50,000 New Coronavirus Infections Per Day in China – Mish

White House Asks Scientists To Investigate Whether 2019-nCoV Was Bio-Engineered – Tyler Durden


American Citizen Diagnosed With Coronavirus Dies in China – “The death marks the first known American loss of life from the disease” – Stu Woo

Canadian Scientist At Center Of Chinese Bio-Espionage Probe Found Dead In Africa? – Tyler Durden

Wuhan facing ‘wartime conditions’ as global coronavirus deaths reach 724 – Emma Graham-Harrison

Cruise Ship Horror: Confirmed And Potential Coronavirus Cases On 4 Different Ships Cause A Frenzy Of Panic All Over The Globe – Michael Snyder

Incompetent CDC allows passengers from Cruise Ship with Suspected Coronavirus Cases into New Jersey – Off Grid Survival

Venezuelan War Coming – Coronavirus Crisis (VIDEO) – Gerald Celente  – GERALD IS ALWAYS A GOOD LISTEN!!!!!!

Political elite may have already been vaccinated against coronavirus – Ethan Huff




NH Democratic debate: What planet do these people live on? – “None of these Democrats had the slightest grasp of reality. Even the most basic of them, the tax and spend money shovelers, were out of tune with reality. Some of their ideas were old, very very old, and failed, to boot. Others simply wanted to project an altered reality. After hearing all seven of these wrong answers, it’s pretty clear the party is on its own asteroids, floating around in the nothingness, clueless as to why America elected President Trump.” – Monica Showalter

Weak Sauce In New Hampshire Debate – “Candidates stayed in their lanes, leaving a lifeless primary process still seeking ignition.” – Joe Schaeffer

How Elizabeth Warren Gave Spin Room a New Meaning After The New Hampshire Democratic Debate – “Oh, and I’m sure even middle-class voters know their taxes will go up to pay for her Medicare for All proposals and college debt plans, even as Warren says the opposite will happen. Her health care plan alone, which will also kill 150+ million private insurance plans, will cost around $50 trillion in the first ten years. I mean this is crazy people math. And you’re on crack if you think no one’s taxes will go up.” – Matt Vespa

Trump Wins Iowa, On to New Hampshire – “The Democrats have made a complete mockery of their candidate selection process. At least back in 2016 when Trump knocked people off one by one the GOP didn’t openly try to rig primaries against him. But the depths the DNC are willing to dig deep to in order to stop Bernie Sanders from being their nominee are truly breathtaking. In 2016, the Clinton machine had declared her the candidate. Bernie was getting in the way of her coronation as the first woman president. In 2020, however, no one actually running for the Democratic nomination, except maybe Bernie Sanders in a perfect world, can actually beat Donald Trump. So, the whole process is really academic at this point. Honestly, after this week the only person who can beat Trump nationally is Trump himself.” – Tom Luango

Ambassador Sondland Gets The Axe Hours After Vindman Twins Escorted Out Of White House – Tyler Durden

Texas Congresswoman suggests Russia responsible for Iowa caucus voting issues – Andrew Mark Miller  – HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Romney’s Links to Burisma – “It wasn’t 2012 Presidential loser Mitt Romney’s faith that caused him to vote to impeach President Trump, whom he once begged to rescue him from political oblivion. While Romney, who undoubtedly entertained visions of succeeding a President Trump after his vote helped remove from office, says it was his faith that caused him to believe Trump really did abuse his power to pressure the Ukrainians to dig up dirt on the Bidens, more likely it was because that Romney wanted to put an end to an administration that might expose his link to the Bidens and Burisma,” – Daniel John Sobieski  – WHAT A TANGLED WEB WE WEAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soldier Kills at Least 17 People in Mass Shooting in Thai Shopping Mall – Sputnik News

Who Can NOW Say America Hasn’t Become a Mega-Corporate Dictatorship? – “When a nation’s billionaires control not only its mega-corporations but its government, that small group — who do business with one-another — constitute a national dictatorship which is just as bad as in feudal times when a tiny aristocracy (who also did business with one-another) controlled the government and were a collective dictatorship over the entire nation’s population. A king isn’t required in order for there to be a dictatorship” – Eric Zuesse

China: Life And Death In A Technocracy – The Coronavirus is wreaking havoc in China, not only with the people suffering and dying, but also with its economy and political system. Everything that Technocrats had hoped to achieve with China, is now on its own deathbed with irregular heart beat.”” – Patrick Wood

German TV Exposes the Lies That Entrapped Julian Assange – Ray McGovern

Independence and its consequences – “The people and their 27 remaining governments in the EU have been watching the UK’s escape from their Hotel California with interest. There is widespread discontent, but no other nation has raised seriously the possibility of following the UK out of the EU. Instead, the mantra has been to get more handouts or promote reform. Good luck with that. And we can blame the Americans for this dysfunctional project.” – Alasdair Macleod

The Winds of Change are Blowing on the Wests Wars. Time to Recognise Reality. – “The casual reader of the Australian mainstream media would be hard pressed to know that at the current time Australian troops are engaged in three different wars: Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. They would be even harder pressed to discover any discussion of the validity of these three engagements.” – James ONeill

‘Gas Wars’ In The Mediterranean – “The unexpected alliance between Turkey and Libya is a geopolitical earthquake that changes the balance of power in the eastern Mediterranean and across the Middle East. Turkey’s audacious move has enraged its rivals in the region and cleared the way for a dramatic escalation in the 9 year-long Libyan civil war.” – Mike Whitney

What’s Next for the Virginia Sanctuary Movement? – “The opportunities are endless, provided that people break free from the conventional wisdom they’ve been fed about political action and start acting locally. Gun rights issues could be the catalyst that kicks off a decentralization revolution America desperately needs.” – José Niño

Oregon Gun Grabbers Advocate For Mandatory Storage Bill – Tom Knighton

Group attacks, robs man of cell phone, AirPods in Queens – Fox5

VENEZUELA: Imagine How Devastating a Pandemic Would Be AFTER the SHTF – “An outbreak of a sickness is always bad, but can you imagine how bad it would be in a country where the system has already collapsed?” – J.G. Martinez D.

Rice and Beans, A Survival Combination – “Rice is rich in starch, and an excellent source of energy. Beans are rich in protein, and contain other minerals. The consumption of the two together provides ALL the essential amino acids, and it is no wonder that this combination is a staple of many diets throughout the world.” – Ken Jorgustin


Animal Rights Activists Want to Ban the Term ‘Pet’ Because Cats and Dogs Are ‘Equals’ – Jade Small




Red Gold: China’s Stealth Plan to Use Gold for World Domination – Marin Katusa

Distortion – “Once again they took all the pain away. What looked like the beginning of a larger market correction, amid renewed reductions in global growth outlooks, was again aborted in its tracks by renewed panic interventions by central banks,” – Sven Henrich

The State of the American Debt Slaves, Q4 2019 – “Consumer credit rose to 19.3% of GDP, the highest ever.” – Wolf Richter




Proverbs 27:1  Boast not thyself of to morrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.



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