Virginia Gun Sales Soar As Dems Consider Draconian “Assault Weapons” Ban – Tyler Durden

Blame Game Set for Va. Gov. Northam’s Gun-Free Kill Zone – “If things get ugly at the pro–Second Amendment protest on Monday, it won’t be law-abiding gun-owners’ fault.” – James G. Robertson

Gun Control Advocates Ignore the Data On Reciprocity – John R. Lott, Jr.

Trump Had Right to Withhold Ukraine Funds: GAO is Wrong – “The Constitution allocates to the president sole authority over foreign policy (short of declaring war or signing a treaty). It does not permit Congress to substitute its foreign policy preferences for those of the president. To the extent that the statute at issue constrains the power of the president to conduct foreign policy, it is unconstitutional. Even if the GAO were correct in its legal conclusion — which it is not — the alleged violation would be neither a crime nor an impeachable offense. It would be a civil violation subject to a civil remedy, as were the numerous violations alleged by the GAO with regard to other presidents. If Congress and its GAO truly believe that President Trump violated the law, let them go to court and seek the civil remedy provided by the law.” – Alan M. Dershowitz

Not So ‘Sober’: Pelosi Gleefully Celebrates Impeachment on Bill Maher’s Show – “Democrats are such hypocrites. Remember how they told us that impeachment was all about the Constitution and was a solemn and sober endeavor, “prayerful,” not political at all, no sir.” – Nick Arama

“We Need A Full Investigation”: Bannon Accuses Pelosi, Schiff And MSM Of Colluding On 11th Hour Impeachment Bombshells – Tyler Durden

Sad! Joe Biden praises Robert Francis (‘Beto’) O’Rourke as a ‘Latino’ qualified to be in his Cabinet – Thomas Lifson  – HAS JOE’S MIND GONE COMPLETELY? IS THIS REALLY THE GUY YOU WANT RUNNING THE COUNTRY. IF THE DEMS WERE SMART?? THEY WOULD’VE HAVE BEEN PUSHING TULSI THE WHOLE TIME!!!!

Hijacking the Struggles of Others, Elizabeth Warren Style – “Warren is that person you can never rely on–the one that has no defining characteristic other than self-elevation. Over the years, if it benefited her, she backed a few seemingly decent causes, but it was never about doing the right thing. It was all political expediency and shape shifting.” – Kathleen Wallace

Lunatic Larry Promises Trump Candyland for Election Year – “There is nothing like a tax cut to buy votes It is important for Trump to announce middle-class tax cuts just before the election because everyone in the middle class now knows (or should) that the massive Trump Tax Cuts that were first on his agenda went to the rich. Even major pro-capitalist, Republican-leaning, Republican-owned magazines like Forbes acknowledge this:” – David Haggith

Remarks on the US/China “Trade Deal” – “The first thing to understand is that it is not a trade deal. It is Trump backing off his tariffs when he discovered that the tarrifs fall on US goods and American consumers, not on China. Trump is covering his retraction by calling it a trade deal. China’s part of the deal is to agree to purchase the US goods that it already intended to purchase.” – Paul Craig Roberts

Putin’s Now Purged the West from the Kremlin – Tom Luango

The Real Serial Killers Exposed – “Most of this carnage by the United States is done in the name of dishonest and non-existent defense of country, of “spreading democracy” or of forced regime change based on the lie of protecting by force the people of other lands. The truth of all these politically motivated lies is that the brutality of U.S. aggression is purposeful slaughter for political and geo-political gain, all at the expense of innocent populations around the globe.” – Gary D. Barnett

How a Hidden Parliamentary Session Revealed Trump’s True Motives in Iraq – “The U.S. is adamant that its assassination of Qassem Soleimani and refusal to leave Iraq is about protecting Americans, but a little known Iraqi parliamentary session reveals how China increasingly strong ties to Baghdad may be shaping America’s new Mideast strategy.” -Whitney Webb

Are France’s unions even trying to win the General Strike? – Ramin Mazaheri

French Popular Uprising: Revolution or Frozen Conflict? – Diana Johnstone

Western ‘Political Correctness’ does Not Make All People Equal – “Accept any sexual habit, repeat loudly, many times, that you have done it; then preferably write about it, and you will be lauded as progressive, tolerant, and even “left-wing’. This is a discussion which is clearly encouraged, even invented by the Western regime: a safe discussion which is aimed at diverting dialogue from topics such as the fact that even in the West, a great number of people are living in fear and misery, and that the majority of neo-colonies of North America and Europe are once again being totally, shamelessly exploited.” – Andre Vltchek  – EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM ANDRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Secretive Company That Might End Privacy as We Know It – “The system — whose backbone is a database of more than three billion images that Clearview claims to have scraped from Facebook, YouTube, Venmo and millions of other websites — goes far beyond anything ever constructed by the United States government or Silicon Valley giants.” – Kashmir Hill

Cash, Plastic or Hand? Amazon Envisions Paying With a Wave – “Tech giant plans terminals to let consumers link credit card information to their hands. Inc. wants to make your hand your credit card.” – AnnaMaria Andriotis

CBD and Marijuana: What’s the Difference and How Do They Work? – “There is a pretty common misconception going around, and it’s time it’s cleared up and explained properly. The fact is: CBD and Marijuana are NOT the same things.” – Sara Tipton

5 Solar-Powered Items That Actually Make Sense To Keep Handy – Aaron Hardy




The Genius of JPMorgan – “The profit-generating machine that is JPMorgan has assembled the largest privately-held position in physical silver and gold in history. It is unreasonable to conclude it did so for reasons unrelated to profit.” – Ted Butler  – GREAT ANALYSIS FROM TED ON HOW JP MORGAN MANIPULATES THE SILVER MARKET TO IT’S ADVANTAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Cannibalization Of The Financial System Will Force Investors Into Silver – Steve St. Angelo

If Promoting Wealth Inequality and Social Breakdown Is Evil, The Fed Is Evil – Charles Hugh Smith

Here’s How the Fake Unemployment Number Was Created to Subdue Anger Against Wall Street – “Right now, as many as 30 million Americans are either out of work or severely underemployed. Trust me, the vast majority of them aren’t throwing parties to toast ‘falling’ unemployment.” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

THE MIDDLE CLASS IS GOING EXTINCT (VIDEO) with Michael Pento – “If you’ve been noticing that life keeps getting harder to make ends meet, you’re not imagining things.” – Reluctant Preppers

As Everybody’s Totally Distracted, HEALTHCARE COSTS Are ABSOLUTELY SKYROCKETING! – “It must be getting really bad when the US Federal Government’s own numbers show massive price inflation…” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Living On Borrowed Time – “there’s no turning back. There’s no graceful way out. There’s no backing away from QE or repo madness. When it comes down to it, population and age demographics make it impossible to support the accumulated debt of yesterday’s spending. The likelihood of growing our way out of this mess is next to none. So what are we left with? We’re left with debt financing by way of fake money from the Fed.” – MN Gordon

Falling Through The Cracks – “The poverty crisis is hitting home. I remain amazed at how difficult life is for the millions of working poor in America. What harsh conditions they suffer just to hold a job, sleep under (any) shelter, find food, and wake up the next day to do it all over again. Day after day, always worried that sickness, injury, misfortune or theft is going to jeopardize the little you have. Once you’ve dropped into poverty, especially if you have family dependents, it is damn hard to extricate yourself from it. Regardless of how hard you apply yourself. Currently more than 40 million Americans live beneath the poverty line — that’s twice as many as in 1970.” – Adam Taggart




Revelation 13:10    He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.