People dying equals coronavirus? – “People sick, people dying. How many people? Unknown. Massive lockdowns of Chinese cities. Citizens trying to escape. For the global audience, this equals coronavirus, not because they know the virus is the cause—proof is beside the point. The virus is the cause because IT MUST BE. WHAT ELSE COULD IT BE?” – Jon Rappoport

Coronavirus Madness – “The coronavirus-infected individuals who are dying are largely immune-compromised smokers, boozers, malnourished seniors, and drug users (even conventionally prescribed drugs); 68% of early coronavirus cases were men which is precisely the exact same percentage of Chinese males smoke tobacco.” – Bill Sardi

The Lessons We Have Learned From The Coronavirus So Far… – “The answer offered to every disaster is always more centralization, even if centralization was part of the problem from the beginning. The coronavirus pandemic event will be no different.” – Brandon Smith  – WHETHER YOU BELIEVE THE VIRUS IS REAL OR TRUMPED UP. BRANDON STILL SHARES SOME EXCELLENT POINTS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

China Cedes Virus Control – “Major developments today (overnight for many) with regards to the COVID19 coronavirus. Probably not so much in infections or deaths per se (at least not that we know), but in the way(s) cases are reported. Or, if a spade is called a spade, the way they have been severely underreported so far. What happened is Hubei’s health commission changed the diagnostic criteria used to confirm cases. Basically, “showing up positive on a CT scan” refers to the detection of pneumonia. For weeks, officials maintained that in an area under heavy siege of a disease for which pneumonia is one of the main symptoms, additional testing was mandatory to confirm a case as COVID19. Yeah, that’s a little crazy.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

The Massive Spike of 15K Coronavirus Cases in One Day Confirms What We Suspected All Along – Daisy Luther

Sudden Militarization Of Wuhan’s P4 Lab Raises New Questions About The Origin Of The Deadly Covid-19 Virus – Tyler Durden

It’s Not What They Are Saying That’s Important, It’s What They’re Not Saying About the Quarantine Plans (VIDEO) – The Common Sense Show

The CDC is preparing for coronavirus ‘to take a foothold in the US’ – “A doctor at the CDC took time on Wednesday to update reporters on the steps the U.S. is taking to tackle the coronavirus.” – Alexandra Kelley

CDC announces test kits for coronavirus don’t work – “There is just one flaw, and it’s fatal. The test says nothing reliable about HOW MUCH virus is in the patient’s body. Why is this important? Because millions and millions of virus, actively replicating in the body, are necessary to even begin talking about the virus causing disease. A few vague viral particles floating around in the body are irrelevant. BUT the test takers and the doctors and the researchers and the companies that sell the test avoid an open frank debate with highly qualified INDEPENDENT researchers. It’s much easier to say, “The amount of virus in the body isn’t a problem, we can measure that, case closed.” Patients who only have a non-important tiny amount of what might be a coronavirus are going to be labeled with the “epidemic illness.” They’re going to be quarantined and hospitalized and scared and treated with toxic anti-viral medicines.” – Jon Rappoport

An Executive Order Has Initiated ‘Department Of Defense Global Campaign Plan For Pandemic Influenza And Infectious Diseases 3551-13’ – “Many in the mainstream media continue to try to convince us that this virus is not much more dangerous than the common flu, but if that is true then why is our military taking such a dramatic step?” – Michael Snyder

Coronavirus in your toilet? How a Hong Kong policy change on pipes may have caused this – Lilian Cheng

Coronavirus Quarantines: How Long Should They Be? – “China wants 700 million people to start returning to work. But questions abound.” – Mish

Biological Weapons: A Useful and Timely Factual Overview Part I – Larry Romanoff

Sick Instagram pranksters dressed in hazmat suits cause havoc on New York subway train by pretending to spill coronavirus (which was actually Kool-Aid) – Ross Ibbetson




The Belief That Everything Will Be Fine Once Trump’s Gone Is More Dangerous Than Trump – “Do you know how I know this? Because things weren’t okay before Trump got into office. America was a murderous imperialist force whose citizenry were suffering under crushing austerity and steadily mounting authoritarianism on January 19 2017, and it remains so today. Certainly the current administration has added its own levels of nefariousness to this dynamic, but the same is true of its predecessors.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM CAITLIN!!!!

“Doomsday Scenario”: Washington Moves To Crush The Sanders Revolution – “Sanders is not just surging with young people but now surging in national polls ahead of the preferred candidate of the establishment, Joe Biden.” – Jonathan Turley

Bloomberg The Authoritarian Oligarch – “Bloomberg’s heavy-handed, abusive policies weren’t just egregious violations of civil liberties, but they were also doing nothing to make the city more secure. Despite this, Bloomberg was a fervent defender of his policies until he realized that they would be a political liability for his current presidential campaign. Now he delivers unconvincing, dishonest “apologies” in an attempt to make people forget what he did.’ – Daniel Larison

Nordic Countries Are Not Socialist. Sorry Bernie Supporters… – Ken Jorgustin

Don’t Forget: New Hampshire Winner And Dem Frontrunner Bernie Sanders Has A Lot Of Crazy Plans – “Here are just 19 of the insane policy proposals and radical ideas Bernie Sanders would champion as president.” – Emily Jashinsky and Madeline Osburn

