Ukraine, Trump, Biden — The Real Story Behind ‘Ukrainegate’ – “One cannot even begin accurately to understand the impeachment proceedings against America’s current President Donald Trump (“Ukrainegate”), unless one first knows and understands accurately what the relationships were between Trump and the current Government of Ukraine, and the role that the Obama Administration had played in forming that Government (installing it), and the role that Hunter Biden had been hired to perform for his actual boss at Burisma, Kolomoysky, soon after Obama (via Obama’s agent Victoria Nuland) had installed Ukraine’s new Government.” – Eric Zuesse  – LONG, BUT EXCELLENT ARTICLE FROM ERIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Obama Admits He Would Speak Up Only To Stop Bernie Sanders Nomination – “a bombshell admission from Politico today exploring Obama’s substantial behind the scenes influence as Democratic kingmaker” – Tyler Durden

Do-Nothing Speaker Pelosi Blows Off All Her Work in DC Will Join Global Warming Summit in Madrid with Greta Thunberg – Jim Hoft

President Trump’s Defense – “How would Noonan or anyone else outside Trump’s circle know whether he does or does not have a defense when the rules of the only body that has pursued the case against him preclude him from offering a defense? In the House impeachment hearings, Trump’s defenders cannot call their own witnesses, cannot confront the whistleblower whose complaint launched the case, cannot challenge hearsay evidence and have it excluded, and cannot probe the motives or possibly illegal behavior of his accusers.” – Robert Gore

Blockbusters Buried In The IG Report On FBI Misuse Of Confidential Sources – “The media has ignored several significant revelations detailed in the FBI report Inspector General Michael Horowitz released last week.” – Margot Cleveland

FBI Mysteriously Uncovers NEW Hillary Clinton Emails – ‘Were the Emails Found on Weiner’s Laptop?’ – Cristina Laila

Steele distributed other dossier reports, including one to an oligarch’s lawyer – John Solomon

The House Will Not Vote On Impeachment. It Will Censure Trump. – Moon of Alabama

Another Schiff Staffer Found With Ties to Burisma-funded Think Tank – Luis Miguel

Leftists show their class, allowing kids to ‘boo’ Melania Trump who was there to help them – Monica Showalter

DHS to Tell States How to Implement REAL ID Requirements – “Constitutionalists will immediately recognize the real problems with REAL ID.” – Joe Wolverton, II, J.D.  – GOOD ARTICLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WaPo Prints Blatantly False Article: ‘Barack Obama, Conservative’ – Alicia Luke

Out of Whack: NY Times Sees ‘Moderates’ in Bloomberg, Buttigieg, and…John Kerry – Clay Waters

MSNBC doesn’t try to hide ‘contempt’ towards Gabbard – The Hill

Fake news fury: Media lies about how they lied about Trump’s fake ‘medical emergency’ – National Sentinel

Grand Theft Government With a Tinge of Perversion – “The world is currently mired in massive malfeasance in office by senior government officials, including heads of state and government, who are more interested in personal gain than in government service. Mixed in with financial and political scandals in dozens of nations is the specter of some government officials being involved in illegal sexual activities with underage individuals.” – Wayne Madsen

Gun Sales Surge Amid Fears of Gun Control Proposals From 2020 Democrats – Zachary Stieber

Russia: Friend or Foe? – “There is no reason why the U.S. government must have official enemies or official friends among foreign regimes. All that is necessary to help restore a peaceful and harmonious society to America is (1) to rein in the federal government by restraining it from intervening in the affairs of other countries, and (2) to liberate the private sector of the United States, thereby the American people to interact freely with the people of the world.” – Jacob G. Hornberger

If Trump Designates Cartels As Terrorist Groups, He Should Go To War With Them – John Daniel Davidson

Narrative Managers Faceplant In Hilarious OPCW Scandal Spin Job – “Imperialist propaganda firm Bellingcat has published a response to the ever-expanding OPCW scandal, and it’s got to be seen to be believed. Syria has been the target of what may be the most sophisticated propaganda campaign in history, and Bellingcat has been consistently rallying behind even the most transparently ridiculous tools of this campaign.” – Caitlin Johnstone

Iran’s ‘only crime is we decided not to fold’ – Pepe Escobar

French Farmers Descend on Paris in Fresh Revolt Against Globalist Regulations – “Tractors block roads in protest against agricultural industry being blamed for climate change.” – Paul Joseph Watson

The New York Times’ Long History of Endorsing US-Backed Coups – “The New York Times Editorial Board, it seems, rarely meets a coup backed by the US government that it doesn’t approve of.” – Alan Macleod

