Corona Lockdown Fallout – “How do you restart an economy that has 400 million people under lockdown, and that sees all westerners leave? Xi must be getting anxious and nervous by now. And renditioning people is not going to do the trick. Ideally, he would convince the rest of the world that the virus is contained and no longer dangerous. No doubt the lowering rates of change in new cases is step one in trying to do that.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer  – GOOD POINT FROM RAUL, EXPECT MORE LIES!!!!!

A Stunning 400 Million People Are On Lockdown In China As Guangzhou Joins Quarantine – “That’s more than 400 million people forcibly locked inside their homes for 638 deaths? Just think about that: If there was ever a reason to believe that Beijing is lying about the numbers (and not just because Tencent accidentally leaked the real data), this is it.” – Tyler Durden

China in State of Panic as Coronavirus Death Toll Rises – “As the official death toll mounts so do the demands and restriction on Chinese citizens. Mass Quarantine Camps and Wartime Conditions Quarantines are in place by land and by sea. People cannot leave their homes but once in three days in at least 6 Chinese cities.” -Mish

Response To Coronavirus A Boondoggle, Public Health & US Economy At GREAT RISK (VIDEO) – Silver Doctors

Tracking coronavirus: Map, data and timeline – BNO News

DOUBLE JEOPARDY: Health experts warn that people who have had the coronavirus can get it again even after they have recovered – JD Heyes

This Coronavirus Outbreak Is Causing A Lot Of People To Go Completely Nuts – “I was recently talking to a friend of mine who lives in Florida, and he told me that he has seen a number of people already wearing masks out in public. But we haven’t even had 20 confirmed cases of the virus in the United States yet. If people are freaking out this much now, how bad will things get when the number of confirmed cases in the U.S. reaches 20,000?” – Michael Snyder

Coronavirus Kills Chinese Whistleblower Doctor, 34 – “Police cracked down on him when he tried to warn others in Wuhan back in December.” – Kelley Beaucar Vlahos

Disturbing Footage From China Shows Terrifying Quarantine & Apocalyptic Scenes With Death Sentences For Quarantine Violators More Signs Of Something Sinister About Coronavirus – “Microbiologist Who Worked On SARS & H1N1 Outbreaks Dies Mysteriously” – Stefan Stanford




Slapstick Suicide – “With Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler cast as Laurel and Hardy, the Democratic Party entered the slapstick phase of its self-destruction, moving from one botched scheme to the next amidst a chaos of falling pianos, splintered two-by-fours, and crashed bi-planes. The old 1930s screen comedies usually also featured a “grand dame” character making herself ridiculous, like Margaret Dumont in Duck Soup, and congressional central casting has fashioned just such a late-career role for Nancy Pelosi, all fluster and spleen, and well-supplied with comic props like the carefully pre-torn State of the Union address she ceremoniously sundered on Tuesday night. Can someone drop an anvil on her, please?That spectacle was immediately followed by the Keystone Kops Iowa caucus, which has not really been resolved three days later as I write, though 100 percent of the vote is supposedly counted (cue, laughter). ” – James Howard Kunstler  – ANOTHER GOOD ONE FROM MR. KUNSTLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did Pelosi Just Tear Up the Fabric of the U.S.? – “There’s plenty not to like about Trump’s presidency but it is still his presidency, won against all odds and the kind of under-handed electioneering that was on full display in Iowa this week. And Pelosi acting like she doesn’t believe that is the height of tragi-comedy. Because, as I said, she’s not that good an actress. She knows the impeachment was garbage, but she can’t say that. The goal of propaganda is shame. Getting people to believe something that isn’t true puts them into a place where they have to defend it lest they admit to themselves and the world that they were 1) wrong and 2) a fraud.” – Tom Luongo

Democrats wheel out their ‘dog ate their homework’ excuse, blaming Trump for Iowa – Monica Showalter

Iowa debacle deepens division between Sanders, national party – Jonathan Easley

Media, Democratic Establishment Panics as Sanders Predicted to Sweep All 50 States – “No matter how much mainstream media and establishment Democratic pols attempt to spin the results, Iowa has many of those in the establishment very worried, to say the least.” – Alan Macleod

The Game is Rigged – “Let’s not beat around the bush. The game is rigged. The fix is in. I’m not just talking about the neofascistic Donald Trump, the Republican Party, the Republican-controlled United States Senate and the fake-impeachment trial that body just concluded. I’m talking about their neoliberal enablers, the Democrats too.The deeply conservative corporate and imperialist Democratic Party politics and media complex is determined to deny the progressive neo-New Deal Democrat Bernie Sanders the presidential nomination. ” – Paul Street

His campaign on the line, Joe Biden goes missing in New Hampshire – Matt Viser, Cleve Wootson and Michael Scherer

Jill Biden Speaks to 10 People in NH Living Room as Joe Disappears From Campaign Trail – Cristina Laila

