I’m Grateful to Have LESS This Thanksgiving – Daisy Luther

Turkeys In The Swamp – “It’s Turkey Day, and that means it’s time to round up all the wild birds roaming around the Swamp. Grab your gloves and a sturdy pair of boots; it’s going to get rough out there. This year, the D.C. fowl are in abundance, pecking and gobbling their way through the chicken coops, looking for any little scrap they can use for fodder. As we weave our way through the mighty mass of feathered flock, shooing the young chicks aside while the more experienced birds suffer from delusions of grandeur, a few toms and hens stand out. While we sit around the dinner table with family and friends, giving our thanks and stuffing our bellies, let’s take a moment to recognize the biggest turkeys in the Swamp. – Rep. Adam Schiff, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Fauxcahontas, and Joe Biden” – Kelli Ballard

Jeremy Corbyn Hates All Jews – “For political, but, much more, monetary reasons, the media makes their mark, and therefore Jeremy Corbyn hates Jews, Julian Assange is an unwashed rapist and Donald Trump is Putin’s handpuppet. And if you object, you’re a suspect human being. In order to make money, and retain or gain power, the media and intelligence services, along with the political powers friendly to them, inject opinions into the populace. How Orwellian do you want it? My personal opinion is that Assange has far too little support, and that worries me a lot every single day, while Corbyn and Trump just drown in social media and MSM nonsense. The problem is, that nonsense poses as truth today.” – Raúl Ilargi Meijer

Trump Accused of Fraud With Two Sets of Books – Mish

Crack, strippers, and lucrative Chicom crony capitalist deals: Hunter Biden is a walking security risk – “A lot of people think that Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden shouldn’t be judged by the actions of his wayward son, Hunter Biden. Biden, after all, was drummed out of the Navy for cocaine use, made a lot of questionable overseas business deals when his father was vice president, and most recently was found to have fathered an out of wedlock child in Arkansas while dating his deceased brother’s wife. Irrelevant to Joe, Joe’s on the up and up. Pay no attention to the evidence of some very skeezy parenting skills and weird family values. After all, every family as a black sheep, right?” – Monica Showalter

Facebook/Snapchat Is Down For Millions: Millennials Panic As They Face Thanksgiving ‘Alone’ – Tyler Durden  – OH MY GOSH, PEOPLE WILL HAVE TO ACTUALLY SOCIALIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CNN’S “Token Latina” lashing out in frustration over Trump’s rising black approval ratings (VIDEO) – Conservative Resurgence

Bloomberg: U.S. needs more immigrants – Jonathan J. Cooper

Attacking The Source: The Establishment Loyalist’s Favorite Online Tactic – “The mass hysteria about “fake news” and “Russian propaganda” has left consumers of mainstream media with the unquestioned assumption that if they ever so much as glance at an RT article their faces will begin to melt like that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark. They’ve been trained to believe that it’s perfectly logical and acceptable to simply shriek “propaganda!” at a rational argument or well-sourced article which invalidates their position, or even to proactively go around calling people Russian agents who dissent from mainstream western power-serving narratives.” – Caitlin Johnstone

America Owes its Freedom to one Man, Bashar al Assad – “We begin with a rash statement or is it? As the Democratic Party in the US self-destructs, with 3rd rate candidates turning on one another like ravening rats, one candidate stands above the others, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii.” – Gordon Duff

Iran May Be the Only Winner in Iraq – Philip Giraldi

Bolivian Coup and Indian Wars on Thanksgiving – “Apt it is, in a heinous way, that as the United States celebrates its annual Thanksgiving Day this week, the indigenous people of Bolivia are being slaughtered by a US-backed coup unfolding in the Andean nation. When former President Evo Morales was threatened out of office on November 10 by orchestrated, massive street violence, US President Donald Trump hailed it “a great day for democracy”. What Trump meant was “a great day for plutocracy”. The new regime in Laz Paz is the colonial-descendant, ruling class back in power, rolling back the gains made after 14 years of progressive socialism and democracy for the indigenous majority of Bolivians.” – Finian Cunningham

China accuses US of ‘sinister intentions’ after Trump signs bills supporting Hong Kong protesters – Grace Shao, Christine Wang and Evelyn Cheng

Amazon Ring Doorbell Camera to Build Watchlist of “Suspicious” Neighbors for Police – John Vibes

5G, Smart Street Lights, Face Recognition, and Door Bell Cameras, Oh My! (VIDEO) – The Conscious Resistance

Rutgers Prof Calls Second Amendment Supporters “A Death Cult” -Tom Knighton

Why a Wealth Tax Can’t Solve Our Problems – “The unforeseen consequences of a wealth tax would inevitably come back to haunt the American people. Progressive politicians have made a habit of proposing costly new government programs. By costly, I am referring to programs that are estimated to cost tens of trillions of dollars. Some time ago, these figures were unthinkable, but today they are thrown around as if money grows on trees.” – Mitchell Nemeth

“RED” ALERT!!! Food Is the Weapon of Choice for All Communists: Treat This Thanksgiving As If It’s the Last – Dave Hodges

7 Essential Steps To Survive The First Week After SHTF – Bob Rodgers




The Bank Pyramid Scheme | Inching Closer To Toppling? – Ken Jorgustin

Peak Irony: Fed Paper Admits Fed Policy Can Lead to Economic Ruin – Michael Maharrey 

Gold and Silver Moonshot, Bank Failures, QE to Infinity (VIDEO) with Jim Willie – Arcadia Economics

Physical Silver Market Continues to Tighten (VIDEO) – “A couple million more reasons to be bullish on precious metals” – Silver Fortune

Preparing for the Coming Storm: Poland Repatriates 100 Tonnes of Gold from Bank of England – Nathan McDonald

Is ANOTHER Electronic BANK RUN at Hand? (VIDEO) with Lynette Zang – SGT Report

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.61EUR




Psalm 75:1  Unto thee, O God, do we give thanks, unto thee do we give thanks: for that thy name is near thy wondrous works declare.