American Collapse – Daniel Lazare

Giuliani Says Ukraine Corruption Came From ‘Highest Levels Of Obama Administration’; Wants To Testify, Try Case – “The Bidens took millions of dollars laundered out of Ukraine, and the only reason they’re getting away with it is because you and the press protect them…” – Tyler Durden

Dictator Putin threatens West with Family Values (VIDEO) – Inessa S

Putin Reminds the West: Those Who Ignore History Are Doomed to Repeat it – Matthew Ehret

“No More Transit Risk”: Ukraine & Russia Ink Landmark Gas Transit Deal, Hammering European Gas Prices – Tyler Durden

More US Fuel on the Middle East Fire: New Troop Deployment to the Region – Stephen Lendman

Iran’s Khamenei shrugs off Trump threat to retaliate over Iraq embassy violence – “Supreme leader says US president is not ‘logical,’ ‘can’t do anything’; vows his country will fight any threat to its interests” – TOI Staff

CNN Analyst Attacks Trump for Calling Embassy Response ‘The Anti-Benghazi,’ But Facts Prove Him Right – Nick Arama

Iran Has Gone Way Too Far This Time, And Now We Wait For The War To Begin – Michael Snyder

From people’s pope … to mean old man – “Coinciding with his slide toward open socialism, it’s as if a mask has come off…” – Monica Showalter

Yes, Joe Biden really is that dumb – “It’s hard to believe that Joe Biden can be so many things all at one time. He is the acknowledged leader on the clown tour in stupid utterances. He’s the leader in denying that one of his relatives is a crook. And now he has taken what appears to be an insurmountable lead in driving away votes from whoever the Democratic candidate may be.” – Dave Ball

Europe: Anti-Christian Attacks Reach All-Time High in 2019 – Soeren Kern

Be Not Afraid – Tired of ALL The Bad News – Ray Gano

Gird Your Loins And Hitch Up Your Britches, 2020 Is Going To Be One Wild Ride! – “With Everything On The Line, All Democrats Have To Offer America Is Socialism And Misery” – Karen Kataline


The UN Is Hiring English-Speaking DISARMAMENT OFFICERS in New York – “This job was posted the day after Christmas. So for all the folks who have been saying “nobody is trying to take your guns” you might want to read this job listing and reconsider your opinion.” – Daisy Luther

Colorado’s “Red Flag” Gun Seizure Law Now In Effect – Cam Edwards

Virginia Gun Control Law Update – Wild Bill

CDC and FDA “tag-teaming” Ebola bioweapons psy-op to push dangerous vaccines as part of an Ebola outbreak mass theater operation – Ethan Huff

The top 10 biggest CANCER CURES of 2019 that the medical establishment is trying to cover up – Tracey Watson



History Repeats: Debt Once Again Poses a Major Risk as We Head Into 2020 – Nathan McDonald

Catastrophe awaits unless feds rein in the budget – Quin Hillyer

Outlook 2020: The Big Picture Backdrop for Precious Metals -Stefan Gleason

Nothing Can Go Wrong – Go Wrong – Go Wrong (VIDEO) with John Rubino – Financial Survival Network

Silver Market Update: A Bullish Setup in Place – Clive Maund

Will The Dollar Or Even The United States Itself Survive 2020? (VIDEO) – “Food shortages, inflation, impeachment, trade wars, shooting wars and a war on the people, oh my! Stock up on popcorn to enjoy watching 2020 unfold? No way! More like hunker-down and watch your six because we could be in for one very ugly year, if we can survive it.” – Silver Doctors




Proverbs 19:23   The fear of the Lord tendeth to life: and he that hath it shall abide satisfied; he shall not be visited with evil.



IMAGE FOR THE DAY ( Time Magazine has reconsidered it’s person of the year. It’s no longer Greta )

Time 1

Top Row (Left to Right) – John B. Wells – Caravan to Midnight Show,

Jon Rappaport – No More Fake News, John Whitehead – The Rutherford Institute,

Brandon Smith – Alt-Market,  Michael Krieger – Liberty Blitzkrieg,

Center Row (Left to Right) – Paul Craig Roberts, Raul Ilargi Meijer – The Automatic

Earth,  Steve Quayle,  Paul Joseph Watson – Summit News

Bottom Row (Left to Right) – Stephen Lendman,  Caitlin Johnstone – Rogue Journalist,

Tyler Durden – Zero Hedge, Mike Adams – Natural News, Robert Gore – Straight Line Logic