CNBC’s Eunice Yoon Exposes How Beijing Is Shaping The Narrative To Boost Markets & Save China’s Economy – “Following a week of Chinese police rounding up anyone suspected to be infected and locking them away in an official quarantine, the rumors are that there are 10,000 cases in Wuhan who have been clinically diagnosed via CAT scans of their chest ” – Tyler Durden

At least 500 Wuhan medical staff infected with coronavirus – “Medical sources in the city confirm rate of infection, but say they have been told not to release the full picture to the public” – Josephine Ma, William Zheng, and Zhuang Pinghui

The Virus first, last, and always in the hearts of our Countrymen – “Deeper and deeper the cover story goes. AND REGARDLESS OF WHICH SIDE OF A DEBATE PEOPLE TAKE, BOTH SIDES SUPPORT THE VIRUS AS THE CAUSE. That’s how good cover stories work: you get people disagreeing on details—while underneath it all, they automatically buy the central lie, the central unproven assertion. The big one.” – Jon Rappoport

Will China Virus Trigger New Great Depression? – F. William Engdahl

Coronavirus found to have up to 24-day incubation period; CDC releasing Wuhan evacuees in Texas, Nebraska and California after just 14 days – Mike Adams

What in the world are they spraying all over Wuhan City? – State of the Nation

North Korea goes all out to hide its coronavirus cases – “China’s coronavirus epidemic has spread to nearly every country in Asia, with one little curious exception: North Korea.” – Monica Showalter

CDC Rather Powerless In Halting Spread Of Coronavirus – “High profile incidents covered by the media often reassures the public that the government stands ready to rush to our aid in case of a national disaster. Following a tornado or hurricane, we often see news coverage of FEMA workers spreading out and moving from door to door offering help to Americans in need. This reassuring media coverage is misleading. Be prepared that in the case of a major crisis, such as the coronavirus pandemic or disaster the government will not be much help. If and when a large “Armageddon” event covering a large area does occur we will quickly become acutely aware that God helps those who help themselves.” – Bruce Wilds

The Majority Of Coronavirus Victims Are Men, And The Virus Is Hitting Adults Far Harder Than It Is Hitting Children – Michael Snyder




Trump’s ‘dream scenario’ unfolds: Dem disarray ahead of 2020 – Gabby Orr

It’s Over For The Democrats – “Oh my, New Hampshire. As I pointed out to my late parents a number of years ago The Democrat Party they were aligned with since my youth no longer exists and has become an existential threat to the nation.” – Karl Denninger

Trump Derangement Syndrome: Diagnosis and Treatment – “”Bacillus Anti-Trumpicus” viruses are known to prefer an unsanitary, anti-American, and anti-Semitic habitat, often created by the heirs of Marxism. Unlike most other mental disorders, TDS is a contagious disease that can cause epidemics and even pandemics. This syndrome is caused by the new neuropathologic coronavirus Bacillus Anti-Trumpicus (2016-nCoV). The virus, entering the human brain, selectively eats only those neurons responsible for a coherent political worldview. Theoretically, the disease is incurable, although some countries have announced successful attempts to combat the epidemic and control the spread of infection.” – Gary Gindler

Bernie Edged Buttigieg But Klobuchar is the Real Winner – Mish

New Hampshire: A Near-Repeat of Grand Theft Iowa – “Undemocratic Dems appear to be going all out to choose anyone but Sanders as party standard bearer in November. What’s going on so far appears similar to how the process was rigged for Hillary in 2016. Even though his voting record is along party lines most often and may have a better chance to beat Trump in November than other Dems, party bosses and supportive media apparently don’t consider Sanders safe enough to support continuity across the board if elected president.” – Stephen Lendman

The spectacular collapse of Joe Biden as the Democrats’ front-runner – Ebony Bowden

GOP duo moves ahead with Biden investigation – Jordain Carney

Yang Suspends Campaign – Has The Dropping Of Flies Begun? – “When will the outsider candidates wake up to reality?” – Mark Angelides  – DARN IT, I WAS HOPING TO GET MY FREE $1000 A MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t Get Too Cocky Republicans; The Turnout Numbers Say Democrats are Jazzed – Elizabeth Vaughn

Vampire Squid vs. Multi-Millionaire Socialist – “Lloyd Blankfein, one of a handful of banksters responsible for the “Greatest Recession,” is warning about the possibility of the multi-millionaire socialist Bernie Sanders taking the Democrat nomination. The boss of Goldman Sachs—a vampire squid feeding on toxic derivatives and various financial Ponzi schemes blue checked by the state—is afraid Bernie might actually win and bring down the hammer on him and other crony capitalists fat on money swindled from the American people.” – Kurt Nimmo

Their Coup Attempts Have All Failed. What Are They Going To Do Now? – Ken Jorgustin

Andrew Cuomo: Criminals’ Best Friend – “For whatever reason, starting two years ago, the governor of New York started getting totally unhinged.” – Avrohom Gordimer

Virginia Lawmakers Vote To Allow Illegal Aliens Obtain Driver’s Licenses – Jason Hopkins  – TAKE AWAY THE CITIZENS GUNS RIGHTS, BUT LET NON-CITIZENS DRIVE. JUST WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE REPRESENTING!!!!!!!

Not Just VA: MD Dems Introduce Gun Ban, Registration Bill – Cam Edwards

Maryland Bills Would Allow Doctors to Vaccinate Minors without Parental Consent and Against Parents’ Objections – NATIONAL VACCINE INFORMATION CENTER

Small Countries Are Better: They’re Often Richer and Safer Than Big Countries – Ryan McMaken

Irish Election Shock Another Nail in Coffin for United Kingdom – Finian Cunningham

Achilles’ heel of ALL viruses? Scientists discover holy grail which could lead to UNIVERSAL vaccine – RT  – AH, YES, AN UNIVERSAL VACCINE. BIG PHARMA WOULD LOVE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Stunning Admission on the So-Called Population Crisis (VIDEO) – TruthStream Media

Prebiotics help mice fight melanoma by activating anti-tumor immunity – Sanford Burnham Prebys

Why some cities are targeting gas stoves to fight climate change – “Why building electrification, and removing gas from new and retrofitted homes, has become a movement” – Patrick Sisson  – NOW THEY ARE GOING TO TELL US WHAT WE CAN COOK ON, WHAT’S NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 Things You May Think Are Healthy, But Probably Aren’t – Alanna Ketler




The Recession Called “Repocalypse” – “The Fed attained the full half-trillion-dollar response level at the start of 2020, and now it is just maintaining its operations at that line. Half a trillion in response that is now ongoing! That clearly indicates a major tear in the credit markets, and where do you think the entire US (and global) economy would be today if not for the Fed’s rapid response?” – David Haggith

1937 – “The market keeps getting narrower in leadership, it keeps getting ever more divergent and artificial liquidity is all that’s keeping it up. And, as markets have rallied relentlessly ignoring all risks, they face the prospect of meeting the fate of history of similar rallies in the past. Not only 2000, but also 1937.” – Sven Henrich

Fed Flooding Market with Funny Money (VIDEO) with David Morgan – “Sooner or later, the reality is going to hit the stock market. I don’t care how much funny money they use to pump it up.” – Greg Hunter

U.S. Household Debt Exceeds $14 Trillion for the First Time – Alex Tanzi

Subprime Auto Loans Explode, “Serious Delinquencies” Spike to Record. But There’s No Jobs Crisis, These Are the Good Times – “Nearly a quarter of all subprime auto loans are 90+ days delinquent. Why?” – Wolf Richter

Major Public Pension System Has Slashed Benefits For Retirees For First Time in Years (VIDEO) – Wall Street for Main Street

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.95EUR




Psalm 76:8   Thou didst cause judgment to be heard from heaven; the earth feared, and was still,