Empire, Intervention, and the Intentional Sacrifice of U.S. Soldiers – “The Constitution called into existence a limited-government republic. No Pentagon, no CIA, and no NSA. Just a relatively small military force. No foreign military empire, no foreign colonies, and no U.S. military bases in foreign countries. That system lasted for more than a century. By the same token, the original foreign policy of the United States was one of non-intervention in the affairs of other nations. No coups, foreign wars of aggression, foreign aid, state-sponsored assassinations, alliances with foreign regimes, or regime-change operations. That system too lasted about a century.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

The swamp will never honestly investigate the swamp: Imminent IG report will clear the FBI and bury any evidence of a coup against Trump – JD Heyes

Dan Bongino Deconstructs Latest NY Times Attempt to Sterilize IG Report and Makes a Stunning Connection – Elizabeth Vaughn

Nunes: “Phase Two” Of The Impeachment Circus Begins This Week – Sara Carter

‘Telling the truth becomes a crime’: UK & international pundits blast Assange imprisonment – RT

Just call him ‘Fingers’: Creepy Joe Bitin’ is back in action – “YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS UP. Joe Biden just NIBBLED on his wife’s finger at a campaign stop in Iowa.” – Monica Showalter

Joe Biden Stuns Crowd by Talking about Kids Playing with His Hairy Legs and How Much He Loves Children on His Lap and Roaches… WTH? (VIDEO) – Jim Hoft

World’s Highest Rate of Child Detention Under Obama – “A UN study shows the “U.S. has world’s highest rate of children in detention”. That was under the Obama administration. Unacceptable Headline Of course, such a headline is politically unacceptable. Thus, the UN Withdrew the Study.” – Mish

Obama Takes the Field and Hillary May be Around the Corner – Stephen J. Sniegoski  –  SCARY, BUT POSSIBLE SCENARIO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Frontrunners That Weren’t: Joe Biden Is Why Buttigieg’s in the Race – “Yet certainly Buttigieg’s role is to be so absolutely about nothing that when Biden gestures in some direction which otherwise would be described as feckless and dull, it’s at least more exciting and popular than Buttigieg. So Buttieg’s real role is that of – now for the irony – the straight man in Biden’s comedy.” – Joaquin Flores

Michael Bloomberg And Tom Steyer: Lots Of Dollars But No Sense – Graham J Noble

The Corruption of Bloomberg News – Jeffrey Lord

Hunter Biden says he’s out of cash – “How long does it take for a politically privileged princeling to blow through a not-so-hard-earned $80,000 a month?” – Monica Showalter

Will The Epstein Story Ever be Fully Told? – Bill Rice, Jr.

“Medicare-for-All”: UK Socialized Medicine Lists Hernia Repair as “Unnecessary Treatment” – “Medicare for All means Medicare for no one. Socialized medicine forces everyone into a rationed system with far fewer options and far more rationing. You end up paying for more in taxes while getting less than you would otherwise. And the benefits keep being cut. Here’s another reminder of that from the UK. One of the models for lefties and medical unions campaigning for socialized medicine in America.” – Daniel Greenfield

OPCW Manufactured A Pretext For War By Suppressing Its Own Scientists’ Research – Moon of Alabama

Mexico Won’t Allow US Military Operations Against Cartels – “Foreign Minister warns drone strikes would violate sovereignty” – Jason Ditz

Why a Second American Revolution Is Necessary for the Entire World – Eric Zuesse

The Secret War in Africa – “The United States and NATO operate the largest military infrastructure in Africa with thirty-four bases (some secret) and thirty new US military or NATO construction projects underway in Africa spanning four countries.” – Steve Brown  – ALWAYS MEDDLING AROUND THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

War and Peace: How Violence is Disrupting the Global Economy – Katie Jones

This Is Why ‘America’ Is A Perfect Example Of The Democrats & Globalists Worst Nightmare: Armed People Make Terrible Slaves! – “Beware, Virginia! Venezuela Is Modern Day Proof That ‘Gun Control’ Precedes Tyranny” – Stefan Stanford

SHOW MERCY FOR ANIMALS – ” Animals being sent to their deaths are given no food, water or, in the depth of winter, heat. It’s time to end this barbarous behavior on land and sea. Animals have the same senses of fear, pain, family bonds and hunger or thirst as we do. The huge animal industry insists, contrary to all evidence, that animals are insensate objects. It’s time for us to set the animals free and accord them their natural rights.” – Eric Margolis

China introduces mandatory face scans for phone users – AFP

Researchers Say 3D Scans Will Reveal Noah’s Ark Is Buried in Turkish Mountains – Robert Jay Watson

Amazon warehouses are ‘cult-like’ sweatshops run by robots: ex-employee – Maureen Donnelly

Thinking BEYOND the Gun: The Life-Saving Importance of Improvised Weapons – Daisy Luther

Why Home Cooked Meals Are A MUST For Your Family’s Physical & Mental Health – Sara Tipton

Make A “Prepper Dinner” Once A Month – “Practice your survival skills. Make a dinner whereby you only use your food preps, your “deep pantry” and/or “long term food storage”. AND DO IT WITH NO ELECTRICITY. Challenge yourself. Don’t just grab an MRE or a Mountain House Pouch.” – Ken Jorgustin



The Year Black Friday Died: Brick-And-Mortar Traffic Slides While Online Spending Soars – Tyler Durden

The Fed’s Answer to the Ghastly Monster of its Creation – MN Gordon

Fed Out of Bailout Bullets (VIDEO) with Rick Ackerman – Greg Hunter

Repo Madness: Up to $300 Billion Per Day As First 42 Day Term Repo Kicks In Going Into 2020! (VIDEO) – Wall Street for Main Street




Proverbs 12:10  A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast: but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.



Many a mile to freedom, many a smile to tell
Ask my bluebird to sing you, from the heart of a wishing well
Call all my reindeer to graze here, call all my grain to grow
Then together we flow like the river
Then together we melt like the snow

Many a thought unanswered, many a tale to tell
Ask my bluebird to sing you, from the heart of a wishing well
If you should ask me to give you the reason for life that we know
Then together we flow like the river

And together we melt like the snow

Many a mile to freedom, many a smile to tell
Ask my bluebird to sing you, from the heart of a wishing well
If you should ask me to give you the reason for life that we know
Then together we flow like the river
Then together we melt like the snow

A few more miles to go
Miles to freedom

( Many A Mile To Freedom by Steve Winwood and Anna Capaldi )