Red Flag Of Jihad Raised As 1000s Mourn Death Of Suleimani In Baghdad – Tyler Durden

US starts the Raging Twenties declaring war on Iran – Pepe Escobar

“We Do Not Seek War,” Says President Who Just Started A War – Caitlin Johnstone

Trump’s Point of No Return – “At the end of the day we are held captive by a minority of power-mad Trotskyites without any capacity for forgiveness or humility. They believe in societal order through the whip and the sword. Truly Maoist in their thinking, the only political power that exists comes from the barrel of a gun. This is why there has been zero opportunities for diplomacy with Iran. Iran is to be destroyed. If not today, tomorrow. If not then then the day after. It will not end. And any potential diplomacy was sabotaged at every turn.” – Tom Luango

U.S. Will Come To Regret Its Assassination of Qassim Soleimani – Moon of Alabama

A Dubious Official Story Masks the True Motives Behind the Soleimani Assassination – “Behind the official yet dubious justifications for the U.S. airstrike that killed a top Iranian general on Friday lies a confluence of factors — some decades in the making, others more recent — that are pushing the U.S. towards yet another catastrophic war in the Middle East.” – Whitney Webb  – GOOD ANALYSIS FROM WHITNEY!!!!!!!!!!

The Assassination of Soleimeni: The Background, What Happened and What We Can Expect – Brandon Turbeville

Kiss The Ring! Headlines Say We Just Got The World’s Number One Bad Guy! (VIDEO) – Jason Bermas

Possible Way (And The Markets Are Oblivious) – “We have defeated Iran? Ended the war with a single death blow? Or so the chest-pumpers chanting “USA!, USA!, USA!” want us to believe? I have a question, assuming the chain of events are true as we’ve been told (which I would not assume): Why would there not be another retaliation even bigger than Iran “violently attacking the US embassy in Baghdad”? Trump killing Soleimani does not make things better, but rather, it makes things worse. Much worse. Economic misery and financial ruin are coming to the United States. But now, that’s not all that’s coming. That’s right! There’s more! It seems they’re going to add in some random acts of terror, just to keep everybody nice and edgy, and I wouldn’t be surprised one bit if we see something on the scale of that terrible day back in September of 2001. We’re in for some very dark times.” – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Iran Vows Revenge Against The United States, And The Phrase “World War 3” Is Now Trending… – Michael Snyder

‘If You Are Wondering Who Benefits’: Weapons Makers See Stocks Surge as Trump Moves Closer to War With Iran – Jake Johnson



The War Hoax Redux – “The following was published in June 2019. It’s the same old story. When will we ever learn?” – Edward Curtin  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!

Oh No, Not Poland Versus Putin Again! – “Why is it that every truth voiced by Russian President Vladimir Putin has to be labeled a lie? The recent rumpus over Mr. Putin’s recent comments about Poland’s role in World War II is a perfect example of history modification. What should be facts easy for anyone to discern, have now been transformed into an alternative history that defies truth and logic.” – Phil Butler

Persecuted and Forgotten? Defending Defenseless Christians – ” the Vatican has been far more interested in climate change and other political issues than the extermination of Christians in the Middle East.” – Ines A. Murzaku

Fake History Is Changing Global Perceptions of Reality – “Propaganda disguised, sometimes believably, as actual news. Age-old religious teachings being transformed into the dogma of political cults. And now, historical facts being discarded and replaced with alternate chronicles of humanity’s past. Such is the nature of information warfare now being waged by political hucksters, hoaxers, and hustlers on a global scale” – Wayne Madsen

Joe Biden straight-up lies to Fox News reporter about bin Laden raid, says he backed it when he DIDN’T – Jon Dougherty

Warren: Concealed Carry ‘Doesn’t Make Anyone Safer’ – Alicia Luke

Virginia Is Ground Zero in the War over Gun Control – “When Democrats won control of both houses of the Virginia Legislature November 5, 2019, Virginia gun-owners got a rude wake-up call. Now that wake-up call is spreading to gun-owners throughout the rest of the 49 states.” – Melanie Kowalski

VA Gov. Northam’s Proposed Gun Confiscation Squad – “The Virginia governor’s new budget reveals funding for a new team of anti-gun cops.” – Scott D. Cosenza, Esq.

Virginia governor’s call for 18-person gun ban force comes under fire – Paul Bedard

The Palmer Raids: America’s Forgotten Reign of Terror – “Exactly a hundred years ago this morning—on January 3, 1920—Americans woke up to discover just how little their own government regarded the cherished Bill of Rights. During the night, some 4,000 of their fellow citizens were rounded up and jailed for what amounted, in most cases, to no good reason at all and no due process, either.” – Lawrence W. Reed

What Does Don’t Tread on Me Mean? (It’s Shocking!) – ” I embrace this slogan though I do not embrace all who use it. This is extremely important to understand. Modern times have seen a resurgence in the use of this flag and phrase, and while many who fly it are a part of the failed Tea Party movement, many others, like myself, have and fly this flag as a symbol against tyranny. Tyranny is quite simply, “oppressive power”, which can be applied to the approaches used by modern media, activists, and politicians alike.” – Jess Mathewson  – GOOD ARTICLE AND EXPLANATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Terrifying Rise of the Zombie State Narrative – Craig Murray

Is Fake News Hard-Wired? Study Finds People Misremember Facts To Fit Their Beliefs – Jonathan Turley

Our Real Existential Crisis — Extinction – Patrick J. Buchanan

Brighteon Films posts new 5G mini-documentary that warns humanity about the imminent danger of 5G cell towers (VIDEO) – Mike Adams

Guess what the leading cause of death was in 2019? ABORTION – Ethan Huff

Tracking, a Valuable Skill for Preppers – Kyt Lyn




Gold and silver exploding – Todd ‘Bubba’ Horwitz

Physicals Are Found in the Earth, Paper Mâché Is Found in the Markets – “A Commercial Signal Failure may be set up right here and now! I’ve been involved with a few of these events in the commodities sector over the past few decades with vivid memories when Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, and Cattle, which all blew out the shorts when they discovered they were on wrong side of the trade. Over the past few years, the controllers of paper have had their day, it may be the time when the paper game loses to rock (in paper, rock, scissors fashion). We will know for sure when physicals, needed to supply the game of paper, cannot be found at the Comex” – J. Johnson

The Comex Is A Complete Joke (VIDEO) – “But the good news is that rapid escalation of open interest in paper gold on the Comex is evidence that the banks are losing their ability to keep a lid on the rising gold price.” – Dave Kranzler

Manufacturing Employment, New Orders & Production Fall Fastest Since Apr-Aug 2009 – “An ugly report. How will it impact the overall economy?” – Wolf Richter

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.25EUR




James 4:1-2   From whence come wars and fightings among you? come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members?  Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not.