Elizabeth Warren Campaign Accused of Discrimination – “A month ago this would have been big news. Now it’s just kicking Senator Paleface when she’s already down. Remember, not all that long ago, when the media was talking up Warren’s brilliant operation.” – Daniel Greenfield

Are the Bells Tolling for Amy, Liz & Joe? – Patrick J. Buchanan

Impeachment, Acquittal, SOTU & Iowa are All Dem Disasters (VIDEO) – Greg Hunter

Time to Turn the Tables on Impeachment Coup Plotters Then Get Back to Running the Country (VIDEO) – Harley Schlanger

VA Dems Make It Clear: It’s About Guns, Not Crime – Cam Edwards

2020 Is Going To Get Much Crazier. Prioritize Your Mental Health. – “We’re coming to a point in history where the only reliable pattern is the disintegration of patterns, and 2020 has come storming out of its corner swinging for the fences working to establish this pattern with extreme aggression. We’re not going to hit a point of stability or normality this year, we’re going to see things get crazier and crazier and crazier. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I know it’s going to be nuts.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM CAITLIN!!!

How Can America Play Kingmaker in Venezuela When It Can’t Be Trusted to Conduct a Caucus in Iowa? – Robert Bridge

Putin Marks 75th Anniversary of WWII With Speech Warning About Looming Global Conflict! (VIDEO) – Vesti News

Anti-Russian Overtones of Pompeo’s Grand Tour across the CIS – “Upon declaring Russia “the biggest threat to US national security” in 2015, and passing a bill that puts Russia atop the list of its principal enemies, the United States has been trying to inflict maximum damage upon the now targeted state through all means possible.” – Valery Kulikov

Syria Belongs to the Syrians – “None of its territory belongs to US, NATO, Turkish occupiers — uninvited, unwanted and hostile, seeking control over territory not their own, Israel doing the same thing by stealing Palestinian land. Their ruling regimes pretend to be combatting terrorists they support.” – Stephen Lendman

‘We will be independent,’ Catalonia’s regional leader vows – “Catalonia held an independence vote in October 2017, in which 92 percent voted to split from Spain. The referendum, which Madrid deemed illegal, was marred by a violent crackdown on the voters by the Spanish police. The Catalan parliament passed a declaration of independence following the vote.” – RT

Is AIDS U.S. $90B Taxpayer Dollars A Global Slush Fund? Chpt 2: The Global Fund – Corey Lynn  – EXCELLENT AND WELL RESEARCHED ARTICLE FROM COREY, PART 1 PREVIOUSLY LINKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Genetic baloney in thick slices – “Fun and profit puffed up for fun and profit” – Jon Rappoport 

New Study Explains Why It’s “Uncertain” If The HPV Vaccine Even Prevents Cervical Cancer – Arjun Walia   – BUT MERCK WILL KEEP PUSHING IT TO DOCTORS AND THE CDC WILL KEEP RECOMMENDING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SIGNS OF A TORNADO – 10 Ways To Know If A Tornado Is Coming – Ken Jorgustin

This Cloth Destroys Deadly Nerve Agents in Minutes – “Chemists are collaborating with the US Army to build uniforms that can quickly break down toxic substances, protecting soldiers from chemical weapons.” – Wired

Cop Found Passed Out Drunk in Patrol Car On Duty in Traffic, 5X Over Legal Limit—No Charges – Matt Agorist




The Pandemic Isn’t Ending, It’s Just the Beginning of Global Disorder and Depression – “When you’ve been lied to, you’ve been betrayed. Betrayal has consequences.” – Charles Hugh Smith

The Fed Has a Dangerous Repo Problem: Here’s the Charts – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

The Bull Cliff – “Are central banks, in their desperate quest to intervene big time pig time all the time to extend the business cycle at all costs, setting up bulls for a dive off of the proverbial cliff?” – Sven Henrich

The Eternal Relationship Between Gold and Global Crisis – Brandon Smith

JPMorgan’s Role in Metals Spoofing Is Under U.S. Criminal Probe – Tom Schoenberg and Liam Vaughan

SILVER ALERT!! End Game to DECADES Long Silver Price Manipulation?! (VIDEO) – “Looks like JP Morgan is FINALLY being exposed as the engine behind Silver Price Manipulation for OVER A DECADE! WHY is this being leaked now? I think I know! Hang on tight.” – Bix Weir

Red Flags Emerge in U.S. Stocks With Insiders Rushing to Sell – Lu Wang

Corona Virus Economics (VIDEO) with Rob Kirby – Financial Survival Network

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE – 9.49EUR




Psalm 33:18-20   Behold, the eye of the Lord is upon them that fear him, upon them that hope in his mercy;  To deliver their soul from death, and to keep them alive in famine.  Our soul waiteth for the Lord: he is our help and our shield.



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