Why the Trump Regime Toppled Bolivia’s Evo Morales – “In a word, he wasn’t “our guy” in La Paz, Bolivia’s political capital. He didn’t surrender the sovereign rights of the nation and people to US interests. He was democratically elected and reelected four times, serving from January 22, 2006 until stepping down on November 10 to avoid greater CIA-orchestrated violence, vandalism and chaos. US-installed, unelected, illegitimate, political nobody hardliner Jeanine Anez replaced him — supported by Bolivian military and police junta power.” – Stephen Lendman

Chile simmers after another night of unrest – AFP

Violence erupts again in Colombia ahead of nationwide protests – Sinikka Tarvainen

Thanksgiving – The History The Deep State Does Not Want You To Know (VIDEO) – Operation Freedom

We Can Only Choose One: Our National Economy or Globalization – “The servitude of society to a globalized economy is generating extremes of insecurity, powerlessness and inequality.” – Charles Hugh Smith

Improve transparency with “Private Label” brands – “All supermarkets now have their own “private labels.” Shoprite, Wegmans, ALDI, LIDL, Stop & Shop, Walmart, and every single major food retailer has them. In fact, they have exploded over the past few years alone. (Along with many people’s digestive systems!) The problem is – that “private labels” do not offer any transparency whatsoever. [You have no idea who is really making it!] . You find out who makes this stuff after E.Coli outbreaks!” – NJroute22

Nightmares Are Coming True — Police Using Boston Dynamics Robots as “Observation Devices” – “” – Brandon Morse

US Police Have Quietly Brought a “Terrifying” Robot Dog Into Their Ranks – “The four-legged robot “Spot” resembles a metal dog without a head.” – Elias Marat

Tidal Wave Of Stories Published In November Warning Of ‘The Rise Of Killer Robots’ Proves ‘The Future Is Now’ – “A Permanent System Of Oppression For The Human Race Is Looming” – Stefan Stanford

Rise of the Superbugs: Bacteria Are Outsmarting Humans. Will They Eventually Kill Us All? – Dagny Taggart

Hydroponics: The Good, The Bad, & The Necessary Equipment – “You could realistically grow an entire garden hydroponically in your own home, and with a large enough financial investment, have fresh produce year-round even in cooler climates!” – Sara Tipton

How to Build a Root Cellar – A Correctly Built Root Cellar Is The ‘Secret’ To Refrigeration For Food Without Electricity – Mark Lawrence




Putin Predicting US Dollar Collapse is Serious Warning (VIDEO) with Catherine Austin Fitts – ““What Putin is saying is the dollar is going into a steep decline, and what was interesting about his comment is he said ‘soon.’ . . . If Putin has access to that intelligence, and I don’t, which is saying the dollar could go into a deep decline, we need to take a serious look at it. The dollar is clearly under pressure, and if you look at reserves, the central banks are buying gold and selling dollars, including the Russians and Chinese. ” – Greg Hunter

The Coming Global Financial Reset (VIDEO) – ““The world is full of risks today, and there aren’t a lot of intelligent alternatives. But owning physical gold and silver is one of them.” – Doug Casey” – International Man

That Ain’t The Last Bite! (Or, The Cartel Isn’t Finished Smashing Gold & Silver) – Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart

Gold and the Lender of Last Resort – “Gold and silver are real money. If you paid for groceries with silver coins, or silver backed paper certificates, the banking cartel would not extract their slice from the transaction. Hence gold and silver backing for the currency were eliminated. When gold and silver back the money supply, government must responsibly manage expenses and minimize debt. Big spenders avoid responsibility and detest the discipline of gold.” – Gary Christenson

BANKS NEAR THE END OF THEIR ROPE (VIDEO) with John Rubino – “With civil unrest going global, one seasoned analyst suggests that banks, central banks, and governments may be near the end of their rope, and poised to pivot to a survival strategy.” – Reluctant Preppers

John Mauldin sees an ugly conflict coming soon to the US as their official debt levels become unsustainable and they face a “Great Reset”. Will a better wealth and policy balance rise from the impending shambles? – John Mauldin

South Carolina Legal Tender Act Would Treat Gold and Silver as Money – “Practically speaking, this would allow South Carolina residents to use gold or silver coins to pay taxes and other debts owed to the state. In effect, it would put gold and silver on the same footing as Federal Reserve notes. South Carolina could become the fourth state to recognize gold and silver as legal tender.” – Michael Maharrey

Deutsche Bank AG STOCK QUOTE –6.67EUR




Isaiah 42:18   Hear, ye deaf; and look, ye blind, that ye may see.