Don’t Believe the Media Spin: Buttigieg and Klobuchar Are No ‘Moderates’ – Geoffrey Dickens


Swalwell: Impeaching Trump Over Roger Stone Is Not ‘Off the Table’ – Pam Key  – SERIOUSLY, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. WILL THESE IDIOTS EVER GET BACK TO RUNNING THE COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Newest Democrat Scheme to ‘Get’ the President – “You didn’t really think that the Democrats would stand down after failing to Impeach the President, did you? Two of their manufactured grandiose schemes have crashed and burned: Russia collusion and Ukraine quid pro quo. They have moved on to yet another false narrative that they hope will succeed under the rubric of a “cover-up,” retaliation, and political corruption of the DoJ. A set-up associated with the latter item is well underway.” – Stu Cvrk

Stone: Oh Please – “Wow man, let’s impeach Trump (again) for saying that the proposed sentence for Stone was an act of pure insanity. Uh huh. First, let’s start with the obvious: The jury was tainted which we now know” – Karl Denninger

PBS Assaults White Americans – Paul Craig Roberts

More Lies on Iran: The White House Just Can’t Help Itself as New Facts Emerge – Philip Giraldi

“Mobbed up” American Policy, the Global Shakedown – “There is a method, and it isn’t the madness it appears to be. Trump and company have remade the “business environment of the world” in a way Americans are quite familiar with. We call it “organized crime.” Currently, representatives of American political leaders are operating in over 60 nations. These aren’t diplomats, though some actually are, technically at least, but most are simply “business agents,” often with long criminal histories. They sell “the friendship” of the United States in return for anything of value and the buyers, nations terrified of the United States, are ready to sign anything, give up anything.” – Gordon Duff

UK Govt. Approves Net Censorship – Free Speech Dies – “Britain allows the internet to be censored, a warning for the U.S.” – Mark Angelides

EU is Now Deaf to Their Coming Defeat – “The arrogance and intractability of the EU when it comes to negotiations is supposed to be their biggest weapon. They project a strange combination of strength and indifference that can only come from people thoroughly insulated from personal accountability for their mistakes.” – Tom Luango

Do You Solemnly Swear? – “Stay with me on this… the purpose will become clear soon. Assume (without laughing or crying) that our U.S. senators are honest individuals filled with integrity. Yes, I know, but stay with me… They voted last week during the impeachment trial for President Donald Trump. They swore to uphold the following oath: I wasn’t there, but I assume 99 or 100 solemnly swore “Yes” to dispense impartial justice. It doesn’t matter.WE SHOULD NOT TRUST OR BELIEVE POLITICIANS. Swell. This is an obvious fact understood by all thinking humans. The problem is – we are ruled by politicians. They run our lives, control our economy, devalue currencies every year, concoct stories they want us to believe, coerce the media into lying for their benefit, manipulate markets, start wars, and the list goes on. What other important lies have politicians told? A few examples:” – Gary Christianson   – GOOD ARTICLE FROM GARY!!!!!

Illinois’ fiscal condition worsens despite higher revenues, interim annual report says – Greg Bishop

FORGET PARIS: United States Led Entire World In Reducing CO2 Emissions In 2019 – “To hear climate alarmist Greta Thunberg tell it, President Trump pulling the U.S. out of the bogus Paris climate pact was outrageous.” – Eric A. Blair

The Virginia House Just Passed a Bill that Bans Assault Weapons–And More – The Political Insider

AR-10: The Multipurpose Rifle You Want – Shawn Jackson

Cities Create New Ways To Expand Neighborhood Surveillance Programs – “Lansing Police Department recently created “Security Camera Registry and Mapping” or SCRAM to expand their surveillance network. Talk about ironic, naming a police cam-share program SCRAM is exactly where a person’s privacy will go when neighbors voluntarily use CCTV cameras to monitor everyone.” – MassPrivateI




Our “Come to Mao” Reckoning and the Next Cultural Revolution – “The coronavirus ravaging China doesn’t matter. China doesn’t matter.10,000 coronavirus cases don’t matter,100,000 cases don’t matter, 1,000,000 cases don’t matter. All that matters is that exploited Chinese workers get back to assembling iPhones for Apple and all the landfill economy stuff that generates billions in profits for Amazon and the rest of Corporate America. Nothing else matters. ” – Charles Hugh Smith

Empty Suit – “After getting a public twitter scolding from President Trump for letting the Dow reverse into red yesterday Jay Powell was not about to let the same mistake happen twice and came fully prepared ready to jawbone today. Is the presumption ridiculous? What isn’t ridiculous these days? A president watching every tick on the $DJIA and grading the Fed Chair on it? Or a Fed Chair whose renewed easy money policies have propelled stocks sky high using the opportunity to jawbone markets higher by promising even more easy money:” – Sven Henrich

Fed Chair Tells Congress There Is a 10-Year “Game Plan” to Deal with Financial Crisis But No Plan to Deal with Americans Left Devastated By It – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Credit-Card Interest Rates Soar to Record High, Bond Yields Drop to Record Low: What Gives? – Wolf Richter

US deficit surges 25% in fiscal 2020 and is $1.1 trillion over the past year – Jeff Cox

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 10.19EUR




Ezekiel 3:17  Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel: therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me.