The Rush To A Cashless Society Only Serves Globalist Interests – “Over the course of a decade, the masses have been acclimated to the idea of a digital currency system. They are now being acclimated to the idea that physical currencies should be done away with and replaced with the “more efficient” blockchain tech – Death to the dollar, death to the Fed and death to the globalists say activists as they cheer for the new digital landscape! But this is not what is really happening. The death of the dollar and physical cash is only the primer for a new and even more invasive world order.” – Brandon Smith  – GOOD ARTICLE FROM BRANDON, AS USUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New York Times Defends FBI Before IG Report Release: Don’t Call It Spying! – Clay Waters

Pelosi & The Deep State Panic (VIDEO) – Operation Freedom

Gabbard Derangement Syndrome – “Is there nothing that the embattled elites won’t blame on Russia?” – Tim Black

As Kamala Prepares to say Sayonara, Harris Campaign Blames Gabbard for Spiral – Andrew West

Hillary Clinton Is not just a sore loser, she is a total loser – “We could go through the litany of Hillary Clinton’s failures – Cattlegate, Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate, her clumsy and opaque handling of the health care assignment her husband handed her, her tour of duty in the U.S. Senate, or her stint at the State Department,” – Kenneth Eliasberg

Bloomberg’s Train Wreck Campaign – “Entering the race late, skipping the debates, and now ignoring flyover folk? It looks like Mike needs a new campaign chief.” – Sarah Cowgill

Bloomberg: The Billionaire Nothingburger – “The former mayor of New York is a strange creature, and not one the voters will like.” – E. Jeffrey Ludwig

Will Deval Patrick be president? Not if his past scandals have anything to say about it. – James Bovard

If America Crosses The Rubicon Into Socialism, There Will Be No Turning Back So We Best Prepare For Mass Famine, Starvation & Opposing Global Government Tyranny While We Still Can – Stefan Stanford

It’s time to get real about Islamist terror – “Censorship and cowardice have helped radical Islam to flourish. It’s time for a change.” – Brendan O”Neill

A Wicked Cocktail of Corporate Greed, Social Media and Opioids Is Slashing U.S. Life Expectancy Rates – “Following decades of increased life expectancy rates, Americans have been dying earlier for three consecutive years since 2014, turning the elusive quest for the ‘American Dream’ into a real-life nightmare for many. Corporate America must accept some portion of the blame for the looming disaster. Something is killing Americans and researchers have yet to find the culprit. But we can risk some intuitive guesses.” – Robert Bridge

2A Sanctuary Supporters Are Defending Freedom, Not “Sowing Chaos” – Cam Edwards

The Coming Crisis With North Korea – Daniel Larison

US primes NATO to confront Russia, China – M.K.Bhadrakumar

Macron Tells NATO Russia Must Come in from the Cold War – “The big shift here is Macron signaling out that NATO needs to shift its focus away from Russia and China and focus on threat of terrorism. Make no mistake, this speech by Macron is a victory for Russia and, by extension, the world.” – Tom Luango

‘We’re working for the dark side’: Spanish firm accused of spying on Assange by German broadcaster boasted of US intelligence ties – RT

Criminalizing Speech and Press Freedoms in the US and UK – “The persecution of Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning is all about waging war on truth-telling, about wanting journalism the way it’s supposed to be silenced, about wanting high crimes of state concealed — about creeping fascist tyranny over peace, equity and justice.” – Stephen Lendman

Angela Merkel Says Freedom Of Speech Must Be Curtailed To Keep Society Free – “Wait, what?” – Paul Joseph Watson

China’s African Swine Fever Now Global Threat – F. William Engdahl

BLACK FRIDAY FREAKOUTS 2019! (VIDEO) – Public Freakout Videos

Black Friday smart TV buyers should take this FBI cybersecurity advice – James Leggate

Bestselling Novelist Who Wrote About Vaccine Industry Deception Found Dead – “Whether or not some formal information will come out to clarify and put to rest the speculations that are spreading on the internet about Jennifer Jaynes’ death remains to be seen. As it is, because of the obvious anti-big pharma slant of her recent book, the mind naturally gravitates towards past tragedies such as the number of holistic doctors defiant of the medical establishment who were being killed mysteriously over a short period of time,” – Richard Enos

Medical Errors Kill Five People Per Minute, 2.6 Million People Every Year – TVR Staff

Genealogical databases are a goldmine for police, but with few rules and little transparency – Paige St. John

How to Build a Bug Out Bag FAST from Unlikely Places – “What would you do if you were out at a tourist attraction or traveling, and suddenly, it looked like things were about to go sideways? For this exercise, we’re going to pretend that for some reason, we don’t have our emergency gear…” – Daisy Luther




Abysmal Black Friday Shows Economic Reality Harder For MSM To Hide, Gold & Silver Benefiting – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Libra: Facebook Wants to Control Your Money – “Facebook – backed by some of the largest banks and corporations on Earth – seek to create a global digital currency and reassert Western dominion over the global economy.” – Tony Cartalucci

Is the US dollar doomed? – Alex Rankine

Competition Dead, Trade Down, Riots Up (VIDEO) – Gerald Celente

Unholy Alliance – “Some things can’t be proven, but they can be observed. Correlation is not necessarily causation, but when the evidence keeps mounting so does credulity. And the cumulative evidence increasingly points to an unholy alliance between Donald Trump and the US Federal Reserve with the Fed succumbing to political pressure and delivering Donald Trump what he needs most: A soaring stock market to ward off political problems and to help ensure a 2020 re-election.” – Sven Henrich




Proverbs 29:8     Scornful men bring a city into a snare: but wise men turn away wrath.