What Upstanding Citizens Believe Vs. What Crazy Conspiracy Theorists Believe – “Crazy, stupid conspiracy theorists believe a mature worldview requires skepticism toward power. Smart upstanding citizens believe the government is your friend, and the media are its helpers. Crazy, stupid conspiracy theorists believe that powerful people sometimes make immoral plans in secret. Smart upstanding citizens believe the TV always tells the truth and the CIA exists for no reason.” – Caitlin Johnstone  – BEST ARTICLE OF THE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Call Biden to the Impeachment Trial – “Sorry, but the hypocrisy in bringing impeachment charges against Trump for the very thing that Joe Biden publicly admitted is just so outrageous that it demonstrates that they assume the American people are too STUPID to figure anything out.” – Martin Armstrong

It’s Statistically Impossible For The FBI’s Spygate Errors To All Be Mistakes – Jason Beale

A Democrat finally admits what we all knew: Party was prepping to impeach Trump before he was elected – “Green responds (and we quote): “Well, the genesis of impeachment, to be very candid with you, was when the President was running for office.” WTH? How can you decide to impeach someone running for president before the election has even been held?” – Jon Dougherty  – THIS PRETTY MUCH SAYS IT ALL: CORRUPTION, BRIBERY, QUID-PRO-QUO, ETC. HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. THE DEMOCRATS SIMPLY DON’T LIKE TRUMP. END OF STORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pentagon Chief Vows to Take ‘Pre-Emptive Action’ Against Iran’s ‘Bad Behavior’ to Protect US Troops – Sputnik News

‘We have the power to break them several times over’: Iranian general warns he is not afraid of war after Donald Trump threatened to make Tehran pay a ‘BIG PRICE’ for embassy attack – Ross Ibbetson

What Will The Trump Administration Do When Iraq Asks U.S. Troops To Leave? – “The reports about the current events in Iraq miss the root cause of the crisis.” – Moon of Alabama

The Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act: Why Washington Is Both Corrupt and Ignorant – “The creatures that lurk through the corridors of power in Washington DC have refined corruption to the point where almost anything goes and almost no one is ever held accountable. And no one is more corrupt in Congress than some of those at the top of the food chain, where the Speaker and the Minority leader in the House and the Majority and Minority leaders in the Senate have the final say on what gets cut and what remains.” – Philip Giraldi

“Intensive Shootings” – US Consulate Warns Of Gun Battle In Mexican Border City – Tyler Durden

‘Concerning’: Clusters of ‘Drones’ Flying Grid Patterns Over 2 States Have Officials on Edge – Matt Agorist

Thousands Of Tons Of Radioactive Fukushima Water To Be Dumped In Pacific As Independent Testing Banned – Phillip Schneider

Climate Predictions – Doubling Down on Stupid – Brian C Joondeph

What Do Cigarettes and 5G Have In Common? (VIDEO) – Alliance for Natural Health USA

When virtue is the greatest crime – Jon Rappoport

Creepy Joe is back: Biden asks an 11-year-old to ‘talk to me before we leave, OK?’ – “He can’t stop himself.” – Monica Showalter

Concealed Carry in Texas Churches Saved Texas Lives – “Have you ever heard of a mass murderer attacking people at a gun show? No, mass murderers are much more likely to go after people in schools and churches, where they can safely assume that the people they are targeting are unarmed and, therefore, unable to defend themselves from the onslaught. Texans obviously understood the logic of that argument because they amended their concealed-carry law to permit people to carry concealed weapons into church. That’s what saved many more people from being killed at that church in White Settlement.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

Bloomberg on Texas Church Shooting: Citizens should not have guns; Only Cops should decide when to shoot. – Off Grid Survival

Michael Bloomberg Suggests Incredibly Racist Solution to Gun Crime – “For one, while there is a horrific murder problem in inner-city minority communities, specifically where drugs and gangs are a commonality, we’ve learned that taking away guns won’t improve the problem. Millions of Americans own guns and in even the most gun saturated communities, gun crime is very low. It’s not the gun, it’s the culture in that area. If you take away the guns, the gangs will resort to different means of killing each other, be it with knives or heavy objects. You’ll hardly see a slowdown in the murder rate at all. But aside from that, what Bloomberg suggested is just flat-out racist. Keep in mind that he painted an entire skin color as incapable of controlling itself, and his suggestion was to control them by taking away their rights and putting them under a disadvantage against authorities.” – Brandon Morse  – IF YOU DON’T THINK BLOOMBERG AS PRESIDENT WON’T HESITATE TO TAKE AWAY YOUR 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS, THEN YOU ARE DELUSIONAL!!!!

USA Today Op-Ed on Church Shooting: ‘Terrifying’ That Parishioners Were Armed! – “The media won’t concede that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. Even when armed churchgoers stop a gunman and prevent a mass shooting this past Sunday, some callous journalists used this event as a way to argue for more gun control.” – Kristine Marsh

Texas Governor Calling for New Fusion Centers to End Armed Violence – “Fusion centers are the federal government’s favorite way of converting local police into local outposts of the federal police and surveillance state.” – Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.

Illinois Lawmakers Divert Money Intended To Facilitate FOIDs – “A government raiding funding from one program to help pay for another is hardly new. Governments have been doing that for decades. The problem, however, is that this program is meant to facilitate a constitutionally-protected right, namely the right to keep and bear arms. People cannot legally purchase a firearm in the state without a FOID card, yet the money meant to make it possible is being diverted to other places.” – Tom Knighton

Tennis legend Margaret Court speaks out against transgender athletes, says LGBTQ agenda is “of the devil” – “LGBT is “not of God,” Court says” – Ethan Huff

No, Bugging Out Isn’t Always Ideal – Jim Cobb




The Cold, Hard Facts Which Prove That The Past Decade Was Actually Quite Awful For The U.S. Economy – Michael Snyder

Why Is Wall Street the Only Industry in America With Access to the Fed’s Endless Money Machine? – “Consumers represent two-thirds of GDP in the United States. And yet, when consumers run into trouble, they don’t get a handout from the Federal Reserve – they are forced to file bankruptcy. There are no Fed handouts to small business owners, farmers, or main street merchants either.” – Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Gold Surges Due To Troubled Fed Repo & U.S. Treasury Market – Steve St. Angelo

Gold edges higher after logging biggest yearly gain since 2010 – Myra P. Saefong and William Watts

Precious Metals Offer Protection and Profits – David Forest

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –7.34EUR




2 Peter 1:5   And beside this, giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge;