Tulsi Gabbard Throws Her Shoe at Hillary (VIDEO) – Tom Luango  – YOU GO GIRL, DON’T TAKE NO SHIT FROM THAT BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tulsi throws bucket of water, melts another political witch – Monica Showalter

Hillary Clinton elevates Tulsi Gabbard to star status – “Unless she has smoking-gun evidence (from Fusion GPS?) to back up her claim implying that Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian asset, Hillary Clinton must have gone insane, driven mad by her frustration at not being elected president.” – Thomas Lifson

Twitter War Breaks Out Between “Russian Asset” Tulsi Gabbard And “Warmongering Queen” Hillary Clinton – Tyler Durden

“Russian Asset” Is A Meaningless Noise War Pigs Make With Their Face Holes – “Clinton provided no evidence for her outlandish claims, because she does not have any. Of course, this total lack of evidence hasn’t dissuaded Clintonites from falling all over themselves trying to justify Mommy’s claims anyway.Isn’t it interesting how that works? Establishment loyalists get a damaging and incendiary tag that they can pin on anyone who disagrees with them, with the sole evidentiary requirement being that disagreement itself. ” – Caitlin Johnstone

Wut Hitlery? – “Russian asset?! Folks, this is flat-out insanity. Where’s my Red Flag law for this evil bitch? Let me remind you that this is the woman who ran money through her “global initiative”, handed a “job” in same to her demon spawn daughter, refining nepotism to a degree almost never-before seen, had more funds coming from Ukraine than any other nation into same and who accurately pointed out that she — and everyone around her — was at risk of literally being hung if Trump won — which he did. Oh, and she sold 20% of the United States uranium to those very same Russians!” – Karl Denninger

It Is Official, Hillary Clinton Completely Loses It As She Accuses Jill Stein & Tulsi Gabbard Of Being ‘Russian Assets’ – Has Clinton Started To Believe Her Own Propaganda Campaign? – Susan Duclos

Hillary Clinton Email Investigation Exposes Hundreds of Violations – Andrew West

Pete Buttigieg: The Leftist Media’s New Golden Boy – Sarah Cowgill

Ukrainegate: Is It Waterloo for Trump, or for America’s ‘News’-Media? – Eric Zuesse

Dept. of Justice Report on Comey to Reveal Media Leaks, Lies to Judges, Felonies – Ray McGovern

Why Is The Elitist Establishment So Obsessed With Meat? – “Of course, Native American tribes, living closest to how our prehistoric ancestors lived long ago, had meat heavy diets, but don’t expect the environmentalists to accept this reality. What they conveniently do not mention is that over 2 million years ago human ancestors broke from their vegetable diet and began eating meat. Not only this, but the diet changed our very physical makeup. We grew far stronger, and smarter. Yes, that’s right, the rise of meat in the human diet tracks almost exactly with the rise of human intelligence and advances in tools and technology.” – Brandon Smith

Of Fools, Wickedness, and the “European Florida” – “The America I grew up in is long gone. That luminous dream so many whispered for so long, it became impossible decades ago, if I’m honest. The promised land that was to save the world from tyranny, its metamorphosis produced a regime as terrible as any. Now, the hegemony enters its death spiral, the purveyors of disaster prepare to move on to greener pastures.” – Phil Butler

Democrats Have No Answer for Trump’s Anti-War Posture – Maj. Danny Sjursen

The totalitarian American left – News Target

Sandy Hook and the Murder of the First Amendment – “The Fetzer trial is a big win for the ruling elite. For years now, it has worked tirelessly to characterize investigative journalism outside limits imposed by the government as criminal—and now, according to the FBI, as terrorism. Jim Fetzer and Alex Jones are the first to be subjected to Soviet-like show trials for the crime of disagreeing with the state. More will follow in due course.” – Kurt Nimmo

Protests around the world: violent clashes hit Chile, Hong Kong, Lebanon and Barcelona – “Here’s the latest in each of the country’s affected by unrest” – The National  – MSM IGNORES ALL THIS, TO TRUMP OBSESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Road to Damascus: How the Syria War was Won – Pepe Escobar

Despite Cease-Fire In Syria, Fighting Resumes – Mish

Crash Alert From IMF, Dems Love War (VIDEO) – Gerald Celente

Chaos: In Latest Humiliation For PM Johnson, UK Parliament Votes To Delay Decision On Brexit Deal – Tyler Durden

Tension mounts in Canada as election nears – Julien Besset and Michel Comte

6 Crazy School District Responses To Parents Mad About LGBT Indoctrination Of Preschoolers – “An Illinois school district’s leaders heard from upset parents after the children started talking about what they were learning about LGBT sex in school. They responded so badly, they should resign.” – Joy Pullmann

55 Ways to Starve the Beast – “These days the Beast has a lot more tentacles than just the government. The system now consists of the government and all aspects of corporatism. Big Agri, Big Pharma, Big Tech, Big Food, Big Banking, and Big Oil, to name a few. It seems that now it’s the Beast that’s doing the starving, as small businesses close because they can’t compete with WalMart, bigger chains are run out of existence by Amazon, the family farm is on its way out because it can’t compete with the huge, subsidized mega-farms, and people are going bankrupt because they can’t pay the outrageous medical bills…” – Daisy Luther

Vaccine Experiment Atrocity: Human Infection Model – “It appears that vaccine manufacturers are ever more impatient to reap high profits from new vaccines — especially since they have entered into “public-private” partnerships with governments. A report in the Economic Times of India, confirms that the Indian health ministry is working with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the Department of Biotechnology, and the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) as they embark on a medical atrocity – that is, to conduct clinical trials in which human beings are deliberately infected with deadly diseases in order to test the efficacy of experimental vaccines.This “controlled human infection model” is no different than the medical atrocities committed by the medical establishment under the Nazi regime ” – Vera Sharav

Half Of All Americans Are In A Police Facial Recognition Database – MassPrivateI

New Law Restricts California Residents to Buy only 1 Gun a Month – Off Grid Survival


Let them eat GM cottonseed! – GM Watch





The Fed Is Lying To Us – “When it becomes serious, you have to lie” – Chris Martenson

Reality to Return With a Vengeance (VIDEO) with David Morgan – “As the Fed extends crisis intervention measures of bond repo “Not QE” indefinitely, the major equity markets struggle in distribution mode, and round after round of negative economic indicators are released…What happens when natural forces overwhelm the unnatural distortions in our financial world?” – Reluctant Preppers

Going Dutch? Low interest rates rattle ‘world’s best’ pension system – Toby Sterling




Job 38:40  When they couch in their dens, and abide in the covert to lie in wait?