Michelle Mark

It’s About Those Official Corona Virus Figures … No, this isn’t a conspiracy theory – – – – “The sort of good news is that the ratio of deaths to reported cases only takes into account those who enter the medical system, which is slanted toward the most ill and misses those unknown less ill cases. Clearly that means the official death rate mostly reflects what happens to the the worse-off subset of those infected folks who are actually under observation. Thus the over-all death rate of the whole universe of those who get infected with COVID-19 is likely smaller than the one implied by the official figures so far. And that puts the official data in context.” – L. Reichard White  – GOOD POINT!!!!!

Biggest Problem With Wuhan Virus Has Been Lies/Propaganda: People Under 60 Being Hit Hard in France and Netherlands – Rory Hall

Multiple Nations Suggest Coronavirus Originated in America! Is This Possible? (VIDEO) – Spiro Skouras

Looking at the military aspects of biological warfare (UPDATED!) – The Saker

Jade Helm 16 Is Going Live (Part One) – “This is the first part of a two part series that will demonstrate that the Coronavirus is much, much worse than the administration is letting on. However, and as this series will reveal, the assault upon the American by this bioweapon is not the final assault. Except for those who will die or lose loved ones from the virus, the Coronavirus is not the main threat to America. The main danger is what will follow one second following the dissipation of the Coronavirus.” – Dave Hodges

Dystopian Footage: Quarantine Breaker Subdued & Arrested By Swarm Of Police In Hazmat – Tyler Durden

The Weather Does Not Make Viruses Go Away – Mish

How To Make Hand Sanitizer – Tess Pennington




Trump tests negative for coronavirus, White House doctor says – Lauren Hirsch

White House Adds United Kingdom To Expanded Coronavirus Travel Restrictions – Christian Datoc

Leftist Michigan Governor Flirts with Invoking “Martial Law” using Virus as Excuse to Power Grab – Jim Hoft

Dem mayor in Illinois now has power to ban gun, ammo, liquor, sales and turn off utilities because ‘muh coronavirus’ – “The mayor of Champaign, Illinois, gave herself the power to ban the sale of guns and alcohol after declaring a citywide emergency to address the coronavirus.” – Tank Murdoch  – SO NOW WE HAVE DICTATORS RUNNING TOWNS!!!!!!!

Gov’t Imbeciles Destroying Global Economy (VIDEO) – Gerald Celente

America’s Democracy Will Not Be Put into Quarantine – “The coronavirus crisis must not lead to the capitulation of freedom and democracy to this epidemic.” – João Lemos Esteves

What Everyone Needs to Know About the Financial and Political Turmoil Right Now – Jeff Thomas

Putin Unleashes Strategic Hell on the U.S. – “as a person who appreciates the delicate balance between strategy and tactics, I have to say I am impressed with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s sense of timing. Because if there was ever a moment where Putin and Russia could inflict maximum pain on the United States via its Achilles’ heel, the financial markets and its unquenchable thirst for debt, it was this month just as the coronavirus was reaching its shores.” – Tom Luongo

To Help Stem Spread of Coronavirus, Trump Must Lift Sanctions on Iran – “US Sanctions, according to Human Rights Watch, have not only been devastating to Iranian civilians, but they have also crippled the country’s ability to effectively deal with the coronavirus.” – Ariel Gold and Medea Benjamin

More Rockets Fired At Iraq Base, Continuing US-Iran Tit-For-Tat – “Base in Iraq housing US forces bomarded for the second time in four days” – Graham J Noble

A 70-Year War on ‘Propaganda’ Built by the CIA – “We are bombarded day after day, hour after hour of reminders as to why the “enemy” is not human like us, not compassionate like us, not patient, just and wise like us.” – Cynthia Chung

The Matrix Revealed: Cartels That Run The World -Jon Rappoport

Gun Stores Start To Feel Pinch As Ammo Flies Off Shelves – Cam Edwards




The WORST Is Yet To Come! Prepare for MASS Defaults and Global Economic Collapse (VIDEO) – The Money GPS

Collapse – “We just witnessed a global collapse in asset prices the likes we haven’t seen before. Not even in 2008 or 2000. All these prior beginnings of bear markets happened over time, relatively slowly at first, then accelerating to the downside.” – Sven Henrich

MAJOR ECONOMIC DEPRESSION AHEAD? Global Oil Demand To Fall Drastically – Steve St. Angelo

Biggest Move in History Coming Soon for Gold & Silver (VIDEO) with Bill Murphy – “Bill Murphy, Chairman of the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee (GATA), says don’t worry about the recent price drop forced on the markets by the gold cartel with naked short selling. It’s not going to keep prices down for long. Murphy contends, “We have been trying to expose what this gold cartel has been doing. The bullion banks, the Fed, the Treasury, the Bank for International Settlement (BIS) and what they have done is to suppress the price.” – Greg Hunter

Price Of Physical Gold Decouples From Paper Gold – “Paper gold is traded on the unallocated OTC gold spot market in London and on the COMEX futures market in New York. Both of these markets are derivative markets and neither is connected to the physical gold market.” – BullionStar

Pensions May Quickly Be “Infected” by Coronavirus Panic – Birch Gold




Deuteronomy 31:6   Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the Lord thy God, he it is that doth go with thee; he will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.



Problems, personal problems, people problems
We people got to solve them

Problems, big problems, small problems
Still we got to solve them

Settle for less is problems
We could do our best and solve them
Stop wishing and waiting, stop meditating on a fairy tale

Problems, problems, problems
We got to solve them
Ain’t got no use for what you refuse yourself
Now, why should man abuse, man God like self

All over the world there are problems
Who cause them, sure got the cure
Stop wishing, stop waiting, stop mistaking, problems

Settle for less is problems
We got to do our best and solve them
Stop wishing, stop waiting, stop thinking of a fairy tale

Problems, money problems, woman problems, political problems
Problems, religious problems, race problems, life problems

Problems, personal problems, people problems
We people must solve them
Problems, human problems, the family problems
A know we gonna solve them

Problems, colour problems, any problems
Yes we have to solve them
Ain’t got no use for what you refuse yourself
Why should man abuse, man God like self

Hey someone got a problem, personal problem
People problem, come now let us solve them

( Problems by Ziggy Marley and Sharon Marley Prendergast )