Iraq Votes To Expel US Troops As Iranian MPs Chant “Death To America” – “If President Trump wanted to reduce America’s troop presence in the Middle East, he may have just got his wish, albeit not at his orders.” – Tyler Durden

Time To Leave – “Word is that Iraq’s Parliament has just voted to “expel” US troops from the country. Ok. Now we find out if Trump actually is worth being in office or whether we should be “on like Donkey Kong” right here as American citizens.” – Karl Denninger

Iranian Regime Offers $80 MILLION for President Trump’s Head! (VIDEO) – Jim Hoft

The Revenge For The Assassination Of Qassem Soleimani – “The Trump administration is telling fairytales about its murder of Major General Qassem Soleimani. He was not planing any “imminent attacks” on the U.S. or its interests in Iraq. Reports which claim that while calling Katyusha rockets “sophisticated weapons” can obviously be ignored. In no way was Soleimani a legitimate target for a U.S. attack. No Orwellian State Department briefing can change that.” – Moon of Alabama

The US Government Lies Constantly, And The Burden Of Proof Is On The Accuser – “How well has uncritically swallowing US government narratives about the need for military action worked out for you in the past?” – Caitlin Johnstone  – ANOTHER GOOD ARTICLE FROM CAITLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Soleimani Assassination – “The Long-Awaited Beginning of The End of America’s Imperial Ambitions” – Philip Giraldi

Trump Doesn’t Know The Meaning Of Deescalation – “Over the last few hours, the president has been making various threats of further escalation against Iran:” – Daniel Larison

Putin’s Hour Is At Hand – “He knows that the American empire based as it is on arrogance and lies is failing economically, socially, politically, and militarily. He understands that war serves no Russian interest. Washington’s murder of Qasem Soleimani, a great Iranian leader, indeed, one of the rare leaders in world history, has dimmed Trump’s leadership and placed the limelight on Putin. The stage is set for Putin and Russia to assume the leadership of the world.” – Paul Craig Roberts

RED ALERT: Red Flag Goes Up As Imminent Response Incoming! (VIDEO) – We Are Change

Left Wing “Liberal Media” Cheers War and Assassinations – “With echoes of Iraq, media are once again cheering an attack against a Middle Eastern country without evidence. Propaganda Machine Working Overtime” – Mish

We need to get out of Iraq and Syria now! (VIDEO) – Tulsi Gabbard



2019: The Year the Neocons Failed – “The problem with these folks is they are relentless and still placed everywhere within the permanent bureaucracy of the U.S. government and Congress itself. And President Trump has only been partially successful in fending them off from pulling off policy mistakes from which there is no turning back.” – Tom Luongo

The Media’s Worst Year – “The media sold their soul to the Democrats long ago, but 2019 was their worst year on record” – Fletch Daniels

President Obama Launched 2,800 Airstrikes Without Congressional Approval or Fake Progressive Outrage – Jeff Charles

DHS issues Terror Advisory warning of possible Iranian terror attacks inside the U.S. – Off Grid Survival

Christians Beheaded for Christmas, The West Goes Back to Sleep – “How much bigger and more extended must this war on Christians become before the West considers it a “genocide” and acts to prevent it? The day after Christians were beheaded in Nigeria, Pope Francis admonished Western society. About beheaded Christians? No. “Put down your phones, talk during meals”, the Pope said. He did not speak a single word about the horrific execution of his Christian brothers and sisters.” – Giulio Meotti


USMC officer and cop warn Virginia gun grabbers: ‘Your mindset is what caused Civil War 150 years ago’ – Jon Dougherty

CA residents now face daily $1,000 fine for showering, doing laundry on same day – Kyle Olson

German Greens Plan Car Ban From All City Centres By 2030 – Chris Tomlinson

The Sickening Rise Of Anti-Semitism – “Blind to history and numbed by apathy, too many dismiss anti-Semitic violence and rhetoric.” – Sarah Cowgill

Staged Ebola pandemic being prepped for America, followed by mandatory Ebola vaccines using LIVE viral strains – Mike Adams

John McAfee Plans to Tokenize All 535 Members of US Congress – “John McAfee revealed a new project he’s launching that aims to tokenize all 535 members of U.S. Congress in order to sell them on the open market. McAfee said that the U.S. representative tokens will be listed on his exchange McAfeedex so people can find out what their “representative is really worth.”The idea to tokenize all 535 members of U.S. Congress seemed to please the crypto community on Twitter. The majority of individuals are sick and tired of the bureaucrats that are bought and paid for with corporate dollars through political action committees (PACs). Most bureaucrats are so blatantly bought that people have suggested they wear sponsorship logos on their suits similar to Nascar race drivers. ” – Jamie Redman  – ACTUALLY, MIGHT BE A GOOD IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




The Charade – “The Fed continues to refuse to acknowledge their role in driving equity prices. Since I can’t fathom them being that ignorant I have to consider this to be willful deception.” – Sven Henrich

No Escape from Massive Global Debt Monetization (VIDEO) with Michael Pento – “forget about the sky high stock market because everything is being propped up with massive global money printing.” – Greg Hunter

Debt will kill the global economy. But it seems no one cares – Phillip Inman

Carmageddon Spreads to Canada – “Sales fall for second year in a row, as car sales collapse further and truck sales barely tick up.” – Wolf Richter

$18/oz. Silver is a New Year’s GIFT from Market Riggers!! (VIDEO) -Bix Weir




Proverbs 14:15  The simple believeth every word: but the prudent man looketh well to his going.



Rain on the scarecrow
Blood on the plow
This land fed a nation
This land made me proud
And son I’m just sorry there’s no legacy for you now
Rain on the scarecrow
Blood on the plow
Rain on the scarecrow
Blood on the plow

( Rain On The Scarecrow (Chorus) by John Mellencamp and Goerge Green )